Post later

Sorry, I have to deal with some appointment stuff.  will post nearer noon.

Someone was supposed to send me a guest post and didn’t!

Try not to break things or each other.  SPQR has the baton to close discussions that are driving everyone insane.  He’s used to command.

80 responses to “Post later

  1. William O. B'Livion

    SPQR has the baton to close discussions that are driving everyone insane.

    More of a putt really.

    Well, with some it’s more of a tug *back* in the direction of sanity.

  2. Christopher M. Chupik

    In honor of SPQR being put in charge, I offer the following song:

    “Romans, lock your wives away/The bald seducer’s in the rear/You’ve squandered on his Gallic vice the gold you lent him here.”

  3. But….but…

    Not break anything? I mean, you know we’re Huns right? Raid/pillage? That’s what we do. And we can’t break anything…


    Now I can’t do my job anymore.

    *Puts down the two by four that was pointed directly at the window and walks away.*

  4. SPQR has the baton…

    But can he twirl it like a cheerleader? (Ducks and runs)

  5. Do his ears hang low,
    Do they wobble to and fro?
    Can he tie them in a knot,
    Can he tie them in a bow?
    Can he throw them over his shoulder,
    like a continental soldier?
    Do his ears hang low?

    Have no earthly idea why this little ditty leapt into my brain of a sudden, but felt compelled to share none the less.

  6. So – if we’re not allowed to break things, are we still allowed to redecorate?

  7. Drive by gripe: why can we not auto-carp people who schedule academic conferences along the Gulf Coast in March? Why?

    • How is this a bad thing? It’s too early to be hurricane season and it gets those freezing cold damnyankee professors to someplace warm when they’re still freezing in their northern abodes.

    • Academic conferences specifically designed to transport the professoriate to the location where scantily clad coeds are imbibing heavily?

      You’re right, I can’t think of any reason that might happen.

  8. Rats! Guess our hostess meant noonish, Mountain Time.

    • She’s in my timezone and it’s noon. Hope everything’s going okay for her.

    • Since there has been a bunch of talk of fishes here today, I have a TRUE fish story:
      Back…a lot longer than I’d care to think, my sister, in the Explorer Scouts, went on a canoe trip in Canada – somewhere around Winnepeg, IIRC. Flew them all out a couple hundred miles and dropped them off to canoe back. So, one evening after setting up camp, several of them were fishing, and one of the other girls decided she needed to go visit a tree for a moment and asked my sister to watch her fishing pole, but, “Don’t catch anything!” So, being the nice (HA! She had them fooled…) girl that she was, she just sat there and moved the pole back and forth, left to right, saying, “Here fishy, fishy! Here, fishy, fishy, fishy!” The other girl almost made it to the latrine before she had to run back and grab the net to help my sister land the walleye that went for the bait. I think the “Here, fishy, fishy!” plaque they gave my sister when they got back from the trip is still hanging on the wall at mom & dad’s.

  9. *brandishes can of spray paint*

    Here, elfy, elfy…

  10. Hey, how do you get this confounded machine to make tea? I’ve twiddled all the knobs, and I’ve only gotten coffee and Vogon poetry. The mousetrap cleverly hidden behind the knob labeled “Do not twiddle” was an unwelcome surprise, too.

    • You have to knock three times first…

    • Dunno McChuck, but if I my boredom level gets any higher today you might be “treated” to some of my poetry and it’s the only thing in the universe WORSE than Vogon poetry.

      • William O. B'Livion

        Wanna help edit a ks.cfg file so it detects what network cards have link and what drives are available for install dependent on the hardware you’re installing to? (e.g. if it’s $Decent_Hardware we install ONLY on the first drive, if it’s $Stupid_Hardware we make a raid of the two drives we find that are SSD, because we don’t know where they’re going to be found amoung the 74 on the server. Usually they’re sdb and sdc. No, sda is something else and we can’t use it. No, not “shouldn’t? “can’t” as in it don’t frackign work).

    • If you aren’t careful it will give you a liquid that is almost, but not quite, entirely unlike tea.


    • You can only get hot Earl Grey tea, but only if you have a passable English accent.

      • Well, yes, but you have to speak the request in theatrical british while pretending to be French.

  11. Sudden mental image of SPQR riding a giant elephant, rod of authority leaning at his elbow, massive eagle banner over the palanquin…

    I don’t know why the elephant is breathing fire, though.