So, I was going to do a post

And then as is becoming normal on Sunday, I got caught up in other stuff.

There will be Dark Fate 6, but it might be Tuesday.  I have a guest post tomorrow.  Sorry, I’m wrestling with a chapter.


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    1. Of course the chapter is winning! Heretics and foul xenos cannot stand against our faith in the Emperor!

  1. Love means never having to say you’re sorry (one of the dopiest lines ever).

    But ain’t gonna C4C on ATH even on this NON-POST, because it I do, sure as worms on a pineapple sandwich, there will be 300 comments and my inbox explodes again.

    1. Here is where the non-posts get replies most folks would kill for . . . as long as they were not moderating it (~_^)
      Yeah, no C4C for me either (So that is NC4C4Me?). I have a hard enough time keeping up with email!

      1. When is it NC4C4Me, and when is it NC8Me? Or is that actually Mo, Mt, Mg, Md, or Mn… or are we dealing with a prior unknown molecule?

        1. depends on the molecule whether it is a C4C4 or a C8.
          Federal mandate is making us move away from the C8 to a C6. I wonder if we could pull a fast one and claim it is a C4C4?
          Also, because of our fine EPA we must now incinerate the waste stream instead of recycling it and reusing the very items they are trying to keep out of the environment . . . and also keep it from being heated up. So we gotta have it heated to prevent it from being heated.

          1. The EPA is making you burn C4?

            This wouldn’t actually surprise me, since they require some industries to incinerate water.

                1. no, that’d take refining, it has to be incinerated. If we wanted to reuse the containers, they need to be rinsed fully three times, and all water sent for incineration as well, it is cheaper to burn the empty drums and IBC totes than to burn the water. This is on top of the $1million it cost to re-list the product as a new product even after being forced to change by the gov’t, and the only difference is in a long chain of molecules, there is one C8 spike among the C6s and the new is all C6, in raws it is actually slightly cheaper, but process is slightly higher as the C6 only stuffs take a touch more monitoring to get a good reaction while making.

                    1. sadly no. They wish that was the case, as it would make the stuff far cheaper to synthesize. If pure water were added to something hot enough and able to crack it to hydrogen and oxygen, recombining gives one water. making H2O2 from Hydrogen and Oxygen alone is very, very difficult (like just this side of impossible). There are a few mercaptans, some fluorines (the CFC’s targeted, though that is very low, as it is what we are using in our product, we aim for 100% but that is not possible), iodines etc in the water, and that is what gets incinerated. The water likely just flashes over to steam, or is catalyzed into splitting and re-burned making it water again. I’m not sure exactly how Safety Kleen/Clean Harbors does the deed. I just know that instead of recycling the very items the EPA is most concerned about, they make us destroy it and buy more whatnot from the Chinese. (in a roundabout way. We buy either from Germany or Japan, but when the raws are made it relies a lot on the Reds and their pollution making)
                      /job geekery

        2. Please, just give me some Au. Or Ag will do too. And lately Cu seems to have become pretty valuable too, although that would be needed in bulk before it becomes as satisfactory as Au usually is.

          But even if it’s monetary value per weight is lower Fe still is a master of them all.

    2. You need a Kafka Trap in your inbox; everything there then just wears away into dust. So I’m told. YMMV.

      1. Once I established a Hun Folder and told the email genie to put everything from this address in there the management process became far far simpler.

  2. To paraphrase a well-known saying, once is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is tradition. So the no-Sunday-post tradition is established!

    1. Maybe Sarah should just do a “Sunday Open Thread” thing, so we can amuse ourselves without even pretending to stay on topics vaguely related to an official post.

      And, having learned from someone else’s experience, I did not try to fit 16 cups of soup into a 14 cup cookpot. OTOH if I’d known just how much this makes, I might have waited until next weekend, so I’d have more family around to work on the left-overs.

      1. You just have to take this rule of thumb to heart: if you’re cooking for only one or two people and use a 3.5 quart cookpot, you’d better really like the recipe you’re making, because you’re going to be eating it for a while. 🙂

        1. Or you’d better write what it is on a strip of tape (and the date), so when you pull it out of the back of the freezer, it’s not a mystery meal…

          1. First I have to clean out said freezer. Probably tomorrow, since Tuesday AM is garbage pick-up. Just looking for sausage this AM led me to five sacks of frozen cherries and pine-nuts that I had no idea were in there. And . . .mystery meat. At least, it might have been meat at one period in time, possibly the Devonian, or maaaaybe the Eocene. Maybe.

              1. Probably. There’s some bags that might contain the remains of Icthyosaurs for all I can identify them. At least if it’s green and funny looking, I know it’s home-made pesto (because I chucked the green-n-blue fuzzy bagels already. 24 hr from day-old to “Dr. Fleming, please pick up the white courtesy phone, Dr. Alexander Fleming . . .” I think the fresh-roasted chilis in the bagels were the problem.) Beyond that . . .

