Flu Flew Floop

I case you thought the post yesterday was somewhat scattered, that’s true.  I was starting to feel very weird, and I thought maybe I was tired.

Apparently my body decided this is a wonderful time to have the flu.  I’ve been up half an hour and had breakfast and I’m exhausted, so I’ll be going to bed again.

Hopefully I can get over it (relatively) quickly


113 thoughts on “Flu Flew Floop

    1. Hope you sleep, rest, and feel better soon! Your lovely guests have many cats to entertain them, as well as humans – you can take time off!


  1. NO, no, no, no, no.

    If I could I would deliver food for the family, soup for you and make hot tea. Consider yourself hugged.

    Prayers that it is just a short live disturbance which will surrender it grip in next to no time and leave no lasting reminders.

  2. I hope it turns out to be something trivial that’s over in a day or two.

    My wife keeps bringing home variants of Mongolian Death Flu and passing it on. I’ve been trying to persuade her that a full-face respirator might be a good idea when expeditioning to the Wal-Mall…

    1. From You Can’t Do That on TeleVision

      * Kid_1 is eating something.
      Kid_2: “Do you know what that is?” *takes another bite*
      Kid_1: “Sure. It’s spumoni.”
      Kid_2: “No, it’s my culture of Peruvian Deathwart Fungus.”

      1. I got lucky this time. No parting gift of rhinovirus from western Oregon. Recovering, very little pain, though acuity is (as predicted) so-so through the bandage contact lens. That comes off Wednesday. Yeah!

        Take care, and return hugs (wearing virtual virostat-soaked mask).

  3. Why are you saying sorry? You get sick, it happens. Take care of yourself and then you can get back to being you.

    1. Second the motion.
      Please note that mothers always get sick at holiday times, because that’s the only time you have time to be sick.

  4. If you do think you have the flu, go in for the antiviral shot, had me capable of coherent thought and movement in three days, but you need it soon after symptoms appear.

    1. Aye. Do NOT hesitate. What I’ve heard is that left to itself things go for about 10 days, but it feels much longer.

      But whatever it is – take care of yourself first. Bloggy things? Wait they can. Call it a Christmas Break, if that helps.

      And to bring books, well A book anyway, into this… I’ve started reading The Lawdog Files – African Adventures. I’m only about 50 pages in, but the term “rattle-trap” will never sound quite the same to me again.

    2. This year’s flu shot is only 10% effective. The H3 variant mutated from when they fist sampled it for their vaccine. Better than nothing at all, but only barely.

      1. I read somewhere (Insty? –I was out of it due to surgery) that the current vaccine is only 10% effective against Australian flu, but is quite effective (85%) to the strain common to the US. For now.

  5. Hopefully I can get over it (relatively) quickly

    Sure – hurry back before you’re fully recovered so that you can begin the New Year with a relapse, or even a lovely trip to the ER in a bus with Christmas lights flashing, New Year’s Eve noisemaker shrieking and viral pneumonia?

    Sayyyyyy, you really do know how to keep Christmas, don’t you?

    Get your rest, take the week off from the blog (or just put up vignette prompts and replays) and get yo’self well, not merely better!

    G-D bless us, every one.

          1. It’s in your inbox(es) again. I left the wrapping paper off this time, so maybe the sorting machines won’t eat it or tear it up too badly.

      1. Congratulations and best wishes for being well enough to enjoy the day – but celebrating later is okay too!

      2. I’ve a very important message about how to talk to your friends at New Year’s about the coming wars of extermination, necessary to address AWG, and how the Department of State must be abolished so that we may better prosecute said wars. That’s totally the sort of guest post you want. Would save you all sorts of hassle. XD

      3. A true friend would want you well, not stressed out over being the “Good Hostess.”

        With some forty-plus years of marriage under our rings, Beloved Spouse & I consider an anniversary faithfully celebrated if we manage it within thirty days of the actual event. Calendars are meant to be ruled, not rule. Strict adherence is no good reason to reach for an early grave.

        1. All this sensible life choice advice is not very transgressive, is it?

          On the other hand, encouraging self destructive workaholism isn’t very transgressive either.

          Go play video games Sarah. We can entertain ourselves. And or abuse your absence by attempting to troll people who have better things to do than hang out here this time of year.

          1. Tut, tut, tut. Nowadays, the transgressive thing to do is not be transgressive. You can tell because it’s the one that gets shrieks of outrage, rather than applause and murmurs of “so transgressive” — except for that select group, the few, the proud, the sane.

  6. At least Tamilflu helps with the flu the vaccine missed this year. But you need to go get it quick because Tuesday will be too late.

    1. I saw an update that said this years vaccine is now 38% or 40-somthing% effective here in the US (it was two different places). But I have also seen that it is mostly been stuff so minor you don’t really know if you are sick with a flu, just having an off day, or a really mild cold. And that really bad flu from down under is still lurking about, and it does nothing for that. We’ve just not had many cases in the US yet and it is early in the season.

  7. Get some sleep, hopefully that lovely healing sleep that lets you wake with fewer symptoms and feeling rested. The blog will be fine for a day or so.

    Or at least, not so spindled and dimension shifted that one could tell by the scorch marks. *grin*

  8. My fellow teachers informed me that the first six years of teaching are the Years of Illness, when you catch the main bugs and their most common variants. After that, your immune system tends to swat the germs aside before they get within six feet of you.

    I still scrub the desks with bleach wipes after a student has been sneezing, coughing, and otherwise sharing their allergy/cold. Just in case.

    1. I’m in charge of the nursery at church. I find it amusing and a blessing at the same time that, after several months of being in there so far, now is the only time I’ve been sick. We don’t have any nursery class this week (18 months to 3years old) so I get two full weeks to be sick and recover.

