Inclusive of Psychopaths – Frank J. Fleming

*Once upon a time Frank’s blog was one of the things that kept me from bursting from the (glass fronted) political closet brandishing an AK-47.  Now that I’m out in the open and everything, imagine my surprise when I found Frank was writing novels.  In science fiction and everything.  Give him a warm Hunnish welcome, and go buy his book. The alternative is too horrible to contemplate. – SAH*

Inclusive of Psychopaths – Frank J. Fleming

What makes good science fiction? Is it a fast-paced story? Interesting characters? Unpredictable twists and turns?

Unfortunately, I had those outdated ideas in mind when I wrote my first novel, Superego. But as we all know, the true purpose of science fiction now is inclusiveness. Entertainment is okay, I guess, but what we really need to focus on is making sure everyone feels cared for and included and that no one feels weird, no matter how weird they are.

This is difficult for me as a white, heterosexual, cisgender male. I’m basically committing a hate crime just by existing. I’m not even sure that in this day and age I should be allowed to write science fiction. Still, I decided to examine my novel to determine how inclusive it is.

I first used the Bechdel Test, as that’s a nice objective measure. I ran into a problem right away, though, because Superego is written in the first-person perspective of a male character. It’s like I didn’t even try. Still, there are a number of named female characters in the story, and a few times they do speak to each other. Most of the time, they’re talking about the main (male) character, but I did locate a short conversation between two women about one getting the other a chair.

Boom! Passed the Bechdel Test. It’s a very feminist novel.

But does anyone care about women anymore? It’s kind of passé to combat gender bias. Plus, are genders even real? Aren’t they just a social construct or something? Then again, if that’s true, I’m not sure where babies come from… but we’re not talking about science; we’re talking about tolerance.

Anyway, instead of being inclusive of a group everyone already knows to include, it’s best to find a brand new identity no one even thought of tolerating yet. I mean, there are things people wouldn’t even think to care about now that you’ll be worse than Hitler not to care deeply about next year. And these days if you’re the first one who recognizes a new need for tolerance and inclusiveness, you’re treated just like a scientist who’s made a world-changing discovery… back when people cared about that sort of thing.

Well, that is where Superego wins out, because it highlights a group no one has even thought to tolerate yet: psychopaths. In most fiction, the psychopathic hitman is stereotyped as the bad guy, but my progressive novel makes him the protagonist. That’s because I want all the psychopaths out there to know that I understand and sympathize with them and am against all the psychopath hate they see in other novels.

Of course, many don’t share my sympathies. For instance, look at all the Social Justice Warriors out there with their ostentatious displays of how much they care for people — how do they think that makes a psychopath, someone who is incapable of caring, feel? It’s really insensitive, but those scumbags with their empathy privilege never give a second thought to psychopaths.

But not me. I care about psychopaths and their feelings (or lack there of). Does that make me a superior person? Yes. Do I look down on everyone who doesn’t share these enlightened views of inclusiveness? Absolutely. Does this make me feel good about myself? Well, let’s just say I’m typing this with one hand while using the other to pat myself on the back.

Man, it’s really enjoyable being more considerate and tolerant than everyone else. Writing science fiction is fun!

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  1. Of course, many don’t share my sympathies. For instance, look at all the Social Justice Warriors out there with their ostentatious displays of how much they care for people — how do they think that makes a psychopath, someone who is incapable of caring, feel? It’s really insensitive, but those scumbags with their empathy privilege never give a second thought to psychopaths.


    1. Actually, those SJW’s ARE psychopaths, they’re merely aping and going through the motions of what they think a socially-balanced person is supposed to do. But in an unguarded moment they often reveal the true hatred that lies in their hearts.

      1. That would explain a great deal.

        But not all. I believe that some SJWs seek to nurture the emotional tsunamis created by the hormonal shifts of adolescent. Their behavior indicates that they want life to be full of intense feelings all the time — even if they have to manufacture them. They are immature drama junkies.

        1. Ooohhh, that really could explain so much. They’re scrambling from high to high, from “cause” to “cause,” every time the feeeelz wear off. Thus Save the Whales becomes No CO2 morphs into OWS into Hands Up Don’t Shoot.

          1. This is why the civil rights movement moved to reparations. Because they won’t get them, they won’t have to go hunting for a new cause.

            1. Rather, it’s never possible to get enough of them– you can always find some new wrong to demand payment for (even if you have to invent it, along the lines of how the Crusades were a muslim victory until they needed a cause) and there’s new people “entitled” to being paid back, and who haven’t paid, every day.

