House, lasers, plague of locusts.

Will post later, or not depending on how long I’m out.  Just wanted you to know I’m not dead.

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  1. Professor Badness

    “I’m not dead.”

    Good. The alternatives are not worth considering.

  2. Do people in Denver not feel bound by verbal agreements?

    • It’s more complex than that. We had estimates done on the cost to repair the house, since we are running up against our reserve with he price and down payment (the bank having demanded way more than the initial full price offer. About 1/3 more. And we were already at our comfort zone.)
      The estimates are… well… we’re not sure we can afford it. Which means we can’t afford Denver and will have to punt back to the springs. Which doesn’t make me happy, but it is what it is.

      • Nag dabbit! 😦 Good thoughts headed your way.

        I’d offer to come up and do the sheetrock repairs for you, but I’d prefer no one knew that I know how to work with . . . oh sheet.

        • Same. Not that I know *anything* about that sheet.

          *closes drapes on the -still- being remodeled house…*

        • Hey, hanging sheetrock and mudding joints is truly a noble skill. Otherwise all out walls would be wavy and full of cracks and bumps.

          • Yes, and since I truly despise nobless oblige my house will be (if I ever finish it) all wood inside, except for the bathroom.

      • I am so sorry.

        As TXRed said — Good thoughts headed your way.

        • Considering the demonstrated efficacy of good thoughts I am wondering whether bad thoughts might be in order.

          Alas, there is in my heart no room where I can find bad thoughts for you.

      • Are you sure Medieval BDSM is out of the question? I mean, if the dino porn lady could make what she does… *shakes head*

        I will never understand people. Perhaps that’s for the best.

      • {Hugs}

      • Meh, it’s safer and less congested in the Springs. Our “new” airport was constructed at the same time as DIA but OURS came in on time and under budget … and without major cracks in the runways.
        Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the house you want but I’m just as happy to keep you in the Springs. Maybe even take you and the family to breakfast at Wade’s or Omelette Parlor …
        Denver is the center of evil in the Centennial State … 😉

      • Sarah, there’s apparently another use for houses in Colorado Springs…

        But in the span of the next week and a half, local authorities would arrest at least four more individuals in the Pueblo area in similar cases, with similar backgrounds. All were recent transplants to the state. All were reported by neighbors or by other Pueblo residents who had witnessed suspicious activity. All were transforming residential homes into elaborate marijuana grow operations. And all were Cuban nationals.

        Apparently since it’s sometimes legal the cops are hesitant to bust people……

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      IIRC Sarah found out that repairs would cost more that they can afford to pay. 😦

  3. I’m coming. Chips.

    • Oops. That wasn’t supposed to go here.

    • dang it, now what am I going to do with this salsa?

      • Professor Badness

        Marinate chicken and start some black rice. Duh!

      • Huevos rancheros? We’ve got a goodly number of big tortillas left over from this week’s feed-a-teacher extravaganza. (There’s burrito sized and there’s “big.” These are “big.”) In corn, flour, and whole-wheat [icky face].

        • Are this like Freebird’s Super Monster sized?

          • Yup. We were giving the headmaster and chaplain a “wee bit” of grief for picking the large tortillas and then wondering how they were supposed to finish eating. (They both tend to be grazers.)

        • Try the sundried tomato kind. Bit of sweet with the flour tortilla, helps bring out the flavor of the hot, adds a bit of texture. I use ’em all the time when I’m doing Mexican- not all that often, but happens, as I paid my way out of college as a cook in a rather nice restaurant.

    • Ouch – that sounds painful.

  4. IIRC real estate has a default of if it’s not in writing it didn’t happen.

    IANAL. This does not constitute anal advice.

  5. It’s too late in the year for the ten plagues.

    • It won’t ever be too late. Because God is never early and never late, everything happens Precisely when he wants it to. He’s a wizard like that. *Grins* Here they are many.

  6. “Invitation to treat”. A most noxious doctrine of commercial law.

  7. CombatMissionary

    I recommend biscuits and sausage gravy with a 1911 .45 ACP on the side to increase survivability.

  8. Are dogs and cats living together? Mass hysteria?

  9. Yay, she’s not dead! We like hearing this even though it should be obvious. ( For the Authors of Fantasy, Shall Live, FOREVER! ) *Grins*
    Lasers? Plague of locust (or grasshoppers) make sense but where did you get lasers? I want lasers.

  10. kenashimame

    Can you adapt the laser to millimeter wave radar and take out the locusts?

  11. Clearly one of the ATH readers needs to be eccentric enough to end this issue. Alas, I am not such.

  12. “I aten’t dead”? I hope things get better for you soon.

  13. If you were dead, you probably would still find a way to post. ((Hugs)) I hope you can find a way to make things work without pulling out the laser sharks.

  14. Houses guarded by CATS with FRICKEN LAZERS on their HEADS! While riding a plague of locusts. Yeah that will impress the crowd.

