Happy Thanksgiving Everyone


When I was little, my favorite day was Saturday.  You see, Saturday afternoon the women in my family turned the entire house out of doors and cleaned as though it were a competition sport.

Being too young to help, I usually was sent off with dad to hike in the woods (in summer) or go look at holiday lights in the city or watch some sports event he wanted to see.

And then we came home, to a house that was sparkling clean, a (usually fairly spare on Saturdays) cooked dinner, and the consciousness that all work was done for a while.

When I got older and started participating in the cleaning, Saturday evening was even better.  You had a sense everything that needed to be done was done, and you could take a break and just be.

I figure Thanksgiving partakes of the same feeling, the feeling of having worked hard and now having enough to see you through the winter ahead.  It’s the feeling of harvest festivals in every culture, as far back as we can go.

I haven’t done everything, this year.  The book still hangs half finished, mostly because of all the moves (!) and yesterday, between four appointments and hunsgiving at Pete’s Kitchen (I promise next year, if we’re all still here, and I’m not ill or something, we’ll plan this a month in advance.  Until then, I’m considering a hunsdinner on the first tuesday starting in January.  Mostly because sometimes I need to see people and not just their pixels.) nothing got written.

Fortunately today it’s just us and our friend Charles, and since we have company on Saturday and I need to do a real house cleaning by then, I’m not even going to really do a deep clean.  (Charles knows our mess.)  I’m just doing cat-vomit-cleaning which is a constant duty, and kitchen cleaning.

Right now, I confess I feel a great deal of lassitude.  Not tiredness, precisely, just a feeling like I wouldn’t like to do much, probably the result of yesterday’s unusual exertions and people contact (which is why I need MORE people contact, of course.)

The family is (I think) still asleep, and I have some corn bread for stuffing in the oven.  Later I’ll spatchock a turkey and set a bunch of side dishes in the crockpots.

Even though the book isn’t done (TRULY should be done this week, although I’m not as fast as I used to be, and probably won’t be till I get new glasses)  this year has been one of several for lack of a better word, accomplishments.

My catalogue of gratefulness is so long, that I have no way of tagging all of it, so here’s a jumble of it, in short: I’m thankful we have a place to move, got fully moved in and that both boys are moved into situations they enjoy.  I’m thankful I have you guys to see me through the worst times, when thing get wobbly.  I’m thankful my mind is functioning again, and I can write again (more than I can say.)  I’m thankful I have three more books under contract after this one is done.  I’m thankful for my wonderful husband (always) and my two wonderful sons (always) and for number three son by adoption and his wife and two kids (Always, always.)  I’m thankful my car is still with us, though hopefully we’ll buy me a “new” one from the delivery money for these books. I’m thankful that Dan has a decent job, which carried us when I couldn’t work at all.  In these days, that’s no minor feat, and no minor thing to be grateful for.  I’m thankful that I have colleagues and friends in my life, who make me feel like I’m not a freak of nature for what I do or what I think.I’m thankful Euclid-cat who is sixteen is looking pretty spry, still, even if getting a little skinny.  I’m grateful derpfish is still with us, because if he had died right after Miranda, it would have sent me down the depressive spiral. I’m thankful that my issues with driving don’t seem to be psychological but physical.  Expensive for two pairs of glasses, to be sure, but not as expensive as extensive psychotherapy.

Most of all, I’m thankful for the stories that come and fill my mind, and make me want to tell them.  And I’m thankful other people like to read them.  To be able to do what you love and get paid for it is the best gift of all.

And I promise in the next year you’ll have a lot more to love.  (Be mindful that Amanda Green challenged me to a book a month, and I don’t mean to fall behind her production.)

Now go have your turkey and meet with your real life friends and family.  See you here tomorrow, for more of our peculiar fun.

84 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone

  1. Thankful for our fine hostess!
    I’m going out to work on my garage, thankful to have my own house.
    This is now high among all the other thanks I be giving.
    Oh, and you lot here. Thanks y’all

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Sarah.

