As most of you know I’m at Liberty con.  I only have three panels and a reading and stuff, so I thought I’d have plenty of time, but we’ve been…  Well, coming out of the Baen road show took me an hour.  Because people want to talk to me, and honestly, I love my fans.

Neat presies so far: bottle single malt, bottle port, handmade knife and SP IV t-shirt someone has been saving for me!

Anyway, sorry I didn’t put up a guest post.  I started to, then got called away by someone knocking at our room door.  I DO have guest posts!  I’ll do one tomorrow, and I might be back on Monday, or it might be Tuesday.


52 thoughts on “I’m SOOOOOO Sorry

    1. Oh Lord, what was I thinking! Screw people who’ve paid to see you in person. Indulge us!

      1. I second this!

        Oh, wait…I aspire to go to LibertyCon someday…or at least to go to Pete’s Diner…so I aspire to be a fan that meets you someday…

        Ok, nevermind, I think I’m going to withdraw my seconding.

  1. DAMMIT WOMAN! What kind of professional can’t manage a full worki g day surrounded by fans and social activities? ;D

  2. Sorry???

    Sorry for enjoying yourself at LC?

    Don’t be sorry for that! 😉

  3. Fer fun’s sake, enjoy yourself, milady! Heck, I may even get to see you there – one of these years . . .

  4. Only THREE panels. ONE reading. And STUFF like talking to fans and colleagues, and maybe even (horrors!) an editor that pays you.

    I suppose you did something utterly selfish instead of giving us our daily free entertainment. Something like gulping down a hot dog or two (kosher, no bun) while scurrying down the corridors.

    Sniff. Disappointed am I. But I’ll manage to not take it out on whoever guests.

    (DO take care of yourself. “Con crud” is, hopefully, not a phrase dropping from your word processor next week.)

  5. Maybe we should get a tee-shirt showing Sarah wading through fans as she races to her panel, book in one hand and laptop in the other, with a caption of “Nevertheless, She Persisted.” 😉

      1. Cat grabbed the deadly Ghost Killer as it rushed the Master of the City.

        As the Master continued his mental assault on the Ghost Killer, Cat felt pain and fear as the Ghost attacked her in response.

        Nevertheless, She Persisted.

      2. In the “prompt does not have to appear” spirit:

        The spell felt cold and hard in my hand. I tried to twist it, and it did not budge. Crush, pull apart, poke a hole in, and every time it was my fingers, not the spell, that moved.
        “Give me that!” shrieked Carrigiana.
        My mouth set. I tried to smash it against the floor.
        She tried to snatch my arm and collided with the table. Then she tried to shove it aside while I knocked the spell against the floor again. It was too heavy, and she scrambled under, after me. I kicked her.

      3. The princess blinked, looked taken aback, but nevertheless she persisted in her even pace. I bowed, ordered the men in, followed them to the gangplank, and received the ritual reports of its safety. Then I bowed again and offered her my arm.
        The black-clad servant at her elbow muttered how utterly improper it was, the captain should have done it himself, why she would be this guard wasn’t even married (she was right there). The princess took my arm, but the servant grumbled on.

      4. Reimu Hakurei’s tea was interrupted by the unseasonable failure of the very concept of tea. It wasn’t the ice fairy’s fault. It wasn’t the Devil Gundam’s fault. It wasn’t the Ogrethulhu’s fault. It wasn’t the Bronze faction Sidereals’ fault, but they were up to no good anyway. It wasn’t Batman.

        1. It’s okay if it is a little tardy. Just do it at your convenience. Don’t worry about promptness.

  6. Enjoy! We’re not hardly even rearranging the furniture in the diner. Just enough to paint, you know? Rex has a great idea about how to do a post modern style motif really fast. Something to do with a jet engine on a pivot and a multi-color paint delivery system.

  7. The real question for the reader is just what knocked on Sarah’s room door while she was getting ready to put up a guest post. Go ahead, let your imagination roam. Opportunity knocks once, we know that. And then there’s the zombie basketball league who want their cheerleaders… or maybe… Who knocked on the door?

    1. Who knocked on the door?

      Just some git in funny clothes with a British accent, claiming to be the doctor.

      1. That is so secret that even cats don’t know it. The blank look they give you is not superiority in this case.

  8. No apologies necessary! Please relax and enjoy yourself: cons take precedence over us mere mortals…

      1. Saw it, sweet little, ie 3.5 or 4 inch tapered blade with polished wood handle, scallops on the spine. Got to hold it very briefly. It was wicked sharp.

  9. an appropriate apology would be letting me have some of that single malt at LC next year

  10. I would be fine if you just gave yourself a holiday for the con. You can blog about it when you’re back just as well; perhaps better, since you won’t have taken time away from meeting and talking to bend over a keyboard.

  11. Sounds like fun. Probably less so with smallish children, though, so settling for hearing that other people had a wonderful time will have to do.

    1. Kind of depends on how hard to manage your children are, and whether you have support in doing so. There weren’t many, but there were some small children there.

  12. Great to see you, even if it took till Sunday to actually say hi… You HAVE been busy!

  13. It was good to see you at LibertyCon. I saw the crowd around you after the Baen road show, and kept away from it. Thanks for inspiring me to go to the Con. First time there and loved it. The authors and fans were both a treat – intelligent, accepting, and personable.
    Planning to be back there next year!
    JPDev (John)

  14. Just for the record, you being an adopted daughter of the language, maximum sincerity is reached at the fourth “o” in so. At a fifth “o” it becomes ironic and by the sixth it yields to sarcasm, as if no actual apology is necessary and those on the receiving end are being unduly demanding.

    This was a very popular subject for addresses, back in the Seventies, by the distinguished lecturer S. Martin, but has largely slipped from the public consciousness by now.

  15. Or, you wouldn’t have to blog it, if (as a commenter said on Thursday or Friday last) you just live-streamed it from a go-pro on your noggin. 😉

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