          2. Yes, the cause du jour gives them a provides them affirmation and strokes – to use their terminology.

            Also, they have been taught that if you don’t FEEL you can’t care, and if you don’t CARE you are a Terrible Horrible No-Good Very Bad person. (One of their go to insults is to accuse someone who does not tow the line of being a cold hearted uncaring person.)

                1. Yeah, that’s the thing. Given a choice between the fiture they try to scare me with, and petting the, run things, I’ll take dystopia. High seas, ozone hole, theocracy, subjugated women, and all. Given a choice between never seeing another Tiger in the wild, and watchimg all.their Grand Plans frustrated and broken … Sorry, tiger.

              1. Until it initiated trans-continental butthurt, mine was “I get paid the same.”

                I am no longer permitted to say those words on board the USS Ronald Reagan.

            1. I am unable to tow their line because it is heavily burdened with assumptions and slippery with the logic behind said assumptions. I could toe their line, but it’s just SO much fun to stomp on it. (I confess, I’m a grammarist, and I’m damned PROUD of it.)

          3. This would also explain how they are so tirelessly able to continue their causes and demonstrations beyond all reason. If they get an emotional high simply from diving headlong into a cause, they would keep doing it over and over, jumping from cause to cause as their energy boost from one wanes, to get the next high.

            Quick! Someone start Progressives Anonymous!

          4. Thus, “causes” = “drugs”, and SJWs are just looking for the drug du jour that will help them keep out the big, bad, world? Yeah, pretty much.

        1. True, but some of them might get their “jollies” by “attacking” the “proper” targets.

      2. No, not psychopaths. Like Carrie Nation, they are convinced they are doing good for mankind (womankind for any lurking feminist SJW). Their handlers, who use them for their own ends, may be psychopaths.

      3. Worse, it’s not a hatred one might consider a flaw to try to control, it’s something they embrace. Gleefully. Because what they hate is something they decided is eeeeeevil so it’s okay to hate it.

        1. Half the point is let them get moral egoboo from indulging their baser instincts instead of all that dull quotidian good deeds.

          1. Actually getting involved with people who will not necessary appreciate the good you are trying to do for them? Real people and real life situations can be complicated.

    2. Dang it CACS, I copied that to paste in the comments as a quote worth repeating, before I even got to the end of the post. But you beat me to it.

      1. I would say I’m sorry, but, you know … my give a damn’s busted…

        That was sweet as well. Thank you.

  2. With the SJWs, you have to be the ‘approved’ victim group to receive empathy. Real suffering (like Muslim women or gay stoning) doesn’t matter.
    Frank does indeed show us the proper attitude for dealing with SJWs; ridicule. Laughing at their pompous declarations, pointing and giggling, nothing will work better than that to cause their heads to explode.

    1. The best line to deal with them I’ve found so far is “If you’re a Progressive, what are you progressing towards, and what are you running away from?” I haven’t had a single one answer that yet. They usually just look briefly confused, then thoughtful, then angry. Then they stop talking at me.

        1. *Jim looks around the diner and motions everyone in close to him.*

          Alright, folks, looks like our the lovely and talented Beautiful but Evil Space Princess is back after her surgery. Let’s all be super nice to her. It’s time that this Gentleman Takes a Chance to make sure we show some appreciation around here. I’ll get her a Bowl of Red. I know one of you was going to create a picture for her last night when the lights went out. Did you manage to Draw One in the Dark? You Night Shifters seems to be good at that. My friend Noah’s Boy can see things from miles away in the pitch black. It’s scary.

          Now, the hostess loves her fish, so make sure it’s Dipped, Stripped and Dead. She got cranky last time I tried to serve her fish live. I almost ended up as A Fatal Stain after a French Polished Murder for that one. Telling her that every Klingon likes to eat their gok live didn’t help.

          Oh, and remember to keep A Few Good Men near the cash register. Those Darkship Thieves and their buddies the Renegades have been getting a little too close for comfort. Now that her Sainted Evilness has been Through Fire, we don’t need them stealing all of her profits! Otherwise, it might be time for the Death of a Musketeer err… thief. Sorry, I get those confused sometimes.

          Now, you all need to walk, crawl, fly and/or slither back to your tables of choice and act natural. Don’t let the hostess know we’re doing anything special. Let her think we’re just in a good mood or something. Shhhh…..

          1. “She got cranky last time I tried to serve her fish live.”