    My thankthings are medical too: first holiday season in three years I don’t have any operations scheduled.

    Thankful for my job, and the health insurance that comes with it. Thankful I had the good sense to get the very best coverage they offered, because even with it being expensive I got all my necessary surgeries without being bankrupted.

  3. I’m working today. And you know what? That’s awesome. Because I have a job that carried us through Peter being unable to make up fiction and write it down for the last year and a half, through the surgeries. Seriously, yay! (Besides, this means all the coworkers with kids will be able to have Thanksgiving with their families. Even the ones with military spouses, and you know how rare that is!)

    And Peter is feeling well enough to write again. Not just “I’m physically capable of putting fingers to keyboard”, but “I am trying to hold a battle in space that’s four light-hours wide in my head, and make sure there are no inconsistencies as each ship gets the information and acts upon it, and the other ships see those actions in turn…”

    And I now have a hangar for my plane: came open yesterday.

    I’m going to take an hour lunch (swing shift) to pop over to a friend’s house, where we’re having a group Thanksgiving dinner. And for the friends around us, I am truly grateful.

    All in all, it’s a good year. Terrifying, traumatic, expensive, frazzling, but a good year. We have always lived in interesting times, and I’ll take my blessings where I can get ’em.

    1. You have a plane? Sweet!

      “a battle in space that’s four light-hours wide”

      That’s a hell of a lightspeed weapon. What sort of magic targeting device?

      1. Nah, multiple ships, in multiple places, against multiple other ships, with missiles, and I kinda glazed over after getting the general concept that it’s like playing a game over an extremely laggy link: you have to anticipate what you think your opponent and allies are going to do, because by the time you know, both are already off and doing other things.

        After that, I was kinda like “You write it, I feed you. Got it. I’ll figure it out when I read it.”

      2. I seem to remember reading elsewhere about her flying. Little yellow airplanes are the best!

        Happy Thanksgiving to all! Currently pleasantly full myself, after time with family.

    2. Peter is amazing. Two kick a$$ SF series and a truly excellent western told very much in the manner of the beloved Louis LAmour. (But westerns are dead, a failed and outmoded genre. So say the same pundits who knew HRC was a shoe in.)
      And I’m enough associated with the writing and publishing gig to know with certainty that he could in no way shape or form do any of it without your support and encouragement. His vision, his pounding of keyboard, but none of it without you along side. So, blessings on the both of you.

    3. So when will the Laredo trilogy be completed. 😉
      This reminds me that I have to check out his other work or at least budget for it.

      1. *eyes the sky for incoming carp* You know, it’s pretty amazing being an author spouse. I get so much better what Sarah’s going through, when she’s battling overdue books and health issues.

        I could give you a month. But after the last year, I’m going to instead say “Let’s see how his good health lasts. The longer the good health lasts, the sooner it’ll be written.”

        And here’s to a better year ahead for all of us!

        1. Thanks for the reply. Wasn’t really expecting one. When it gets done, it gets done. Have other books on my TRL currently so I can be patient. Here’s to health. *drink*

    4. When Peter wanders out of his work room with a glazed look on his face, tell him “There! Are! FOUR! Light-hours!” See if that gives him a laugh. I know when I have a good laugh, I work better.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving all. We already had ours back in October, but then it’s colder up here. ~:D

    My characters are all making cow eyes at each other again, I have to drop a surprise on them or it’ll all slide downhill, as usual.

    1. I’ve got a character in the next book who is getting her petticoats in knots because she thinks her best friend (male) has fallen for an older (as in mid 40s) married woman. He’s getting steamed because he thinks another man has gotten early permission to court the MC, just like he did. Ah, the social season at Simla . . . And I won’t be starting that book for at least another week. Thank heavens for the Lurking Menace to keep the characters from getting in too deep.

