Chapter Later

Look, the problem is I still haven’t had time to read back on what I have, and I’m afraid of getting mired in hopeless contradictions.  I was supposed to read tomorrow, but we had a household emergency (literally, house related.  Yes, we’re all all right.  It was just one of those “Oh, Lord, call the repairman then wait three hours for him to be done” — unable to leave kitchen, because he might need me — “then deal with aftermath cleaning.

Today I MUST clean (not all the aftermath got clean because it was late (and dark) by the time repairman was done.

It might not seem like it, but this year has been a slow upswing, though it’s also been a “dealing with the problems left over.”

I’ll try to post chapter tomorrow.  I’m not promising, but I’ll try.

I’m sorry — it’s just been argh around here.

Oh, yeah, if you need a minimum daily dose of Hoyt, Older Son is holding forth on Mad Genius Club.  And I have an interview up at Amazing Stories.

14 responses to “Chapter Later

  1. I long ago became reconciled to the idea that Life is mostly about dealing with unwanted exigencies that arose while trying to make other plans. Folks with children and cats should be especially aware of this unpleasant fact.

    Exigence away; chapters will wait a day or two.

  2. I’d ask if you’ve tried having an exorcism for the house, but trying to explain why the plumbing and HVAC vanished in a puff of brimstone might be challenging. 😉

    • Yes indeed. Um…. I have some blessed salt…

      • Careful! Do NOT put blessed salt on the plumbing! It’s a particular demon willing to deal with all the foulness, and it’s only by an odd peculiarity in their character that they’re willing to fulfill the role (strange, I know, but demons…). You go shaking blessed salt about and — well, it’s plumbing, he’s got buddies, and they might decide your house is the new water treatment facility.

        This is why you should never try home plumbing repair, it’s an arcane art, and the mysteries are deep.

        HVAC — well, they’re flighty anyway, probably won’t care. Might blow it back in your face though, or whip it through the house and sprinkle it on you hair. Flighty.

      • Fortunately, this is one of those things where you can literally just add water. Apparently, if you sprinkle blessed salt on water, have God bless it, you have the real thing . At least close enough for personal devotion, from what I’ve read.

  3. Not to worry – It has been I have been in a blur for the last two weeks because of the flu (and meds) so I wouldn’t remember anyway. Good luck and get that house blessed. 😉

  4. Heh – Older son has been staying at dad’s house 5 days a week to keep an eye on it and to have a place to work in peace. When I dropped him off last week, during the below-zero temps, the furnace had quit working, and he had quite a time keeping warm until the repairman got it running again and the house warmed up (it got cold enough to form an icicle in the kitchen faucet).

  5. I can see it’s been an upswing – you’ve gone from having Death Flu, Return of Death Flu, Son of Death Flu, Death Flu: the aftershocks, etc. to colds and sinus things just enough to put you down for a few days. 🙂

    At this rate, you’ll be disgustingly healthy while the rest of us are sniffling and sneezing our way through Con-Crud season. ;-D

  6. Meh. We know you. When you’re even halfway well, you’ll be writing. Personally, I’d as soon seen the next Earth Revolution book sooner, and wait a bit on Rogue Magic as the other way around. We know you’ll do them both. We just have to wait a bit.