      1. Got the same thing. And I really should be finishing christmas story, and other two chapters are languishing. Remind me, what are these weekend things supposed to be again?

  9. Don’t you just love it when folks visit for the holidays and bring all sorts of fun exotic variations of the flu to share? Get better soon!

    1. Back when the Boy Scouts appreciated fine literature…(been in scouting 30+ years and love the kids, but the grown-ups these days…meh).

      1. Your Troop, your District, your Council, or just the National adults? Or just the parents? (I’m pretty happy with mine up to Council.) (OK, don’t answer that.)

    2. I don’t remember ever seeing this. I think this is because I was in an Explorer Post at the time. I’m a bit surprised he didn’t make it into a novel.
      He may have tried, though.

      1. That’s really good stuff about dogs. But the flip side is that the story puts the dog in danger. I don’t know that a publisher would want to deal with reader response to that, in a kid’s book.

        Boys’ Life was an unusual market, because it had some pretty tough adventure stories, but with G-rated language and no sex.

  10. Christmas Eve eve. Great timing, flu.

    Usually my flu waits for Christmas morning. Old pictures of my family Christmases often have young Phantom wrapped in a blanket.

    Get well soon, Sarah. ~:)

    1. It seems flu spreads by Internet. I’ve got aches and burning lungs today, right on time. Darn you, Sarah Hoyt!!!

      Or it might have been five hours in the aluminum tube that nobody ever cleans, hurtling through the sky and breathing the same unfiltered air as 250 other people. On the bright side, Arizona is nice and sunny today. ~:D

      1. Boxing Day update, this thing is kicking my ass. But, on the bright side, my temperature is down to roughly normal-ish without Advil. So yay!

        But how Sarah does anything at all with crud like this on board, this is a mystery on par with Stonehenge. I have been completely f-ed for two days. Today I managed to get up and stumble around moaning, major improvement.

  11. Husband just taken by ambulance to hospital. Not sure why. Possible stroke and/or heart attack. On my way shortly to be there. Stopped in here for light relief. Ah well.

    Get well soon. Flu is horrible but worse over the holiday season, or at least it seems that way to me.

    1. I expect that by the time you read this you will better know the situation. Having made many an unplanned trip to the ER to sit with my father, my mother, my Beloved Spouse, I hope that this has proven a minor inconvenience and that the prognosis is positive.

  12. I watched Master and Commander again the other night and title of today’s post reminded of Jack Aubrey’s joke about choosing ‘wesser of two weevils’.

    I hope you have bad cold, and not flu, Mrs Hoyt. Feel better soon.

  13. A flea and a fly in a flue
    Were trapped. Oh what could they do?
    Said the fly “Let us flee.”
    Said the flea, “Let us fly.”
    So they flew through a flaw in the flue.
    (Source un-remembered)

  14. Don’t worry about the blog, just get well. You can deal with what we have done to the blog (in comments) when you are well. (Although an “I’m still here” ping every couple of days is reassuring. I still remember Jim Henson.)

  15. Geeze, lady, no wonder you’re ill. Four articles in, what – three — days?

    Hidden Conservatives and Banquo’s Ghost
    By Sarah Hoyt
    In the beginning of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, the witches predict greatness for the eponymous character. This leads, through a series of crimes to his actually being in power.

    And then the trouble starts.

    Because Macbeth acquired that power by treachery and murder, by deceit and betrayal, he knows it could be taken from it the same way, which leads to both paranoia and more crimes, and eventually to madness, long before the man “not born of woman” puts an end to Macbeth’s disastrous (for everyone else, as well as himself) career.

    Now go read that again, and substitute “the left” for Macbeth.

    Yeah, sure, it wasn’t witches that told them they’d be in charge, and not too far off. But Marx did. It’s part of the belief of the left that the future is theirs, that they will eventually win, that they are, as they say, “progressive” and “on the right side of history.”

    Remove that certain, predestined belief they will win out, and none of those expressions make sense. …

  16. Sarah, I looked up the definition of resting, and nowhere does it mention “posting links on Instapundit at midnight.” Just sayin’.

      1. *makes shooing motion with front paws* Sleep that knits the raveled sleeve of care… and covers up the sound of redecorating over at MGC.

        1. Or here. . .

          The green plastic flamingoes come to life as nicely as the pink variant. The lake will be well populated by the time she comes back.

  17. Had something minor for a couple of weeks now. Tired (seemed a bit more than normal), post drip, cough more from the drip than anything deep in the chest, sore, but I always feel sore so it took a while to sink in it was more than the normal amount of arthritis and standing on concrete pain. Not as bad now, and really just the normal winter kinda feel I think.
    Hope yours is on its way far away.

    1. *looks out window, checks forecast* Well we have about two inches and they have a snow warning in effect for my area. Of course, I live in the great white north so it’s kind of expected really. 🙂

      1. Evil, evil, EVIL.

        Especially because it STICKS. If too much snow accumulates on a branch, it will fall off. Ice? The branch falls.

      2. Yes ice storms/freezing rain are real bad news. They were sort of de rigeur
        where I grew up. Proximity to warm water (Long Island sound a relatively shallow salt water pond effectively almost all snow storms ended by turning over to freezing rain. If you clear the snow too soon you end up with rain on freezing ground. Serious bad news. Laziness in clearing the snow usually paid off as its easier to shovel snow with an ice crust than just the ice crust.

        1. And if you had to go somewhere without shoveling, your boot could break through the ice to the snow, rather than not breaking it.

  18. We had snow, rain, snow yesterday. It’s warmish again, so no snow now. Maybe about 10 PM tonight.

    Lots of strep going around at work, and my mom has bronchitis. But as for me, so far so good. Resting now, since I don’t have to work today.

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