This is a Post to say The Post Will Be Delayed

I know, how meta.  BUT I have to be at the other house for workmen.  (The first one to make the Good Omens joke gets hit.)

I’ll be back in two or three hours, and then there will be post.

84 responses to “This is a Post to say The Post Will Be Delayed

  1. Christopher M. Chupik

    This is a comment to say I’ll delay commenting.

  2. That would make this post a prepost, and this comment a precomment?

    Has today’s post been laid in the wrong place, requiring its delayment?

    Soooo many questions awaiting answering … don’t mind me; I’ll just sit over here and quietly read.

  3. This is a comment to announce that the last word of this comment will be delayed.

  4. Christopher M. Chupik

    Comment meant to provoke carping.

  5. Ah, so. As I have yet to read Good Omens and therefore cannot reference it. May I quote Leonard Rossiter as Reginald Perrin as Martin Wellbourne:

    Seventeen minutes late, water seeping through the cables at Effingham Junction – there was a lot of Effingham and a good deal of Blindingham!”

    • *sudden hallucination of hippopotamus*

    • Something to get you started, then:

      “So what I want to know is, where did all the fish come from?” asked the sergeant.

      “I told you. They fell from the sky. One minute I’m driving along at sixty, next second, whap! a twelve-pound salmon smashes through the windscreen. So I pulls the wheel over, and I skidded on that, ” he pointed to the remains of a hammerhead shark under the lorry, “and ran into that.” That was a thirty-foot-high heap of fish, of different shapes and sizes.

      “Have you been drinking, sir?” asked the sergeant, less than hopefully.

      “Course I haven’t been drinking, you great wazzock. You can see the fish, can’t you?”

      On the top of the pile a rather large octopus waved a languid tentacle at them. The sergeant resisted the temptation to wave back.

  6. sabrinachase

    MOST EFFUSIVE GREETINGS and rhythmic writhings of tentacles I have honor being First Hatching Egg Nine of Supreme Galactic Overlord recently deposed in rebel fightings. To my claws was trusted Vast Treasure needing secretion in unlikely backwater planet YOURS OF SAME for allowing of this needed hiding half of VAST TREASURE to be yours. To be sending of planetary coordinates and genetic codings to allow of transfer of VAST TREASURE hurry hurry offer ends soon rebels breaking in door now.

  7. BUT I have to be at the other house for workmen.

    It all makes work for the working man to do.

  8. Belated comment on delayed post, with mild apology for belatedness. Non-subtle hint about updating roster for changing Fluffy’s bedding and litter. Stern reminder not to mess with the coffee machine controls. *waves at Fed the Fred*

  9. Reality Observer

    Sarah, I think you can just get home and put your feet up. It’s obvious this gang can trundle along on their own (and the results might be interesting, if somewhat disturbing).

  10. Since I already have a PUFF tag from Larry Correia’s first challenge coin kickstarter, do you think I should get a provisional PUFF tag from his current coin campaign for my alternate incarnation to wear?

  11. Hmm so does that mean that if I make a Good Omens Joke I would be “people covered in fish”?

  12. This comment points out that the reference to the Good Omens joke counts (within a meta-thread, at least) as the referent joke itself.