It’s a Wild, Wild, Wild Promo post – Free Range Oyster

It’s a Wild, Wild, Wild Promo post – Free Range Oyster

Karen Myers

To Carry the Horn – A Virginian in Elfland

The Hounds of Annwn Book 1


George Talbot Traherne is just doing his job on a fine autumn morning, keeping the hounds together for the huntsman of the Rowanton Hunt in Virginia along the Blue Ridge Mountain. Doesn’t pay to get distracted by a white stag in unfamiliar territory, though. Next thing you know, you might find yourself… somewhere else.

The land is the same but not the people. Their huntsman has just been murdered, and George is tapped for the job. It’s an emergency – the Wild Hunt is only two weeks away, and if it doesn’t happen on schedule, the antlered god Cernunnos will take the realm from its ruler Gwyn ap Nudd and find someone who can mete out justice with the Hounds of Hell in his place.

George throws himself into the task, finding strength in the mission and resources he never knew he had. The more he comes to feel at home, settling into his new responsibilities, the more he wants to stay and make a life for himself. He’s finally met someone worth spending his life with, even if she’s just a bit older, a mere fifteen hundred years or so.

Can he keep the Wild Hunt on track despite the attempts to thwart it? Will he be accepted by those he wants to defend who view his timely presence and his human blood with suspicion? Above all, what does Cernunnos want of him and how far will he go? Can he survive the attention of a god?

Currently free on Kobo.

Max Florschutz

Unusual Events: A “Short” Story Collection

Alaskan adventures. Haunted Hospitals. Something lurking under the kitchen … stove?

Nothing is as it first seems in this new collection of ten thrilling tales from author Max Florschutz. Magic intertwines with the ordinary in five new stories set in the Unusual universe, while in the world of Indrim steam and high fantasy intersect. Elsewhere, men struggle against the elements in the last frontier, a reporter delves deep into the mysteries surrounding her city’s heroic figure, and a young man heads off to war for his people.

Ten fantastic tales of wonder and excitement. It’s nothing ordinary.

It’s Unusual Events.

Amie Gibbons

Evie Jones and the Shadow of Chaos

An Evie Jones Novella

Meet Evie Jones, a young witch stumbling into adventures, fighting the rules of her authoritarian government, and bringing the fire to everything from her career to her love life.

In the battle between order and chaos, Evie’s here to take them both down…

Evie’s having a bad day. The Council’s in town for an inspection, every witch is keeping their head down to avoid the scrutiny, and her ex pops in for a surprise visit. She’s almost glad for a distraction in the form of a crazed gunman to take down.

But when a shadow leaving the gunman follows her home, what was a distraction turns into a deadly game of catch the shadow. From scaring to seducing, he messes with their minds. Now, Evie has to work with her crush, her friend and her ex to figure out what it is before it stops playing with them and starts killing.

And that’s before the one thing that could possibly make their night worse shows up.

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    1. Sorry — the Kobo sale screwed up after a week (instead of a month) so it’s no longer free there. So “To Carry a Horn” is no longer free.

  1. I’ve got to ask. What’s c4c? I keep seeing that on posts on here and no clue what it’s for 🙂

    1. c4c = “Comment for Comments”.

      People are making a comment so they can click on the “Notify me of new comments via email” button. 😀

      Note there’s a “ATH FAQ” tab at the top of the page for the next person who wonders. 🙂

      1. Paul, why do you keep leading the new comers astray…C4C is actually a sign of obedience to the new Hugo Illuminati and represents the call of wild but sad puppies in ancient Etruscan.

  2. C4C = Comment for Comments.

    WordPress’s feature for automatically emailing comments to readers is rather flaky. As a result, people often resort to posting a comment with the “Notify me of new comments via email” box checked in order to assure that they will receive comments. Of course, they do have to fill something out in the comment section – hence a C4C post.

    1. Of course, if they would just give in and open a WordPress account (free, with a free blog they don’t have to use) they could get all kinds of tools for watching posts and replies….

  3. So, I just read Nobility Among Us by Ben Zwycky, recently flogged here, and when I went to heartily recommend it on Amazon I noticed that, since I bought it, physical copies of the book had skyrocketed to the triple digits in price. (Which is not true of Feedaread, for my fellow print-on-demand purists.) Anyone have an idea what’s going on there?

    1. Probably a vicious cycle among sellers, who have something to automate — find price on web and set accordingly. Two of them that cycle on each other can escalate quickly.

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