This Writer Is Iniquitous

Guys, I have a chapter half written, I do.  And I’ve been sitting here, trying to finish it, but–


Yesterday the older son — elephantus majorus (totally Latin, shuddup) — graduated summa cum laude (this really is Latin) and as outstanding undergraduate student in his area, with a BS in bio and a BA in chem.  There is something about this type of occasion, and a day spent celebrating (you know this family’s wild and crazy parties.  Yep.  The zoo.  How did you guess?) that leaves me totally wiped out.

I NEED to write on Through Fire, and I need to write a WAY overdue novella, and the chapter is just cluttering up everything else.

However, if you need something to read — and who doesn’t — sashay over for Cedar’s view on Amazon and the current Amazon is teh ebil madness — they want, of course, the government to step in.  We pause the outrage to remind you: Amazon is a business.

For those who don’t know what has been going on with Archon, here’s some level setting: From the Lair of the International Lord of Hate, and from Mad Mike, who is more than a little miffed, and from me.

And meanwhile, did you know the reason Holocaust survivors did well in America was “White Privilege” — if you’re like my friend Kate, There Are No Words.  (Which is funny because I said several, starting with “F**k Toure and his eastern seaboard upper class college education and his easy living, coasting in America privilege.  Also his little dog too.  Just for completeness.”

And none of these upheavals help the writing, so now I’m going to write.  Through Fire.  Because.

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  1. Through The Fire is more important than entertaining us or blowing up at idiots. So write. [Smile]

  2. I had my own blast at the concept of ‘white privilege’ here at Chicagoboyz.
    Alas, hardly anyone has read it through to my last para –

    “Look; when there are abusive pervs willfully and energetically destroying the self-image and confidence of a single child-that’s a reason to call CPS and press charges. What therefore, is our response, when it is a whole generation of kids, systematically abused by the establishment? What then, oh wolves? “

    1. I read all the way to the end. 😀

      And I noticed a couple of interesting things:

      Your ‘voice’ in that piece is completely different than anywhere else I’ve read you. Intriguing, says I.

      This ‘Penny’ individual, gives me the snuckles (snort-chuckles). People going on about how everybody’s a sheep but them, they’re walking bad-asses of independence and strength usually spin my eyes (I’ve read Grossman’s piece, most folks miss the mark with their proclamations.) But this specimen! Not a sheep, not a sheepdog, a WOLF! *snuckle* Posting silly responses on the internet = wolf. Gotcha.

      As to the actual post, a telling question to finish. One we’ve been primed to avoid answering.

      1. Well … I’m kind of a chameleon, voice-wise; What I am as a blogger … depends on the blog-venue and subject. Which is often completely different from the voice in my books… glad you enjoyed the rant, anyway!

        1. Yes, my ‘voice’ can morph drastically by venue. ‘Tis why I found it interesting to see someone else’s blend-shift. And I’ve enjoyed what I’ve read of the Lone Star Sons on your blog, which, as you say, has a very different voice.

          Ain’t people fun?

    2. I read it just now, because your quoted last bit is relevant to my interests.

      Politically, I am socially conservative to reactionary when it comes to matters of sex, for reasons dating back to childhood. When I was young, I had strong opinions about right and wrong when it came to heterosexual intercourse. Sex Ed, the narrative endorsed by society, struck me as coming from evil assumptions.

      For those, and other reasons, I see it as very plausible that schools are effectively holding areas for victims as far as some of the teachers are concerned. I see many as philosophically assisting those teachers rather than hindering.

  3. And, oh yes, I ought to be scribbling away on Lone Star Sons … one more adventure to complete before I lick it into shape as my next book. But I am eternally side-tracked by … stuff.
    As an aside, has everyone else’s eBook sales tanked during the last two months? I’d be inclined to write it off to a couple of sketchy websites offering my books as free PDF downloads, without my permission or offering me any kind of compensation … but they seem kind of obscure. Any thoughts?

    1. Mine tanked. I really need to get the next Cat stories up, and get working on converting a bunch into a full-blown Cat novel but . . . life.

        1. Mine took a dip the week of taxes, but have recovered . . . probably as much due to my mother buying a kindle as getting a new book up.

    2. Me too. No clue why. Although Madame Hoyt’s kind mention when she had Instapundit’s keys made a quite noticeable spike for a week or so 😉 Acid test will be how sales act when the new book goes up. Usually *all* my books see an improvement when there is fresh meat.

