Dragon on the carpet

There will be Dark Fate 5 in a couple of hours. Until then, I thought you might want to read this.

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A little parable for you: Once upon a time, some Bavarian beer fanciers set up a beer-fest in field outside their small town. Now, because nothing goes quite so well with good beer as good smoked and cured pork, soon there were people providing the same, and happy buxom lasses serving beer, eisbein, various pork sausages and ham. Then there was an oom-pah band. Everyone had a great time, and the festival grew, people came from far and wide, and stall-holders made money.

A carpet seller saw the success and set up a stall in the corner. Now he came from a Muslim country, and didn’t drink alcohol, or eat pork. But people felt a little sorry for him and he did some good business. And some of his carpets were rather nice. It would be intolerant to be nasty and some diversity was good, Ja. The next year there…

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  1. Peter’s done pretty well with his own variations on beer and pork, for which we thank the readers who enjoy it!

    And hey, that one stall with the Portagee who sells awesome food, but occasionally throws carp? She’s awesome, and as long as I’m not the one getting hit, it’s great entertainment!

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      What’s crazy are the people who want her to throw the carp at them. 😀

      • Myself, I prefer to be handed (hoofed? ) the port.
        Is Sandeman’s considered sufficient quality?
        Though, admittedly right now I wouldn’t decline a good beer.

      • With the cats and dragons that desire seems quite explainable – most of us like being tossed a treat from time to time, but I do believe that Wallabies are herbivores, therefore that doesn’t explain everyone here.

        • Well, if all goes well the Cat Who Types Like a Writer will have a release next week (Colplatschki series, FWIW). Try the oven-roasted potatoes (white and sweet) with balsamic apple vinegar. I also have sweet-potato fries with maple drizzle.

          • The dishes sound interesting. The last couple of years I have been developing a greater appreciation for sweet potatoes…just so as long as they are not loaded with sugar and mini-marshmallows. Balsamic apple vinegar? This is a new thing to me.

        • I have it on good authority (American Indian Legend) that rotting carp included at planting time helps one produce more corn.

          • I have experimental evidence from my youth that this works. Although I was not using carp per se (freshwater fishing took an (expensive) license, salt was free under 18) they were sea robins and other “junk” salt fish. I say “junk” as if you catch a big enough sea robin they are referred to as monkfish and are quite desirable (if you know how to clean the nasty spiny things). Al trying to clean a 3/4 lb sea robin is going to get you is 2 little 1 oz fillets and likely a bunch of cuts prone to cause blood poisoning due to the spines and mucus on the darn things. But they grew nice corn…

            Allegedly this knowledge was part of what Massasoit and his people taught the Pilgrims that made the harvest so good that a a day of thanksgiving was proclaimed. That seems to be utterly apocryphal, but hey its a nice story and I’m sticking to it :-).

            • That must be what Anne McCaffrey based the Packtail fish on in DragonSong. The description is:

              “An ugly fish, with sharp spines all over, it oozed an oily slime that ate into the flesh of your hands and made the skin peel off. Packtails were more head and mouth than anything else but hack the front end off and the rounded, blunt tail could be sliced off the backbone.”

      • There is a fish stand in the Pike Place Market in Seattle famous for their fish-flinging employees. Tourists stand around in large herds, cameras at the ready, just in case they get to see an airborne piscine. And because said employees are Silly People, they have a very realistic fish pillow they sometimes *actually* throw into the crowd to elicit shrieks and giggles.

        So yes, there are people who want fish thrown at them. It’s a funny old world. 😀

  2. Completely off-topic, but funny: In Australia, Peak SJW, an interview on TV


  3. Don’t forget the fact that the Dragon Awards will introduce DragonCon’s many fans to exciting quality fiction.
    There used to be a guy in the 40’s that thought the same way; I believe his name was Hugo Gernsback.

  4. Christopher M. Chupik

    Dragons and carpets don’t mix, between the claws and the fire-breathing.

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      ::Raised Dragon Eyebrow::


      I have you know that my Dragon Cave has wall-to-wall carpeting (except for the kitchen and bathroom).

      Next, you’ll be telling me that Dragons and Books don’t mix. 😈

  5. Thanks for the link. Congrats to all nominees and to the eventual winners of the Dragons, even if those awards are hopeless knuckle-dragging bad fan bad fun politically incorrect books that readers enjoy in spite of being told they ought not.