Another Of Those Updates

Ladies and gentlemen, Phoenixes and Pegasi, and the odd alien this is your captain speaking.  We’ve been over some turbulence lately, and I’ve not been handling it with my normal grace and aplomb, (for a blind elephant) so I thought it was high time you knew what was happening here up front in the flight deck.

If you’re a regular you know I used to do state of the writer fairly regularly, but there seem to have been some other things to talk about, recently, and besides I didn’t like the state of the writer and didn’t want to feel I was whining.

So, last December I had a biopsy I was told was negative.  That was true but it wasn’t PRECISELY true.  There is a growth and also some free floating suspicious cells.  I found this out early January, right after we’d decided to rent a house and move so we could clean/repair the other house for sale. That way we could remove from the house with the cats, leaving one guy behind to look after that house.

That was okay (I thought) because the surgery was set for March 16th.  Plenty of time to get the house ready.  Mistakes were made.  It’s taking much longer than I thought, partly because I’ve been sick so much the last three years that things have gotten shoved willy nilly in places and they’re neither obviously throw away or keep.  To make things slower I can’t drive and haven’t been able to for about 6 months because the hormonal stuff keeps switching my astigmatism.  (I had to drive a few blocks the other day and parked cars all seem to be starting and coming at me.  That sort of thing.) This means I have to wait for the guys to take me over/fit their schedule which means my maximum work at that house is about 4 to 5 hours and not everyday.

This is okay, as I apparently also forgot I wasn’t twenty and that nights with cramps (one of the side effects of my little friend) leave me beat.  So four to five hours violent physical work is about all I can take at any one time.

This is not a long sustained whine, precisely.  Stuff has got done, and it will probably take another month till the house is for sale.  I don’t like it, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles.  The guys will have to do a bunch while I’m laid up and recovering.

Things we simply don’t know: How long recovery will take.

This is a biggie, but I’m trying to do MY PART at the house (did you know I’m a fabric hoarder?  I know you’re shocked.  I used to sew both clothes and stuffed animals, and since I’m cheap I grab stuff at garage sales.  Continued buying for three years of being sick.  Yikes.  I shall donate about half, because I don’t think I’ll have time to sew much while getting back to writing) so that the guys can empty it in my absence.  Then only painting remains.  I’m counting on two weeks before I can paint.  I might be dreaming, who knows.

If there’s more than I was told so far.  No one knows.  Will go to pathologist.  I need some steady prayers and good thoughts because good Lord, I don’t have time for chemo.

Things we know: I have had very odd reactions to anesthesia.  So have Older son and my mom.

This is actually my biggest fear coupled with the fact I LOATHE anesthesia because I don’t like not being “at home” in my mind.

The hormonal madness likely had something to do with my problems concentrating to write the last couple years.

Where the Writing is: The damn book finally wants to pour out, but I’ve been working at the other house till too tired to THINK.  The revision is done and I’m entering changes/adjusting, and have… 4? 5 chapters left to write.  Yes, will try to finish before surgery, though it might not happen, depending.  One thing I underestimated was the amount of pre-op.

Where the Sarah is: Terrified while knowing it’s stupid to be terrified.  Making preparations in case I’m not here after Tuesday, even though I know that’s unlikely.

Where the blog will be: I have guest posts for a week.  I’d like to have them for two.  While serious complications are unlikely I have the body from h*ll and well, after both births there were weird complications, minor in younger son’s case, but consuming three weeks in older.  (And also keeping me on morphine the first week at home, which is my excuse for writing Thirst.)  So if you ever wished to see your name in lights on your very own ATH post, this is your chance!  I have to have them by Sunday night, though, when I’ll be cueing them all.

I likely won’t be in comment section Monday, unless things go extraordinarily well, and I have my tablet at the hospital.

I probably won’t be in on Tuesday which will be my first day back home.

I don’t know how much I’ll be doing here that first week, but I likely will check in now and then.

I’m not being unspeakably lazy, I’m just going to be doped.  If mind is working, plans are to do whatever else I need to get Through Fire off my hands and work on Darkship Revenge and/or dragons depending on mind.

Amanda Green, Cedar Sanderson and Kate Paulk should know how the surgery went, though not the aftermath, yet.  So if you need to know, contact them. Likely David Pascoe and Tedd Speaker to lab animals as well.

At least until I can stumble here and tell you.  My husband will post updates on his FB page.  Because of the way my page is setup he can’t post on mine.  He’ll also post in the diner on FB.

Should the unspeakable happen, (and yes, I know it’s unlikely) be aware that you, the regulars here and my much abused subscribers, were a great help particularly through these difficult two years, and that I’m not sure I could have continued functioning without your help.  I love you guys, and I think you know it. You’re kin, every fractious, prickly one of you.

Okay — end of the soft stuff.  I hope you guys will understand if I’m a little testier than usual and not hold it against me.

I will still be posting through Sunday.

No reason to panic.  This blog will now resume its flight path.  If  you look to the right you’ll see a panicked writer caffeinating in order to write, so she can go to the other house this afternoon.

If you look to your left, you’ll see  panicked fleeing cat, which means I need to go see what he just did in Robert’s office.





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  1. Take Care. We’ll survive your temporary absence. [Smile]

    Now, there’s a question about this blog surviving. Looking sternly at fellow Huns (along with a stern look at myself in the mirror). [Wink]

        1. ::Image Of Dragon Tapping His Claws On Table::

          I’m not concerned about what color you (or anybody) paint Sarah’s place.

          I’m concerned about Sarah having a place to return to. [Very Big Concerned Dragon Glare]

          1. I have the Big Blue Button.

            It’s a Reset Button.

            I will even check the calibration on it.

            1. All right, who set the button to bring back the butterfly-winged cats? Weren’t they enough trouble the first time?

    1. I think we’ll be too busy mourning the passing of PTerry to get into TOO much trouble.

      But you never know about wakes. especially once the whisky starts flowing.

      1. A writer’s wake, in a place like this, seems extraordinarily unwise, yet somehow inevitable. Be safe Sarah, come back soon. You’ll recognize us, if not the surroundings.

  2. We’ll keep the building propped up for ya! Maybe mop a little bit, there’s some syrup on the floor in the bar. Maybe blood… Whatever. The cats keep licking it.

    I’ve got some mammoth on order, and the usual supplier has promised me a nice T-Rex. I’ve been scoping some nice paleolithic vegetables for the new fad. I’m gonna rope Wayne into a couple of dishes…

    I’ve contracted some brownies to scrub the turbo grill and make sure the assembly line is greased.

    Extra booze on order, sourced a nice micro-brew root beer for Zachary to try. Got a big bag of beans for the dueling barristas (Jeff and Kilted) to work some magic on. Had a juice sampler from the paleo farmer, but I haven’t tried it yet. It’s very virulently green.

