Hail, well-met, and how y’all doin’? Today brings us a new batch of new books for your entertainment and edification. We even have a scholarly work for a change, raising the tone above the pulpy schlock we usually get around here (he says affectionately). So go, check out some new books from our lovely commenters and lurkers. Read, enjoy, leave reviews, spread the word.

Now, a few housekeeping notes. First, I am not Sarah Hoyt. The emails for the promo post do not go to her; queries for her appended to a promo submission are unlikely to reach her, since I generally assemble these posts at an ungodly hour Friday night and haven’t the brainspace for anything more. Second, all I need for a promo submission is a link to the listing online. I get everything I need there. If you want a different blurb than what’s on Amazon (or wherever), go ahead and include that. If you want to send me large stacks of unmarked, non-sequential bills, that can be arranged, but is not required. Lastly, some of you have contacted me about editing services. I would love to, and you’re welcome to get in line if you insist, but I’m already a year overdue with one of my favorite clients because I cannot seem to keep that many balls in the air. I love having a regular paycheck, but the workload is significant, and I’ve failed at squeezing in editing time. Mea maxima culpa. Here endeth the housekeeping. Now, all of you go read books! As always, future promo entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Available boiled, fried, and occasionally stewing

Elizabeth Bruner

Copper Visions

Injured in a mining accident, Sophie was given a new life with mechanical arms. When she’s caught up in a plot that requires her new arms, or the technology behind them, she enlists the help of a mechanical friend. When the skeletons in his closet come out to dance, they realize they have more enemies than they first thought.

Their first mission is to escape those who would take them apart to see how they work.

M. S. O’Brien

Commentary on the Apocalypse (Translated): Part 2 – Four Horses and the Lamb

More of Beatus of Liebana’s massive commentary on the Book of Revelation! Part 2 covers the interpretation of Chapters 4-7, along with a little bit of Chapter 8, as John sees the Lamb unseal six out of seven seals. Beatus also examines the meaning of various signs of the Apocalypse, the meaning of the number six, the six ages of the world, possible calculations of the date of the world’s ending, and why it’s not a good idea to trust such calculations. Includes an appendix translating various mentions of Beatus by his contemporaries, extensive footnoting and bibliography of Beatus’ sources, and a big index of his Bible citations.

Martin Wilsey

The Broken Cage

Solstice 31 Saga Book 2

The deep space survey ship Ventura entered orbit and was immediately destroyed. Commander James Worthington and his crew were flying escort when the savage attack hit.

With his ship heavily damaged and half of his crew dead Worthington finds refuge on the dark side of this planet’s moon.

Plagued with threats from all around he finds his old friend Barcus and tries to bring the remaining survivors together as a team before time runs out.

C.J. Carella

Decisively Engaged

Warp Marine Corps Book 1

They picked a fight with the wrong species.

A NATION AT WAR: The United Stars of America. Born in the conflagration of unprovoked alien attack, the newest entrant to galactic politics took the few crumbs of hypertech gifted to it and ran with them, soon expanding over dozens of star systems and establishing a wide trade network, protected by its powerful Navy and the dreaded Warp Marines.

A FIGHT TO THE DEATH: A single Marine platoon, tasked with protecting an embassy on a hostile alien planet. An embassy – and the human enclave around it – that soon finds itself surrounded by armed mobs. Can the Marines and a ragtag band of civilian and Navy personnel survive long enough to be rescued?

WARNING: Contains violence, strong language and adult content

SPECIAL HOLIDAY SALE: Decisively Engaged will be on sale until January 10, after which its price will go up to $3.99

19 responses to “BETTER PROMO THAN NEVER – Free-range Oyster

  1. New books, one on sale! What’s not to like?

  2. Mostly about covers:
    The Elizabeth Bruner cover is fascinating. The Martin Livsey cover is something I’d like to have as a screen-saver or background or something.
    Nothing about the cover, except to say it’s a great choice: I obtained and am mildly attacking the M S O’Brien translation work, in the sense of reading it in bits and pieces, not in the sense of being critical of it. So far, I’d say that it is making my decision to avoid in-depth theological studies seem to be a good choice. WARNING: my interim opinions about book content are subject to change.
    And the last comment on covers: the C J Carella cover has big, yellow, letters, and they don’t seem to fit. For some reason, they make the book look like it belongs in the Remainder bin.