            Any Man so Daring, is likely to spend All Night Awake (not to mention standing) because it hurts too much to sit or lie down.

    2. Note that Approved Victim Groups (AVGs) must be under no actual threat, so that defending them and displaying your superior moral sensitivity never entails actual risk to your person. Worst that might happen is the SJW advocating the AVG cause will receive emails nearly as harsh as what they send.

      1. While to an outside observer, nearly as harsh is appropriate, to the SJW:
        Their emails/verbal posturing is reasoned dialogue.
        Your response is hate speech and probably a threat.

        1. Technically, as the SJWs are the ones pushing the Approved Victim Groups in an effort to be uplifting, that would position the SJWs as Below-AVG.

  3. I read Frank’s novel. It struck me as boilermaker of a book: a heavy dose of Heinlein and with a shot of Mickey Spillane. Good stuff, and fun!

    1. Just add a dash of Larry Correia and it’s an SJW nightmare trifecta confection.

      1. ay yup, knocked flat on my back looking up at the stars though a sea of gun barrels…

        1. And the perfect blurb:

          “Utter rubbish.”

          —- Damien G Walter, The Guardian

  4. I find it truly amazing that they don’t embrace psychopaths; there are so many on the left that qualify. Every major shooter in the last decade and a half has had leftist leanings, if not actual Dem voting records.

    1. They don’t embrace phsychopaths for the same reason that they don’t explicitly embrace racism, eugenics, or anti-semitism. They’ve tried being up front about those core values, and found it didn’t sell.

          1. First thing to do is toss out that hate engendering term: psychopath. Of course being labelled with so negative a designation cause speople to act out their isolation from society!

            I propose we replace that otherizing word with something more inclusive, such as Empathy Challenged.

            We also need to eschew illustrations of the EC, such as this one:
            DC Cancels Comic Cover After Complaints That Joker’s Threatening Batgirl Is Sexist
            Wait — villains are supposed to be good people?
            By Katherine Timpf — March 17, 2015

            At the artist’s request, DC Comics has decided to cancel a cover design after complaints that the Joker attacking Batgirl is misogynistic and sexist and promotes violence against women.

            Kudos to DC for its refusal to engage in EC bashing, unlike their rival, Marvel, where a certain pagan deity was recently used as a dusting rag and dismissed as “puny god.”

              1. Citizen! Report to the re-education camp! That Statement Is Hateful To Believers In Multiple Gods and to Believers In No God/Gods!

        1. Psychopathy rarely causes homelessness.

          And, of course, a lot of the homeless are sane — and have homes. (Michael Flynn occasionally pokes fun at homeless figures, ever since he learned that “By this definition, TOF was a homeless child for his first five years, for his parents were doubled up with his mother’s parents.”)

          1. Have for at least a century, too– reading Clouds of Witness and it’s really amazing how the boyfriend from WWI fits so neatly into both the trope and horrible exes I’ve seen nice, idealistic folks have. (Mostly male, but there was this one female….)

            1. Yeah, I used to think the denizenry of the Soviet Club were hilarious, but now I know they’re also amazingly true to life.

              Sadly, Sayers isn’t very popular in the UK these days, as she is allegedly “snobbish.” (And you will be a lot happier if you never read Ngaio Marsh talking cr*p about Sayers, although it’s amusing to see Marsh enjoy doing so many of the same things she insults in Sayers.) Meanwhile, people like Allingham and Christie never felt any need to go after their colleague, or vice versa (as far as I know). I like them all.

    2. Careful–the email floating around that “documented” that was…creative.

      1. Better challenge: can you find one that wasn’t?

        There’s about a dozen variations on the theme, and most of the debunkings are at least as creative as the initial documentation (mostly “that doesn’t really count!” or no-source assertions, although I’m giggling over the idea that being an Air Force officer or a Lutheran is “proof” that one must be a Republican), and the question of who gets classified as a major shooter.

        The ones they keep trying to pin on the right are anarchists— pretty much the opposite of “respect the inherent rights” that’s the bedrock of the Right, and when they support someone it’s the guy who’s saying that they’ll get to do whatever their impulses involve.

        If you remove the flatly insane, IIRC, it’s mostly communist or socialist, which may just be “people who want to slaughter others look for political groups that promise to let them.”

        1. You mean like it being proof that the guy who shot Gabby Giffords was right wing, because he shot up a democrats political gathering?