    Gonna get the dishes washed, and the glasses radiated…

    What’s that? Oh. Yeah. Guess I should mention.

    There’s gonna be a PAR-TAY when you get back. A big shin-dig. Shenanigans. Music, singing (I’m looking at you, TxRed), there could be dancing but we’ll keep the lights low so everybody can deny it was them.

    So, rest. Recuperate. Rusticate. Whatever’s needed.

    When ya get back we’re gonna shake it loose.

        1. Except you sent my brain to the Despicable Me scene at the fair, with the little girl shaking the stuffed animal (Giraffe? Unicorn?) and saying, “It’s so fluffy!”

          1. Same basic concept, really. I can see that little girl growing up into Kayley 😉

          1. The biggest bit of fiction in the show was that Kayley was single. In reality a cute, smart, single engineering type has a half-life that the fellows at Lawrence Livermore find hard to measure.

      1. Tom’s on mop detail.

        Hey, if you’re gonna encourage the spilling of it, you get to handle the cleaning of it.

        1. Great. I still haven’t cleaned up my neighborhood since a certain blue monster leveled it.

          Being one of the few survivors puts a lot on me, and now I’ve got to mop too?

                    1. You figure that out by biting it before starting, right?

                      Well, that’s what I told that guy a while back… Come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve seen him since…

                    2. Hmph. Now I know who to send the bill to.

                      You know how much it costs to get ichor out of all those little crevices? Tentacle wounds are like scalp wounds — messy.

                      As for that one guy, the appetizer’s the only thing that salved feelings enough to keep me from having to play nursemaid to the tentacled horror. Again.

                      For an eldritch nightmare, there’s an inordinate amount of whining.

                    3. You know how Wayne likes to cook, right?

                      Apparently a hearty slap on the back from him makes for a nice spice-encrusted preparation…

                    4. Hm.

                      Tom, you left your computer on, again. A few more posts from the other side like this and Fed the Fred is gonna send somebody ’round to try to talk you into something.

                      Don’t forget to wipe the ectoplasm off the keyboard…

                    5. Send someone around?

                      Hell, I have a standing appointment on Wednesdays at 11 am.

                      I make coffee, the feds bring donuts.

                      Works out beautifully. 😀

                    6. Haven’t they figured out slipping you multiple trackers in the baked goods just fuzzes the signal?

                      Amateurs. They oughta just pin a geo-tag in your ear and be done with it.

                    7. Oh, they did.

                      They bring the donuts because they’re terrified I’ll poison them.

                      The only reason they drink the coffee is that I pour for myself out of the same pot. Clearly, they never watched The Princess Bride. Just a little while longer, and the immunity will be in place.


                  1. Sorry, those’re hooked up to the BBQ sauce out by the grill. Tough to get good coverage on a side of mammoth with those teensey brushes.

                    1. The thicker sauces are hard on the pressure washers. Not to mention the diced jalapeno.

                    2. Yeah, but the turbo diesel is just LOUD. We can use the water jet at the carving station, though.

                    3. Heavy sauces go into the airless paint sprayer rig, but only use the one marked “Food” so we don’t get eggshell latex-sprayed mammoth tri tip again.

                      Though the little guys on the transdimensional ambassadoral team that were visiting seemed to dig the latex flavor…

                    4. Yeah I set that sprayer aside, in case they drop by again.

                      Seemed to facilitate a favorable agreement. No Tyler Vernon favorable trade disparities, mind, but still.

                    5. Couldn’t we just pick up a surplus Seagrave pumper and get serious? Those Pierce-Arrow V-12s are just cool.

                    1. When you’re talking the meandering garden, a lot of people haven’t. Have you? I need to map the current spot for the festivities…

                    2. The key to finding the meandering garden is to realize it’s strongly affected by the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle (no, it doesn’t mean being unsure of Walter White’s morality). So to find it, you just need to determine its speed very precisely, then it’s everywhere. Now where did I put that femtometer LIDAR…

                    3. I am a fan of delegation.

                      Jeff’s in charge of pinning down the garden for the Modern Folk folks. Be sure and let TxRed know when you find it.

                    4. Yeah, we had to give up on the hoses over there. Just brought in a 24 inch line and made a waterfall.

    1. You’ve got brownies cleaning the grill? I have to go tag the LOX feed and rack out the dilithium chamber. Why doesn’t anyone tell me these things?

            1. It — uh — had coffee stains all over it.

              I figured that just screamed “Chief” even if you couldn’t read the name…

            2. Well, it’s fixed now. Let me know as soon as the brownies are done, the pre-crit for the grill takes a while, plus there’s the heat up.

              Just make sure to use the right cover sheet. 800 thread count Egyptian cotton, solid magenta.

                1. *raises paw* We can use them for the invitations to formal events that we never get around to sending out. Or we can use the teal ink on the printer and use them for invitations to those “people we don’t really want coming but that [Mom/teacher/shower hostess] says we have to invite anyway.”

                  1. Ooo, good.

                    *hands stack to TxRed*

                    I love a clean desk. Er — clean spot on the desk.

                    Okay, clean spot on the stuff on the desk.

                2. The teal cover sheets either go to Mary or the guest bedroom, you’ll have to ask Anghammarad.

                  1. Gave ’em to TxRed, she can fret with the golems.

                    I’ve got to go make sure Jerry Boyd doesn’t blow the “cool” budget.

                    1. Finally figured out what you meant. Seagrave hasn’t used the Pierce-Arrow engine since the seventies. They oughta be cheap by now, if you can find one.

                    2. Have I mentioned my feelings on delegation?

                      Jerry’s in charge of sourcing engines. Everybody with a pet project lacking horsepower, see Jerry.

                    3. bit out of the loop on old engines these days, Knew where some Packards were in Louisiana. Peirce stuff is nearly hens teeth. BUT, with cad/cam and 3D these days you can make almost anything you need. Just ask Jay Leno

                    4. Don’t know how much Seagrave messed with the design, but they licensed it in the thirties, and kept building ’em till the seventies. Amazing what you learn when you get bored in front of the computer.

              1. Got a note from the top brownie. They’ll be done Saturday, 0217.

                Apparently, mammoth puts off a lot of grease, but they’ve got a rhythm going.

                Memo to follow. Soon as I figure out where my box of magenta rag went. I’ve got some nice cerulean, no magenta.

                1. OK, knowing how they are, I just went and checked the calendar, to make sure they weren’t talking about next February, but we should be ok, because 2/17 is on Wednesday next year.

                  1. Yeah, but 2/17 is on Saturday in 2018. We can’t wait 35 months for the grill. If it’s that bad, I’ll just borrow some antimatter from the basement.

                    The heat up starts at 0500. Tell the brownies to be done or be well done.

