Merry Christmas to those who celebrate

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate.  Story still not done because Christmas stuff overtook me.

It should be up by tonight.  Meanwhile go have fun!


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  1. Christmas stuff overtook you? GOOD! Let the rest next installment of the story be the Boxing Day post.

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas, let the fires burn bright, and G=D rest ye merry.

  2. Christopher M. Chupik

    Christmas Merry you wish!

  3. Merry Christmas to all. Keep on keeping on. You (plural) are appreciated.

  4. Merry Christmas! 🎄

  5. The smoked turkey is carved, the sweet potatoes are baking, and the Christmas books have been distributed.

    A very merry Christmas to all Huns, Hoydens, lurkers, and Usual Suspects.

    And “well played” to whoever put the lignite coal lumps in the enviro-activists stockings. *evil kitty grin*

    • Gee. I’m just making Mac-n-cheese.

      Omaha Steaks, slow cooker, apple bbq, mac-n-cheese.

      and I have a ribeye for lunch

    • Hrmm… Not Hoyden. Not lurker. Hun? Usual Suspect? Or… yes?
      Could also see Unusual Suspect, perhaps.

      • Christopher M. Chupik

        Back during Sad Puppies, “Usual Suspects” was my name for our critics, who were usually the same dozen or so people over and over.

      • Don’t know you well enough, (nor am I bent that way) to call you hun, but you may well be a descendant of Attila, so who knows?

      • Dunno, someone would need to state the difference between hun and hoyden…

      • Orvan, I’m not certain how much confusion you’re actually subject to in that comment, but as I don’t remember seeing you here that far back, I’ll treat it at face value.

        About five years ago, I think, either Sarah was compared to Attila the Hun, or the commenters here were compared to the Mongol Horde (hey, I have a poor memory, gimme a break), and thus we took on the title of Hoyt’s Huns (and the therm “Hoydens” was brought in shortly after, because the ladies didn’t appreciate being referred to as men, or some such nonsense – Runs!). So, despite your not-quite-human countenance, I would say you qualify as Hun.

        • I figured I qualified as “Hun” (though with some German ancestry and awareness of WWI… well, it’s not always positive.. I suspect that’s at least part of why Grandpa insisted on the Americanized pronunciation of a name). The ‘Suspect(s)’.. well, lets just say there are some things it might be best that no official records exist.

          And that was sometime before my arrival here, so thanks for the short history lesson.

        • In the spirit of punctilious pedantry it ought be noted that Huns references the entire tribe of Attila’s followers, and thus incorporates women as well as men. it is not a gender defining title.

          Hoyden, however, being defined as “a boisterous girl” is indeed gender limited and distinctly apropos for this lot.

          I do wonder, however: what is the correct term for a girlsterous boy?

  6. Merry Christmas! Enjoy yourself and we will get ourselves deeply into the Christmas spirits…. 🙂

  7. A very Merry Christmas to all!

    For myself, that is whether you celebrate the day or not.

    (For my one loyal reader, the Christmas post over there will not be up until tomorrow. Delayed due not to over-Christmasing, but over-crankiness.)

  8. I, too, will be patient, for I have many, many years of practice at being patient. Purty dang good at it, now. Fortunately, only a few days of being a hospital patient.

    • What are you in for?

      • That’s a was. 30+ years ago an ulcer.

        • And it hasn’t recurred? You’re lucky!

          • Heavy doses of Ibuprofen. I don’t do that any more.

            • I had surgery and lots of meds. But I still have reflux and Barrett’s esophagus and a 1 mm tumor in my tummy that was extracted during my latest endoscopy. I am old. My illnesses are my most interesting topic. Sigh.

              • richardmcenroe

                I am fighting the onset of Adult Bowel Obsession myself (primary sympton: sudden need to insert accounts of my colonic adventures into every possible conversation — and you wouldn’t believe how conversations it’s starting to look possible in.) Not a criticism, just know you’re not alone in your aggravations…

    • Hospital patient is a special category of patient, as is being the immediate loved one of a hospital patient. I would advise anyone considering a specialization to chose neither of these.

