I Promise

There will be Grant (Dark Fate MHI fanfic) before Saturday, and then on Saturday again.

This weekend we had an unexpected (well, expected, we just didn’t know when) visit from one of you — someone we only knew on line — who is also a friend of friends, and frankly a friend over my many names online.

We weren’t worried about his visiting, but we were worried about what he would think of us/whether we’d get along.

So, last week was “fun with dishwashers” (we’re getting a working one installed on Wednesday) which ate up our time, both trying to fix the problem and then shopping for the new one, followed by a visit from a friend (I’m not saying who it is, because I’m not sure he wants me to, though some of you know who it was.)  Which meant I spent Thursday and Friday trying to make this house look less like the house of people where two are working three jobs, and one is studying for medical boards (you have NO idea.)

Turns out we like each other (or at least we like him!) as well in person as on line, so there were talks till all hours, and very little got done.  Including posting here and writing, either in books or for PJMedia (I’m working for them again.  Long story.)  Which means I’m now playing mad catch-up because Guardian is late and I need to deliver some columns.

Also, since I’d announced the first-Saturday-Hun-Meetup at Pete’s Kitchen in the diner before I knew we were getting a house guest, yesterday I went out and hung out with eight of you (well, it was a beautiful day, so people were out having fun.  Mind you, meeting was fun too.)  This means I spent today suffering from what I’ll call “introvert flu” which is kind of like con crud, but with fewer physical causes/symptoms.

All of this to tell you why the dog ate my homework.

What I’m going to do about it: Catch up and work like a demon, of course.

But FIRST I’m going to bed early tonight, so I can actually function tomorrow.

So, see you tomorrow, and this week is going to be AMAZING. I promise.

9 responses to “I Promise

  1. ok, long as you dont get con crud just from goin to pete’s

  2. Hung out with eight Huns? Nooses were involved, no doubt.

    I can top the dishwasher — we just had a replacement A/C & Furnace installed for the upstairs portion of the house. Which meant clearing countless stacks & boxes and bags of books (Oh! I didn’t know we had those! Best move them to the “to be read” stack[s] pronto!) along with countless balls of yarn and various other crafting things so that the new furnace could be carried up three flights of stairs to the attic and the old one carried down!

    The knees just ain’t there any more.

    But the upstairs is nice and cool and the thermostat can not only connect to the smart phone I don’t have, it is on the wireless and can provide me the 5-day forecast, a radar map of the surrounding 150 miles and notify me of any storm alerts in my area.

    As if I need any of that.

    • I hope your security software on the HVAC is up to date.

    • Would lassos work? Or perhaps, a half-hitch? Sounds like a knotty problem, that. *chuckle*

      Not for the thermostat, I meant. Temperature control via knotted ropes sounds positively complicated.

  3. paladin3001

    Ah, introvert flu. Yep, understand that one. Relax and things will be good soon. You said so after all. 🙂

  4. Take care of your self. 😃 Glad you enjoyed your weekend, in spite of the dishwasher, etc.

  5. I can relate to the introvert flu. I enjoy hanging out with friends and members of church, but I don’t recharge that way. It drains me, and then I need to be alone, lost in a book or playing a video game. A few hours of that, and I’m back to normal.

    Speaking of getting lost in a book, finally got started on Darkship Thieves over the weekend, the audible version (Audiobooks have changed my life. I’ve “read” more books this year than I have in the last three or four. The benefits of a mindless day job). I’m right at the point where Athena gets a less-than-warm – or perhaps potentially-hot – welcome on Eden. Loving it so far. I’d forgotten how much I enjoy great science fiction.