If I Had A Promo – Jason Dyck

*Sarah high-jacking Jason’s microphone for a sec.  Yes, Royal Blood will come out this month.  Might be the last day of the month.  We were delayed by cheese, laser, houses.  However we’ve settled on the short sale, even though it’s way more than we’d decided on, and even though the repairs will cost us more.  It has that undefinable quality of being “ours” which other houses don’t have.  Which means I must work like a demon to pay for the repairs and help with mortgage.  So, when I’m not here one day or two a week, you guys know what I’m doing.  Right now finishing Darkship Revenge so I can finish Royal Blood.  I guess that’s good news for you guys.  There will be books.  And now getting out of the way – SAH*


If I Had A Promo – Jason Dyck

Oh, wait, I do!

Alma Boykin

Alexi, Ivan, and the Hidden Heart

Alexi’s Tale: Part 5

“Firebird is eating tomatoes. Make stop.”

Alexi Zolnerovich has enough trouble keeping Colorado School of Mines ROTC cadets out of trouble: now his grandmother wants him to chase away a firebird that’s making a mess of Babushka’s garden. But Russian fairy-tale creatures, in Alexi’s experience, never go quietly.

Alexi discovers that the firebird is the least of his problems. Up in the mountains, a palatial house appears as if by magic as Babushka vanishes.

Alexi, Ivan, and Babushka must free the firebird, without burning down the Front Range. And if Alexi fails, his wife will kill him!

Mary Catelli

The Witch-Child and the Scarlet Fleet

Trapped in a pirate port…

Caught between pirates who would force him to use wizardry in their aid, and a king who would force him to spy, Alik will need every scrap of wits and wizardry to forge his own path.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Winter’s Curse

Who but a fool would linger after Zavrien laid his curse? Ill luck can kill – and all the more in Zavrien’s enchanted, endless winter, haunted with ice giants and frost fairies.

When the soldier Gareth is cursed, the young wizard Perriel learns how dangerous lingering can be.

But she can hold out a sliver of hope for breaking the curse – if it doesn’t break them first.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Treachery And Spells

Two novellas of magic and adventure…

Caught between pirates who would force him to use wizardry in their aid, and a king who would force him to spy, Alik will need every scrap of wits and wizardry to forge his own path.

A curse of ill luck leaves Perriel and Gareth trapped in an endless winter, with only the faintest hope of breaking free.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

John Van Stry


Portals of Infinity

For years now the Kingdom of Barassa and the Kingdom of Hiland, have been at odds. Two years ago they engaged in a war, which Barassa lost. While Barassa still stands and is still too big a nut to crack for the Hiland army, the northern kingdoms see the weakened Barassa as a target ripe for the picking.

Sent to keep any eye on the invading armies, William has a front row seat to the drama playing out across the river as Barassa finally finds itself on the defensive, facing an army that may very well be able to finally tear down its massive walls. Faced with what may be the end of their state religion, the priests of Tantrus panic and perform a final act of desperation, unleashing a horror unknown to the world.

But one William finds eerily familiar.

Suddenly the concern of every god and every kingdom in the world is the destruction of this new monster, before it destroys them all. Immune to the weapons of this world, William must join with the Champions of friend and foe alike in a race to defeat the monster before it can destroy his adopted home.

47 thoughts on “If I Had A Promo – Jason Dyck

  1. Sarah, just get one of those “rich and famous book contracts”….

    Oh, I forgot, like the cake, those are lies. 😉

    Good Luck! 😀

  2. Prayers going up for you. We have never been in your particular circumstances, but I do recall that whenever we’ve gone with the right choice, even though it cost more, we had no regrets in the long run. Hope the same holds for you.

    1. I know. When we’ve made “sensible” decisions — i.e. what rational people would do — it ALWAYS bites in the ass horribly. When we do the crazy thing that has all our friends wondering if we lost our mind, it turns out miraculously well. The difference is going with the gut feel and taking a leap. So, we’re doing that. And working. And praying.

      1. Great minds think alike.

        I’m not sure what our excuse is though.

        If she announces I’ll pre-order and if she does physical via Create Space I’ll buy a dozen and pimp them at munches and such.

          1. Why not…hell, if she ever lets it out and wants to go the published route instead of indie I’m one degree of separation from Cecilia Tan via two different people and know an editor for another publisher in that market.

  3. Next time you leave the blog unsupervised and we have a party/renovation/coverup, leave Dragon Naturally Speaking up and running behind a potted palm. You’ll have a novel in no time flat!

        1. Depends on the plant. The fairy roses, yes. Of course, then there’s the little complication that you’re behind the roses. The ones made famous in the story of Princess Briar Rose.

  4. Just as a quick reminder – The Second Chronicle of Luna City is available as a Kindle e-book right this very minute, and the print version will be on Amazon sometime this week.

    And despite the name, it isn’t science fiction – but rather gentle social comedy about life in a small town in Texas somewhat like Cecily, Alaska, of Northern Exposure/

    1. Great!…click on link… Now it’s mine! Thank you. I have been waiting for the new one.

      1. Enjoy … I think that we will try to bring out the next one sometime around Christmas. We’ll have events, but a certain amount of down time to work on it!
        My daughter figures that it will likely be a series of five books – four at the every least.

  5. “So, when I’m not here one day or two a week, you guys know what I’m doing.”

    MHI / Musketeer / magic Shakespeare crossovers set in Portugal?

    Medieval B&D under a new pseudonym?

    Human Wave young adult sci-fi coloring books?

    Or just more bizarre Henry VIII erotica?

    1. LOL. No adult sci-fi coloring books and I’ve never in my life written Henry VIII erotica.
      I’m asking Larry’s permission, when I go to Portugal, to do an MHI in Portugal diary here, with pictures of the places.
      Yes, I am starting on Guardian, probably next week. Musketeer, I need to finish Royal Blood. Then there’s other books, yes.
      Shakespeare series has three more books, but it’s the “dog” of my indie books, so I’m not sure worth my time to finish.

      1. “Adult sci-fi coloring books.” Aaargh!

        Um, wait… Think I’m going to have a little talk with the artist daughters…

        1. Darn that missing hyphen. I’d meant to write young-adult sci-fi coloring books. Not young adult sci-fi coloring books.

  6. “Firebird is eating tomatoes. Make stop.”

    OMG I love that line. Got to get that book now!

      1. Sorry. Ivan first didn’t scan as well. I suspect he will be on the cover of the omnibus (with bonus story) later this summer, though.

  7. BTW – glad you settled on the “right” house. I’ll try to keep up my end (buying the books!).

    Hope you can unpack soon-like (that repairs don’t close off parts for too long). Myself, I am packing… Not to move, but finally acknowledging that my old career is pretty much toast, I need to move stuff for the hopefully new career up to the front of the office.

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