The Almost Weekly Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

*There will be post later (probably) — for now, I forgot to put my book prices back up (what? I’ve been in pain!) so the novels with Goldport are still at holiday promo price: Witchfinder, No Will but His, the Magical Shakespeare series and all the Musketeer Mysteries.  Witchfinder is 3.99, all the rest are 2.99.  I’m going to raise the prices sometime today, so if you haven’t inflicted er… given my books to someone of your acquaintance, today would be a good time.

I will, everything going well, resume free chapters next week.*

The Almost Weekly Promo Post – Free Range Oyster

Greetings, and welcome back to the kinda-sorta-almost-weekly Promo Post! After receiving nothing last week, I’ve a haul for you this week. In related news, I’ve had a code project in the works for a few weeks now that’s nearly ready to share with you. I’ve created a handy repository for all the books that have been submitted to the Promo Post in the past. It’s functional and ready to go, all the fun code stuff finished (Angular.js is a blast to work with), I just have to do all the tedious data entry now. Heaven willing and the creek don’t rise, it’ll be up to speed in the next few days and I’ll throw you all a link. For now, go read some good books, share them with your friends, and make sure to leave useful reviews. As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four is just too, too many – I’m going to take a nap now.

Sam Schall

Vengeance from Ashes

Honor and Duty Book 1

First, they took away her command. Then they took away her freedom. But they couldn’t take away her duty and honor. Now they want her back.

Captain Ashlyn Shaw has survived two years in a brutal military prison. Now those who betrayed her are offering the chance for freedom. All she has to do is trust them not to betray her and her people again. If she can do that, and if she can survive the war that looms on the horizon, she can reclaim her life and get the vengeance she’s dreamed of for so long.

But only if she can forget the betrayal and do her duty.

Duty from Ashes

Honor and Duty Book 2

Duty calls. Honor demands action.

Major Ashlyn Shaw has survived false accusations and a brutal military prison. Now free, she finds her homeworld once again at war with an enemy that will stop at nothing to destroy everything she holds dear. Duty has Ashlyn once again answering the call to serve. She has seen what the enemy is capable of and will do everything she can to prevent it from happening to the home she loves and the people she took an oath to protect.

But something has changed. It goes beyond the fact that the enemy has changed tactics they never wavered from during the previous war. It even goes beyond the fact that there is still a nagging doubt in the back of Ashlyn’s mind that those who betrayed her once before might do so again. No, there is more to the resumption of hostilities, something that seems to point at a new player in the game. But who and what are they playing at?

Will Ashlyn be able to unmask the real enemy before it is too late?

Ellie Ferguson

Hunter’s Home

Hunter’s Moon Book 3

They say you can never go home. That’s something CJ Reamer has long believed. So, when her father suddenly appears on her doorstep, demanding she return home to Montana to “do her duty”, she has other plans. Montana hasn’t been home for a long time, almost as long as Benjamin Franklin Reamer quit being her father. Dallas is now her home and it’s where her heart is. The only problem is her father doesn’t like taking “no” for an answer.

When her lover and mate is shot and she learns those responsible come from her birth pride and clan, CJ has no choice but to return to the home she left so long ago. At least she won’t be going alone. Clan alphas Matt and Finn Kincade aren’t about to take any risks where their friend is concerned. Nor is her mate, Rafe Walkinghorse, going to let her go without him.

Going home means digging up painful memories and family secrets. But will it also mean death – or worse – for CJ and her friends?

Mary Catelli

Over the Sea, To Me

A novelette retelling an old ballad.

A castle of marvels, by the sea – full of goblins and sprites. Many young
knights come in search of adventures, and leave in search of something less

A knight brave enough to face it could even woo the Lady Isobel there, but when
Sir Beichan and she catch the attention of her father, the castle has horrors as
well as wonders, enough to hold him prisoner. Winning freedom may only separate
them, unless its marvels can be used to unite them, over the sea.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Jewel of the Tiger

With their lands withering for want of protection from the wind, they hear a demand from the wizard: the jewel of the tiger.

