Alleged Book Promo — the Oyster says

*The Oyster blinks blearily at the camera* Wuzzat? Saturday? Right, Saturday. Books! Have some books. Good books! Cyn having a… whatchamacalit… birthday. Right, birthday. Giving away books to celebrate. Happy birthday to Cyn! *blows a party horn* Oh, and send me more books!.*falls over, snoring*

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Kal Spriggs

Renegades: Origins

Books 1-5 of The Renegades

In times of chaos, there are those who fight for money, for power, or just to survive. In feudal Japan, they were Ronin. In the post US Civil War, they were desperadoes or hired guns. In the chaotic times of the collapse of human civilization, they are men, women, and aliens without shelter or succor. When no one else will take a stand, they stand for themselves. They are deserters, murderers, pirates, and worse… they are the Renegades.

Renegades: Origins contains the novellas Deserter’s Redemption, The Gentle One, Declaration, Ghost Story, and A Murder of Crowes. It also contains six short stories: Research Notes, Runner, Fool’s Gold, System Failure, Dishonored, and Crossed Stars.

Cyn Bagley

She Called It, Wolf

EJ Hunter

EJ Hunter comes home from Afghanistan when her unit is slaughtered by a man in cammies with an M16. They were sitting ducks. In a rage, she changes into a wolf and rips his throat out. The Army decides to give EJ an honorable discharge and send her home.

At home in Felony Flats, Nevada, her uncle, a Vietnam War Vet, dies leaving her a small piece of land, a silver bullet trailer, and a gold mine. She meets Sheriff Adam, who is also the alpha of the were-wolf pack.

There is a government researcher who is researching were-wolf DNA in hopes of making super soldiers, kidnapped children, and a were-cat. Also, EJ discovers that she is different from the pack. She can shift into other forms besides the wolf.

Billy the Kid

EJ Hunter

Betsy was the werewolf pack’s legal representation. Her life was pretty boring and man-free until Billy trotted into her life. He was a shifter and he was ready to join the pack. There was only one problem: Billy was a goat.

Urban Werewolf

EJ Hunter

John, a mechanic, meets Tina when she arrives at the shop to fix the copier machine in the office. For the first time in years, John is fascinated with this woman. There is something different about her that appeals to his werewolf heart. But Tina has secrets and when her son is kidnapped, John calls on the pack to rescue her son.

57 thoughts on “Alleged Book Promo — the Oyster says

        1. Thank you – I am celebrating a little early (birthday this week) because promotions do better on the weekend *grin But I do appreciate the birthday wishes.

  1. I never much care for wishing a person a Happy Birthday. In my experience I will just have it to do again in another year or two, so what’s the point.

    Naetheless, I will express my hope that the coming year is none too disappointing and the onrushing tide of decrepitude does not o’erwhelm.

    1. Thanks– I decided to Birthday Bash because the last month was so terrible… It was my way of barring decrepitude and disappointment. I appreciate the wishes though.

                1. The standard contract – you get anything you want that I can provide (which is nothing) and the evil meister gets your first born –etc.

      1. Well, I don’t count birthdays anymore but want to keep having them because the alternative is being dead. [Wink]

        1. My parents weren’t really good with birthdays when I was a kid. Maybe a cake or ice cream and some underwear. You know, the one pair of jeans and some clothes for school. I do remember my favorite gifts were books.

          So I try to enjoy as many birthdays as possible. lol Anyway, I would rather be alive than dead, too.

  2. Cyn, many thanks for the freebies.
    You’re either extremely generous and giving, or believe in Jim Baen’s philosophy that handing out free stuff just gets us hooked.
    Or as I suspect a bit of both.

    1. LOL – I am hoping… anyway thanks for looking. I have a couple Green Knight Terraforming Co. stories, plus in the middle of the 2nd book of EJ Hunter. So if I can get back to writing, I do have some more stuff on the way.

  3. Happy Birthday! I see you are celebrating with a Hobbit tradition and giving presents away on your birthday. Thank you for the werewolf novels!

          1. Too late. I posted about Harry Dresden and the Gruffs. [Evil Grin]

        1. AHHHH!

          Now you did it! In Jim Butcher’s _Small Favors_ Harry goes up against some Summer Court (Faerie) enforcers that were somewhat goatish in appearances.

          They were called “Gruffs”.

          Oh, the first ones he dealt with were about human sized but he was able to beat them.

          He then fought another group, who were larger, but he survived.

          Then their Big Brother came along and was very big. Still Harry managed to win but got worried about the next Gruff.

          When the Eldest Gruff showed up, he was about 5’2′ in height but carried a wizard’s staff and had three “mantles” of Wizards that Harry would have hated have to fought. Eldest Gruff had killed the Wizards in magic Duels.

          Oh, Harry’s encounters with the Gruffs was while he was trying to deal other important matters so Harry wasn’t having a very good day.

          Fortunately Harry managed to figure out a way to avoid fighting Eldest Gruff. [Smile]

          Earlier Bob (Harry’s information spirit) had laughed about Harry having to deal with The Three Billy Goats Gruff. [Evil Grin]

  4. Happy Birthday, Cyn!

    Oh, and Felony Flats? Totally must read that story! Thank you!

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