Happy Promo Day from the Oyster Lair

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A frabjous Saturday to all you hoopy Huns! We have several cool new releases this week. Of particular interest are a new collection of Cat Among Dragons shorts, and the first installment of a new series from Peter Grant! Also, those who will be in Utah the first weekend in July should come hang out with the Huns at Westercon. Remember, future entries for the promo post can (and should!) be sent to my email. Happy reading!

Jason Dyck, AKA The Free Range Oyster

Code Monkey, Word Wrangler, and Healbot Extraordinaire

Peter Grant

War To The Knife

War To The Knife

Laredo’s defenders were ground down and its people ruthlessly slaughtered when the Bactrians invaded the planet. Overwhelmed, its Army switched to guerrilla warfare and went underground. For three years they’ve fought like demons to resist the occupiers. They’ve bled the enemy, but at fearful cost. The survivors are running out of weapons, supplies, and places to hide.

Then a young officer, Dave Carson, uncovers news that may change everything. An opportunity is coming to smash the foe harder than they’ve ever done before, both on and off the planet. Success may bring the interplanetary community to their aid – but it’ll take everything they’ve got. Win or lose, many of them will die. Failure will mean that Bactria will at last rule unopposed.

That risk won’t stop them. When you’re fighting a war to the knife, in the end you bet on the blade.

Alma Boykin

A Touch of Power (A Cat Among Dragons Book 5)

A Touch of Power

So much for an “easy consulting job!”

From wandering alien graduate students to a musician who plays more than just a guitar, Rada Ni Drako, or Rachel Na Gael as the humans call her, has her paws full of mischief. Her old friend Joschka von Hohen-Drachenburg isn’t helping, either. Rachel really should have read the fine print on this contract.

Wesley Morrison

Let No False Angels (A Novel of the Many Earths)

Let No False Angels

The others came for Heinrich Aguirre when he was a child. Born in one of the Germanies with a light inside his mind, Aguirre is raised to take his place as one of the Magian, the rare few who can part the veil between the many versions of Earth. Vowing to protect these endless worlds and all who live in them, Magian do not hesitate. But during his first battle, while still less than a man, Aguirre does, only to see the magus who raised him die instead.

For his sin, the others banish Aguirre to the solitary path.

Seventeen years later, Magian are being slaughtered, and with a kind of power no magus has ever seen before. Suspicion quickly falls on Aguirre, who realizes that his only hope is to find the truth himself. So Aguirre turns his back on those who have already turned their backs on him, and with the Magian in pursuit, he races to save his own kind before they kill him first.

Laura Montgomery

Manx Prize

Manx Prize

In the second half of the twenty-first century, when Charlotte Fisher was just thirteen, orbital debris took its first large-scale human casualties from an orbiting tourist habitat. Haunted by visions of destruction and her father’s anguish, as a young engineer Charlotte follows in his footsteps and determines to win a prize offered by a consortium of satellite and orbitat operators for the first successful de-orbiting of space junk. Her employer backs these efforts until the reentry of a piece of debris kills two people, and she and her team are spun off to shield the parent company from liability. With limited resources, a finite budget and the unwanted gift of a lawyer who, regardless of his appeal, she doesn’t need, she must face a competitor who cheats, a collusive regulator, and the temptations dangled by the strange and alluring friends of a powerful seastead.

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  1. War to the Knife was the feature of my email from Amazon today.
    Manx Prize was, I think one of the “Others who bought X also bought:” ones … I think.

    • Cool. Thanks for the scoop. I’m constantly wishing for big data, but iota data is excellent to get.

      • I’ve been on and off Amazon a tone lately and saw that there, then seeing it here I thought “Oh, that’s someone from this place…” Then just a few minutes ago I had a ad on an automotive site link to another of Mr. Grant’s books

  2. Terry Tidler

    Bought the cat book; thanks for highlighting it.

  3. Manx Prize makes me think a little of the anime series “Planetes”, which centers around the ill-regarded space junk clearing department of an orbital corporation.