        2. The Ft. Hood shooter was an Islamist and acted from religious leanings, not “leftist” in the traditional sense. He certainly wasn’t leftist on social issues and I’ve seen no evidence presented that he was a significantly leftist in any other way.

          There is no evidence of Harris and Klebold’s politics. That one of their fathers was in the Air Force is not dispositive either way.

          Seung-Hui Cho was born in *South* Korea and his parents ran a dry cleaning business here. There again is no evidence (other than him being at a state university) of his political leanings one way or another.

          Those are the ones I’ve looked up several times and know about. The latter two are enough to disprove the statement “Every major shooter in the last decade and a half…”.

          1. The better claim is “Either a Leftist or mentally ill” although I think that’s a distinction without a difference.

            In either case, “Gun loving Republicans” don’t seem to appear much on the rolls of mass shooters, although the left seems to think they all are, and that anyone who owns a gun is one step away from shooting up a mall.

            I think they’re projecting.

  5. You awful person. How DARE you expose the built in absurdity of Teh Narrative. You’re going to make their tender, under used little brains bleed out their ears.


  6. “Give him a warm Hunnish welcome.”

    (fuels up the flamethrower) 🙂

    1. You did wake up the dragon first? Remember what happens when the dragon feels left out.

    2. (Rummaging through boxes of “fireworks”…) Smoke grenade, flashbang, dang, I was sure I stuck that thermite grenade in here. Hmmm, what’s this? Oooooh, willy pete! I thought I’d lost you forever! One of these days I’m really going to have to reorganize the arms room…

      1. Be careful with that. I noticed someone tried to hide the .22 magnum behind the really cheap practice ammo. And whoever recently “tidied up” the feed room? I just discovered that the pallet of Precious Dragon (TM) dragon chow is actually something else and someone’s going to need to make a trip to the co-op right quick pronto. And none of that cheap ChowTyme Dragon Kibble cr*p. Fluffy’s digestive system and the cheap stuff do not get along.

        1. Fluffy might like ANFO as a snack, but I do not want to be around when someone decides to feed it to him by the pallet.

            1. And why some of the doors are designed to open easily.

              BTW, if you find yourself in a corridor painted in yellow and black stripes, find another route.

        2. ” I just discovered that the pallet of Precious Dragon (TM) dragon chow is actually something else ”

          Who tried the transmorgifer on inanimate objects? You KNOW that’s a bad idea.

          1. No, no, no. Eamon was running the forklift again. His stack it was not stable. When we restacked everything, we got some stuff on the wrong pallets. Just look around, the dragon chow is there somewhere.

            1. Oh, in that case, I’ll get the aardvark on it. Since he can check for ants at the same time.

              1. Jenga on forklifts? I run a pretty mean forklift, myself…

                What? No, no, I TOTALLY ran the one fork under the edge of the steel plate at full speed. I needed a ramp. So what if it took me nearly an hour to get it beaten down enough that it wouldn’t be a menace to driving the forklift afterwards?

                    1. She’s probably calling you to let you know about the assignment letter. Don’t worry about responding, we’ve already got it in your file…

                1. The reason there was a steel plate for me to run the fork under was because they had put down steel plates to spread out the weight on the wooden floor under the steel.

          1. And one wonders how that cross was consummated; one hopes at least that the mother was the dragon and not the dachshund.

            1. Almost certainly the father — I never met a dachshund who thought of himself as a small dog. Mostly you hear them declaiming about how they’re going to whup some Great Dane’s ass, and then his donkey and finish up by beating his mule.

          1. I’m not sure. There might be. But the official story is they were used to blow up a laptop a soldier got mad at, since y’know, my hubby and the rest of the diggers weren’t to bring home anything that is labeled explosive. You know how that goes…

        1. Yes, well, there’s a reason the head of the volunteer fire department leaves town with a doctor’s note and visits a mineral spa every time we’re supposed to be inspected. We’re not storing anything, of course, just holding the crates briefly until the owner(s) can collect them. *sigh* Some new busybody in the county office just refuses to believe that “fire control officer” is a safety and prevention specialist. What can you do?

          1. Well, we could always have the annual “clean out the ammo dump” run-what-you-brung projectile-and-explosive remodeling/deforestation/terrain modification party a bit early. Just steer clear of the lake this time- we don’t need another blue hole on the property.

