Mine Eyes Have Seen A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

Mine Eyes Have Seen A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster


JL Curtis

The Grey Man: Partners

Texas Deputy Sheriff John Cronin and his granddaughter Jesse Miller have out-stubborned, out-fought, and out-lived every challenge life’s thrown at them so far… But there are times when a little help is needed.

Slowly recovering from being stabbed, John Cronin gets a tip from inside the very cartel that’s hunted him, that plans are afoot to smuggle terrorists and missiles across the border. Meanwhile, Jesse and her husband Gunny Sgt. Miller are losing the battle with an administration and a military bureaucracy determined downsize the military by whatever means possible, and tie their hands regardless of the damage and danger to its own.

The agencies responsible don’t want to act if Cronin won’t give up his confidential informant, but when word comes that the missiles and terrorists are landing, it’s time to put a team together and handle things the old fashioned way…

Pam Uphoff

Directorate School

The Directorate Book 1

Ebsa wants to explore the Multiverse, and the place to start is The University of the Empire’s School of Directorate Studies. All he has to do is survive a tough curriculum while dealing with snobs, bullies, and murder.

A Tale of Three Interns

The Directorate Book 2

Ebsa, Paer, and Ra’d are back! After their disastrous first year, they expected their summer internship would be the dirtiest, most boring job the counselors could find. They hadn’t expected to be assisting a study of dinosaurs. Score! If, that is, they can keep a stuck up collection of impractical scientists safe.


Visions V: Milky Way

The vast Milky Way Galaxy may allow the seeds of our future to be widely distributed, past the danger of a final extinction. Visions V: Milky Way brings together a collection of fascinating and entertaining stories by award-winning science fiction authors.

Includes Leigh Kimmel’s The Long Shadow of a Dead God.

David L Burkhead

The Hordes of Chanakra

Knights of Aerioch

Pulled into an alternate world mired in the middle ages, Kreg finds allies in Kaila, a rough swordmistress, and her wizardly father. He’s also found their foes – an unending horde pouring forth from the small nation next door.

Now, he’s in a race against time to find the true source, before everything he cares about ends in fire and death!

Kyra Halland

Chosen of Azara

A Novel of Estelend

Juzeva, a princess of Savaru vowed to the service of the magical Source Azara, sacrifices everything to try to stop a war and finds herself caught in a web of evil and deceit.

Sevry, the last king of the war-ravaged land of Savaru, is tasked by Source Azara with finding the secret that disappeared with Juzeva, the secret that can bring Savaru back to life.

Lucie, a sheltered young noblewoman, is unaware of her true heritage and the power she has to restore a lost land, until the legendary king of a long-lost mythical land steps into her life and sweeps her away to adventure, danger, and a love that will change her life and the lost land of Savaru forever.

Epic romantic fantasy for adults and older teens.

Laura Montgomery

Sleeping Duty

Waking Late Book 1

Gilead Tan and Andrea Fielding survived their stint in the military, got married, signed up to emigrate to a terraformed colony world, and went into cold sleep for the journey from Earth. While they slept, the starship got lost and settled for a different world, a wild world. Three centuries after the founding of a colony on the uncharted planet, Gilead awakens to find humanity slipped back to medieval tech and a feudal structure. Worse, the king who wants Gilead awake won’t let Gilead awaken his wife.

On sale now.

Out of the Dell

Waking Late Book 2

On the planet Nwwwlf, in the lost colony of First Landing, the original settlers carved out one sylvan valley, a lone outpost where humans flourish. But their bright hopes and best intentions devolved over centuries into a rude replica of medieval feudalism.

Gilead Tan, who had been held captive for centuries in his sleeping cell, survived treachery and pain to free a small group of sleepers. But he and his friends now face the perils of life outside First Landing’s sanctuary—without their powered armor, their tools and technology, or anything else they need save for a few chickens.