    • Hee! Thanks for checking out my translation! I’m not the best translator in the world, and I’m far from the best Latinist, but I’m persistent and I have a search engine for finding quotes with! (And nobody else has ever translated it into English… so who’s gonna argue?)

      You are probably doing the right thing, since most early books on Bible interpretation are either designed to be browsed, chewed over, and slowly digested… or they’re collections of sermons, with natural start and end points. Only somebody like Augustine or Jerome has a more urgent tempo, but even Augustine tends to go off on ADD tangents.

      Maybe the great virtue of reading the Beatus for a modern reader is that it is extremely thorough about teaching various kinds of patristic and early medieval Bible interpretation, just by providing umpteen examples. At first it seems really weird, but after a while it will really help your understanding of a boatload of pre-modern Christian thought. It’s also a very thorough way to familiarize yourself with a lot of chunks of the Bible that are underappreciated today. If you are a member of a liturgical church or you sing pre-modern hymns, you will find a lot of this stuff coming up again and again; and you will finally understand why.

      I do hope that you will use the translation to help you go look at the Silos Apocalypse or one of the other Beatus mss that are online, because the illuminated pictures really are excellent visual aids for understanding and memorization, as well as being strange and vivid.

    • Thanks for the input on the covers; my main goal was to make the title noticeable on Amazon’s thumbnails, but I might have gone overboard with the font size. For now, the book is #97 of all Amazon Kindle books and #1 in Military Science Fiction, so hopefully it’ll be a long while before you can find it on a remainder bin 🙂

      • Also think of your PaperWhite/Voyager users. They only see a sub-paperback size in grey-scale. The bright yellow comes out white, with drop shadows to make it even easier to read…. The remainder bin, isn’t that were I saw a series of novels “Ancillary something”?

        • True – maybe yellow wasn’t the ideal choice, but every other color I tried didn’t look as good (then again, I’m not the most color-oriented person, so I could well be mistaken).
          And I did use only cis-whatever characters, and even featured Mormons who didn’t roam the land looking for gay people to forcibly give haircuts to, so the book’s likely to end up in the dustbin of history. Just not this week. 🙂

          • Actually the yellow is what caught my eye. After flipping thru between 100-200 thumbnails my tired eyes caught the yellow of your name. Loved the book by the way

            • I haven’t read the book yet, but it’s getting purchased today just based on knowing CJ had a part in the RIft’s books. Plus I love Mil-Sci/Fi

              • Thank you! Working in Rifts was fun, even though many people didn’t appreciate how overpowered all stuff I came up with was 🙂 Hope you enjoy the book.

        • The remainder bin, isn’t that were I saw a series of novels “Ancillary something”?

          There just ain’t no Justice sometimes.

      • Well it worked. I’m definitely going to start reading it tonight after the day’s work is done.

    • Fascinating is good, right?

  3. This is not a comment for comments. I don’t want to receive new comments via email. I’m going to just sit here quietly and dream of a world where characters are free to be who they want to be, not forced to act out the desires of cruel publishers, editors and book reviewers.

    • Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

      If you’re “asking for carp”, you’ll have to do better than this. [Evil Grin]

    • I fear you are on that world – I had characters from a story I started and then stopped 6 years ago force me to finish the story, change a whole bunch of stuff, including the POV characters, and wouldn’t let me work on the looming novel until I’d finished their world.

  4. “raising the tone above the pulpy schlock we usually get around here”

    Obviously a call to produce more pulpy schlock. Otherwise we might lifted out of the gutter.

  5. So was looking up the books in the this promo (Got C.J. Carrellas already) and realized that the cover for Martin Wilseys book may be screen scraped from a different image, part of Eve Online by CCP. The original image can be seen here:

    I was looking at it and realized I’d seen this before. Didn’t take much hunting to find this. The ship in this picture is called a “Charon” freighter. Eve Online is a MMO style with starships for the most part, there is a first person shooter game that is in the same universe and you can interact with orbital bombardments. Anyway, the game is also otherwise known as “Spreadsheets in space” (said as in ‘Pigs in Spaceeeee’). Pretty heavy following by a large demographic for what it is.

    Having said all that, I didn’t want to see Mr. Martins get pinged or yelled at or etc for unauthorized image use. They may be fine with it already just watching your back.