  5. I am thankful for the fact I don’t have to do a maudlin post comment about all I am thankful for.

    Thanks for the use of the hall.

  6. Well we are having a cheeseburger 🍔 in paradise 😉 but my brother might save us some? It’s been a rough couple of years. But I am looking forward to the next couple and trying to plan to enjoy them more. Virtual hugs to all y’all Huns who help make the hard times more 🐻 able. May the year to come hold only happy surprises.

  7. Happy Thanksgiving! The smoked turkey is deboned, the side dishes just need to be heated, and the scent of the pecan pie in the oven has my stomach glancing at the clock while chanting “are we there yet, are we there yet?” And I’m grateful that thus far, the most heated conversation has been over if the family and guest should root for the Redskins just because everyone else is cheering on the Cowboys.

      1. I had my Alice’s Restaurant Massacree fix for the day. Radio Paradise plays it twice every Thanksgiving. It will play again at 3:00 pm Pacific time if you must get a listen. radioparadise.com and get your leftoid antiwar hilarity.

    1. the most heated conversation has been over if the family and guest should root for the Redskins just because everyone else is cheering on the Cowboys

      They told me if I voted for Trump kids would again be playing Cowboys and Indians!

  8. I’m thankful somebody remembered to buy egg nog so I could make french toast before heading out to a dinner that will be cooked by somebody else. Thankful for a job that refuses to open on Thanksgiving so I can be with my family and a boss that insists on giving me a day on the weekend off so I can’t work extra at my other job.

    We’ll be deep cleaning and purging in anticipation of the pack we will be doing in, hopefully, a few months. I still don’t know where we’re moving but I know we’re staying local, for a while, at least.

    I may be exhausted (okay, I know I’m exhausted) but I’m not dreading the coming months and that’s going to help with the next few weeks.

  9. A Happy Thanksgiving to all here. I’m hiding from a mountain of dishes right now – we ate very early for the people who have to head out to jobs in the early afternoon. I’m thankful for that need.

    I’m thankful that I was watching what I was doing at the store the other day. The pumpkin pies turned out perfect this year. (OK, I didn’t even know that they made pumpkin puree last year.)

    I’m thankful for all of the people here, and the Mad Geniuses. This has been an uneasy year for most, including me – but, evil as it is, hearing about the insane year that some have had makes me feel better about mine… (Or at least gives the inner voice a base for telling me to stop futzing around.)

    A roof, utilities, a word processor – what else do I really need for happiness? Good people to talk to. Thank you all.

      1. I snuck out of work for an hour-long “lunch”. For other people cooking, and for the group dinner being less than ten minutes from work, I am truly grateful.

        Now I just have to keep awake, and be productive…

      2. That was, stepped out to walk to closed book store where I would wait with store cats, remembered, darn, I didn’t get my cell phone. There was message on cell from Marsh saying he would be early (earlier than planned 4pm). Hung around apt, calling Marsh without answer and Dan, Dan explained that the late lamented Miranda occasionally carried that cell to nearest standing water and dropped it in, or turned glass over on it. Marsh eventually called, picked me up. And I’m so ashamed I forgot to ask to see Derpy, had made a note to see the Derps. Glad to hear he’s still hanging on.

  10. Among many things, I’m thankful for this blog and the nice people on it.

    I’m also thankful that my son found a video of someone using a dustbuster with a brush attachment to brush his cat. He convinced me to try it. Has all but eliminated the cat’s vomiting.

    To everyone on this blog, reader or writer, may your Christmas season be filled with words and a dearth of typos.

  11. I’m thankful that when the magic smoke showed what the oven’s funny smell these past weeks was, nothing burned down or caught fire. I’m thankful for the conversation we had, cold and hungry, waiting for the smoke to clear. I’m thankful we had an oven available at another place to take the turkey. I’m thankful the store was out of pie crust, and that we’d decided already not to do many dishes this year.

