I Probably Will Have a Guest Post Later

Dark Fate will probably not happen today.  Maybe tomorrow.

As some of you know, I spent the weekend in NYC at Calliope Workshop, a function supported by the Talliesin Nexus and Liberty Island.

I meant to write my impressions today, but the more I turn it in my head the more I’m sure my world — myself, my career, my perceptions of my career and my hopes for our field — got turned upside down (not in a bad way) yesterday.  I just can’t pin down WHY I feel that way, and until I can explain it, I can’t write about it.

My apologies to the fans in NYC, I didn’t process very well that the reception was open to anyone.  If I had, I’d have told you.  Yes, being on Friday night a lot of you wouldn’t have been able to come, but OTOH some would.

Very sorry on that.  If it happens again and I’m invited again (both of which seemed to be intimated, but by then I was very tired, so I won’t put my hands in the fire on that) I will be sure to let you know.

Right now I think I’m going to take a nap.

56 responses to “I Probably Will Have a Guest Post Later

  1. You could hardly have one earlier, could you now?

    Posner is still a moron.

  2. By the way — the delivery truck for this week’s load of dragon chow inadvertently dumped its five tons in the koi pond. Who’s in charge of that clean up?

  3. We’ll be here whenever you return, don’t worry. Or be warned, whichever seems most appropriate to you…

  4. Nap is a good thing.

  5. Liberty Island is friggin’ cool. Look forward to hearing what you heard and saw (and felt).

    • Liberty Island is cool, but it was even cooler before German terrorists damaged the Statue of Liberty and tourists were largely banned from the torch.

      • I thought it was cause the Simpsons filled the head with garbage.

        • Homer Simpson may have been part of the network of German agents.

          The Black Tom explosion was the work of German-sponsored saboteurs in 1916, the year before the US entered WWI. It caused seven deaths and about a half billion dollars (in modern terms) of damage – including the modern equivalent of $20 million damage to the Status of Liberty, which resulted in the ban on climbing into the torch. It was 1979 before the damage claims were finally paid off.

          • And… I think our hostess means the “Liberty Island” that is a publisher (associated with PJ Media).

            I could be wrong… (Or they could have, I suppose had their meeting on Liberty Island, too – are there meeting facilities there? Never been, dang it, despite flying through NY all too many times.)

  6. As long as we’re topic-less, here’s something that might be of interest to folks here (I haven’t had a chance to read through it in any detail yet):


  7. There’s also an interesting-sounding graduate or upper-undergraduate level text coming out in the fall of 2017:


    • it really depends on who wrote it.

      • Cameron Smith, from the Department of Anthropology at Portland State University. I don’t know anything about him. Here’s his self-description from pdx.academia.edu:

        “I’ve been teaching human evolution and prehistory since 1999. Undergraduate study at the University of London’s Institute of Archaeology and Durham University (UK) (BA Joint Hons), with two field seasons at Koobi Fora, Kenya, then Portland State University (MA) and a doctorate in Archaeology at Canada’s Simon Fraser University in 2004. I teach a wide variety of 100-400-level courses in world prehistory, field and lab methods, and regional topics. I am involved with nautical archaeology in Ecuador and PSU’s long-term Wapato Valley Research project. Research interests include Northwest Coast archaeology, evolution in general, cognitive evolution, aboriginal watercraft, usewear analysis and the adaptation of humanity (and our domesticates) to off-Earth environments, e.g. space settlement.”

  8. Right now I think I’m going to take a nap.

    Yes, do please, perhaps a nap is just what you need. It is good for the health. Moreover it is good for the brain, allowing it time to sift through all the various inputs recently received unimpeded by other distractions.

    AN remains a twit.

  9. No great words of wisdom here. But I have Redquarters to myself for two weeks. Yeah me! And I found where alllllll the mosquitoes in the neighborhood are hiding – the back corner of the yard. SIGH. Got bit right between the fingers.

  10. That does sound good. Good news sometimes seem a bit scarce lately. I know it’s a long game, and I was probably born in the wrong decade to see significant results in what is left of my lifetime, much less the full blossoming if the culture change does take root and starts growing (I hope it will, but I’m not convinced even though there seem to be promising signs here and there – kind of protective reaction, I guess, to believe in something and then have that belief squashed is worse than not to believe in the first place), so anything that gives hope more fuel is always very, very welcome.

  11. I really enjoyed the last Calliope and met some great young people. (And Robert Bidinotto! [rim shot]) Invading Manhattan, center of progressive publishing, probably saved a lot on airfares. I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

  12. William R. Scarborough

    I thought you used carp in the trebuchet. But with all the fish flying about, something like that report on Instapundit at 4:41 was inevitable, I guess.

  13. scott2harrison

    Did all you luggage make it back? They said that it was a catfish, but they’re newsies. It could have been a carp.

  14. Not to change the topic, but I need to change the topic to a matter of earth-shaking importance: Drinkable Whiskey!!!

    While at the Alcoholic Beverage Store this evening to restock the rum, we overheard a distressing discussion: apparently the Suntory acquisition of Jim Beam has resulted in their discontinuance of the only (reasonably priced) drinkable whiskey — their 8 year aged blend! Now they offer JB Black or JB XA (eXtra Aged), the heathens!

    Does anybody have any alternative Bourbons to recommend?