So Funny Story

I totally forgot I hadn’t posted today.

Yes, I have guest posts, some astounding ones, and I could have put one of them up, except I forgot I hadn’t posted.  Until I was in the middle of the Baen road show.

Orvan Ox said to blame it on him (and also “moo”)  I’m not sure how, but he says it’s all his fault.  More tomorrow/later today, depending on liberty con parties and how alive I am or not.

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  1. Admission of guilt is sufficient, except for a Clinton.

  2. Go on. Be The Author. It’s okay. You are allowed to enjoy being The Author.

    Stories from the road show are appreciated, of course.

    On Sat, 9 Jul 2016 20:11:46 +0000

  3. Martin L. Shoemaker

    Don’t waste valuable con time (or more valuable recharge time) posting here.

  4. Yes, is Ox’s fault. Is all Ox’s fault. Unless , of course, is my fault. Why am I in moderation?

  5. Nathan Brindle

    But yeah, sure, by all means rub it in that you’re having more fun than we are 🙂

  6. Don’t worry about us, just have fun!

  7. Professor Badness

    It’s just as well. You, and the ox, are far to entertaining to stay mad at.
    Have fun.

  8. Hey you are at Liberty Con. Blame it on oh I don’t know the color of the sky or the taste of your drink. 😉

  9. Ah, the sacrificial ox… Where do I get one of those?

    Belated happy b’day to Robert – that cylinder finally got jogged into motion.

    LibertyCon report much looked forward to.

  10. I had suggested a post consisting solely of “Bad ox” due to a couple ACME deliveries, one of which was inspired by the goings-on here a while back. I shall refrain from further detail so as not to deprive our Good Hostess the pleasure of telling a story or two.

    Also: Moo.

  11. Free Range Oyster

    Self-serving OT comment:
    As of yesterday afternoon, my day job is no more – the company decided to terminate the project I was on, and my work became extraneous to requirements. So they’ve very apologetically shown me the door along with my last paycheck and a glowing letter of recommendation from the CEO. The missus and I are hastily making plans to keep us afloat while her/our clothing business gets up to speed (sales have been respectable, but nowhere near enough to live on). So among other things, I’m putting my freelancer hat(s) back on. Those of you that have writing, editing, software, or other tech gigs you need done can drop me a line. I’m working with the Oyster clan family business in this, so for tech stuff I have a team to back me up as well. Life is awesome and terrifying and exciting. “We’re having an adventure!”

  12. So I heardPosner is still a moron. And, no, it’s not Sarah’s job to provide us free bread an circuses until after she takes the Hugos and the White House.

    Time to “Fix Bayonets!” and “Charge!”

    • Besides, there’s plenty of bread in the pantry. Right past the rose garden with the red roses.

  13. Patrick Chester

    Don’t apologize for time off. It’s better than something like a possible hard disk failure and waiting for a known good image (at least it was working for days before I had the problem) to be loaded onto your computer to confirm it. O_o;;

  14. And today I am feeling… rather human, which in my case isn’t a good thing.

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      Could be worse.

      You could be feeling like a Klingon. 👿

    • The Other Sean

      You were looking rather human when I walked past, 7.5 hours ago. I wouldn’t have recognized you aside from the picture you wore. Unless you’ve been handing out Orvan pictures for people to wear?

      • I often look rather human, but feeling human is another matter. Might have been the sinus headache.

        • The Other Sean

          Next time I need to remember to actually say hello to those at the convention who I know from online. I don’t think I spoke more than a few dozen sentences the whole weekend, except at meal times to those I traveled with or in coordinating travel. I suspect inadequate sleep, allergies, and the hot, humid, sunny weather combined left me out of sorts. It was still and awesome convention, but next time I truly need to be more sociable.

  15. Toni’s traveling Baen roadshow used to be an hour, now expanded to two.
    I caught the first half before ducking out to attend the seminar on maximizing book sale through Amazon.
    Pleased to report that in the first half of the show Toni invited Sarah on stage to discuss at length her Darkship series in general and Through Fire and the upcoming Darkship Revenge in particular. No mention of the very peculiar release of TF so must assume that sorry business is behind us.
    The evil witch (Sarah in this case) also dropped shameless hints about collaborations in work with other famous Baen authors. You’ll have to get those details from her.