    • sabrinachase

      Um, I can see a problem right out of the box with that setup. Cats will just play with the lasers and a whole brigade of miscreants could waltz in and the cats would never notice.

      • Check “animals + lasers” on YouTube.

        All sorts of things chasing the little dot – spiders, penguins, goldfish, lizards…

        • We had a dog who was more interested in the laser than the cat but we usually didn’t play laser with him because when it disappeared he would whine and keep looking for it. It was heart breaking, he was so determined to find it. He now lives in another house with other dogs to play with him.

        • Randy Wilde

          I was looking for SNL’s “lasercats” videos, but didn’t see them on youtube. 😦

      • That’s what small yappy dogs are for.

  15. Frickin’ X-RAY lasers! Now we’re talking.

  16. Not yet dead, and that is truly a very good thing.
    But last night you were about as low as I’ve ever seen you, even back when you were desperately ill.
    Things will work out. Every problem has multiple solutions, it’s just they all require some compromise or sacrifice.
    A hundred years from now we’ll all look back on this and laugh.

    • 100 years from now we’ll all be dead! Otherwise yes there will be a solution to your problems.

      • Randy Wilde

        100 years from now we’ll all be dead!

        Spending a year dead for tax purposes?

      • Hey, this is the SF future, remember, so anything that’s SF has to be now – 100 years from now we’ll all be on our third set of replacement parts, arguing about whether cybernetics are better than tank-grown, and if uploading is cooler overall.

        • Randy Wilde

          and if uploading is cooler overall.

          And the Rolling Stones will be touring again, as “Get Off Of My Cloud” has become an anthem of old folks, replacing “Get off my lawn!”

    • IF I go with the house that feels right, I need to make another 30k a year
      And not kill myself.

      • Reality Observer

        Tricky calculation, there. House that feels right is a better writing house. House that feels right may reduce some of those health things that are stress related. Oh, and a happy Sarah probably means a happy Dan – who might also write a bit more. (From my lips to the skies…)

        Whether it’s 30K more – I have no notion…

        • Yeah. And that’s our problem. Mind you we only need that for 3 years and maybe six months, while boys are on the payroll.

          • And then there’s adding the stress of wondering if it’ll work. And yet, the right house… *rueful*

          • And since you won’t take my advice on that problem, I won’t bother to offer it again. Although I still feel you are doing a disservice to your boys.

            • bearcat, it’s more that you don’t GET what’s going on in fullness. What you propose would be fine even 10 years ago for one of them (for the other it’s impossible — ask anyone who’s been through medschool) but there is a reason these days people are taking 4 year degrees in 7 and it’s not their difficulty — it’s the crazy scheduling colleges do ON PURPOSE. (There is a reason for this, as people have to take a minimal amount of hours or pay back their student loan, so this is a way to force people to take extra, crazy hours, to be at least half a time for that semester so they can take the ONE class they need. Now, crazy younger son is just taking extra degrees, but most people take theater and music appreciation and such) and the cost of the classes is now so high that putting yourself to school is effectively impossibly. Dan and I put ourselves through by working and intended to have the kids do the same. It’s simply not possible, and they’re going to state school. You need to work too many hours to make it through a STEM degree program. Robert worked the one semester he was out of school, and the summers of his undergrad years. Marsh has been taking summer classes in an effort to get done earlier. Not this year because we have to figure out a trip to Portugal.
              BUT there is a reason I won’t take your advice. What we’re saying is what we always intended on doing. And then we got there and found it was impossible. We’re not masochists, and would never have done it otherwise. As is, each of the kids is borrowing half tuition (and for medschool all of it. There is no paying for it up front.) We’re just trying to keep them from graduating owing a FULL mortgage.
              BTW one option for older son would be the services, but with likely next CIC he’s less than sanguine (unless we’re attacked on American soil, when he’s already said he’d enlist) and no one will take younger son because of sensory and auto immune issues. We don’t like where we are and the years we’re looking at, but it’s one final push, and then they’re on their own.

              • Bearcat, you and me are used to Idaho tuition, which is only up to like $3500 a semester. Got to remember everyone else starts by doubling that!
                Remember when UI ran ads during the superbowl and got a ton of Florida kids and didn’t have enough dorm space back in 2000 because Idaho out of state is cheaper than other states’ in state?

                • we’re more like tripling to quadrupling it. The kid COULD make enough to pay tuition AND housing and food. If he found a job at 30k. Everything else leaves us on the hook for his food, gas, housing, insurance. He can’t get a job at 30k. He could get a job at 20k and take 12 years to graduate, with us paying all that stuff. I try to get over rough ground quickly. It’s easier to pay half his tuition and all that crap, have him work in summer when POSSIBLE and get him out in 6 to 7 years.

                • That is btw with 10 to 20k a year (depending on course load) in loans, ANYWAY.