                2. So we’ll be ready to startup by 0230. That means the startup brief at 0100. Pre-brief brief at 0030. Pre-pre-brief-brief training at 2330. Pre-pre-pre-brief-brief-training brief will be at 2300. Pre-pre-pre-brief-brief-training-brief muster will be at 2230.

                    1. Inspection? This is a grill startup, not a bloody parade. 1330 is when we start drinking. Can’t start up a grill with a sober watch team. Wouldn’t be prudent.

                    2. Ah. Good to hear we’ve got a safety conscious crew on duty.

                      Things always go smoother with lubrication.

                    3. Good man. I leave it in your capable hands.

                      You’ll probably have to set the bottle down to take it…

                    4. Task a minion, then. I’m not gonna hold it all day, it’s gettin’ in the way of my pouring.

                3. Sigh. I sorta miss Cerulean Freight Forwarding. I mentioned them today to someone albeit not as such.

    2. Can we eat the brownies yet?

      Oh, they are not that kind of brownies… 😦

      Hm, if we wash them first, then use the grill… might be interesting, anyway. 🙂

      1. That would definitely void the contract.

        Besides, the last time the brownies got baked…

    3. Oh kay. *winces at feedback, turns amp down to 10.95* Sorry bout that . . . Trying again. Music.
      1) We got a string quartet and small chamber orchestra on the list for the observatory, a punk group and two Black Metal bands to alternate with the hard rock group at the mosh pit and yes, the Olde Ones’ pets have been temporarily relocated to the fourth sub-basement for the weekend already. *looks at clip board*
      2) The newgrass folks are slated for the greenhouse, with classic bluegrass in the evening, same venue. Unless someone vehemently objects, the New Age and Celt-age acts are in the lobby outside of the planetarium and the trad Celtic is at the main bar through Wednesday AM, when the Monty Python marathon isn’t in session.
      3) Karaoke and filk will be in the recovery and rumpus room respectively, I’ve got a choir booked for the formal garden if the weather stays good, and the Diskworld readings will be in the end of the reading room(s) by main door, so those who want peace (?) and quiet can have the pocket reading spaces without us tramping past them.
      4) I know, I have not found good places for the klezmer, modern folk, alt rock, and Sacred Harp and chant groups yet. Ren Rock either, but I’m hoping Peter Grant might have some ideas, since he’s a big Blackmore’s Night fan.

      1. Hm. Good. Good.

        I can move some stuff around in the shop, make space for the alt rock. The industrial atmosphere ought to work well. And I’ll lock-out all the equipment so nobody tries to program the mill for back rubs, again. Modern folk can have the meandering garden, as long as somebody’s updated the map on its current location.

        It’s possible, just possible, I can rent the concert hall from the dragon two bubbles over. Very nice acoustics (he likes the reverberation of his own voice), would be perfect for Sacred Heart and chants if they alternate. Just gotta find the right bribe. Hm. Better order another T-Rex. He was a bit miffed he didn’t get any of Wayne’s pepper encrusted Old One.

        Leaving — klezmer and Ren Rock. Best I can do for the moment.

        I’ve gotta go poke my head in the fourth sub-basement/spinward make sure we’ve got a new lock on the trapdoor. You know how the Up energies make the metal brittle, and those fellas — they get excited when they smell meat grilling.

        1. Hmm, I bet the Sacred Harp and chant groups will be willing to alternate, as long as there’s a decent few minutes between sets. And there may be some of the dry-aged diplodocus hams left in the second floor of the aging shed, over by where the cats circled up at the start of the people-chase.

          And good point about the lock on the trapdoor. It probably wouldn’t hurt to expose the new one to moonlight for an hour or so, just in case.

          1. I have a text from a Mr. Marx, inquiring as to where he should set up the Carnal Harp? Strangely, rather than an emoticon, it closes with a honk.

            1. Men’s restroom, in the back, 3rd door on the right.

              Remind him, not the 2nd door. Never the 2nd door.

              1. He says Lydia doesn’t want to dance in the men’s, could they please have a different room?

                1. Hm. Tough one. There’s a couple of cubby-holes, but if they want an audience…

                  Lemme look. We might have access to the roof deck. Depends on whether or not the griffin squadron has scheduled touch-and-gos.

                  1. Not a question of “wanting” an audience, once Lydia gets going. Very educational, doncha know.

          2. Ooo — aged diplodocus! I’ll get him to throw in his lighting fairy!

            Glad you reminded me on the moonlight, I’ll stick a matched set of new locks out tonight. We’re waning, but there’s still a fat sliver. It’ll work.

            Now if I can just figure what happened to the ladder in the aging shed…

            I hate using that rope. Too greasy.

            1. Last time I saw it, Meankitteh was dragging it back to the aging shed. Or at least was dragging it in that direction. Beyond that I have not a clue.

              1. Hm. Probably looking for the fresh catnip. But I stashed it better than that…

              1. Saw a couple of hundred pound channel cats from the thirties, but I think we’re all out of Megaladon.

                    1. It’s a “clipper” only in shape. It’s a tad bigger than a traditional Clipper Ship.

                      And it has Dynamic Reference Point anchoring (dynamic so minor things like the rotation of the planet don’t screw it up), to keep it from drifting (or being pulled around).

                1. Yeah, the Megaladon was getting a little frisky so I sent it for canning.

                  Gotta keep the cats bribed, ya know?

    4. Coming through, coming through. . . .

      Yeah, they’re just feather beds, but they are kinda big so they can be dangerous. Setting up them in the room half way up the stair — behind the door with the moon and three stars carving — so that the convalescent can nip off and rest for a bit.

      And they are stuffed with firebird feathers, which are hypoallergenic.

  3. Oh dear!
    You are in my prayers.

    and stay away from the painting, you don’t need the fumes at this point.

  4. As they say on the streets of Detroit:

    Hannel yo’ bidness.

    We’ll be here when we get back. I’ll say a prayer for you too.

  5. All gods bless. My Lady was. Quilter for years, until she had to give it up, so I know about cloth hoarding. Fortunately we were able to sell a bunch.

    How many sewing machines did/do you have? My Lady topped out at 6.

        1. Good deal. Old for rugged, new for fancy stitches. Don’t think Mom ever forgave herself for trading off the old Singer Dad had converted from treadle to electric for her.

        1. Yeah, that last batch of Altarian brandy…

          Somebody’s gettin’ a nastygram.

          1. I seem to recall REAL Altarian brandy opens counter-clockwise.
            The fake stuff requires the sonic-separator gizmo.
            Or have I got that backwards?
            (Runs off to check Supply.)

            1. Have you tried the Jubalan rum? I’ve got a jar here. It’s the one labeled “wood stripper.” And by that I mean it strips the wood off of the furniture.

