Weird Day

UPDATE: turns out I was wrong and double vision is side to side not up down (it just made me notice the up down again.)  It’s probably the result of severe inner ear infection still being treated.  Will do follow up in a week.)  I TOLD you not to worry.

Long story, but I woke up with double vision up and down.  Okay, I have that normally, part of the thingy in the brainy, but this was way worse than “normal” and my prescription feels “off.”

This means reading or writing is a problem unless I close an eye.  It might have something to do with the sinus/ear thing still going on, who knows?  I have an appointment in a couple of hours, so this is just the post to tell you not to worry.

I’m planning to bring out A Fatal Stain, the third Dyce Dare Mystery on Thursday, unless act of Amazon delays it.  I have a great cover by Jack Wylder:


Also, support wrong-think authors, get free books.

ALSO, my friend Kevin J. Anderson is trying something new and different. Go give his page a look.

I promise a real post tomorrow, when hopefully this double vision thing will have resolved.  And I’m sure it’s just the sinus infection, or the antibiotic or something, honestly.

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  1. I hope you are feeling better soon. Hopefully you just need to have a nice lie down..
    Act of Amazon just slays me.

    1. There has been a nasty two week in duration sinus/running nose/cough thing going around. You get better towards the end of week 1 and then it drags you back down again. I sincerely hope you’ve managed to avoid that one … from personal experience, I can tell you it is miserable.

  2. It might be a touch of the flu, Sarah. I’ve got the spins today, a touch of vertigo even sitting still. Very annoying.

    Instead of trying to write new chapters, I’m reading old ones. Easier.

    1. Vertigo. Ugh. First time I had it I had cold sweats, nausea, thought I was having a heart attack. Practically crawled down the stairs and into the car so the wife could drive me to the ER. Docs couldn’t figure out what I had, but at least it wasn’t my ticker.

      1. I get it before the sore throat of a flu really kicks in. It is very nasssty, but I am fortunate in that I don’t get motion sickness all that much. The vertigo makes the room tilt, but I don’t get super nauseous with it. For small mercies, let us give thanks. ~:D

        Driving though, forget that. I’m parked in my swively chair today.

  3. This means reading or writing is a problem unless I close an eye.

    Eye patch. Then we can all call you “Pirate Sarah”, the scourge of the Solar Seas. 😉

  4. If it was “A Fatal Strain”, I’d say you were getting too into characterization. Be careful getting to your appointment; and walking around the house.

    1. I keep flashing on a crossover novel: The Andromeda Stain. Perhaps a spacecraft refinishing mystey? Don’t mind me, I’ll just sit in the corner…

      1. Tales of the Tau Ceti Spaceship Wrecking, Repair, and Refurbishment Shop. We Detail Torchships!

  5. If this isn’t a real post, are we really commenting? Will we get hit with real carp?

      1. I know I’m real. I have a certificate from Sarah. Assuming Sarah is real . . .

  6. Is it my monitor or Dyce’s eyes red? If so, since it’s the same universe, is this a crossover with the changer series? 🙂 (Note – humor intended.)

    1. Yeah, they look red on mine too. And she’s obviously got super peripheral vision (I’d be scared to look away while running a belt sander on a valuable workpiece.)

      1. Hopefully she’s just posing with the sander, unless her goal is to put grooves in the workpiece.

        Those belt sanders are some of the least-useful woodworking tools ever created…

        1. “least-useful woodworking tools ever created…”

          OMG, I have belt sander stories… Imagine yourself 30′ up a ladder, screaming belt sander in one hand, smoothing the eaves of a two story house, and the belt breaks and shoots out right at your head… fun times!

          OTOH, the RIGID oscillating belt/spindle sander widget, I have one of those. It is -awesome- for curves etc. I sanded ~200 little pine herb boxes with it, the machine is a work of genius.

            1. Buy one and use it. My experience of -making- power tools is that wood moves over time, and they never stay straight.

              Personally, I really want a shaper, because router tables never keep their settings. Molding always varies by a 32nd to a 64th at least, too much to sand out. You want GOOD molding and good window/box/cabinet door parts, gotta have a shaper. Set it, forget it, cut parts. Yay.

            2. Taunton Press has (had) a book on shop-made tools, and the shaper is one of them. I did a drum sander, though the drum itself is plywood. It’s a bit underpowered, though that will change when I get to it.

