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Scriptora est omnis divisa in partes tres…  Oh, wait, not that kind of report.

So — I hadn’t intended to get sick, and I went so far as not to get very bad flu, even while the guys got it.  In fact, #1 son and I — who’d had the vaccine — were barely touched by the flu, while the other two mugs got very ill.  Of course, any of the guys being ill makes it very hard to write, but I was sort of puttering along, and then the secondary infections reared their ugly head.  You see, I hadn’t prepared for that.  So, bronchitis and sinusitis, and my ears were starting to get involved.  (My ears always get involved.  If this were a space opera my ears would be the space ranger who can’t leave any situation alone — Sarah’s ears to the mess! — or for Heinlein fans, my ears are Lazarus Long — only they’re always trying to die off.)

But you know — I’ve talked about it before — how little aware I am of what is going on in my body.  This is one of the reasons I get so ill, because the symptoms need to get strong enough to break through the book currently unrolling in my head.  So, it took getting to the point my fever spiked to 103 and I was wandering around the house in a fog (did you know that a sufficiently high fever has the same effect as hallucinogenics?  I never actually saw pink lizards, but I used that as short hand for my mental state, so that people didn’t tell me to drive somewhere or something like that — I probably could have driven somewhere.  I just would have kept on driving in a straight line.  That was sort of what I was doing here.  If I was peeling carrots, I’d go through a whole pile before going “oh, yeah.”  Not that I peeled carrots.  In fact #1 son said “This family has been eating like we’re starring in a documentary.”  I.e. the family that NEVER eats fast food has had a lot of it this week, because everyone’s schedule is packed and I’m sick, and Dan isn’t very well.)

It was still unkind of Charlie to compare me to an oyster.  I could say “you can’t choose your family” but since he is in fact part of my chosen extended family I’ll just say “don’t let him put lemon on me.”

Yesterday (second day on godzillamicin) the congestion loosened.  This was actually a good thing, since what was worrying me was that I wasn’t coughing at all, and when that happens it goes to my lungs and that’s bad news.  Well, my cup runneth over.  Okay, not my cup.  And you don’t want details, but yesterday I woke up drowning.

And then I thought it would be a good idea to clean the kitchen, the boxes and the bathroom.  (Look, would you trust the parts of the house that must be clean to the young males?)  Yes, older son yelled at me.  There was something, something about my thinking I’m made of titanium, but I’m only human.  I have clue zero what he meant.  Anyway, this was about a third of what I normally do on Fridays, took me longer than the whole thing usually does AND I was shaking with tiredness afterwards.

This morning I woke up clear headed, but I think I’d best not do any cleaning and scrubbing.  (So hopefully Havey didn’t throw up all over the kitchen floor — why does that cat get sick when I do?)

I still don’t know what to do about these recurring issues — my lungs have always been fragile.  Twenty years ago in the Carolinas I lived tethered to my inhaler, so I guess this is an improvement?  I’m going to try to make with more C and lemon in my tea and stuff and to become more aware of signs of trouble before I’m really ill.

Meanwhile, if I was doing something with you two weeks ago — guest post, project started, promised to look at something — two weeks ago, it’s gone.  So ping me again.  A couple of extra guest posts next week wouldn’t hurt either.  I might no use them, but I hear this idiotic thing has a long ramp back up.  Feels like it to.

One of the projects I started two weeks ago was asking people to read over the first three musketeers and do a bible for me (I’d like to get three of those.  Then I’ll have everything covered.) and also to typo hunt them and No Will But His and send me lists.  All of this has been copyedited, some of it twice, but as I type set it, I keep finding strange and silly typos.

The musketeers were written when I was doing 6 books a year plus upteen proposals, plus homeschooling the genius (aka #2 son) so not only did things slip, but my very odd sense of humor intruded.  Some of it I can’t remember why I thought was funny (probably pink lizards) but I’ve been changing it and not making notes, so the old bible for the series is useless.

I have the new versions and will upload them to a hidden page and give the volunteers (and those subscribing at that level) access to them.

And I think that’s it.  I’m going to have caffeine.  If going downstairs and making tea and eating a yogurt doesn’t leave me winded, today might be a good day to write.


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  1. My Indian ancestors said something similar. “Today is a good day to write!”
    Well, they said die, but when you think about it, it’s similar; totsaally engrossed in the medium to the exclusion of all other input or stimuli.
    And I sympathize: I awoke this morning after a restless sleep with a clogged head, dripping sinuses and hacking cough. I hope –HOPING!!! — that it is allergy related, of which I have a ton.
    Meanwhile I have two very young protagonists lost between stars in a derelict ship after being kidnapped/snatched accidentally. And I’m sure they’d like to find their way home before getting seriously grounded.
    Only if my head clears ….

  2. Do not push yourself, please. This is only February, you’ve got the whole rest of the year to push, once you are healthy. This doesn’t mean, “don’t write.” It means take it easy when you write, and stop to take a nap whenever you wish. Do not force yourself to “finish this” or “must go back and edit, then nap.”

    1. What Pam said. I’d hate to see the next book dedicated to the ICU staff at Colorado Springs General “for letting me have a typing computer during the week I spent in their fine facility.”

  3. OT: For those interested, there’s a publication update on my blog. We now return you to your irregularly scheduled semi-open Saturday thread.

