Stealing The Oyster’s Thunder

So, the oyster sent me the post but it’s a leetle one.  And you know what, I don’t feel like writing a new one, because … well… I’ll tell you next week.  If you noticed my absence as Instapundit’s late-night-DJ, we were out of the house from 9 am to 11 pm and most of it we were doing violent manual labor.  So.  I barely made it up the stairs before I passed out into a dreamless sleep.

However, I remembered that when I was recovering from surgery I desperately wanted to write stories, but couldn’t summon words, so I made little story-pictures.  I shared them on FB, but I figure I’ll share them with you now.

And then the Oyster promo.  And I promise to be semi-human tomorrow, truly.

Cinders, final

Being a creature of magic, he couldn’t follow her out of fairyland.  Years later, Cindy wondered if she’d dreamed it all.  She retraced her way, carefully, to that place with the still-sparkling lost shoe, and found that she’d never really left and happy-ever-after was hers.


Oblivious, little Ethel read from the eldritch manuscript she had found, without knowing she’d just changed the world forever.

And NOW der Ambulatory Molusc’s Promo post!

Alma Boykin

A Cat At Bay

A Cat Among Dragons Book 7

Sometimes, you should look behind you…

Rada Ni Drako’s new commanding officer on Earth wants to run things her way, including running the xenologist around in circles, until one of General Jones’ great ideas leaves Rada’s Gifts scrambled and untrustworthy. Growing suspicions of non-humans within the Global Defense Forces and a quiet retreat that turns into anything but leave Rada considering Drakon IV a haven of peace compared to Earth. But something stalks Rada’s back trail, drawing closer and closer…

All of Rada’s training and all of her allies may not be enough to save a Cat at Bay!

John Van Stry


Portals of Infinity

When William’s oldest enemy attacked his family, Will chased him across several realities, until he finally slew him. However, champions reincarnate.

Fortunately for William, his enemy was damaged years ago and it will be almost a year until he can come back. Unfortunately his enemy is becoming a demigod, and if not stopped soon he may one day become too powerful for William.

William now finds himself in a race against time, needing to track down and destroy his enemy’s hidden temples on Earth, before he reincarnates. And while William’s god is sympathetic to his plight, William must still put his god’s needs before his own desires for vengeance.

28 thoughts on “Stealing The Oyster’s Thunder

    1. Spacecat? Don’t let Rada hear you call her that, she’s liable to… well this is supposed to be a PG-13 blog, so we’ll just leave it at don’t.

      1. Unfortunately, my brain has filked a certain song from “History of the World, Part 1” into “Cats in Space” and it is now stuck in my head. Thanks, bearcat. 😦

      1. I am EVER so thankful for the invention of eBooks! Me and my 3 cats live in a 5-room (including the bathroom) apartment and I have 15 large bookcases, which are overflowing with treeware! If I couldn’t store a few hundred on my computer, I would end up having to sleep in my chair…

  1. … we were out of the house from 9 am to 11 pm and most of it we were doing violent manual labor.
    [Emphasis added]

    Don’t worry, Sweetie, we’ll all alibi you. Why, from 11 am to 2 pm I know I saw your feet sticking out from under that table back in the corner … and you was shimmying atop the pianer from 9 to 10:45 …

    (BTW – din’t nobody never teach you how hard it is to dig unmarked graves in Colorado in November? Next time just drop ’em over a cliff into a gully; it’ll be Spring before any one finds ’em and all trace evidence will be gone.)

    1. RES, Colorado has a plentitude of abandoned mine shafts, many readily accessible by a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Most convenient.
      But then southern Wisconsin is replete with flooded gravel pits, and them just a day trip from down town Chicago.
      Southeastern states from Florida through Louisiana have these lovely gator infested swamps, though last reports indicate in Florida the gators are losing to the pythons.
      Homicidal maniac? Why no sir. I am merely a budding author.

    2. Dig? Sarah has plenty of friends (bury the body types) with access to explosives. Much more fun than digging too.

        1. But you have to admit, they are kinda fun. (I must add that ACME does not stand for A Curious Mix of Explosives. Almost everything ACME makes or delivers does not, in fact, explode. At least not with modification or at least provocation. Now, if you order something that explodes, well treat it gently.)

        1. Not to be confused with “Odd Chex mix,” (which is why we don’t let a certain staff member tinker with the recipe any more. “Add anything you can imagine” has some limits in the real world.)

              1. Perhaps my ‘atomic brownies’ (ghost pepper salsa is involved) would be unwelcome? Despite the sound of the name, the heat is not a severe spike, but it has long (~30 minute) dwell time. The area under the heat curve is the same, I think, but the shape is different. I’ve not tried to truly quantify this to see if the integral is indeed constant.

                  1. Chocolate and spice do go together rather well. I started with jalapeno and that worked. I tried habenaro and that worked. So I tried ghost pepper and that also worked. And a couple years ago I brought 4 pans of brownies (plain, jalapeno, habenaro, and ghost pepper) to ESR’s “Armed and Dangerous” party at Penguicon. The plain ones were given back. This year I asked if any were called for and was informed that one pan of the ghost pepper brownies would suffice. Those are, admittedly, not for most of the time. Plain is fine, and generally jalapeno is quite adequate for any spiciness urges.

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