            1. I’ve participated in one of those. There’s nothing like hearing the squeal of glee from the head of the [redacted] bomb squad when he opens the back of the truck and yells, “Buffet!” Yeah, we had a blast. Several in fact. Set off every car alarm on the field. 😀

        1. They are the new non-rolly kind too – easier to toss right where you want them.

  7. I’m three-fourths the way through Superego, and find it’s brilliant commentary on being human, masquerading as sci-fi action adventure. It reminds me of the first Dexter novel. The protagonist is self-aware enough to realize he’s not like everyone else, and intelligent enough to mimic the behaviors that he doesn’t understand. He is superior and amoral, and must try to rationally navigate the unspoken rules and rituals around him. It allows Fleming to serve up gems like this: “Punching a person in the face would be an efficient way to signal the end of a conversation, but it’s almost never socially acceptable. So I returned her smile.”

  8. “Empathy privilege.”

    You, sir, are a wicked, heartless man. You’ll fit in well here.

  9. Neat! Added to my wish list.

    A good friend has a saying that I am inclined to perhaps have worked into a needlepoint pattern to make for my office: I know. But I choose to use my powers for good, not evil. (With the unspoken hint that if the person pestering us keeps it up, he or I may decide to shift our alignment.)

  10. Must be something in the air. Lat night I had an idea for a story based on “inclusivity” where a SJW type and a crooked gemstone dealer cross paths and the MC has to decide whether to warn the mark or just sit back and watch the show. >:)

    1. I’m remembering the pilot for ST:VOYAGER, where they introduce Harry Kim. He was on DS9, and Quark was offering him Such A Deal on something or other. He said something like “No thanks, I’ve heard about you people.”

      The Ferengi promptly draws the Race Card and cuts the poor kid to pieces with it, guilt-tripping him into paying even more. Paris, who’s been enjoying the show, finally steps in, introduces himself, and gently leads the shell-shocked victim away. His exit line is, “Didn’t anybody TELL you about those people?”…

    2. A clever and ruthless MC would warn the mark — in terms the mark just wouldn’t “get”, but anybody else would.

  11. Any guy who wrote “Nuke The Moon” is worth reading again. I’ll have to get it for the next road trip…..

  12. My first science fiction novel, (Children of Cteel) is actually a metaphor all about racism and slavery, and even sexism. I wonder how come the SJW’s don’t promote it or me?
    Oh right, because the main character is a male (though he’s not even human, and he’s black – not african/american black, he’s just the color black).
    It’s not a message story either, maybe that’s why? What I found to be bizarre is that the book has a TV tropes and memes page, and last time I looked no one had yet figured out one of the most important memes that backs the society that my genetically engineered people live in. I mean it’s so blatantly there I can’t believe everyone misses it.

    Maybe because that meme is a part of life today perhaps?

    To me, science fiction is often a look at the old classic ‘If This Goes On…’ idea and I used that as the background to a story about a young male’s coming of age and fitting into the artificial society in which he lives. Maybe I should have beat people over the head with the ‘message’ but I was just trying to tell a fun and interesting story. The message wasn’t the point, but it’s there in the background if you look for it, and it’s a rather chilling message at that.

    I do wait for the day when somebody figures it out without me having to tell them, but it is fun to see the expression on their face when it then all comes together.

  13. I’d been meaning to mention this here or MGC. I really should’ve mentioned it to Dave yesterday. I haven’t actually read the current version, but I think SuperEgo is a development of a story Frank ran on IMAO. I read that, or some of that.

  14. I’m trying to decide if that was more sarcasm, or straight up satire. (Is there a difference?)
    Or am I just getting into semantics?
    (I know you guys are always up for some antics.)

    1. Reducto ad absurdium, with a cheesy grin, I’m thinking that falls under satire, myself.

      Now about these ant ticks. I assumed ants had parasites of some sort, but ticks? Those boogers got to have some serious jaws to bite through an exoskeleton!

      1. I would think it would be more like a drill affair.
        Or possibly evolved to seek the weak joints.

            1. Nobody said there would be vocabulary lessons. But yes, tea would roll up into some weak joints.

              1. Of course rolling tea makes weak joints, it doesn’t have any measurable THC in it man.

                Oh, sorry, I’m currently reading one of the Ring of Fire novels featuring Frank Stone.

          1. Ooh, that’s true. Lots of insects use acid.
            But is it possible at that small of a scale?

              1. I was thinking more about how large of a digestive system is needed to concentrate acid.
                Microscopic chemical concentration does require a certain amount of macroscopic space, as well as the necessary equipment..

                1. I guess I would worry about it more if it weren’t for all those lab-on-a-chip projects running around nowadays.

                2. Why manufacture and store the acid ahead of time, I’d think it’d be easier to produce it at the location on an as-needed basis.