        1. Well, it isn’t out yet! Hopefully mid-July. Sequel to Last Mage Guardian. Have no fear, I won’t be shy with the announcements…

          1. Oooo… My fingers are doing a glee-dance. I’m not, because I’m masculine and manly and stuff. But my fingers…

            *Read The Last Mage Guardian last month, I think. Knocked out the Sequoyah novels prior to that. Just impulsively snagged Coyote and the Amazing Herbal Formula. I’m afraid, Dr. Chase, you’re on my list. 😐

            Which is the problem with this site, I keep getting more authors on my list!

            1. Over at Insty’s I’m having an argument (well, he says stupid things and I point out why they’re stupid) with a guy who thinks that Amazon will destroy reading. At least I think that’s why he brought up Gresham’s Law.

                1. Amazon destroy reading? The publishers, distributors and English Lit departments (and now, I guess, the Nebula awarders) are so far ahead that Amazon is about the only thing left that can save reading. I’ve read detergent labels more compelling than most contemporary literature.

                  I read Irving’s Hotel New Hampshire and wasn’t saddened that half the family dies; I was depressed that half survived.

          2. Bought The Scent of Metal. Finished The Scent of Metal. Wish to be reading the sequel to The Scent of Metal.

            *Pointed look.* My whims, to obeyed!*

            *(Or considered? Given a passing thought? Completely ignored because you’re busy writing the next book? I’m good with any of ’em.)

  4. Me, I’m plugging away at my Baen Contest entry (oh crap, is that a month away?). Gunpowder fantasy. Violence. Coarse language. You know, the good stuff.

    1. I’m swingin’ a hammer at mine, pieces are starting to fall into place. But that forsaken clock keeps ticking!

      1. The clock is keeping me busy. I can’t rotate the cat this time!

        1. *THAT’s* your problem, obviously! Take time out to SPIN the cat, that’ll do ya… or not. (Depends upon the cat in question, natcherly)

          I have a friend who made an art out of cat-spinning. Only got scratched or bitten at once I can remember. Staggering cats, walking away after a good spin, can be hilarious to watch.

      2. I may have finally dealt with some of my interfering issues. Today I wrote the first draft of one of my practice stories, and part of another.

        I still have a lot of learning and experimentation, but I still have some time.

        I’d hoped to be at the ‘scrape up some betaing without violating contest rules stage’, but this way I also have a project management learning experience. 🙂

        Good luck and hard work to all contestants. I hope to see some more good stories.

        I need to get some sleep, so I don’t mess up my writing process even worse. 🙂

    2. My sons are writing theirs. Unfortunately younger son is going through what can only be called “philosophical angst.” I mean, if he didn’t have a penis and were less acquainted with plot, he could win a Nebula.

      1. All MechE should read Sons of Martha, Sappers, and Hymn of Breaking Strain, IMOAO. Also, The Secret of the Machines.

        I want to say that it’ll fix him, but I’m at the stage where any analysis of a social ill goes directly to ‘Sharp Medicine Cures All Ills.’

        1. Oh. It’s fantasy. And the ideas are new. It’s just right now he’s incapable of NOT picking the “dragon appears, is humanity doomed?” angle. It’s a sign of just enough emotional maturity to be annoying. He’ll grow out of it.

          1. I am looking forward to another Hoyt writer. I’m glad to hear that he is exploring new ideas. That’s what we need.

    1. This is true. My oddball novel written here on weekends for a year and change, has so far made me 5k. Not wonderful, granted, but good Lord! In the old style market I’d have got zero.

      1. To the contrary, that’s wonderful–congratulations. 🙂

        btw, didn’t you promise pictures of your adoptive grandbaby? My spawn are never going to spawn for themselves at the rate they’re going, and I have to enjoy these things vicariously.

        1. Well, this is why I have an adoptive grandbaby. I think at least older son will marry his profession.
          I shall ask our Dave if I can share.
          Grandbaby is adorable, of course. (Actually, he really is. there’s this aura of … fierce intentness about him.)

  5. If the writer is iniquitous, does that mean that this blog is a den of iniquity? 😉

  6. My inner life is calmer than what is going on with sci-fi and fantasy. *sigh AND, that is saying a lot since I am usually in turmoil over something.

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