              I just used a belt sander to finish-fit curved windows in our sunroom. The original vinyl hit end-of-life, but the frame is good. On the gripping hand, the manufacture doesn’t believe in DIY parts supply, but cedar and plexiglas is affordable. Two of the windows in each end are curved; in interesting task.

              1. No joy on the Taunton press book; my copy dates to the 1980s, and these seem to have fallen out of print. I keep thinking about the shop-made jointer, but life’s too short to get to it. The sander does about 70% of what I need a jointer for; right now that’s Good Enough.

            3. I got a 10″ disc sander a few years ago. The 6″ belt-eating sander hasn’t been turned on since.

              Discs don’t snag, peel strips to flap in your face, or walk off the edges of the rollers.

                1. Embrace the power of AND. A few years ago, I ran a theatrical scene shop (lots of weird & interesting stuff to build), had a 9″ disk/6″ belt combination tool. Granted, the disk got used a lot more, but when the belt was needed, nothing else we had would do even close to as well.

          1. I have one of those, too.

            I also have a “standard” belt sander. I’m sure it’s down in the CYA fine print somewhere that I’m not supposed to do this, but…

            It’s a top-handled one – I sometimes clamp it down on the bench between two pieces of wood – upside down. Then run pieces over it from the top. Belt starts heading for the hills, I just reverse the pressure to push it back over.

            Like I said, I’m sure the manufacturer never intended that.

      2. I’d call them brown. What’s she wearing to the wedding; a stained T-shirt, blue jeans, a shop apron, and safety goggles?

          1. Brownish red? Not “camera” red, but definitely a red tinge there for me.

            If the sander is running, though – forget about the dress. Varnish dust never really comes out of anything.

  7. I believe that the proper curative treatment for double vision is chewing a pack of Doublemint gum, so you might want to try that.

    Or maybe it is a double shot of a double distilled liquor. I can never keep those straight.

  8. I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had the double vision up and down a few times, I always assumed I had my glasses far out of adjustment.

  9. A fatal stain. Hmm, Would that be the arsenic-based weather-resistant treatment for outdoor structures?

  10. Very Off Topic (Wait there’s a topic here?), I suspect most of the regulars know how Doctor Dolittle is and most who do know about the pushmi-pullyu.

    Now, just what did the pushmi-pullyu look like? Wait a bit to think and see below.

    Now, if you (like me) had seen the 1967 Rex Harrison “Doctor Dolittle” movie, you’d say that the pushmi-pullyu looked like a llama with a head on both ends.

    However, in the Doctor Dolittle books, the pushmi-pullyu is a “gazelle-unicorn cross” with a gazelle head at one end and an unicorn head at the other end. [Very Big Grin]

  11. “What a strange wind we had today/ Like a busy old woman with so much to say/ what a strange wind we had today;
    “My hat stayed on/ but my head blew away!
    “What a strange wind we had today.”
    Shel Silverstein (of course)

  12. I skimmed this quickly earlier today – and could swear that I read “reversed vision,” not “double vision.”

    Okay, Sarah hopped out of bed this morning and is walking on her hands. How is she typing this with her feet? Wow, what a lady…

    Mrph. Guess you’re not the only one who needs the vision checked out…

    Get better. You are, hopefully, still on “break”?

  13. Not worried, but concerned. I have my own set of health issues that I spare you unless you want to know. However, I welcome hearing about yours so I can pray about them.

  14. You need an eye patch. Get the cat to sit on your shoulder in place of a parrot, limp a bit and speak in a Cornish accent and you can pull it off.

  15. I had a stroke in 2003, and one of the most lasting effects has been double vision. My left eye looks up and right, while my right eye looks down and left. Early in the day, I can focus with some effort, but when I’m tired it’s difficult. Talk to your optometrist to get glasses with a prism correction to re-aim one eye or the other to focus in the same direction; if your vision isn’t too bad, you won’t need the weird-looking Fresnel lens glasses like Hillary was wearing a year or so ago.

  16. So I can only speak for Boston Area software development. I think our world is somewhere between Meh and Tolerable. I’m not seeing lots of hiring go by but I’m also not seeing hordes of layoffs or unemployment in my peers. Under employment perhaps. Certainly the firm I work for has a heck of a time getting new people. However, because we do LOTS of Linux realtime
    development its a rare skill set, combined with our being a job house our folks have to be both very flexible and very competent to keep the customers happy.

    Getting a budget and limiting the assorted bureaucratic nonsense might help but as someone else noted it may take a while to have any effect.

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