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*I told the ambulatory mollusc I’d get this in, even if late.  After this we should be able to resume normal blog procedure.  Sorry.  It’s difficult to step away for two weeks without a bunch of things spinning out of control, and I’m still dealing with those, and trying to finish Guardian.  Post on Thursday and I’ll be posting on MGC later, continuing my series about genre structure.  It will be an hour or so, though, as today I go to work at a remote location, to try to concentrate on Guardian and not on … stuff.- SAH*

Zoey Ivers


Doors into the Dimensions Book 3

Fifteen-year-old Alice Brown is not an obedient child.

Six months ago, she was locked in a cubbie and found a very different way to escape. Across a dimensional threshold—into a war between the Artificial Intelligences—advance computers that evinced in the other dimensions as animals.

Alice and her friends befriended one AI, and helped it win the battle for Milwaukee.

But the completion of the WisGrid is going to open the bandwidth enough to expand the war to other cities and re-energize the war.

Peter Grant

King’s Champion

After decades of peace, war is threatening the Kingdom of Avranche. Its old foes are stirring in a new alliance with darker powers, and death and sorcery are borne on the wind. Owain, the former King’s Champion, stumbles into a deadly raid while visiting the grave of his swordbrother, and uncovers coded orders and fouler plans. Worse, he can’t sit this one out when he’s one of the targets!

The kingdom’s enemies know Owain is now their greatest danger. He must race against time to find and deal with them… before they deal with him!

Stephanie Osborn

Division One: Tour de Force

Alpha One is participating in Omega’s very first First Contact diplomatic operation. Unfortunately, it’s going to split up the team—the Cortians, a race from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy, have stringent requirements, and that narrows down the list of “candidate exchange students” to…Echo. ONLY Echo. PGLEIA’s top Division One Agent, the man being groomed to be the next Director… and Omega’s partner. A plum assignment, for the pick of the crop.

But Omega doesn’t see it that way, though she can’t—or won’t—explain why. She is determined to stop the mission from going forward. At any cost.

Why is Omega trying to scuttle a diplomatic mission? What is she seeing that more experienced Agents aren’t? Why won’t the others listen? Is something bigger, more menacing, happening to her—to them? Will—CAN—Alpha One survive?

C Chancy

Seeds of Blood

Welcome to Intrepid. Where Halloween brings tourists, turning leaves – and demons.

Over two decades of bloody murder, Steven Savonarola carved a sorcerous Demongate into the heart of his own hometown. With less than two weeks to disarm it before Halloween, Detective Church and the IPD are running out of time.

If they’re going to make it to All Saint’s Day, they’re going to need hot lead, cold mead, and a weapon that’s out of this world. And a little praying wouldn’t hurt…

Welcome to Intrepid. It’s a hell of a Halloween.


36 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Promo by Freerange Oyster

  1. After this we should be able to resume normal blog procedure.

    Is there really a normal blog procedure? A general rhythm of things, like the change of weather in seasons maybe … but normal? Us? Really?

    I know promos usually go on Sunday. I think that past experience has proven that we can be quite flexible on such matters, and even enjoy the change up when it comes.

      1. Well, you see, that is “normal” and we aren’t back to that just quite yet.

        As for the probability of normality, I shan’t speculate. I might well be an impediment to such a thing, really. Or unreally. Sometimes it’s difficult to tell.

        1. We have normality, I repeat, we have normality. Anything you still can’t cope with is therefore your own fault.

          1. sigh

            You should know better than to say that. Fluffy and the sea serpent sweep it all into the closets without checking whether they’re actually interdimensional gates first.

          1. Er, I dunno if I am, I haven’t tracked down the secret hideout to join. 🙂

            But if you want some Mad maybe-Genius plotbunnies – know anyone who’d want to write Dresdenverse/SerVamp with Mouse carting off a kitty-Kuro by the scruff of the neck because he and Mahiru got in trouble? Bunnies keep giggling about, how long would it take Harry to catch on that’s no regular cat….

            (Practically speaking, as soon as they’re attacked Kuro probably would blow his cover. But the bunnies can be easily amused.)

            1. Oh, hang on, this is the According to Hoyt blog. I have no idea why I thought it was her other blog. ( btw) But if you’re getting promo’d I’m pretty sure your foot’s in the door, as it were.

              Given how powerful Dresden is, Mouse’s nature and capabilities, and that Mister is officially weird, Kuro might just decide to relax and laze around, doing the absolute bare minimum to nudge Harry into solving his problems. If it took place after the final confrontation with Tsubaki, he and Mahiru might be determined to be as normal as possible.

              Harry’s used to Mister, so he might not notice for quite a while.