        2. Bad liquor has it uses. They start after about your first four shots of good liquor.

  6. Here’s what you do. Bake up something orgasmically scrumptious. Take in on Day Of. Hand one each to operating team. Close up tin, hand to Dan, and say, “you get the rest when I’m released.” You just gotta *motivate* people, you know?

    And if it is what I think, my sister had the same–and recovered AMAZINGLY quickly. Your immune system only has so much bandwidth and when you get rid of non-team-players, it helps. A lot.


      1. I’m going to remember that when I go in for back surgery in the entirely too near future!

  7. “If you look to your left, you’ll see panicked fleeing cat, which means I need to go see what he just did in Robert’s office.”

    Furanoia: the absolutely rational fear that your pet(s) are Up To No Good.

    Sarah, good luck and prayers.

    May the Lord bless you, and keep you; may He make His countenance to shine upon you, and grant you His Peace.

      1. I think it is furphobia that is fear of furries. It is an irrational phobia, where furanoia is perfectly rational.
        I’ll leave in the comments my one year old beagle types sometime, since he hits the number pad first, it is mostly carriage returns (and why are they carriage returns when there are no carriages?) and numbers.

            1. Ya know . . . we haven’t had a *looks around and whispers* limerick contest *returns to normal voice* around here in a while.

        1. Wayne, yes it is rhetorical, I am old enough to remember typewriters.
          Joe, well once he wrote a couple of sonnets, but while he got the meter OK, he doesn’t rhyme well.

          1. Heh. I have a bad habit of missing jokes, and was getting ready to make an explanation, when I finally thought, “No! That’s not something people HERE would really not know!”

            I need a 30-second delay sometimes, so things can filter to the top.

      1. Back when I was just in my starting writer days, I used to type (Underwood “Front Page” manual for added pretension) on a small enclosed porch with a big set of ’70’s headphones on a long cable across the living room to my stereo playing my writing music (Hawkwind LP’s for added pretension).

        I’d be banging along and *twang* suddenly I’d find myself staring at the ceiling in midword. I’d turn around to see cat ass and headphones disappearing into the bedroom…

        1. Our cat, while a kitten, learned to turn the computer power strip off and on. Beware if you are on the computer and attention is demanded, for if all else fails, the switch will get pushed.

  8. Sarah – HUUUUUUGS! Prayers too!

    Don’t worry too much. It’s got to be looked at, but it’s probably nothing. My mom got all worked up, and it turned out to be pre-pre-pre cancer. And I got worked up about what turned out to be nothing like a weird cyst in a weird place. (Which made me feel like our dogs, who are always getting cysts.) So even though it’s very scary and I’m glad you’re taking care of it, there’s a very good chance that it will all turn out benign.

    And even if it is something, they’ve got lots of ways to help you these days. So be positive and listen to something funny while you’re housecleaning or whatever. 🙂

    You know, you might want to get Anointing of the Sick. Normally, surgery’s not a reason, but surgery plus weird reaction is. And honestly, with all the stuff your body’s been suffering, you probably have needed it for years. I’m not somebody who wants to push healing Masses and anointing on everybody, but I bet your priest would do it if you give him a call.

    1. I had it 19 years ago. I actually had last rites, which I understand canonically puts me in a weird place.
      Currently between parishes, since the one we attended for 20 years went liberation theology and we couldn’t. Left over explanation of how Palin’s hatred totally shot Giffords.
      Trying a lot of places, not registered anywhere. (Though found a place in area we wish to move to, but until we do, who knows?)

      1. I kinda figured you’d gotten the Apostolic Pardon, viaticum, etc., given your weird medical history. Six out of Seven Sacraments ain’t bad…. 🙂

        Well, like I say, I don’t know that you -need- Anointing of the Sick, but if priests are going to relax who gets it, I feel like it’s perfectly appropriate to try and get it. But if it’s going to be more stressful to try, don’t try it.

        But it’s probably good to call the hospital and find out who does the Catholic chaplaining, if only so you can find out if you can get to Mass or whatever. All this HIPA patient privacy stuff makes it so you have to get in touch with them or with a parish, because otherwise they’ll have no clue there’s a Catholic in the hospital. (Yeah, I know, more pain in the butt.)

        1. The Roman Catholic chaplain at a hospital a few years ago didn’t care what religion the patients were: He was there. He will always be appreciated.

            1. I understand. And feel for you.
              I was part of the massive Methodist exodus during the late 90s when a majority of pastors decided that regardless of what the doctrine, laity, and by-laws said, they were going to take a hard-left line.
              The appeal of the church rapidly became a great deal more selective. But they won, and better to reign in hell, than serve heaven, right comrades?

              Several years ago, I went back for a Christmas service. Admittedly, mainly because my grandmother asked me to. The preacher doesn’t the whole sermon railing against Bush. He also had Tourette’s, and visibly ticced every time he said the words “Jesus”, ” Christ”, and ” God”. Oh yes, he thought it would be a good idea to put the candles among silk flowers . And was self important enough to be upset when I interrupted his rant to extinguish the piano.

              1. Puts “extinguish the piano” on list of dialogue to put in somewhere. Anywhere. That is epic.

              2. And was self important enough to be upset when I interrupted his rant to extinguish the piano.

                I have a newspaper report somewhere that I ran into trying to find out a grandfather’s middle name– it mentioned that in the middle of a late winter service he’d been seen to be looking out the window, and then quietly walked out the back.

                Came back a few minutes later, silently tapped another man on the shoulder, and the both walk out.

                About ten minutes later, they come back, their jackets and hair slightly mussed, sit back down, and finish the service. It doesn’t say it, but obviously everyone was dying of curiosity.

                You see, he’d noticed that there was a chimney fire in progress in the meeting hall area, and he only needed a little help to stop it….

              3. There’s something of a Methodist Underground, despite the practice of moving preachers around after X number of years. And, like Roman Catholics, they were there when my family was in tight spots health-wise. When I visited a Methodist church a while back, it was like stepping back into the 1960s, and in a good way. But the church is part of the Methodist Underground, to the point where the preacher had recommended a Baptist church for his grown children.

      2. I feel your pain.

        Our church doesn’t get into politics directly, but I did get to listen to a sermon last week about how Jesus threw the money-changers out of the temple because he was concerned about the animals’ welfare, and how animal sacrifice was never God’s intention. (He used Amos as a basis for that.)

        Kept muttering, “I’m here for the music, I’m here for the music.”

        And they keep wondering why we never officially join . . .

        1. Interesting. God commanded animal sacrifice under the Law, and your minister says it was not God’s intention? Time to make tracks.

          1. I believe Genesis 22 discusses Abraham being provided a lamb by God to sacrifice. Point is, the Pastor doesn’t have to read that far into the bible to disprove his point.