  9. And Merry Christmas to you too, one and all! Oh, and wish us Merry Christmas again on January 7 (for HerbN and me and any other Orthodox around here…) 😀

  10. Merry Christmas, hope all of you have a great new year.

  11. Merry Christmas!

    We’re doing Cornish game hens for the two of us (other relatives are scattered throughout the country), and the Martinelli’s sparkling cider is chilling. I get my best Christmas present (I hope!) on Wednesday when the bandage contact lens comes off.

  12. Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone had a blessed holiday.

    Brother-in-law made his traditional cannaloni. Omnomnomnom.

  13. Merry Christmas!

  14. We’ve yuled rather well; spousal unit did sustain some sort of back sprain / pull / injury yesterday and missed the annual great-gathering of (almost) all of my granddaddy’s family, the seventieth I’m told. Though he passed in 1950 and my grandmother in 1969, we continue. Most of my first cousins are grandparents, and I lost one those this year, a sad first. I didn’t sit down to count how many there could have been if everyone who was related came and their spouses, espouses, and dates; quite a few for certain. I saw one new diamond ring on the hand of my first cousin’s youngest son’s girlfriend, and a few babies under a year (pretty sure I’d already met all of them). We ate supper (the menu ranged from hot dogs to chicken pastry, your choice), and did the Christmas play, and kinda bailed after less than two hours. Kinda quick, but most people had another family gathering afterwards.

    Today was just my mother’s family, just us nine for turkey and ham trimmings and gifts. The only fly in ointment was an iPhone that had a password put on it when I had had it powered on by the sales rep. My bad; I didn’t want to buy one bad out of the box. Recipient bore that well, mostly.

  15. SheSellsSeashells

    Last Christmas was tame and affectionate. This Christmas was heinously stressful. Christmas *before* last I was in the hospital for a week, plus two dead cats and a totalled car on the date we took to celebrate me getting out of the hospital.

    I’ll take heinously stressful, kthanx.

    Merry Christmas to all of you who have helped me fake sanity this year.

  16. Hey, everybody! Have a Merry Cthulhu Christmas!
    And check out ALL the links! The Old Ones will thank you…or something.

  17. We did Boston Market. Drive by, pick up massive quantities of food, pay, go home. (Not really massive quantities.)

  18. We have two out of our three daughters at home in Virginia (third has been going a mile a minute with the disaster response group she works for, and wisely opted to rest up with her husband in Texas). Also have one daughter’s best friend from college. Did early breakfast at iHop, went to the movies, than on to a Korean restaurant in Centreville for supper.

    Presents? Oh, there were some, but they were gravy. I’ve already got more than I could ask for, and far more than I deserve.

    Merry Christmas Everybody!

  19. We had a stray friend over (she works float at several hospitals and happened to rotate up this way for Christmas/New Years). Sib and Sib-in-Law, along with Red 2.0, went to S-i-L’s family because there is a new cousin who doesn’t travel well yet.

  20. Happy Boxing Day All and Sundry!!

    After a weekend party with friends and then a nice Christmas day celebration at my brother’s home, lower key than some years with the added happy news that my nephew has landed a new job, it’s pleasant to be home today with no commitments on the immediate schedule.

    And re the “medical topic insert” stuff above, it is amazing how keeping the conversation away from the various new maladies and medical inconveniences has become so much more difficult. We used to talk about cars and weather and such! But I guess I learned this from listening to my older relatives all these years, so it’s not hardcoded – it must be a handed-down cultural imprint.

    But as I told a college-age daughter of a friend, “Oh, I apologize, I’m droning on about a topic you don’t really care about and boring you – that’s okay, that what us old people are here for. Trust me, you don’t want exciting older people around.”

  21. Happy Boxing Day!

    The turkey carcass has been converted to 26 cups of stock, and, as it’s a miserable misting drizzle today, three of those made tomato soup to go with tuna melt sandwiches.

    The leftover turkey itself has a date tomorrow with the gigantic spaghetti squash I picked up on sale, to become turkey tetrazzini.

    I avoid harping on illnesses and infirmities by deciding to talk about food and weather and asking people about themselves, or wandering off to do chores or make more food. Or just wandering off. This is a nice neighborhood; hope I find my way back before dark…