There Will Be A Post

I’m actually hoping to put up a short story to support Through Fire, which is now available in ebook only on Amazon.  But I’ll be honest and it might be tomorrow, as I’m trying to finish Darkship Revenge before the packing to move recommences.

So, for now, there’s this, if you’re inclined to buy and read.  And by the by the by there will be story.


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  1. Just getting your readers… fired up? }:o)

  2. May this be the final move for a very long time and may it prove worth everything that the universe put you through to get there.

    We envision you happily settled in your office productively writing away and feeding our voracious appetite for more stories from all those strange and marvelous worlds that spring from the mind of Sarah.

    • At least “productively writing” until you have to rescue someone from Miranda Cat.

      • Who might or might not be living with us. Younger son is trying to find an apartment to share with his “best girl” (Who’s been a royal peeve while he’s away on a trip with friends.)

        • Christopher M. Chupik

          He has a best girl at last?

          • If I interpret this correctly this would be Miranda Cat, which indicates that he may be more sensible than some young men his age.

          • The CAT is his best girl. There has been a girlfriend, but it’s now in the past. (Why do both my sons date crazy chicks? Oh, wait. Like the girl who married dear papa. Never mind.)

            • When they get a minute to breath, tell them to join a dance class.

              They’ll be 30 years younger than the next youngest person, but they’ll have fun.


              • Hey, not necessarily! My oldest two are in a dance class with a bunch of other young folks. And yes, it’s been fun. 😊

  3. Christopher M. Chupik

    Post, post, post. Toast, toast, toast.

  4. Though I don’t share your optimism (the American people are responsible for the politicians after all; politics is downstream from culture yadda yadda), I do appreciate and always enjoy it.

    • Apologies for posting this in the wrong thread. No idea how it ended up here instead of the previous one. Feel free to delete

    • Consider the number of people who ACTUALLY vote.

    • Actually, in America, I think it’s the other way around: culture is downstream from politics. That’s why we get things like Jim Crow laws to make sure the culture doesn’t tolerate mixing of races, why it takes laws to make people let boys live in girls’ dorms, etc.

  5. Move? I put my head down and get a little work done, and IMAO revamps, and the Evil But Beautiful Space Princess is moving to another planet?
    Whadda ya’ mean she’s staying on this planet (’cause it’s the one with chocolate)? So we can still read the good stuff? Well, then, that’s a horse of another color.

  6. It dropped yesterday. So of course I already have it.

  7. Apropos of absolutely nothing, the original Star Wars movie opened on May 25, 1977.

    • The Other Sean

      Ever seen the deleted scene from the beginning, wherein Biggs and Luke are discussing the Galactic Empire’s dastardly nationalization of private farms? The Emperor was an evil space commie!

      • The best visual in the not-used stuff is Luke fooling around with his friends wearing A Very Goofy Looking Floppy Hat, and the stuff with Biggs is fascinating but you can see why Lucas (Marsha) cut it out. The most culturally significant bit is a black and white test-cut of the entire “We could buy our own ship for that!”/Han Shoots First sequence in the Cantina, with the British actor in the Greedo mask’s voice (jarringly) fully audible and no other sound or visual effects.

        I’ll just note here that HAN CLEARLY AND UNEQUIVOCALLY SHOOTS FIRST in this original footage, which used different camera angles than in the shots in the release, but the best part for me was the beginning of the entire scene, where when we first see him Han’s got a tallish dark haired (and Brit-accent) Lady Of Apparently Negotiable Virtue on his lap pitching some woo when Chewie interrupts him by bringing Ben and Luke over to his table to propose the Alderaan run. Talk about the whole rogue bit. Not sure why the young lady had her glancing blow of fame left on the cutting room floor.

        And did I mention HAN CLEARLY SHOOTS FIRST?

        • Randy Wilde

          I used to think that HAN SHOT FIRST! but it was pointed out to me that I was wrong.

          “First” implies there was at least one subsequent shot.

      • …I am intrigued.

  8. Dang book’s been up an entire week on Amazon and only three reviews.
    At least they’ve all been five star.

  9. … available in ebook only on Amazon.

    If that means “the ebook is available only on Amazon and not at Baen”, that happens to be false. I buy the Baen Webscription / monthly bundle every single month, and when I saw that Through Fire had been released earlier than planned, I checked the Baen site and it allowed me to download it. I just finished reading it, in fact. (Would have finished it earlier, but there’s this place I’m supposed to be from 9 till 5…)

    And Sarah? You totally got me with that last chapter. I can’t say more without spoilers, of course, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

  10. Bought.

    Can I now pester you about the mystery stuff? Elise Hyatt, where are you? 🙂

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      I think Sarah’s hiding from Elise Hyatt. 👿

      • Or maybe Elise is still being held prisoner by the villains, I think Sarah had been unable to obtain her release yet. But perhaps she could get some help from Elise’s cousin or some other member of the family while we wait for Elise’s freedom?

        Just something shortish and simple would suffice. Some of us need a varied diet. (Pretty please? *practices batting eyelashes. Decides she’d need longer and thicker lashes. Gives up for now*)

        • Pretty sure she’s still being held captive.

          I want more, too.

          Any rumors that I want it as cheat sheets for the little Baron…..

      • Christopher M. Chupik

        Has anyone ever seen Sarah Hoyt, Sarah D’Almeida and Elise Hyatt together in the same room? Just saying.

      • I want to know how E is going to deal with the intrusion of shifters on his mother’s cozy mystery world. I can’t help but think it will be spectacular.

    • After the move, I’m going to entice my lawyer with food and get him to send the letter to free Elise Hyatt from the Penguin Putnam shackles, at which point there will be a fourth furniture mystery.
      Orphan kitten mystery will happen this summer, probably, depending on travel, etc.

  11. Christopher M. Chupik

    There will be a post here, let it be . . .

  12. Sarah, you ought to join your fields of expertise with a shape shifting politician. If all else fails, he eats the opposition.

  13. I thought it was certain lawyers and the press that are considered vultures.

  14. I can’t help but observe that one post won’t make much of a fence (but would work for a clothes line attached to the house).

  15. kenashimame


  16. Christopher M. Chupik

    Guess there won’t be a post after all.

  17. Y’all help me out here–set theory, how does that go: the null set is a set which is a member of all sets? Therefore, the null set is a set.

    So if the null set is a set which is a member of all sets, then a null post is a post which is a member of every set that contains posts.

    Therefore, a null post is a post, right?

  18. 20% in, no turning back now…