It’s A Labor Day Sale

Yes, there will be a real post and also stuff for the subscribers in a couple of hours.  yesterday turned out… interesting… but for today, if  you’re contemplating a Staycation for Labor Day you should know that there is a Labor Day sale, so you can go somewhere in your mind at a price you can afford.


I’ve also got all my Musketeer Mysteries on sale.  The first is 99c, the others are 2.99 and I have all five out again — I need to finish the sixth.



A Touch of Night is also on sale, as are the books of several frequent fliers at ATH: Kate Paulk, Amanda Green, Cedar Sanderson Alma Boykin, Cyn Bagley, S. J. Chase  and others, including my son Robert A. Hoyt.  For the full sweets counter sale listing, go to: THE GREAT LABOR DAY SALE!

25 thoughts on “It’s A Labor Day Sale

          1. Being ornery. [Wink]

            Actually, I check my ebook folders on my PC. [Smile]

  1. Do you know if the Kindle edition is DRM free, so that I can legally convert to ePub for reading on my Nook?

      1. I think you said at some point that you did some edits to Death of a Musketeer for this? How much? I have the old paperback version, would it make sense to buy the Kindle one now?

  2. So, instead of…laboring…we’ll be reading.

    Then again, since there are a lot of writers here, there will indeed be some labor.

  3. Well, at least none of them are about school shootings in the year 2900, because a Maryland teacher was medically detained for writing a SF novel about that.

    A Dorchester County, Maryland, teacher was taken in for an “emergency medical evaluation,” suspended from his job, and barred from setting foot on another public school. Authorities searched his school, Mace’s Lane Middle School in Cambridge, for weapons. As classes resumed, parents worried that their children were in danger, so police decided to remain on the premises to watch over them.

    What happened? The teacher, Patrick McLaw, published a fiction novel. Under a pen name. About a made-up school shooting. Set in the year 2902.

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