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*Sorry this is so late.  I got sidetracked into generic “errands” this morning.  I’m not dead, though all week I felt like it was a close thing.  I’m fairly sure I’ve not been taking thyroid meds in the morning, only midday, which means… Well, it feels like I’m getting the flu.  I’ve solved it by getting a box with compartments per day, which is why I’m fairly sure I’ve not been taking it.  I mean I woke up with a vivid memory of taking it, but the compartment was full.  So there you have it.  And yes, I need a minder, but in our current distracted state my minder needs a minder, so I’m finding short cuts to mind myself.

Derp fish is doing better.  Yes, I saw all the little Viking fish funeral links, thanks guys.  But I’m hoping it’s not needed for a while yet.  Hungry fish is doing loop dee loops for his food every morning.  I’m going to clean his aquarium today.

And Darkship Revenge is re-taking shape, and guys, honestly, Athena is freaking me out.  She’s growing up.  Not … well… she’s still Thena, but she’s almost an adult.

Now hark to the Mollusc’s book hawing.  Oh, yea, and buy my book too.


Yes, it has sex — a reviewer said the sex scenes are not needed for the plot, about which he is wrong.  It’s needed to know what vamps can do, and it’s VERY needed for book two because of La Chevreuse, but that’s something yet to come.  Anyway, buy my book.  Vampires guaranteed not to sparkle.  Never have.  Never will.*

The Books Blossom – Freerange Oyster

Happy Saturday, everyone! To get your weekend off to a bookish start, I bring to you a foursome of fine fantasies from some first rate female fabulists. So go, have yourselves a wonderful day with a good book, and if possible enjoy some spring sunshine. Heck, if given the chance do both at once! As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Henchman on the Half Shell

Alma Boykin


The Azdhagi Reborn

Two little genes can bring down an empire.

Maker Seeri promised to create the perfect super soldier: strong, fast, telepathic, and endothermic. Three generations later, the survival of the Azdhag Empire, and perhaps of the Azdhag species, depends on six Azdhagi and an undersized True-dragon barkeeper.

Lord Kirlin’s disapproval of genetic technology rivals his disgust with Lord Tarkeela. Tarkeela thinks the Pack Lords deserve the disaster they created. Tarkeela’s ears on the street, the story-catcher Cheerka, suspects the Makers and Pack-Lords know more than they admit about the surge in dead and dying juniors. When the truth boils out of hiding, Pack Lords and commoners must hunt together, reunifying the Azdhag Pack before all hell breaks loose and hubris becomes nemesis.


A Novel of Azdhag Survival

The ghosts of the Great Relocation still haunt the Azdhagi.

Can a Lineage be allowed to die? Tartai says yes. The King-Emperor says no. A crisis on Pokara colony forces Tartai and the Prince Imperial to reconsider long-held beliefs while investigating either terrorism or further evidence of the bribe-ability of the local code enforcement agency.

But trouble never comes in twos, only threes…

J.M. Ney-Grimm

Caught in Amber

When young Fae awakens in a locked and deserted castle, she remembers nothing. Who she is, where she comes from, none of it.

Beauty from all the ages graces the castle – medieval towers, renaissance columns, and gothic vaults – but underneath the loveliness a lurking evil stirs.

Fae hates the loneliness and the sense of hidden malice oppressing her. Even more, she hates the feeling that just around some receding corner of lost memory lies the answer to her predicament – an answer just out of reach.

Karen Myers

Mistress of Animals

The Chained Adept Book 2


Penrys, the wizard with a chain and an unknown past, is drafted to find out what has happened to an entire clan of the nomadic Zannib. Nothing but their empty tents remain, abandoned on the autumn steppe with their herds.

This wasn’t a detour she’d planned on making, but there’s little choice. Winter is coming, and hundreds are missing.

The locals don’t trust her, but that’s nothing new. The question is, can she trust herself, when she discovers what her life might have been? Assuming, of course, that the price of so many dead was worth paying for it.

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  1. Laura Montgomery

    “Henchman on the half shell” –that’s a winner, for sure.

  2. Must have been a warmer day when you printed that version of the cover…. *g*

  3. Hubris goes onto Kindle Countdown for $.99 tomorrow through next Sunday.

  4. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Vampires garanteed not to sparkle. Never have. Never will.

    Not even when they burn up in sunlight?

    How terrible! 👿

    Chris Nuttall had a vampire sparkle as he turned to ash after being hit by a sunlight spell. 😈

  5. Yes. Thyroid pill _first_. Yes, before caffeine, getting dressed and feeding pets. At least half an hour before eating breakfast. PITA, but it keeps me in motion.

    • I usually take it when Dan’s alarm first goes. In current location that means I have to wait half an hour before he is done with shower, so. I usually doze back off. ONLY this morning I thought I’d done that, but all the pills were still in the little day-older. Which leads me to believe I’ve been dreaming taking the pill.

      • New house, new habits. I haven’t moved for thirty years now. I have a nasty suspicion that when I do I’ll spend *weeks* looking for where I set down my glasses.

        • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

          My luck, I’ll be looking for my glasses and they’ll still be on my nose. 😉

          Oh, were you thinking eye-glasses or drinking glasses? 😀

  6. BTW, Joel has updated the Comment Reading greasemonkey script. Although you can fix it in the addons options by adding https to the urls and an asterisk after the last slash.

  7. Figured you should know – i’m getting security certificate errors

    • If It’s on a Mac update to Firefox, I ended up scrubbing FF off that computer entirely. Every website gave me certificate errors, and 7/8 of the time wouldn’t let me set it by hand to allow the computer to accept the site. No idea if that little burp has been fixed or not.

    • Yes, it tells me images I post might be visible. It’s actually new “regulations” and since my blog is hosted by wordpress and I pay to remove “wordpress” from the title, it flags it as deceptive. (rolls eyes.)

  8. Meds – What I find helpful is to make it almost impossible NOT to take my meds.
    At night, I put the pill box on top of my glasses. I need the glasses, so pick it up when I go to put them on.
    Try “bunching” your necessities together. You want to make it difficult to forget.
    Maybe put the box on top of the laptop?