Alma Boykin

Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess

An Alexi’s Tale Novella

In Russian tales, the third son is the clever one, the hard-working one, the one who gets the victory, the girl, and usually a kingdom. And then there’s Steve…

Stavros George doesn’t believe in Baba Yaga or Chernobog. Steve believes in structural engineering, materials science, and that people need to tip their pizza delivery guys more. Too bad for Steve that Baba Yaga and Koschai the Deathless believe in him.

It will take all three of Alexi’s children’s bravery, strength, and wits, and Ivan the Purrable, to get out of this mess. And Steve had better hope his siblings reach him before Ivan does. Because there’s no tuna in Chernobog’s realm and Ivan’s seriously ticked.

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Perilous Chance

If only Mama were well. If only Papa were… not like this.

Clary needs a miracle, but wonders rarely step forth to solve life’s problems. While her mama lies wearily abed and her papa spends the day… elsewhere, Clary struggles to look after her younger sister and their baby brother. And longs for more than making do. If only.

Then, one spring morning, Clary and Elspeth visit the old bramble-grown quarry to pick wild cabbage leaves. Hidden within the rock’s cleft, Clary’s miracle awaits. But this miracle sports razor-sharp talons, world-shaking power, ravenous hunger, and a troll-witch to guard its sleep. When it cracks the egg, will Clary survive?

Something wondrous this way comes!

Michael A. Hooten

We Are All Enlisted

Peter Wright joined the Navy thinking that he could do his time in a nice, quiet billet somewhere on Earth. The Navy had other ideas. When the asteroid miners claimed their independence, Peter finds himself getting sent to space on a warship headed straight into the combat zone. He has to get used to everything: zero gravity, standing watch, and being the only Earth-born in his crew. And he has to be ready for the biggest battle the solar system has ever seen.

Cedar Sanderson

Jade Star

Tanager Book 1

Jade is determined to die. She is old, and useless, when she points her tiny subspace craft at the cold stars. She wakes up in the care of others who refuse to grant her death, and instead give her a new mission in life.

Jade isn’t happy, and she only gets angrier when she learns that her mysterious new home hides a horrible secret. It’s time for this old lady to kick butt and take names. Aliens, death, destruction… nothing trumps the fierce old woman who is protecting her family.

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  1. Thanks for the promo and the links! Good reading ahead!!! 🙂

  2. c4c

  3. Many thanks Mr. Oyster (and Sarah).

  4. The Other Sean

    Well, I’ve purchased and read Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess, We Are All Enlisted, and Jade Star, and enjoyed all three immensely. Kudos to Alma, Michael, and Cedar for their diverting tales.

    • The Other Sean

      And another thought occurred to me: It is really nice to be able to read works of varying length. In the past few years, I’ve read a few novels where it seemed like the story had filler, almost like the author was trying to reach a predetermined minimum length. When I think back on the works of Andre Norton, or the Heinlein juveniles, there was none of that. In terms of length, the three stories above that I purchased had more in common with Norton and Heinlein than with many more modern works. Not too short, not too long…. just right for the story being told.

      (Maybe I’ll check out the fourth book in this promo tomorrow.)

    • Thank you Sean! And yes, it is nice to write the story, and not worry about meeting some arbitrary word count.