            1. Not understanding animal sacrifice means this person doesn’t understand the Jewish doctrine of blood covering blood, which means he doesn’t GET Christianity. At all. Eh.

              1. Well… Let’s call it “the Christian understanding of the Jewish doctrine”, OK? (When I got curious and started reading about Christian doctrines I had quite a few “That’s not how any of this works!” moments.)

                In the pastor’s defense, there is a view within Christianity that says the sacrifices only ever existed as a template for the Crucifixion.
                  On second thought, that’s a mitigation, not a defense: If this fellow reads “animal welfare” where the text is a clear discussion of commercialism in sacred space, he’s lacking in basic reading comprehension and any sort of doctrine is probably far beyond him.

              2. “I’m not asking for anyone’s bleeding charity.”
                “Then do so. At once.”
                – C.S. Lewis, The Great Divorce

        2. Don’t get me started on Churches that think “Liberal Causes” are Great but speak out against Churches that support “Conservative Causes”. [Frown]

          Went to one American Baptist Church and felt that I had entered Democratic Party Territory. Didn’t go back.

          1. Odd, around here, we have Southern Baptist and I believe most of them consider Democrats godless heathens. Now it might be that my point of reference is my Aunt, who lives on the golf course in one of the gated communities around Williamsburg, they tend to be both older and very well off.

              1. Baptists are *all* different critters.

                “Two Baptists Three Opinions”. [Very Big Grin]

                1. English Baptists sprung from the congregation of Rev, John Smyth, who was subsequently kicked out by his congregation, thereby starting a Baptist tradition that exists to this very day.

                  1. Don’t forget Thomas Helwys; if I haven’t mixed them up, he’s the one who went back to England while Smyth stayed in Holland (and there’s a Mennonite contribution to the theology that I got wrong on at least one exam).

            1. Actually, I think you have to agree that Democrats are godless heathens when you join a Southern Baptist church.

              At least around this neck of the woods.

                1. Around here, it seems that the black Baptist churches are something else rather than “Southern Baptist”.

                  Not sure if that holds true throughout the South.

                  1. I think it’s pretty general, based on experience, although if you’re from Alabama or Tennessee our experiences are congruent.
                    And I have also had to reassure some of my older fellow congregants that, as near as I could tell, Obama was actually going to step down if not re-elected.

                    1. Then you might not want to tell them about the latest rumor: the reason Obama isn’t backing up Hilary on servergate is that way they can run Michelle for his third term.

                    2. “He’s not that stupid.”

                      Where have you been the last 7 years?

                      I happen to agree with you, but for a different reason. I think Michelle is going to run for Senate so that in 8 years when it’s the Democrat’s turn she can run as the first woman President. I think the long knives are out for Hillary! because lots of people on the left deserted her in 2008 and they’re afraid of the vengeance she’d wreak if she got her hands on the levers of power.

                    3. (Shakes head)
                      You’re forgetting that Barack Obama is a man whose primary field of expertise is becoming President, rather than being President.
                      Man doesn’t have a clue how to actually govern. But winning elections is most definitely his field of expertise.

                    4. Barack Obama is a man whose primary field of expertise is becoming President

                      …with major assists from the R party leadership and the “I lost before, so it’s my turn” nomination process. I’m still not certain John McCain himself was incapable of pulling out a win had he not stumbled at the end, and though I think Mittens would have been an honest and patriotic President, he ran a mushy soft campaign in a year that would have reponded better to a hard hitting one, those two previous losers were just about the weakest nominees since Bob Dole.

                      If the Gerald Ford wing can be outmaneuvered, the R side can win, but if the country-club R side picks the next nominee, it’s Hello President Warren, and likely goodby Supreme Court.

                  2. They’re not affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. Unlike hierarchical denominations, Baptist conventions and associations are confederations of independent churches, usually joined together to make projects such as missions and purchasing materials easier. That’s why one of the largest Baptist publishing companies is located in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville was once the printing capital of the US.

                    If you want to hear a fire and brimstone sermon, you are more likely to hear it in a black congregation than a white, and they tend to be fundamentalist. The political split rests on the how. Black congregations tend to lean more toward socialism, and, as a result, tend to back Democrats. Consider that this is rooted in the question of how to best help others rather than pure political ideology, and you’ll get a clearer picture of how they see the world.

          2. I went to a Presbyterian church about a dozen years ago. My wife asked me how it went, I told her “I’m pretty sure I’m the only one there who didn’t vote for McGovern.”

          1. It sounds familiar– I think it’s from the radical vegans who hold that Christ was a Vegan. They do some…really interesting stuff.

            *tries not to look at the Jewish ritual meals that include meat, eggs, milk, milk products or honey*

            1. (Blinks) So, how do they explain him taking Passover, exactly?
              I mean, I’ve heard of weird interpretations of Scripture, but that takes the cake.

              1. Have you seen how some folks claim Christ didn’t drink wine? Like that, but more so– lots of yelling, lots of handwaving, lots of denying.

                1. It’s been a while since I was at a Southern Baptist communion, but I’m pretty sure they use grape juice.

                  1. I know the funky protestant one in my dad’s home town used grape juice and white bread; I can even see making an argument for it based on being new wine or something, since I learned about how the very idea of “grape juice” is new– it turns to wine that fast.

                    It’s the attempt to claim authority by lying, and about such an important person, for so little gain, that just singes me.

                    1. Yep, and from-the-time instructions that it’s supposed to be wheat, too.

                      I know there are some normal groups who go with a “breaking of bread” version instead of going closer to the Jewish feast, instead, but for goodness sake it’s supposed to be special, not “I grabbed the cheap bottle of grape juice and the 99c mass-produced presliced loaf, where are the wax bathroom cups?”

                    2. Yes, likewise. I remember Grandma calling somebody for the recipe when it was her turn to make the unleavened bread. (memorable cause she so seldom used the phone)

                  2. Oh, and at least traditionally, someone would be struck by lightning if I went into a Southern Baptist service. *grin*
                    The really nice outreach guy who would come to Pensacola’s air training base looked like he’d swallowed a frog when I declined the invite to service and their rec center because I’m Catholic, but he was very nice about assuring me that if I wanted, I could just use the rec area. I’d just never had someone have that kind of a “oh, my, goodness….!” response to anything before!

                    1. Mom was Southern Baptist her whole life. Grandpa was a deacon, helped hang the church bell. My second wife is Catholic. After Mom attended our (Catholic) ceremony, the next time we went to Mom’s church, they did what basically amounted to the “Sign of Peace”. Obviously Mom’s doing, and you could have knocked me over with a feather.

                    2. There is a strong anti-papal streak in Protestant churches, and it’s in Baptists like everywhere else. But I know a nun who’s attended Baptist services without thunder and lightning, and I know of others who’ve attended others, some to be polite and some out of curiosity.