      1. *wiggles cigar* That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. (already read the book. Put down that carp.)

    1. If one were to like the cut of his jib, one should check out his spanker. Just sayin’.

      In a purely nautical sense, of course.

      Not that there’s anything wrong with non-nautical sense.

  15. Re: political incorrectness and people named Frank —

    It turns out that the Pope wants to beatify an Argentine naval officer turned businessman, by the name of Enrique Shaw. (He founded the Christian Association of Business Managers, which is apparently a big thing in South America.) Since Archbishop Bergoglio was a big fan of the cause, it’s no big surprise that Pope Francis is also in favor; but I hadn’t heard about him before, at all.

    Also, the Pope said straight out in the same interview that he’s not a Communist, albeit he felt the need to soften this by talking at length about various discourses in St. Ignatius Loyola and the Fathers about the evils of wealth. This cracked me up, as I learned the interesting phrase “la caca del Diablo,” but I’m awfully glad I didn’t get born in Argentina and scarred by all their crazy cronyism. Even if we’re now getting that here.

    1. (Waggles hand) The evils of wealth are a longstanding theme in Christianity–see Jesus’s reply to the rich young ruler, as well as the book of James’ choice words on the subject of rich people.
      However, what’s relatively clear (from both of those examples, and most of the others) is that wealth qua wealth isn’t a problem–it’s when you gain it dishonestly, or put it before God, that you have a problem.

      1. I think that his position also includes the premise that people with wealth skew towards the arrogant, presuming that mere possession of wealth is an indication of intelligence or various other unrelated virtues. Just so do the strong tend to worship strength and the generous are prone to over value charity.

        About the only trait which does not overly esteem itself is wisdom, because to esteem any given trait is foolishness.

      2. Perhaps even more to the point, the evils of wealth do not lie only in owning it. Coveting the other guy’s stuff is equally a problem. That would take the winds out of Communism’s sails real fast.

      3. I thought the phrase was, “The love of money is the root of all evil.”
        Not money itself.
        (Not that I think that money is the sole source of evil. But whatever.)

      1. Vicodin wouldn’t work — a defining characteristic of SJWs is that, like the fabled princess who took a pea, they are acutely, exquisitely sensitive to pain discomfort.

  16. Just so you know: The Bechdel Test is Obsolete, and has been ever since someone pointed out “porno movies can pass, where Literature cannot”.

    The New Staple is “the Mako Mori Test”:

    1) Is there a named Female Character?

    2) Does the named Female Character have a Story Arc?

    3) Does the named Female Character’s Story Arc involve being something besides The Male Lead’s Girl?

    The Trope Namer for this is the female lead of _Pacific Rim_, who is a named Female Character whose Story Arc concerns her desire to become a Jager Pilot, and avenge her family’s death at the claws of a Kaiju.

  17. how do they think that makes a psychopath, someone who is incapable of caring, feel?
    Bahahahaha! 😀

  18. PS, am I the only one who’s noticed that some people seem to think *having* a superego in the first place (a prefrontal cortex, the ability to control yourself and suppress your emotions so that you can do things that make long term *sense*) is synonymous with some sort of coldness or inability to feel?

    (IIRC, real psychopaths have *depressed* function in their prefrontal cortex, so whatever is going on, it isn’t an overabundance of normal executive function.)

    I remember explaining once to some acquaintances that I wasn’t having any more drinks. I don’t allow myself to get drunk (well, once, but once was enough!) because I don’t like being out of control of myself. They seemed to think that whatever is underneath all that self control and conscious thought is ‘the real you’, and that if I couldn’t trust my lizard brain, how could they trust me? Was I some sort of creepy psycho, or something? I seemed to have the opposite assumption: If I’m not all there, then I could easily end up doing things or being manipulated in ways that I would sorely regret in my fully conscious state (indeed, that seems to be the point of the bizarre social ritual of ‘getting wasted’.) Voluntarily abdicating my competence and control was about as idiotic as letting go of my steering wheel and seeing where my car takes me. No, I absolutely cannot trust my lizard brain!

    1. Good heaven, the “Real You” is the freaking impulses a body has? Especially the ones where they’re working on bad — worse than usual– information?

      Ugh. I’d say the “real you” is what kind of choices you make when you’ve got good information and a chance to apply judgement.

    2. This is akin to those who think that unless you weep, wail, gnash your teeth and rend your clothing you do not feel grief at the passing of your mother.

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