            1. My favorite is the forgotten member of the squash family from the vegetable bin. There’s nothing like lifting out a bog of semi-solids.

                1. My typing is generally awful, and my puns lean toward offal, but I believe that must have been subliminal. My undermind skews toward the absurd.

        2. That’s me. Making a potato leak soup with ham and shrimp in a 6 qt pot . . . about to have a bowl and it will be lunch all week, and supper a few times as well.

          1. As a bachelor I look at this as an advantage. I like foods that I fix once and have enough leftovers for the next six meals.

              1. If I like something, I’ll eat it 7 days in a row, or until it runs out or goes bad. My wife, OTOH- one time leftover consumption, what’s left goes to the dog.

        3. Or cook something you can freeze. You can buy a sealer, but freezer thickness glad bags doo just fine.

          Someday I hope to get the prat who came up with zip-sealer sliders and give him a kick in the fork that will make him go deaf. It’s getting so you really have to search to avoid buying bags with the damn things, and they are one hell pf a lot more expensive.

            1. They have their pluses, but also their minuses. Besides expense, the sliders sometimes have a habit of catching on stuff while you are putting the full bag away, and pulling open just far enough to leak the contents out. Also, if you over fill the bags (nobody but me does that, right?) with the slider you can only go one direction to close it, instead of starting at whichever end is easiest to get started from, or working both ends towards the middle.

      2. Sounds good.

        In fact, Sundays might be a fun time to post flash and critique each other a bit.
        Entertain ourselves, and take a bit off her plate.

        1. This is a family blog, don’t you start flashing on here! Unless you’re part of the dancing boy troupe? Haven’t seen them running around recently, come to think of it.

            1. That sounds like a winner! Have people suggest prompts, or will there be a weekly promptmeister? Let’s see if we can get this organized, and take over the Sunday posting!

              1. I’m game, but my ability to actively participate for the next two weekends is going to be limited. (We’ll be in the process moving from Idaho to Indiana.)

                That said…
                If our Beautiful but Evil Space Princess approves, let’s make the first prompt “alchemy”.

                  1. Eh, there are worse things.
                    I’ll miss the sunsets, stars, and mountains. But my wife will be able to receive the medical care she needs.

                    Several doctors have pulled me aside and told me we needed to. (My wife does NOT need to know about the over/under one of them gave me.) Then we got a call from our insurance agency warning us that plans on the state exchange were going to stop covering nearly all out of state care. Then something described as “a basic diagnostic test” could not be performed anywhere in the state…
                    I can eventually take a hint.

                  2. The time I spent living in Fort Wayne IN, they had the best garage sale country I’ve ever seen.
                    So, I don’t feel to bad for them.
                    Be ready for the humidity though, and a lot more snow than Idaho ever sees.

                    1. Depends on where you live at in Idaho. According to Google Fort Wayne only gets 32 inches average annual snowfall, according to this site* well over half of Idaho towns receive more than that.

                      *From purely anecdotal evidence, I find the numbers on this site suspect. I live just a couple miles out of a town that is listed as getting half the annual snowfall of a town ten miles west of it, that ALWAYS gets both less snow and less moisture. Also my town is listed as getting the same amount of snow as the town ten miles east of it, that ALWAYS gets more snow and more moisture. To compound this, every year but one that I have lived here (twelve winters) I have had more snow in my yard at one time, than that site is claiming as my entire annual average.

          1. I’ve been told my dancing is slightly better than my singing.

            But never fear, I make up in enthusiasm what I lack in talent.

      3. I really like that idea. Reading the open threads are the highlight of my week.
        (I’m not sure what that says about me.)

  3. Try for a Full Nelson. Worked for Tarzan when he wrestled an enraged Bolgani (I think, if I remember it right… also only wrestling term I know, I’m afraid).

  4. In recent news, in the Incident Of The St. Cloud Crossing Mall, both Dahir Adan and Jason Falconer were in violation of the mall’s anti-weapons policy.

    Fairness mandates we condemn both equally.

    Good sense mandates we praise Falconer and deplore Adan.

    Let the record show that not only is Posner still a representative of Americanus Moroun, he is not a member of an Endangered Species.

    1. Oops! NOW WITH URL ADDED!

      In recent news, in the Incident Of The St. Cloud Crossing Mall, both Dahir Adan and Jason Falconer were in violation of the mall’s anti-weapons policy.

      Fairness mandates we condemn both equally.

      Good sense mandates we praise Falconer and deplore Adan.

      Let the record show that not only is Posner still a representative of Americanus Moronus, he is not a member of an Endangered Species.

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