Gilead must establish a safehold for his crew, but the alien environment does not welcome them and petty bickering threatens their meager resources. He hopes that a trace of smoke – spotted above a distant ridge – beckons them to a better place.

It doesn’t.

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Serpent’s Foe

In the legendary duat – the mystical passage where the sun god Ra travels from west to east in the night, so that he rises again in the dawning – a lioness of ancient Egypt lies caged.

Once she stalked the duat by Ra’s side, carrying his light in her eyes and battling the monsters that assailed them.

Now, tormented by confusion and her own fury, she longs to regain the unique powers which – inexplicably – elude her in captivity.

Even her own name slides out of her thoughts, while the how and why of her capture escape her memory entirely.

More than she realizes rides upon reclaiming her freedom and defeating her unknown captor.

In this mythic tale of pride and revelation, a fight beyond death delivers one last chance at redemption.


The Musketeer’s Seamstress – FREE

Aramis emerges from the water closet to find his lover, a duchess, murdered on her bed. The room is locked, and Aramis is the only one who could have entered it. He’s sure he didn’t do it, but no one else believes him. Even Monsieur de Treville, Captain of Musketeers, doubts Aramis’s word. Aramis must leave Paris and go on the run, entrusting the solving of the murder, and the defense of his honor, his freedom and his very life to Athos, Porthos and D’Artagnan. Can “one for all” carry the day when every powerful person in France believes Aramis a murderer and when powerful interests would gladly frame Aramis for it?

Free I THINK till tomorrow – SAH


From Elizabethan England to the Far Future, discover who really was Shakespeare and why Marlowe was called The Muses Darling. Discover the horrifying secret that Leonardo DaVinci found beneath a cave in his home village. In the far future, find a new way to keep Traveling, Traveling. Use cold sleep to find your love again, and join the (high tech) Magical Legion.
Seventeen short stories from Prometheus Award Winning Author, Sarah A. Hoyt. This edition features an Introduction by Dave Freer and a Bonus Short Story “With Unconfined Wings.”
Collection contains:Introduction
Traveling, Traveling
The Muses’ Darling
Stock Management
While Horse And Hero Fell
Something Worse Hereafter
For Whose Dear Sake
The Play And The thing
Sugarbush Soul
Never Look Back
What She Left Behind
But World Enough
(Also published as Sacrifice)
Super Lamb Banana
Waiting for Juliette
Bonus Content: With Unconfined Wings
This edition contains an introduction by Dave Freer and a bonus short story: With Unconfined Wings.

On Sale for 99c


Also on sale for 99c


Death of a Musketeer:

When D’Artagnan, Athos, Porthos and Aramis discover the corpse of a beautiful woman who looks like the Queen of France, they vow to see that justice is done. They do not know that their investigation will widen from murder to intrigue to conspiracy, bring them the renewed enmity of Cardinal Richelieu and shake their fate in humanity. Through duels and doubts, they pursue the truth, even when their search brings them to the sphere of King Louis XIII himself and makes them confront secrets best forgotten

Now 99c for a limited time only.

33 responses to “Mine Eyes Have Seen A Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

  1. Shouldn’t there be something in the ad copy confirming that The Musketeer’s Seamstress is a revised edition, edited for comprehensibility? Perhaps a banner proclaiming: “Now unadulterated! Free of incompetent copy editor additions!”?

    • That would be nice but then someone will obsess over a typo.
      Reviews heartily solicited, though

      • For those unclear, some REVIEW style samples:

        5 STAR – A Rollicking Good Book
        THIS book is what Dumas would have written if Dumas wrote locked-room mysteries! The author does a great job of updating classic characters for the depth of characterization expected by modern readers while staying true to their original presentations in Dumas’ Musketeers books.

        5 STAR – A Healthy Read
        Since I read this book my complexion has cleared, my hair grown fuller and more lustrous, my smile is brighter and my breath is fresher. People have even started sending unsolicited drinks in bars, all because of this book. I strongly recommend [Insert Book Title Here] for anybody looking to enhance their personal life.

