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Hail and well met, Huns and Hoydens. My sincerest thanks for the sympathies and prayers offered for us in the last couple of weeks. The Oyster Wife and I are still easing back into normal life both online and in meatspace, but you’ve gone long enough without a promo post, so here we are. The backlog has provided a nice selection this week, mostly new releases. Go buy fun books, kick back, and enjoy your weekend. As always, future entries can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

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P.S. For those who can make it, this coming week is the Constitution Week Conference at Utah Valley University. The Huns seem like an excellent audience for such an event, and I’d meant to mention it weeks ago. Free admission, and since this years focus is free speech, they have Eugene Volokh, Jonathan Turley, and Richard Epstein coming to speak, among others. Not sure which sessions I’ll be attending – bills don’t pay themselves – but I’ll definitely be there. Now, back to the books!

John Van Stry

The God Game

Portals of Infinity: Book Two

Will’s life has definitely changed since that day he went hiking in the woods. Learning about the portals opened his eyes to the wider reality. Being setup to become a God’s Champion was an even more startling event.

Now it’s time to pay for his ‘recruitment’. While Gods on a single world maneuver for power, the older Gods from the infinite spheres play a larger and more complicated game. The Goddess Aryanna has a quest she needs completed, and five Champions are needed to do it. Leaving Will to wonder, what could a Goddess possibly need?

Also available from these fine booksellers:

Jenna Vincent

Impossible Odds

Impossible Odds contains a pair of stories involving everyday people, making difficult choices in uncertain times and coming out ahead, despite the odds.

James & Anita C. Young

Across Four Realms

A Short Story Omnibus

Across Four Realms is a collection of short stories that introduces the reader to four disparate universes, with the sole constant that chaos knows no boundaries…and pain is a companion to all.

In “Ride of the Late Rain”, Commander Leslie Hawkins is the master of the destroyer Shigure, the oldest vessel in the Confederation Fleet. Equipped with a powerful, new device, the “Late Rain” is chosen for a special, dangerous project. With a young crew and modifications that make her vessel not what she seems, Commander Leslie Hawkins presses into unknown space to examine structures detected by a Confederation Fleet survey vessel…and discovers that Mankind is not alone.

“Pandora’s Memories” takes place in a very different World War II than the history books remember. Adolf Hitler is dead. Queen Elizabeth II reigns on the Commonwealth throne while a usurper sympathetic to the Nazis inhabits Buckingham Palace. Having turned aside the Soviet Union’s initial assault into the Greater Reich, the Wehrmacht is now stymied at the gates of Moscow. With the Red Air Force bloodied, the Kremlin under steady blows from the Luftwaffe, and Joseph Stalin comatose, the desperate Soviet Triumvirate turns to the United States in a plea for aid against the mutual Nazi foe. Indifferently equipped, the young men of the American Air Expeditionary Force (AAEF) are thrown into action in order to keep the Soviet Union in the war.

The people of Newton’s Village thought they’d witnessed the worst in humanity on the night the president announced the imminent impact of the asteroid Scythe. Four weeks later, after Scythefall killed almost a third of the nation, they are about to find out just how wrong they were. “After the Scythe” is the story of everyday people’s sacrifice and resolve in a struggle against desperation, violence and lawlessness.

“Fenrir Reborn”: Sindri Modulf has been tested many times throughout his life. No test has been greater than the one confronting him now: To bring back a once-in-a-millennium Seer from the precipice of grief-induced madness. Unwilling to let Empaths and Telepaths rip apart his friend’s mind to retrieve the visions within, Sindri does something he has never done before: bare his soul.

David Burkhead

Survival Test


A series of diplomatic crises precipitate a limited nuclear war on Earth. Missile defenses block access to space. Nothing goes up and nothing comes down. The people of the various space stations, the moon base, and a space colony whose construction had just begun must find a way to survive until the war is over.

Cedar Sanderson

Memories of the Abyss

Free until the 16th

Violet is trapped in the prison of her own mind. Her body is dwelling in the insane asylum, but when her friend Walter is killed, she must make a decision to avenge his death, or stay safely locked in her own broken soul. He’d drawn her out of her shell, and she finds she still has honor left… But will anyone believe the crazy woman?

Danny Lasko

The Children of Hamelin

Everyone knows the Pied Piper led them away. But no one knows what happened to them.

Horatio Gaph is on his way to celebrity and success, as the most promising talent ever to play the nation’s new national past time, The Escape: the one bright spot in this dystopian existence.

At least until he learns he is not only a descendant of the famed Children of Hamelin but is called to bring them home. Led by clues from the writings of L. Frank Baum, the Brothers Grimm, JM Barrie, and Lewis Carroll, Horatio and his friends discover truths that will dramatically change the nature of this world’s existence.

But there are powerful forces that would see him fail. Unless Horatio can find the way home, the truths about these once-thought fairytales—and the unrealized potential of this world—will forever be lost.

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  2. A suggestion / request. I am finding your book recommendations helpful. Could you put a new link at the top of your site and list them so I don’t have to go back and find the old posts when I need a new book.

    Just to be clear, I’ve already bought your books….. (Write faster)

  3. Loved “Children of Hamelin”, but I’m a sucker for the scene of the climactic battle.

  4. Again, thank you for the advert for my book.
    And I got my first SJW one star review on book one of the series! Apparently I’m uber-sexist! Funny that the four women proof-readers and plot checkers who read my book (my sister the Nurse, My cousin who is self employed, the Vet Tech, and I forget at the moment what the forth lady does) didn’t think it was sexist at all. Course, they don’t hate men 🙂

  5. Welcome back! Glad to see you here again ^o^

    (I’ll have books for next week, since I missed this one)