Jyron, realizing it may be simpler than it looks, sets boldly out to get a jewel from the lair of a man-eating tiger. To find that simplicity does not mean ease.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

The Maze, the Manor, and the Unicorn

A short story of banishment and magical intrigues.

Cecily had been a lady-in-waiting. Exiled to Clearwater – for her health – after she angered Queen Blanche, she has nothing to do but wait.

Until an ambassador is sent there, for his health, and Cecily finds that the court intrigues reach farther than she had known they could.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

The White Menagerie

In a court of decadence and intrigue, only Maya’s enchantments hold in check the snow-white creatures they keep in a menagerie to amuse themselves. But when Lady Tatiana arrives, and all must outdo themselves to win her support for the king, Lord Dariko is certain that she can hold in check a gryphon as well, and will hear no warnings of danger.

Her most careful watch and her most powerful spells might not save them – but nothing else will.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Dragonfire and Time

An angry dragon demands justice of the king.

Mae, a royal wizard, is assigned the task: the dragon had metted out her own justice, burning a thief with dragonfire, but she had seen him since, whole and sound, and this she will not tolerate, so Mae must put an end to it.

Mae goes to discover the truth of this before the dragon leaves its lair to extract her own justice. And in her search of the spring festivities, learns more secrets than the dragon had even guessed of.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

The Dragon’s Cottage

When the dragon does not come for the annual maiden to devour, the knight Theodore sets out for adventures, hoping to find what the dragon is doing.

He finds more than he thought he would.

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Enchantments And Dragons


A wizard must produce justice enough to satisfy a dragon.

A young man tries to rob a tiger’s lair.

An enchantress tries to keep a court safe while they ignore the perils of misusing her magic.

A lady finds that court intrigues can spread even to the countryside.

And more tales.

Includes “Over the Sea To Me,” “Dragonfire and Time”, “The Maze, the Manor, and the Unicorn”, “The White Menagerie”, “The Dragon’s Cottage,” “Jewel of the Tiger,” and “The Sword Breaks.”

Also available from these fine booksellers:

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  1. I have all three of the “Hunter’s Moon” books, have finished all of them, and recommend them most highly.

    • They were fun to write. Now I’m trying to decide whether to do another one in that series or start a new series.

    • On first glance the cover of that book, particularly the “Her only home …” line came across as very Romance Genre. Had it not been for its placement in this venue and recollections of the earlier entries awakened by the blurb copy I doubt I would have picked up on it as Paranormal. Is this a deliberate choice, attempting to reach out to that market and seduce them to the Dork Side* or did it just fall out that way?

      *Not to be confused with the Dork Sidhe**, about whom the less said the better.

      **License unpending, smoke ’em if you got ’em..

      • BTW: Not dead yet. First week on new job (labor accounting, an area new to me) at Honda Power Equipment proceeding about as well as can be expected (e.g., too early to tell) but am working with apparently good people and learning to do things “The Honda Way” — which includes getting fitted for my white cotton uniform (contrary to rumour, I do not look just like Asimo) and thus achieving a life-ling ambition: wearing a uniform shirt with my first name embroidered over the pocket!!! All those long years of accounting school and apprenticeship have Not Been In Vain. (They’ve been in Piedmont North Carolina — there: completed it for all you Firesign Theatre remnants.)

        • Yay. Good to see you drop by!
          We worry, you know?

        • As oppose to Piedmont, Alabama? (I was stationed at Fort McClellan for 23 months, and I don’t think I ever made it there to check out the drive-in.)

        • Regarding looking like something:

          On Saturday, at our SCA 12th Night event, the daughter of one of our newest members said I looked like Gargamel.

          Now I wish I could find out that it’s a real medieval name somewhere, so that I can take that as my SCA name. Just because. I’d probably start carrying Smurfs around with me to events.

      • Talk to Sarah. She’s the one I tend to turn to for those one liners 😉

  2. FYI, I’m dropping the price of _Elizabeth and Empire_ since the next one in the series is out. (Too late for the post so I sent it for next week.)