        1 STAR – Terrible Tale
        I bought this book and have been terribly disappointed. It features flawed people doing heroic things when they should be lecturing the reader on the ills and tribulations inflicted by the Capitalist System of 17th Century France. Nowhere does this author address the terrible Human Rights abuses of the peasant class, the exploitation by the so-called nobles, nor the wide-spread mistreatment of animals forced to carry abusive human riders unconscionable distances. The author even fails to make clear oppression of transgendered peope in that era and the main characters seem to revel in their White Privilege. After reading this travesty I had to retreat to the safe space under my bed for so long that I suffered a horrible rash on my thumb.

        • ” The author even fails to make clear oppression of transgendered peope in that era ”

          I read that as “transgendered pope” and wondered which pope RES was referring to, since the only clergyman I remembered from that era was Cardinal Richeliou (and Mazarin, his protégé).

  2. Pam’s new Directorate series is great! I’m waiting for the third in the series (and a new Wine of the Gods would be nice too.)
    I will quibble with the blurb for book 2. They are actually on a mission studying plant diversification due to animal consumption of said plants. The dinosaurs just happen to be there.

    • Agreed. Very difficult to point out all the greatness without spoilers, though. I’ve already rated it (5 stars – got to watch that average ;-), but no review, yet. As long as we’re doing sample reviews here, how about this…

      One, the first Wine of the Gods book to take place in the Empire, disconcerted me somewhat. I don’t really like books from the “bad guys'” perspective. In this book, the Oners come into their own with characters you can cheer for. I recommend reading the other books in the series (I always do), but this sub-series can stand on its own. There are just enough references to the others to pique your interest, but none of them are central to the story. If the length of the whole series is off-putting, start here!

      Off to copy/paste that to Amazon…

  3. On the planet Nwwwlf the vowel shortage has reached crises levels…

  4. I enjoyed the first three books of The Grey Man, and am paying an additional $0.50 ($16.00 total, incl shipping) to get a signed copy directly from the author, at his blog site https://oldnfo.org, (veritas nos liberabit) where he has his opinions and usually other stuff worth reading.
    I like to support direct sales by authors/artists, when possible.

  5. Thanks for the inclusion, I consider myself fortunate to be in such excellent company!

  6. Thank you for including me too, with all these awesome looking books!
    *must – stop – one – clicking – arggh*

    (Of course, now that the post is up, I see a way to fix something in my blurb that was bugging me. Oh well, maybe next time.)

  7. Laura Montgomery

    Thank you, Sarah and Freerange, for the promo. Really appreciate it.

  8. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Grumble Grumble

    I really don’t need more books right now but I purchased the first Grey Man book this evening and didn’t get it finished before I knew that I had to get the rest of them so I got them as well. 😉

  9. I can highly recommend Sleeping Duty, and now I see she has the sequel out. So of course I had to pick that up.

  10. Aaaaargh, you people! I have too many good books to read again.

    Thank you .

  11. So many books so little time!

  12. Cover question: I’ve heard “no photos on Sci Fi covers” here a number of times. The pictures on Sleeping Duty and Out of the Dell look photo-y to me. I think they’re great covers.

    I do get a bit of “Romance” signaling, but if we get a good description of him (e.g. from his wife’s POV while he’s getting undressed for the sleeping pod), I would consider that expectation met. I guess I need to read it and find out. As long as I’m going to Amazon to leave a review…

    P.S. Is “chiseled abs” cliché, yet?

    • Laura Montgomery

      The term “chiseled abs” appears nowhere in either book.

      The covers are by Phil Smith, and I’m glad you like them. They aren’t photos. My first book’s got a photo of one of my sons for the cover, but Phil did stuff to it to change it to be more painted; kind of photo-synthesized it, as it were. Sleeping Duty and Out of the Dell are pure digital paintings. If you want to see more of his work, he’s at http://www.philsmith.us/index.html

      Review? Did you say review? I do welcome reviews! 🙂