Yesterday was a lost day

as far as work.  I woke up completely stuffed up, and had slept very badly.  So we cut out to go see elephants, which actually worked.  I slept well last night and there will be chapters in both blogs and then a post.  It might just be a little late.

26 responses to “Yesterday was a lost day

  1. Paul (Drak Bibliophile) Howard

    Is there a “Lost and Found” place where we can find lost days (or other periods of time)? [Grin]

  2. OK, we miss them. Hope you feel better. Summer colds are the worst.

  3. Eamon J. Cole


    A day with elephants is not a lost day.


  4. Which of course makes me think of “The Man Who Traveled In Elephants”, which never fails to get me misty-eyed

    • Oh, yes. It’s one of the ones that always makes me cry. Older son shares with his namesake a love of elephants. They can always pull him out of a bad mood. And over time, it’s rubbed off on the rest of us.

      • I would think, being from Portugal, you would think of “The Elephant’s Journey,” by José Saramago. We read it for our book club a couple year’s ago (BTW we are looking forward to have our favorite Portuguese-born author speak to our book club when we discuss her book at November’s meeting).

        • Jose Saramago is a communist. Having read other things from him, I … ew. Just ew. I’ve never read that one, but if it’s readable, the translator improved it greatly.

          • People who had the audio version liked it better. The storyline itself wasn’t bad, but the intentional effort of breaking all punctuation and capitalization rules seemed pointless. We were hoping it was better in the original Portuguese. Probably not, apparently. It is hard to read to someone else and keep the punctuation out.

            • Yeah. That’s his “gimmick” Me, btw, I’m starting to stand with my dad “life is too short to read communists.” They’d need to be exceptional for that. Mostly, though, I think it’s the same thing I feel about the glittery hoo has here — I feel they were given a free ride due to their politics. And that annoys me.

        • Oh, and I’m looking forward to it also.

      • Possibly irrelephant:

        Baby elephant attacked after challenging bull
        A gutsy elephant calf foolishly challenged a hulking buffalo bull to a head-on test of power.

        The cocky youngster got the gumption to provoke the beastly buffalo after he spotted him approaching a water hole in Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa, Barcroft reports.

        The calf had been quenching his thirst with his herd when the buffalo decided to join in.

        Viewing the sharply-horned bull as a threat, the brash elephant made the unwise decision to confront him head on and try and forcefully scare him away.

        Photo: Conrad Cramer/Barcroft Media

        “The young elephant ran up to him, ears out and its little head lifted, typical of an adult elephant when trying to intimidate another animal or human,” said wildlife guide Conrad Cramer, who witnessed the disproportionate matchup.

        “The buffalo found no humor in this and picked up the little one and threw him in the air,” he added.

        “What surprised me was that the other elephants were in no way disturbed by the chain of events, but rather seemed to see it as a life lesson that the youngster had to learn.”

        The calf was not hurt during the frightening ordeal, but did suffer a serious blow to his pride.

        I strongly recommend following link for pictures of the encounter.

  5. The rodeo’s in town this weekend (well, up in Bandera) so I won’t be getting much done since Deb likes to watch the steak tenderizing the people for a change.

  6. Yea– do what you need to do. It seems like I am living in two months lost now.

  7. We spent yesterday in gunpowder therapy. Watched the Area 2 3-Gun championships and then did some practice of our own.

  8. If you need elephant therapy and can’t get to a zoo, I recommend this video: That elephant would cheer up Hamlet.

  9. mikeweatherford

    My yesterday was more or less “lost”, too. Had to replace a hot water heater at my daughter’s home. Didn’t take all that long — about 1 1/2 hours — but the hour-plus drive each way made it seem like it took all day. I hope this is the LAST one you “lose” for awhile.

    DW and I are taking the day off tomorrow to go look at houses. We’re thinking of moving — not into something smaller, although that’s possible, but a home all on one level. Neither of us are getting younger, and we both have bad knees.

  10. Mike Weatherford, Charlote and I currently live in a 3 story town home that is close to the assisted living facility where her mother lives (so we are stuck for a while.) But we both have bad knees and look forward to moving to a 1 floor rambler when we can make a move (and further away from urban traffic.)
    For Sarah, if you had fun it isn’t a lost day, it is a special memory day.

  11. When my mother was having bad headaches from a pinched nerve, she experienced significant relief by visiting (and grooming, and mucking out the stall of) my little brother’s horse out at the barn. So if horse therapy works, I guess elephant therapy would too. 🙂