It’s a Cyber Monday Sale

Whom The Gods Love is Free for the next five days (I’m going to try to do the thing where I keep something free through the end of the year!)

Consider Hoyt for your Holiday Gifts!

Actually it’s a December sale.  Yesterday I was so out of it that I went and changed the prices without putting in “for a limited time only” — though to be fair, it’s at least until Christmas, but all the same.

Witchfinder is on sale for 3.99!

Musketeer Mystery Series is on sale for 2.99 a piece!

So is Crawling between Heaven And Earth, a collection of 17 (I think) of my earliest published short stories.

So is Ill Met By Moonlight

And All Night Awake:

I forgot to set Any Man So Daring but it will be on a sale in a couple of hours.

The collection of the three books, the Magical Shakespeare Omnibus is up for 5.99

No Will but His is 2.99

Wings will be on a countdown sale starting at 99c on the 10th of December.

31 thoughts on “It’s a Cyber Monday Sale

  1. So many books, so little time. An embarrassment of riches (except for the Musketeer Mysteries, which provides an embarrassment of Richlieus.)

  2. BTW, a public service reminder: Don’t Just Buy The Book(s)!!! They also help who merely post a favourable review.

    Reviews do not even have to be especially elaborate affairs, a trifling “Enjoyable, fast-paced and humorous tale, good to the last punctuation mark” is sufficient.

      1. Jasini, the “contents may include” label on a package of gum is better than “Empress Theresa”. You can aim higher 😀

      2. My dear, from what I’ve heard Empress Theresa is just a step above Clamps’ writing, and better simply because the rules of the English Language aren’t completely and totally butchered and there isn’t an infestation of commas per sentence. I’m preeeetty darned sure that everyone here has l337 m4d writing skillz compared to those two, so don’t sell yourself short!

        Besides, I’m short enough for everyone here! ^.~v

        1. An excellent point. Boutin does, generally, adhere to something that looks like the rules of grammar plus he doesn’t seem to think writers get paid by the comma, so…

      3. My cat ran across the keyboard and wrote something better than Empress Theresa, so worry not. If you sit on your keyboard, you’re going to come up with something better than ET. 🙂

  3. Now I am surely in trouble. Not knowing the references to Empress Theresa, I googled it. The first reference was probably the best. She was a Holstein cow listed in some Canadian Breeding book.
    Feeling that all ya’ll wouldn’t be so mean to a bovine empress, I found the offending collection of words (I would not claim, based on the free preview, that it was a novel).
    Now I realize that Amazon has logged my ‘interest’ in said alleged writer, so I will see this lard in recommendations. My bad.

          1. Need some clippers? We can buzz-cut that baby…

            Or — is it tractor with the PTO brush-mower hairy? I can dig one of those up, too…

  4. Hm. Bought what I could. But I already had most (didn’t have the last couple Musketeers Mysteries).

    Time to stoke that muse (I said STOKE!), while I’m buried in TBR’s I can still see daylight through the cracks, so it ain’t enough.

  5. Your new winter banner makes me want to stay indoors, curled up wrapped in an afghan in a comfy chair by a fire with some hot tea and a good book. 🙂

    1. I’m sure Sarah would never, ever do any form of subliminal message whispering, “buy now and read, buy now and read.”

    2. Well I am curled up by the fire, but I have the window next to me open because my house smells like carb cleaner. It was 4 degrees, snowing, and dark out, so I decided to clean a clogged EGR valve in the house, funny I never noticed carb cleaner having that strong an odor when it was used outside.

  6. I love this blog. I want to check out some of your books, but where should I start? Also, any audio books? My life is rush hour traffic. Audio books make it slightly less mind numbing.

    1. Darkship Thieves and Darkship Renegades and A Few Good Men are out in audio. Some people hate the narration. So is Ill Met by Moonlight.
      Sort of depends. If you like Science fiction in the Heinlein vein, go with Darkships.
      Contemporary adventure fantasy? Shifters. Draw One In The Dark, in the first, uncorrected edition, is free on Amazon.
      Borderline literary fantasy? Magical Shakespeare.
      Are you in the mood for a more adventurous historical fantasy? Witchfinder. (Don’t be put off by the “romancey” beginning!)
      Historical mystery? Musketeers under Sarah D’Almeida. (I am half way through writing the sixth book.)
      … I am a woman of many parts.

  7. Bought the last 2 Musketeer Mysteries… and while my neck heals I’ll actually have time to read them.

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