                    3. There’s actually some really interesting history behind it– a lot of the really, really strange stuff actually came over from England after they loosened up their laws and there was a backlash, and some really sensational dirty stories, right about the time that there was some really big developments in American Christian churches.

                      Good people, though; first time I took my car out for a drive, I “found” a screwdriver that’d fallout of of someone’s car. Got off of the freeway without an accident, right into a residential area, totally lost, no cell service, it’s a Sunday, and I stopped…. just as a church let out. Definitely not Catholic, but I didn’t see them looking twice at the rosary on the mirror– to them, I was just a lost “kid” who was obviously from the military base a few miles over, and a girl, and there’s no way they were going to let me change over to the spare myself.

                      It’s awesome to live somewhere that we can make jokes about animus between religions, because it’s looking askance and flutter-flutter oh my goodness.

                    4. Amen.

                      It’s sad but it seems that “religious intolerance” is mostly held by the Left. IE the Left is most likely to Hate people based on what religion they hold.

                  3. Yep, still do.
                    I deal with it, it’s what I’m used to, but I really wish we could remember that Jesus and crew could drink without drunkenness.

                    1. Heh. My cousin, who is a Southern Baptist Minister, nearly had a stroke when I told him that I had soaked the chicken he was praising in beer before cooking it.

                    2. Oh, and he looked nearly equally shocked when I told him the Ben Franklin quote (real, or apocryphal?) about how “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy”.

                  4. It’s preferred, and, due to some of the medications out there, probably a good idea. But while it’s grape juice 99.9% of the time, you can run into communion, AKA “The Lord’s Supper,” with wine.

                  5. Grape Juice instead of wine is how my local Church has always done it *but* there’s no nonsense about Christ never drinking wine.

                    1. *nod* Big, big difference; if your theology doesn’t have some specific notes the Catholics do, or comperable, I can’t see an issue– it’s just the claim that bugs me, same as with the “Christ was a Vegan” thing. (Well, alright, less than that– but that’s another issue.)

                  6. Actually you can use grape juice for a Catholic mass — IF it is “new wine.” which is to say, you’ve done nothing to prevent fermentation.

                2. I’ve heard the argument that the wine wasn’t alcoholic. It’s stretching things because Baptists have a history of backing prohibition on social grounds, to the point where some consider alcoholic drink to be sin. Therefore, rather than re-examine their doctrine, they find it easier to try and make it fit their preconceptions, instead of altering their preconceptions to fit doctrine.

                  The joke around here is that the difference between a Baptist and a Methodist is the Methodist will speak to you in the liquor store.

                  1. That’s the one I was trying to remember!

                    “The Catholics don’t recognize the Anglicans, the Anglicans don’t recognize the Methodists, the Methodists don’t recognize the Baptists and the Baptists don’t recognize each other in the liquor isle.”

                    Varied in accordance with what ever’s funnier for the area, of course.

                  2. And suddenly I’m seeing a really fat, nervous sergeant who is relieved that his neighbor hasn’t spotted him in the strip club yet, and he knows because every time he looks over a the guy, he’s looking the other way…..

                    1. Can’t be worse than a couple of uncles who slipped it to watch a Hoochee Cooche show, then hurriedly slipped out because their parents were sitting in front.

      3. “Registered.”

        Oh. Um. Well, I’ve been going to this one for ten years, sang in the choir for a while (until work and then kids interfered), and they recognize me. The minor fact that they don’t have my name and address in their files shouldn’t matter, yes?

        I keep forgetting…

        1. Note that I’m in California, land of fruits and nuts, and have yet to have a priest talk more than doctrinal politics (as in, “We are celebrating 40 Days For Life,” kind of thing.) These days, we seem to be importing most of our priests from the Phillipenes.

      4. I had it 19 years ago. I actually had last rites, which I understand canonically puts me in a weird place.

        As best I can find, that’s just the old name for the Anointing of the Sick– available to anybody who as a reasonable expectation of not living.

        I’ve gotten it before each c-section after the first one, and our priest urges people who are even “just” seriously ill to receive it, and it’s offered every fifth Sunday or by special request. He’s rather orthodox, so I figure I can trust him. 😀

        SuburbanBanshee’s suggestion is probably the way to go, calling the hospital to ask them who does their rounds. I know some places have the retired priests doing it, so you avoid the whole issue.

      5. In case you’ve miss-filed your copy during the moving (or loaned it out to someone who forgot that you gave it to them, etc.), the online reference is here: Look for paragraph #1499. I actually had to look that up at work last year for someone’s project that’s still in the works. It’s very thorough, with footnotes to Scripture and everything. That block is the only part I’ve read since that was what the client was using; the client was granted permission to reprint the needed part. My denomination’s Articles of Faith has twenty-two articles, in contrast.

      6. Alright, it’s a bit tea-leaf reading, but— I found the site that has what various parishes in Colorado Springs are doing for Lent, and that’s usually a good indication of how serious they are when you correct for which ones are satellites and which are central.

        For example, the place that has confession for four hours every other week-day is probably pretty orthodox, while the one where the only Lent activity is Easter Mass is probably…not. Always assuming that the first isn’t the one that’s right next to the local rectory while the second is a “little old ladies at the old folks home that can’t get anywhere else” one.

    2. I forgot that WordPress strips out the humorous tags, so that last paragraph is missing its identification as buttinsky mode. 🙂

      Btw, I thought of a bright side! You don’t have to abstain from meat during Lent when you are recovering from surgery! Steak on Friday! Heh heh heh!

    3. (Which made me feel like our dogs, who are always getting cysts.)

      Can I feel like a dog? I wanna know what it feels like to sleep all day, have someone else makes my meals and only get up to run around in circles. Heck, I wouldn’t even have to open doors for myself. Sounds like the life to me.

    1. We will stand watch upon the walls and guard against the troll legions, Lady Sarah.

      1. Christopher’s handling the guard roster, send him your alibis.

        I’m sure he’ll be very polite when he laughs them down. He’s Canadian like that.

  9. Any preference for word count? Or a minimum or maximum?

    I’ve got a notion for a Puppies post that I may be able to put together.

      1. That plus or minus 400 seems like it might at least be right for sizing the ideas. Thanks.

  10. God Bless and God Speed. I tried to post earlier, but I am an idiot. To recap: There are a lot of us out here quietly praying for your safety and sanity, in that order as sanity is subjective. Funny FYI, my MIL (mom-in-law and member of the top ten best people on the planet club) finds it insulting to refer to fabric collections as hoarding. She insists on calling it inventory. Of course, she’s Shirley Adams from the Sewing Connection so she can call it whatever she likes. If you run out of movies to watch during recovery when the percoset makes reading problematic, I’ll send you some DVD’s of Shirl’s shows. Anyway, please know we are thinking of you.

