Stay Away from Bloggers and Liquor

Okay, that might have been stay away from Jazz and liquor.

Sorry, guys, had dinner with friends after an exhausting day and while I didn’t even drink my normal, I was so wiped out I woke up feeling still dead.

I’m having tea and trying to come to normal non-zombie state.

Post early afternoon, I think.

22 responses to “Stay Away from Bloggers and Liquor

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Take Care

  2. The Other Sean


  3. “Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be bloggers…
    Don’t let ’em pound keyboards, or drive themselves nuts…”

  4. Tsk. Drinking your abnormal will do that, dang near ever’ time.

    Does “post early afternoon” mean “mid afternoon” or “pre mid afternoon”?

  5. The Abnormal cocktail? The Odd cocktail?

    Well, it is a bit familiar. After letting the pomegranate juice sit for longer than I’d planned, I finally made right proper grenadine with it. Now can I recall what cocktail(s) I was putting making because I lacked proper grenadine? You know the answer. “Dear Universe, I wish to file a bug report…”

  6. I thought High Tea was 3:00PM, although perhaps Sarah is holding it early so the Zombies don’t stink quite as much.
    Normally, I would understand her spending time with friends is more important than posting; however, if said friends are zombies, even if they know the Queen of England: Perhaps our definition of friends differ.

  7. I’m sure you’ll recover in good order as long as Dan doesn’t pop his gum.

  8. Hate to say it, but you are probably coming down with something or you are just tired. The alcohol and company was probably the least of it. Take some vitamins and get some rest.

    Although alcohol does mean carbs, come to think of it….

  9. Rest up, hope you feel less drained soon!

  10. Get well Sarah! I’m not going to ask what “normal” means to you 😉 Please don’t tell me!

    It’s funny, I just posted an article about jazz and alcohol on my own blog and then I saw your post. You will get better and will write even more of those amazing books you do for us to enjoy. It’s only a matter of time (probably some medicine as well)



    I’ll hold it for you…