Promo Post, the Triskaidekaphobia Edition- Jason Dyck

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Promo Post, the Triskaidekaphobia Edition- Jason Dyck

Cedar Sanderson

Warp Resonance

Five Space Opera tales, short stories and novellas with a foreward written by Peter Grant.

Tamashira has a dilemma. Stay with the ship and crew she knows, or risk being stranded on an unknown planet forever when the warp node goes out of resonance. Really, it’s not a hard decision to make. But then a girl is kidnapped and she must face her past or have a death on her conscience.

Lira is a space scout. Like the mountain men of old Earth, she explores and blazes trails. But her duty has taken her to a very settled planet, to retrieve a young woman, and it’s no milk run.

Lissa looks to the stars, excited to leap off the Earth and into her destiny. But first, there is someone she has to see one more time.

A lonely young woman on a faraway planet tends her family and wishes she had someone to talk to, other than family. High above in a courier ship, a ship’s officer is about to learn how content she really is, even if she doesn’t feel that way…

Susan is not afraid of bugs. But when she makes a second contact with aliens, that lack of xenophobia might not be enough to keep her alive. The cat is, she learns, sometimes smarter than the human.

From the foreword by Peter Grant: “There is occasionally – all too rarely – a moment that comes when reading something new, a sort of mental frisson, when one realizes that one’s reading something special. This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill book or story, but something that is reaching out of the page and grabbing one by the throat and dragging one into its world and storyline, absorbing, entertaining, sometimes even enthralling. That’s what happened to me the first time I read Cedar Sanderson’s work. It was her novel, ‘Vulcan’s Kittens’, and I’ve never looked back from there. She’s one of the few authors whose work I’ll buy sight unseen, knowing that it’ll intrigue and challenge me and make me think.”

Mark Alger

The Genesis Undertaking

The Baby Troll Chronicles Book 2

Where did Dolly come from? Now, the story that lays it all out, who she was, who she is, The story of her unique beginning, covering the first twelve hours of her life as a Real Grrl and her struggle to survive against the odds, and with all the Gods of Man (well, a good third of them, at any rate), out for her blood. Why does she constantly jones for cheese Danish? Why does she, at 5’2″ love Chuck Taylor basketball shoes?

Dolly is ribald, cheeky, sexy, adventurous, outrageous, and fun. A great ride. Dolly may make you blush, but she will also make you laugh.

Ben Zwycky

Nobility Among Us

“Still, this process does not sit well with me. Letting the people think they are in control of these proceedings, having them vote for their chosen candidate as if they will change the way things are done, these are dangerous ideas. Furthermore, these are actual lowborns we are admitting to our ranks. What if something slips through the filtering process, what then? I have this nagging feeling that this whole enterprise will come back to haunt us one day.”

Brought together by a reality show designed to pacify the people of Gandria, Viscount Marcus Draishire and his low-born wife are secret devotees of the forbidden book. This could get both of them imprisoned or worse. Marcus hears a case of a cattle farmer suing his baron for unfair taxation. Should he follow the king’s decree, that all nobles are immune from criticism, or judge the case on its merits? Marcus chooses the latter and gets himself some unwanted attention. He now has to balance acting in the best interests of his subjects against antagonising his superiors, who tend to express their displeasure with a bomb, bullet or knife.

The people under him have their own struggles and the nobility itself is walking something of a tightrope, the need to crush dissent weighing against that of projecting a benevolent public image; no-one wants another uprising.

On sale this week

Selected Verse – Faith and Family

A series of love poems that gives glimpses into the magical process by which a lonely and shy young man transforms into a husband and father and how the love in his family grows. This is followed by verse that look at aspects of wider family life, then at the ways in which the divine has revealed itself in history, both in ancient and modern times, how these clash with a fallen world and call us to something higher and grander than ourselves.

On sale this week

Beyond the Mist

The Chara Series Book 1

Am I falling or flying? Powerless or mighty? Imprisoned or free?

I have nothing: no possessions, no memories, no reference points or even solid ground to stand on; just falling (or is it flying?) through an endless mist. A voice beside me says this is the last free space in a world of slavery and suffering; another that it’s a self-imposed prison from a world of beauty and adventure. Who should I believe? What is waiting for me out there?

I make my choice and begin to discover what lies beyond the mist.

On sale this week

Celia Hayes & Jeanne Hayden

The Chronicles of Luna City

Welcome to Luna City, Karnes County, Texas… Population 2,453, not counting a fugitive former celebrity chef…

Where the high school football team is called the Mighty Fighting Moths… and their yearly Homecoming game is under some strange and irregular curse.

Which was once meant to be a stop on the San Antonio and Aransas Pass Railroad, but which was derailed by True Love…

Where half the townsfolk has the surname of Gonzalez or Gonzales, they’re all related and descended from the holder of the original Spanish land grant… but no one has ever been able to figure out whether his name ended in an ‘s’ or a ‘z’, due to illegible handwriting on the original paperwork…

Where the last two members of a Sixties hippy nudist commune still still keep the faith with peace, love, and organic vegetables at the Age of Aquarius Campground and Goat Farm…

And a historic marker on Town Square marks the spot where a local bootlegger was nearly hung in 1926 for (among a long list of offenses against the laws of God and Man) impersonating a nun.

Luna City, where eccentricity is just a part of every-day life. Drop in for a visit – you might never want to leave.

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    1. Oh yeah, and to put in a plug for Celia’s book – Love It!!! If you enjoy small-town humor, or have one of “those” relatives in the family, or just enjoy a good, funny, kind story about folks trying to do their own thing (without getting bitten by fire ants), I highly recommend this book.

  1. What a lovely lot of books for Squeeze Your Sweetie Day.

    Don’t let me catch y’all neglecting your loved ones by hanging up comments here.

    1. Sorry for the confusion, Karen. You can send submissions to me at I used to regularly write a note at the beginning of each promo post that included my email address. Lately I’ve lacked time or brainspace or something interesting to say there, so I’ve been skipping it more often than not. I’ll remedy that from now on.

      1. And I’ll go ahead and put a plug in for Karen’s Chained Adept. It is as good as any of her other books… even if it doesn’t have hounds. 🙂

        You will fix that oversight in the sequel; won’t you? 😉

  2. Good for you!

    (Now, if I can convince the spouse that a bouquet of books is even better than flowers…)

  3. Ive read the parts you’ve posted on your blog, Celia – what a hoot! Feel like I live just down the road from them! One of these days Im gonna write stuff about my hometown of Richmond…now if there aint fodder just in the Old Three Hundred stuff!!

    1. Oh, Mary, there is fodder for this kind of thing in every small town eveh! A local newspaper columnist here in San Antonio began researching and writing about the nearby town of Helotes (which was once a separate small town but is now a distant suburb of SA) and to her astonishment turned up every kind of mayhem, once she got round to picking the memories of the older folks. It was like Peyton Place on steroids.

      For Luna City, we’ve just put together the juicy bits from a number of small towns. (And the pictures that are chapter headings in the book – they were taken by me, all over South Texas. They’re all real places, too. I should hold a contest, someday, for readers to identify where they are, really.)

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