        1. As a previous employee of Disneyland, I must say that their is no pool of coins. (Please ignore the lawyer standing behind me with the nondisclosure papers.)

  11. This is not a long sustained whine, precisely.

    *mutter, mutter, mutter*

    For love of little green apples, I have GOT to get you and my mom with her little sister.
    It’s not a death sentence or anything, but this is a rather big deal.

    And you feel the need to apologize for only doing twice as much as most people.

    *throws hands in air, walks around muttering*

    1. And you feel the need to apologize for only doing twice as much as most people.

      *throws hands in air, walks around muttering*

      Yeah. what she said. 🙂

          1. Well, I know that you know, that you know that I know, that he knows that she knows that…


            What was I talking about again?

  12. Prayers and kitty pets (telling Val they’re from Mom With The Big Cage, and say some prayers to Ceiling Cat.)

  13. Pretty please may we have permission to play Whack a Troll while you are indisposed? Not saying unleash the Huns, but perhaps a bit of slack in the choke chain?
    As for you my young Portagee, take care of yourself and mind what Dan and the docs tell you. It’s not the physical recovery so much for many of us as coming back from the damned anesthesia. Was for me after cancer surgery and sounds like you’re much the same.
    Will leave with this story. At the gravesite of my ex MIL her daughter was understandably bummed out and close to breaking. Dan, our youngest, sidled up to her and whispered in her ear, “nobody likes your punk ass anyway!” which immediately cracked her up and got her past a hard moment. Exactly what Dan had intended. What can I say, I brought both boys up a bit twisted and odd.
    So Sarah Hoyt, nobody here likes your punk ass anyway. Love and hugs and prayers to your and yours at this and every other time when a bit of positive feeling couldn’t hurt.

    1. You gotta watch the whole Whack-A-Troll thing. I’m still picking pieces of them out of my club from last time.

      1. Don’t use a club. A good ol’ Macross Missile Massacre is sufficient.

        (…and I have no YouTube access at work. *sigh*)

  14. Speaking of cats, we had sign of spring yesterday in that one of the cats attacked and disabled what I think was a baby copperhead (appropriate coloration and a relatively large triangular head, with an indentation in the middle). I applied a coup de grace with a shovel (or swooped in an got the 1 XP point if you’d rather).

      1. I always suspected progs had scales. Given the percentages, it’s best to just assume one scale.

  15. If I can do anything at ALL, let me know. I’m available to proofread/edit (limited) the book(s) if you need and I can have a pretty quick turnaround. I know a few folks in the Springs so if you need some moving help, let me know and I can flag them down too. Much love and prayers to you! and lots of careful hugs.

  16. While it’s nice that folks will be tending to your blog in your temporary absence, it’s not as important as your health. Tend to that first.

  17. “Terrified while knowing it’s stupid to be terrified”. It’s never stupid to be terrified. It’s the measure of courage to do what you know needs to be done inspite of being terrified. Facing the ultimate inevitability gives us a glimpse of the value of humanity. However, may your ultimate inevitability be put off for several decades more.

  18. Good luck with you. I will have a candle burning on that day, if you don’t mind.

    (Pink? It would be symbolic of caring… no carp, please, I can use blue or green or something else *sulks*)

      1. Mr. All Caps Himself was present, according to the pre-written Twitter post that went out.

        One other item that was mentioned in the news stories – despite Pratchett’s recent support of assisted suicide, he did not take his own life.

        1. Can I just say that I’m glad he didn’t take his own life? Aside from the religious reasons that I know he didn’t share, that also indicates that he didn’t feel as though his quality of life had deteriorated to the point he wanted to end it. I much prefer to think that he was reasonably happy with his life up until the end.

        1. Be very proud of your son. And I think he is right; the Tiffany Aching series should be a must read for all children as it shows so much about being responsible and self-reliant. Plus, I like Rob Anybody’s name, a true Scot.

      1. I’ve seen it both ways, and I know which I prefer for myself. Though I’ve heard it said there’s better ways to go…

        Actually, shot by a jealous husband isn’t the best way, I’m given to understand, because you’re still shot. Unless said man is a very good shot, that is, and doesn’t mess around.

        All joking aside, a giant has punched his ticket and is now a-sailing. He left behind dreams in a hundred thousand heads, wide shoulders to stand on, gigantic high off the ground; the family who knew him best, and those who only knew and treasured his words.

        Requiescat in pacem, Terry Pratchett, wherever you are. Good men and women across the world mourn today.

        May one day we all meet in fairer fields.

  19. I hoisted the prayer flag for you last night with one of my choirs. No specifics, just that my friend Sarah was having a procedure, so you may get some good vibes from down this way (at least, once the forecast north wind tapers off you will.)

      1. It’s when I get a busy signal that I start getting a wee bit nervous. And yes, one of my most heart-felt “please get me out of this and I’ll never do it again . . .” prayers started with “Um, I know You are a little busy right now, it being Sunday morning and all, but if You have a moment . . .”

        1. That’s a bumfuzzling bit of Scripture where the archangel told Daniel that his reply was held up in the passage due to Satanic interference! Then again, if you’re getting your marching orders hand delivered by archangels, you’re in for a time.

          1. I’ve seen prayers answered spectacularly, and prayers that went nowhere. It sort of gives you an eerie feeling when you turn out to be the answer to prayer, like the time when it seemed Murphy had camped at the house right when we were trying to leave, but when we showed up a little late, an elderly woman said I was praying that you’d be here to help.

            There are also the answers to prayers we never make. In a family emergency a few years ago, an upset aunt happened to call my home looking for me. Usually I’m at work, but my wife had a minor test done and we’d just gotten back in. Then, on the way to work, my cell phone rang, and I pulled over and discovered it was my aunt again, with more information. The thing is, neither time she knew where I was when she called. She just picked up the phone and dialed.

            Then there was the night my father was close to death, and only one hospital would take him. It turned out to be probably the only hospital in the state that could save his life.

            1. Last week my sister called me while I was trying to get a big job done, that required a lot of using my hands. She was really upset, so I stopped for ten or so minutes and talked to her.

              Left the place for my next errand, cursing my being late… and got to the five-lane-closing accident where the only recognizable vehicle I could see was a pickup with the rear axle ripped off, which had happened about ten minutes prior.

              And I’m a really bad driver, just don’t have the reaction time for it.

          2. CCO, I suspect that if an archangel showed up at my place, “Fear not!” would be the least of what would be needed to get me to come out from under the bed. (Says she who’s St. Michael medallion was obtained and blessed at Mont Sant Michel.)

            1. Amen. I’ve kind of decided that there’s massive simplification involved in some of those conversations, like when I spend 45 minutes talking to my mom and it can be summarized as “Princess doesn’t like math.”