    Lord, for these things we are truly grateful, amen.

    1. Just the oven, not the house? For the small disasters we are thankful, O Lord, that they were not greater!

      1. The oven may even be repairable. (I haven’t the skills, and am not sure where to find parts, but…) Thinking things through reminded me of an easier higher priority project that I should work on first.

          1. Wasn’t any danger at all, I think. Okay, hanging around inside with burnt electrics in the air probably wasn’t super healthy. But the clues something happened were a) eyewitness of smoke coming out b) smell like a computer which had the magic smoke come out c) oven no longer turns on. House is aired out, and we won’t be getting the ‘burning plastic’ outgassing that we had been getting for probably weeks.

  12. I am grateful for you and the huns. Please post a photo of derpfish here and on Instapundit. Someone may be able to identify the condition and treatment for it.

  13. PSA for all and hundry: Some the turkey, the ham, and so on… do *not* smoke yourself. A bit much literal firefighting, and smoke inhalation becomes a problem (wildfires are getting under control, slowly).

    I am thankful that I can breathe, even if painfully. I am thankful Hillary lost. I am thankful for all those who put up with me, that they are all mostly healthy. *grin* I am thankful that hair grows back, that even if we did throw a lot of tea into that harbor there are still people who will sell tea leaves to us regardless (yay capitalism!), and that there’s enough work for me to complain that I have no time at all anymore. *chuckle*

    For the rest, may you all have a bit of rest now and again to enjoy the many fruits of your labors. And finally, my usual thanksgiving prayer (going to collapse for a bit and hopefully wake up again with everything still attached):

    For those who toil during the day, tending the light of civilization in ways unseen; to those whose work knows no set schedule, who stand ready to shoulder the wheel from sun to sun; to all whose lives have a purpose greater than self-gratification, who lift us up with them as they climb; and lastly but far from least, for those who stand far from civilization’s light, who keep watch from the dusty wasteland to the green hell, from the river’s mouth to the oceans green and blue, we give thanks that our lives may continue, largely, miraculously, in peace.

    For all the blessings I forgot to mention or haven’t noticed yet, I give thanks as well (in blissful, but acknowledged, ignorance).

    May each of you and yours be well, eat your fill and in this know full well the fortune that we all have in this life, meek or strong, we are Odd, and that is good. Take care, folks. Appreciate ya.

    1. Not our fault if you Canucks experience premature celebration.

      What kind of people hold Thanksgiving before the World Series?

  14. Speaking of typos, perhaps: Later I’ll spatchock a turkey and set a bunch of side dishes in the crockpots.

    Do what to a turkey? (I looked it up in two dictionaries and it didn’t show. Merriam-Webster said spot check, but you would have written it as two words so I’m probably going to learn something when I come back in from feeding the dogs.)

    Had a good Thanksgiving myself. Most of my late father’s family got together noon-time today. I didn’t count noses. I know that my cousin’s daughter the veterinarian is sick, and her husband stayed home to tend to her but their kids made it; another cousin’s step-daughter had to work; she’s a nurse and a year and a half out of school. Her sister is dating a soldier stationed a few hours away, and may be serious because she was talking to another cousin’s daughter who had followed her Marine overseas and stateside. And so forth and so on.

        1. I routinely have to put my full weight on it to break the breastbone. It wasn’t so bad this year, because it was only 14 lbs of turkey and, btw, we got rid of it by sending leftovers with the guys. YAY.

      1. If I had encountered that word without context, I would have thought that it had something to do with badminton. Like, maybe it refers to the feathering of the shuttlecock.

        It’s not often these days that I learn an English word I didn’t know before. Thank you!

      2. Spatchcock: An obscure English film director of the 1930’s, best known for his signature combination of two-reeler drawing room mysteries and slapstick comedy. The high point of each one would feature the villain’s face being shoved into some form of cake, pie or other pastry just as he thinks he’s deceived the detective. (IMDB)

  15. At this time of year, we all quietly reflect and share on those things we are thankful for.

    I am thankful that my Chappaqua home is sufficiently set back that I don’t have to deal with the common people I care so much about.