        1. Do not, ever, make your “customer” have to think about how to reach you or perform three steps when they can be given two.

          The more processing involved, the more opportunity for the impulse to fade.

            1. My impression has been that certain things (and certain people) do not constitute actual clutter in Sarah’s opinion. DrivInviting traffic discretely to a regular’s blog would seem likely to fit that description.

                1. Bob, Bob, Bob — weren’t you paying attention in Magick School? Contagion and Similarity (and Substitution), with a slight borrowing from the Sanskrit and there is at least one obvious Answer

                  Simply be properly pixilated whilst naming your hamster Pixel, and feed him/her beer to keep the cyclic Similarity rolling along The Wheel. Pixels in abundant supply!

              1. Pixels? I thought those were ‘raisins’. I’ve been putting them in the trash. Was I supposed to mail them to Google or something?

          1. When I click your name, I go to your blog. When I click on my name, I get the Gravatar profile. WordPress being WordPress? *shrug*

            1. Its weird. Your reply to RES has the almatcboykin.wordpress.com link (hope I don’t get tipped into moderation) but this message has the Gravatar one.

  4. Ugh. When I’m out of it, we can just throw a Safeway meal in the oven, but…not really an option for you.


    Will try to hammer the stuff I have into a reasonable form.

  5. Do not pass go. Do not try to bandaid this. Go to Mayo. Solving mysteries is why everybody uses them.

    If you have to run a fundraiser but you would be surprised how reasonable they are in terms of value.

  6. Get well soon, Sarah. I’ll say a prayer and send you a guest blog after I put my stinkers to bed tonight. We’ll say a quick prayer for you too.

  7. I went from “Oh, god, I think I’m dying” to “Hey, it’s only a mile and a half, I can walk that” in about 3 days. Well, that mile and a half turned into 4 and there may have been some whimpering this morning. I’ve decided to curl up with a cup of tea and wait for the hurting to stop. Maybe I’ll actually manage some writing, too.

    If the trip downstairs doesn’t kill you, today should be a good day to write.

  8. Some people are just prone to certain ailments; that’s got to be it in a nutshell. I’m with you, in that I attract bronchitis like ants to a picnic- my chest xrays always cause a TB scare from the scarring, and yet in the past 15 years I’ve gotten a cold once, and a stomach bug once, and that’s about it. Being isolated at sea for much of the year with minimal interaction with outsiders helps, as does my loathing for public transportation… and that may be the rub for you- all those cons and meeting up with packs of feral fans in odd cities… think of the hand-shaking and such at one of those for-profit leper colonies in terms of the potential for challenges to your immune system!

  9. One of the supposed benefits of aging is the presumed ability to learn how to tell a) when I am sick b) what steps are required to recover with minimal lost time and c) actually perform tasks a & b. Quick recoveries are a young person’s game and acknowledging you are no longer in that league is a requirement to remain on the playing field.

    1. Yeah, I’m still not used to no longer being able to shrug things off quickly, durnit.

      My sympathies, Sarah – don’cha just hate winter crud stuff? Get some rest, even if you feel better. Isn’t there some mindless video you’ve wanted to watch, but felt guilty about? You get permission to watch when you’re sick. 🙂

  10. You have my sympathies and in many ways I wonder if you have an immune system disorder (well you do–skin problem) because I have the same problems– I have to be hyper vigilant of my health.

  11. I used to be quite prone to colds. Would wipe me out for a full week. Not flu since I never got much of a fever.

    Haven’t had any since developing diabetes. (Fortunately, now well controlled.) Go figure.

  12. Two musical flashbacks in one post.
    First, Pour a little lemon on me.
    Then, Shoot me down I won’t fall I am Titanium.
    You sure what you had cannot be transmitted electronically?

  13. Stressing yourself while sick prolongs it. I took Wednesday off with my cold, but went to work on Thursday, which was INTENSELY angering and frustrating, and more of a workout than I needed, and by the end of the day, I had regressed. And that made Friday much less comfortable (It’s not good to be hazy when directing a crane with a 3000 pound fin on it, but it went very well). I plan to do virtually nothing this weekend, and not feel guilty about it while I recover.

    1. “Virtually nothing” and “nothing” have this angry habit of Not Meaning The Same Thing around this house (and even in my head, when a writing prompt has latched on and WILL NOT let go of the creative reins…)

      Oh, and about that small matter of helpful health hints for everyone tuned in? As long as you can tolerate it, garlic. Mass quantities. Pills / capsules, raw, cooked, however-you-want. Helps me (also diabetic, Type II) when my system no longer tolerates citrus very well at all. And it happens to Taste Good. (Yes, I know – YMMV, IANA[MD], and related disclaimers apply.)

      1. If they’ve got empty seats, filling one with a comp’d
        passenger costs them nothing. A mouthy writer in that seat is free advertising, and probably attracts riders who pay.

  14. I just picked up the first Musketeer book and started reading it right before seeing this post. If I do find something, how do I pass it on? Or how do I know it hasn’t already been found?

    1. There should be very few typos — for those I’d like a “bible” — you know, name of characters, description/what happened to them. it’s boring work. If you feel like doing it send to sahoyt at Hotmail.com, though it’s easier to volunteer there, and I’ll send you a key to download the others too…

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