Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

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I’d like to thank Amie Gibbons for pulling this together. Between school and life, I’ve been too busy to think straight, let alone do the legwork. You should really check out her work – she writes fun, original urban fantasy/mythology that is as perky as she is. 

It’s that time of year again. The kiddies are back in school, vacations have been vacationed, the season of burned skin is over, and people are getting back into their usual routines.
And you know what that means.
The Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale!
Whether you are eating pumpkin spice everything or counting the days until Halloween, as the nights cool, you’re going to want to check out the latest sales in Sci Fi, Fantasy and Mystery from your favorite indies.

gods defenseThe Gods Defense  
By Amie Gibbons

Sale price: $0.99 from 9/3 to 9/6; $2.99 from 9/6 to 9/9.

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11 responses to “Third Annual Indie Author Labor Day Sale

  1. Happy Labor Day to all.

    May you all stay safe from storm, flood and other diverse forms of nature’s challenges.

  2. I was excited because there were several new authors. Unfortunately, Sarah’s, Amanda’s, Cedar’s, David’s, Dave’s & Pam’s books I already have. But, 4 new ones! A treat.
    (And Pam, I’m impatiently waiting both Directorate and Wine of the Gods new book goodness.)

  3. Dear Sarah, please advise the Promo Post folks that they are posting entirely too early in the day.

  4. WordPress delenda est…

    For some reason, the MGC post is “normal,” while this one is boxed – and has a “read more” link to it.

    Not an issue – but for continuing my education, is this what happens when you “reblog” a post from elsewhere?