    I am thankful that I don’t have to spend the holiday season staffing a bunch of office positions (what a nightmare that would be!).

    I am thankful that so many people understand the importance of the plebiscite count, rather than some archaic historical tradition.

    I am thankful that the honest media will never, even under the goading of hateful people, refer to honest protests as “riots”, no matter the level of destruction, damage or harm to others.

    I am thankful for my family, especially Bill, who finally learned to properly dodge an ashtray, so I don’t have to keep answering those sexist questions from the a-holes down at the ER or the state police.

    I am thankful for the warm, loving embrace of true Scotch Whiskey.

    And finally, I am thankful that my laptop’s video player has an automatic repeat function so I can endlessly loop the C-SPAN record from that time I was assigned Pro Tempore duties in the senate. All those republicans, forced to address me as “Madame President”.

    So sweet, so lovely…

    It could have been.

    It could have been…forever.

    I…I can almost touch it….

    Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.

    1. Filling in the corners with schadenfreude pie, eh?

      Well, I felt like Thanksgiving came on November 9 this year, so I can’t honestly blame you. Especially while I’m snickering, and remembering that New York Times headline design.

      1. I somehow missed this, unless it’s the original DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN. Is there a link?

    2. By the power vested in me by the expedient just outright claiming it, as a “minotaur” and thus a monster in at least one Classical sense, I hereby nominate you for inclusion in the Order of Monsters.

      I would advise against hiding under beds or in closets. Also, you should probably look into that PUFF exemption thing and making sure it is well known. Your post here is apt to be counted in your favor.

      And as for everyone else…

  16. I forgot to say that I’m thankful for my grandmother turning 100, my younger brother finishing his first sf novel, and a very happy and peaceful Thanksgiving Day.

  17. Now that the dishes are done I finally have a moment to get on here and wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to all and sundry.

    All to the port side, sundry to starboard. Sort yourself out, you know who you are…

  18. Thankful that I can replace a troublesome (wired) telephone with a slightly fancier model without having to endure a “brick and mortar” store on this of all days.

    This is the second time the (repro) candlestick has gone all buzzy and I’m not sure I can fix it again. I like the thing, but it needs to work. So a more modern looking (1950’s desk style) phone, but with buttons (in dial arrangement) and a CallerID display… and not a blasted bright blue display, either.

  19. “Right now, I confess I feel a great deal of lassitude.” Well, you should! You’re a lass with a ‘tude that just won’t quit. Now. if’n you meant “Lassie” ‘tude, all bets are OFF, but I’m in my bomb-proof shelter and incoming carp would be wasting their time. Not to mention, well, I’m really late in commenting, being gone yesterday.

  20. This is sort of off the wall, but it sort relates to Thanksgiving or at least what some were wearing at my family get together. What’s the deal with “cold shoulder” tops for women? (Sort of like this one: http://www.revolve.com/eight-sixty-cut-out-shoulder-top-in-kale/dp/EIGH-WS303/?d=F&currency=USD&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=ran&source=ran&utm_campaign=glob_p_J84DHJLQkR4&ranMID=41816&ranEAID=J84DHJLQkR4&ranSiteID=J84DHJLQkR4-9fKy5aHqELdQXrKbV_Jzfw.) I admit they do look interesting and in a certain cut look kinda fancy, but how did anyone thing of that?

  21. Happy Thanksgiving – I have been late all year – so what is another day? I am thankful for all of you on here and for family and job. Maybe my own writing will work – who knows what a new year will bring? With a President Trump almost anything could happen (and probably will).

    Anyone else looking around for a ship looking like a giant sneaker with a drive system that runs on a cup of good coffee? Maybe they used hot chocolate and that caused this? Whatever – it was better then the alternative.


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