Son of “In Vain I’ve Struggled”

I’m just not up to doing Rogue Magic this morning.  No, I’m not exactly sick.  Okay, fine, I seem to have caught a very mild cold over Christmas.  Slightly stuffy and feel like sleeping rather a lot.

I’m not going to sleep a lot.  I’m going to work on Through Fire, and later today start going over Witchfinder’s edits.  (Word of warning, Witchfinder WILL be taken down tomorrow or Sunday, all but the first two or three chapters.)

The indie sales have picked up and stopped scaring me, though I’ll confess earlier this month they had a weird pattern in which ONLY No Will But His was selling, but it was selling a copy a day.  Still panicked me, because what if nothing else sold ever.  (Oh, shut up. Like I’m the only crazy one.) But by the 15th, the distribution was the normal 20 to 21 titles sold, some with one copy, some with multiples, and the novels outselling the short stories by a mile and a half.

I have mastered Create Space (preens) so there will be printed copies of all these soon.  So far only Death of A Musketeer has gone live, in tpb.  Btw I have the first defective copy I ordered (loooong story, but there are a few obvious mistakes I missed online, including random capitalization attack in the blurb.)  I meant to take it to the Huns-giving but forgot.  So, next time we all get together (When shall we all meet again) I’ll have it as a fun giveaway.

My Create Space books are being designed with JASC paintshop nine, (When Corel bought it it took it more scrapbooking and away from “poor man’s photoshop) and GIMP and Word.  It works.  Yes, I could get Photoshop and Indesign, but considering how INTIMATELY I know these other programs, the ramping up for the possibly better programs is SO much work as to be not worth it.  I’m following the rule of “Would you be better off writing?”  The answer is “yes.”

I will be talking to Toni, btw, about putting up webscriptions versions of the three musketeer mysteries now out and also Witchfinder when it’s ready.  I’d talked to her about it before, but I’m not sure exactly where it stands.  (My fault.  I got sick.)

This year has been largely a waste through getting sick, but the blog lightening up — even if I’m still blogging most of the time — SEEMS to be helping that.  The common cold isn’t very serious, and might just be tiredness, to be fair.  (I spent last week doing massive cleaning downstairs, and it does pull me down.)

Hopefully once I get things rolling properly health will recover and 2014 is “the year I finish things” and stop with the getting sick cycle.

I’ll try to do a chapter of Rogue Magic tomorrow, and then Sunday will be the roundup of news — possibly with an end of year thingy.  Monday is the introduction of the first member of my Raiding Party.  Tuesday is my New Year’s Resolutions.

I’ll find something for Wednesday.  And then we’ll figure it out.  Needless to say I’m still open to guest posts that aren’t from members of the Raiding Party, for when I find myself like today quite out of brain.  So, if you’ve sent me one and I’ve spaced it, ping me again, and if you haven’t, come up with something.

And now I’m going to go shower and dress and do the cat boxes which smell… like catboxes.



43 responses to “Son of “In Vain I’ve Struggled”

  1. Best wishes for a healthier new year…!

  2. I’ll second Kurt’s wish! May 2014 be calm, clear, bright, and send all of us no more trouble than we can handle at any one time. (After a certain point, pilots stop praying for good weather and we pray for workable. May 2014 bring all workable weather.)

    Shameless plug, but for the two people keeping score, the semi-prequel to the Cat Among Dragons series is [tap, tap, tap] due out in mid to late March. I’m waiting for the start of the new fiscal year and for some comments to come in before sending the novel to my copy and continuity editor. The book might be dedicated to the Huns and Hoydens. Or it might not.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing the Musketeer books. Baen is my go to publisher.

  4. A gezunter yahr! A healthy year.

  5. mikeweatherford

    I sympathize with the “being ill” sentiment — it’s no good, and makes it difficult to write. I did something unhealthy a couple of months ago, and have had a pinched sciatic nerve ever since. Finally broke down and saw the doctor the day before Christmas. She’s sending me to a specialist, but I probably won’t get an appointment until February. I do wish all the Huns and Hoydens, including the Chief Hoyden, a healthy and prosperous new year, chocked full of blessings and pleasant surprises.

  6. I dunno if I count as a member of the Raiding Party, but I did send you a post on science in SF on Dec. 9. I can resend if it wandered off into the bit-bucket.

    May next year be a victorious year for the Huns, one and all!

  7. Martin L. Shoemaker

    Ping… I resent mine on 12/8.

  8. So if I’m patient I can find these on Baen? Good.

  9. Well – good business in the upcoming year — and better health.

  10. Here’s wishing you better health and increased sanity Sarah. I PROMISE that I won’t mention my heartfelt belief that cleaning cat boxes is one of those “Better you than me” things. Nope. Not one word. Promise.