            2. I’ve been stalked for about five years by St. Raphael. It’s still a sphincter-clenching experience, and I can’t SEE him, just sense him there. (Why St. Raphael? I don’t KNOW. I’m not holy. I’m not saint-devout. I certainly don’t deserve a holy task master. But apparently there’s things I have to do. GRUMBLE. With six million in the world, you’d think they could recruit someone better. Honestly, their HR is less than heavenly.)

              1. The Bible says He won’t send us more than we can bear; I just wish He had a lower opinion of my capabilities.

  20. I’ll be sending you lots of strength wishes and prayer on Monday. Please take good care.

  21. Anesthetics are much improved over 20 years ago, so am hoping you will have minimal reaction (my hubby used to come out fighting) this time. Prayers coming for you, your family, and your medical team from Florida.

  22. You take care of yourself! And remember, a lot of these pressures are self-imposed, so they can be self-unimposed, or reduced, as needed.

  23. Good luck with the surgery! I hope it all goes smoothly and you have a steady recovery.

    Moving is hell. Surgery and illness are hell. Combining the two–AGH! Hang in there. There is no way out but through, unfortunately.

  24. God bless. Looking forward to the next 50 Usaian books.

    Anesthesia can be fun. I destroyed my right leg about a year and a half ago in a stupid accident. First surgery, doped up, I made it very clear to the doctors not to work on anything above the knee, “It’s a broken leg, not a sex change.” Second surgery, doped up, I had to keep reminding myself not to hit on the gorgeous anesthesiologist; but if she had been the last sight I saw, well, could’ve been worse.

    1. “I had to keep reminding myself not to hit on the gorgeous anesthesiologist”

      Why? Talk about a free pass.

      1. I’m sorta the opposite. It takes a fair bit to put me under, and then I wake up raring to go and hungry. The only time I didn’t, it was because they had me on serious painkiller to keep me fuzzy.

        Of course, this makes it sorta problematic if the surgeon or dentist dawdles, because I’ve had to tell folks before that the novocaine is wearing off….

    2. My first time under I noticed laughing at something that wasn’t funny, and was monitoring my reactions when the lights went out. The second time I just monitored my reactions until I went under.

      They really don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor, though. The nurse pushing the gurney said “You won’t be coming out this way” as we went through the doors.
      “That doesn’t sound encouraging,” I said.
      She never got it.

    3. Me, I’m lying there, and pondering the curtains, because when they were admitting me there was a curtain to only one side, and so since there are now two I must be in the “after” room.

      A few minutes before I see the clock and conclude it must have been two hours.

      1. I remember getting a little hazy before I was under for wisdom teeth, and twice being asked and saying I was all right during the operation.

  25. Thoughts and prayers and expect to see you back a week from Tuesday. Glad that your muse finally decided to come home too!

  26. From a reader (and lurker) – I hope and pray all goes well. We need you back!

  27. Good luck next week! May the surgery be easy and healing even more so! 🙂
    As to selling your house, please be optimistic. I put a fixer-upper on craigslist in the Springs recently and had it under contract a week later. Rents are up, so I think buyers are more willing.

    1. A lot of folks are expecting interest rates to go up, too, so a lot of us are getting off our tails and getting going.

      1. Last year all houses in the neighborhood sold. Ours is a little high end (well, we spent years improving and plowing money into it) so it might be slower. We’ll see. I’m hoping up by mid April, sold by July, so we can buy something and move again before Winter.

            1. I should think a cat would like garum. Though, probably not sprayed in their face.

  28. Good luck with the house, surgery, and moving. Given the huge group of complete reprobates you’ve allowed in here, we cannot be held responsible for the state of things when you get back….. cats and dragons wandering across furniture is a guarantee of chaos.

  29. Be careful to take care of yourself as you recover and things should go well.

    Be aware:
    You will not want, but rather your body will demand naps. Pace yourself.
    Walk. Walk some more. After that walk.
    Eat properly. Small meals at first.
    That the Huns will be waiting for you when you return —
    even if we get rowdy, redecorate and otherwise misbehave.
    That is normal, yes?

    Yes, we will miss you. Yes, we want more books, stories and blogs from you. Most of us recognize that the best way to get more writing from you is to see you take care of yourself. So — TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!

    1. Yes. sleep is important.

      Saltines or other crackers may be useful if there are problems with nausea. And Gatorade to keep your electrolytes in balance.

      1. Check medications first, but there’s about six types of “Ginger Candy” at our local caters-to-Asians market that are awesome, too. They taste nothing like any other “ginger candy” I’ve had, are sort of taffy-like, and actually taste like they’re from the same plant as that neon-pink ginger from the sushi bar. 😀

          1. I know, which is why it’s so odd; I’ve only been able to find actual candied ginger once, and it tasted more like honey and sugar than anything else, sadly.

            Still, it helped wonderfully.

            1. It’s very easy to make your own. Seriously hot stuff, too. Makes the commercial stuff taste like you found it in an unraided specialty store, 50 years after the Fall.

              1. I’ve got my grandma’s “candied orange peel” instructions somewhere, but I’m a little over-booked at the moment. Sadly.

                About the most adventurious thing I’ve done lately is pounce on SuburbanBanshee’s trick of using the fish-broth stuff from Japanese cooking to make potato-and-tuna chowder.

  30. I don’t post but I read everything. Blessings to you and ask for a nausea patch – I just had it for gall bladder surgery and while it does dry out your mouth, it took most of the post-operative bad things away, if that’s your particular problem.

    Re: change in Catholic churches… Try Orthodox Christianity. You might find it more palatable.

      1. I have acquaintances at Theophany and attended part of their Christmas Eve service. The congregation is mostly converts, and they seemed generous and friendly.

      2. Antiochian, though, unless you’re okay with your services being conducted in a language you don’t speak and is not related to any of the ones you do.

          1. I suspect that with your accent, they’ll never believe that. ;p

            {{{HUG}}} healing thoughts headed your way, today, Monday, and always.

  31. I’ll be thinking about you Monday – yes, make sure we get an update. I know you’ll come through, but we’ll want to know.

    Here’s to good health, good spirits, and good writing for you in 2015.

  32. “Another of Those Updates”?
    I’ll have you know that we love “those” updates, and would miss them if you didn’t tell us how you were doing.
    We have all made an emotional investment in you, and expect a return in the form of updates on your life.
    (Wow, that sounded vaguely stalker-ish.)
    My family loves to read the updates on how you are doing, and we also send our hopes and prayers on your behalf.
    Thank you for sharing!

  33. Just want you to know that even an old boy Southern Baptist holds you dear and is praying for the Lord to guide the hands and minds of the medical types tomorrow and that He hold you in his hands, shielding and protecting you.

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