              1. *Snrk* So watch Mahiru blow their cover flying on his broom, because darn that’s fun….

                *Nod* Mister was indeed what I was thinking of – that Harry just might not twig onto “not a normal cat” without serious oddities cropping up .

      1. After yesterday’s trip to The Outhouse That Wasn’t There I shall refrain from the pointedly obvious jest, fellas.

  2. Normal, for whatever passes as that term. Something I learned a long time ago is mostly a dream at best. A delusion at worst. 🙂

  3. One way I’ve thought of to justify Urban Fantasy with a functioning Masquerade is to have human magic-users be weak enough in a direct conflict that they can’t put up effective resistance to being detained by local authorities. In such a setting, the times and places when governments got involved with magic – Hitler’s interest in the occult being one such – might serve as cautionary tales for why real magic-users do their best to avoid fame.

    Heck, someone as nasty as FDR would have exploited magic-users for all he could, if he’d had access to them. And modern governments certainly wouldn’t mind if they could secure, say, effective divination.

    Of course, in the Intrepidverse, the Masquerade got broken 20 years ago. And A Net of Dawn and Bones said, IIRC, that most human magic-users aren’t particularly capable. Which makes me wonder: What abuse of the magically talented might be taking place by now, behind government concealment? Fortunately, Myrrh and Aiden are both absurdly far above the curve, and Myrrh’s reputation should give pause to anyone who’d wish her ill.

    So they would have a decent chance at setting the kinds of precedents that could make it safe for other magic-users to come out in public.

    Still, what’s ultimately needed are tools for mundane humans to be able to use magic as well, at least to the point of being able to verify that a magic-user is performing honestly and capably. Otherwise I’d expect them to become an exclusive minority caste with status and privilege, and that can go wrong in so many ways.

    1. Heck, someone as nasty as FDR would have exploited magic-users for all he could, if he’d had access to them. And modern governments certainly wouldn’t mind if they could secure, say, effective divination..

      1: Have you read Larry Correia’s Grimnoir books? Consider his depiction of Imperial Japan.

      2. Who says they don’t? Why else would government agents work so assiduously at debunking belief in magic if not to maintain exclusive use of such abilities?

      3. Regarding divination, see: Fed Economic Forecasts, Commerce Department Employment Statistics

      what’s ultimately needed are tools for mundane humans to be able to use magic as well

      Charms, talismans, amulets, etc.

    2. In the Dresdenverse, that’s more or less the setup. Most people with the Talent don’t have much of it. And the ones who do worry about sheer numbers. Not to mention tech–we’ve come a long way from torches and pitchforks.

      Even the monsters don’t want to wake the sleeping giant. The reason the kind of vampires we’re used to are rare is because their rivals got a fellow named Stoker to write a guide to killing Vampires of the Black Court. All the pitchforkers needed was a clue…

    3. That would be better than most urban fantasies, but the thing is, it’s not enough to have a reasonable fear. You have to have reasonable characters. Most urban fantasies seem heavily overpopulated with the sort of characters who play chicken.

      Also, exactly how grave does the danger have to be? It’s expending a lot of time and effort toward a danger that will seem rather unreal after a few generations of masquerade.

      If it’s some part of them forcing the rest, the larger that group is, the harder it is to believe in their constant unanimity, and the smaller, the harder to believe they could enforce the rule.

      OTOH, another reason would be that groups of magical beings are hiding from each other.

  4. Welcome home. Thanks everybody for the book promos.

    Huns, remember, if you buy any of these: write and post a review.

    And always, always, check the box before posting your comments here.

  5. I just picked up King’s Champion the other day, on my Kindle!
    No chance to read it, yet. (Started reading There Will Be War Vol I first.)

  6. Thank you muchly, Esteemed Hostess, for the promotion. I’m REALLY pleased with how this book turned out, and it’s very exciting, an emotional roller coaster, according to my beta readers.

    1. Steph does delight in putting her characters through extreme torture. Wouldn’t think such a demure Southern Lady capable of such evil.

  7. Ok, it is off topic but I had to post something on this:

    Basically it is liberal progressives strutting around SOOO proud that a DNA test showed a long dead Viking warrior to have XX chromosomes and now they are going on about how this proves Viking women were warriors too. These progressives don’t explain, however, how they can tell from just a DNA test what gender the warrior identified as. And just yesterday they assured me that gender was non-binary and not defined by your chromosomes. Something about hobgoblins and little minds here.

    1. Avenger women did legally identify as men, But they were legally forbidden to do women stuff, like own houses or wear women clothes. And all your male relations had to be too young or old for the avenging, or have refused the job.

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