    I’m glad to hear that things are selling well for you. And I’d like to offer a proposition to my fellow Huns here on the page (and anywhere else you can find one).

    I’m no Larry Correia. I don’t have a blog that’s viewed by thousands. I’ll deal with that.. BUT… Book Bomb anyone?

    Let’s face it: I can, will and am currently about to, by every one of herselfs published works but I’m only buying one copy, at least short-term (Paper books do wear out eventually) BUT maybe we can help Sarah out via FB or something. Everyone promote one of her books on one day and see if we can produce a significant uptick in sales.

    We’d have to pick a title and a day. I’m open to just about anything as far as that is concerned as long as it’s not January 19. That’s my daughter’s birthday and, sorry guys, you’re all out-ranked. Other than that who has a suggestion? Should we do DST or AFGM for the political angle? One of the Shakespeare stories or the Musketeers to suck people in in a non-political thing (which may help with popularity initially)? Of course, the Shifters series is pretty apolitical now and might work well considering the current popularity of shifter-type things in fiction.

    So, suggestions? Please? I’ve never organized anything more complicated that a one-year-old’s birthday party before and I had help with that. What do we think?

    (and does anyone know if we can get Larry Correia to help? I stole this idea from him, after all.)

    • Book Bombs require
      1. A motivated fanbase (check)
      2. A specific cause (???)
      3. A specific date
      4. A specific book
      5. A sponsor/author providing hourly check-ins/feedback

      A book bomb, when done well, is a deliberately engineered feedback loop of “buzz” and “excitement” about an event as well as the cause for the event. Like flash mobs, the excitement comes from doing something, seeing the feedback, and the excitement about the feedback attracting more people to do something.

      The reason for the specific cause is to motivate people into deciding this is a worthy cause to put forth money/effort/time for, and aimed at easing the barriers to impulse purchase to latecomers who were attracted by the noise and attention. This ranges from “Dave Wolverton/Farland, whose books we’ve all read, has no medical insurance and his son is in a medically induced coma on life support” to “Dan Brown, who is an awesome friend, is trying to go indie when his publisher stonewalled him from putting out a sequel.” You note the introduction of person, the appeal on how he’s part-of-the-tribe, and then the immediate need you can help solve/injustice you can help fight.

      We need a better inciting incident that “we like Sarah.” For example, “Book bomb for Sarah’s HVAC, so she won’t be sick anymore”, or “Book bomb Sarah’s New Release, so it’ll hit the top of the charts.”

      Then there’s getting some probably not Sarah the keys to the palace, in order to leave updates all day that everyone can check back on – hey, kindle rank 80,000! Hey, up to 60,000! Up to 35,000! That feedback provided in excited updates is what generates the buzz instead of the “well, i paid my tithe, click away and don’t come back” mentality. You note Larry provided constant feedback that keeps people coming back in the “fun facts about” files, so you come back to see those when you’d have gotten bored of number going up.

      Once you have those lined up, then pick a book and a day.

  11. I’d do the litter box before showering. Otherwise one can smell like used litter for hours. And with a perfumer’s nose, only copious amounts of fresh water can cleanse the smell from me.

  12. Writing as somebody who follows several online serials fanatically, and is disappointed when they aren’t updated on “schedule”, I still say;

    Don’t ever feel guilty for not providing free content “on time”. You owe freeloaders like me bupkis. I am seriously grateful that you post anything at all.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy (and hopefully healthier) New Year.

    • I’ll point out, ‘Cause Sarah is Too Nice, that there is a donation button, and a subscription button, at top-‘O-blog. So you don’t have to always be a freeloader. Only if you want to. Because that’s ok, too.

  13. There’s nothing wrong with GIMP over the Adobe stuff. I am very experienced using both and there’s very little practical work that I cannot accomplish using GIMP, and you can’t beat the price.

    Plus, the GIMP folks don’t store all your data on ratty old servers that they don’t keep the security up on and get hacked. And you can skip the Adobe attitude. Plusses all around.

  14. I’ve got an Ethical/Marketing question. (and yes, I know the two never intersect very often). I kinda delayed putting up that short of mine because I wanted to do it at the beginning of the year, but then the thought occurred to me: What if I put up the short, and eventually added more stories to it, eventually building it up to an anthology, and said that I would do this, albeit not on any set schedule. Early adopters would end up with the whole thing for the original price (based on Amazon’s update capability) until it hit, say, a dozen stories, at which point I’d consider it a complete book.

    But if it took a long time to add updates, would that be seen as a cheat (even though it’s initially priced as a short)?