I Write, You Write, They Write

I’ve been promising to do a promo post for me and friends and readers of this blog and failing spectacularly, mostly due to my brain having fallen out of my ears.

Seriously, at some point one or more of you are going to need to point out the fact that the thing you DON’T do when your schedule is already full up is arbitrarily add more stuff.  “Daily blog and five shorts due this month?  Piffle.Scheduled for two novels?  No fear, add two more!  Then add an episodic one on weekends!  Not enough?  Add an how-to-write column at pjm on Tuesday afternoon.  Then start editing old shorts and just recovered novels to put out.  More! More! More!”

I keep telling myself this is insane, but myself knows self lies for a living…  I don’t believe a word I say.

The distressing result is that things tend to break down, and I can’t force myself to work for sometimes hours at a time.  And then when I come back to work I’m so out of it that nothing non essential gets done.  Hence the forever-breaking-down blog tour — yes, I know I still have three or four appearances to do!  And forgetting to promote you good people who deserve it.  (Also failing to do my web site, or even rebuild the “My books” section under this blog.)

Which brings us to today.  This weekend there was a rather sharp breakdown — mostly a conjunction of physical stuff and a really bad sinus hopefully-not-quite-infection-yet, which had me sitting in front of the computer, staring at the screen going “Okay, now I–” then realizing this had taken three hours, somehow (I blame Terry Pratchett’s monks of time.  They’re overactive in my life.)  I will be putting stuff up on the subscriber space, but later today.  First, I must do my post for PJM because my editor needs time to look it over before it goes live tomorrow afternoon.

Some stuff DID get done, like my finally getting the RIGHT opening for Through Fire and editing a short story and a novella to go up.  But it was not half what needed to be done.

Anyway, so I’ll hope you excuse me this half hearted post.  To compensate, I’ll list my “Free Soup” for the week, followed by things people have asked me to link.

Ill Met By Moonlight, the first book of my Shakespeare trilogy is free until the second of May.  We will also bring out the new edition in paper soon.  If these continue to sell well, I will do a kickstarter for the next three.  If there is enough interest. The cheap option for these is The Magical Shakespeare Omnibus, three books in one.

After the second of May I’ll take short stories free while I continue to revise The Musketeer’s Seamstress.  (Edit really, but heavy edit, as it was really badly edited before.)

My friend Ellie has her romantic suspense novel Wedding Bell Blues out for free.  She just released a paranormal romance Hunted.  While paranormal romance will never be my thing, it held my interest and didn’t get thrown against the wall, which from me to a paranormal romance is high praise indeed.  Be advised.

Cedar Sanderson has a YA fantasy Vulcan’s Kittens out and she’s also promoting other stories at her blog.

Travis Corcoran has The Aristillus Series a pair of science fiction novels about anarchocapitalism, economics, open source software, corporate finance, social media, antigravity, lunar colonization, genetically modified dogs, strong AI…and really, really big guns. (Sounds like fun — SAH) Free chapter here.  (I hear the first hit is always free — SAH)

Elizabeth McCoy has Queen of Roses.  She describes it as a story about an indentured servant on a cruise (space)ship, her fellow servant (the pilot), the crew, the passengers, and the stowaways. Bit of a fluffy SF, bit of a cozy mystery (I’m told).

Cyn Bagley has Urban Werewolf. (Cyn.  That cover.  Bigger letters!) and posts her poetry at Scrambled Sage.

Alma T. C. Boykin, our very own TXRed has Justice and Juniors out, the second one of her Cat Among Dragons series.

Sabrina Chase has The Scent of Metal out.  I will confess I haven’t read Sabrina’s books yet — but I have heard raves about them from people I trust, and also I’ve read her blog, and know the woman can sling words like a pro.  They’re on my list.

Tom Bridgeland has Iron Magic out.  (NICE cover!)

David Carrico asked me to mention 1636, The Devil’s Opera, his novel with Eric Flint.

If you’re not reading Older Son’s Robert A. Hoyt’s Ninja Nun comic, shame on you.  And if you have a few spare dimes to throw in his kitty, I’m afraid they go for school books and such fribbles.  I’m trying to convince him to run a fundraiser….

J.J. (James) DiBenedetto has asked me to mention his novels and been really patient in waiting.  His Author Page on Amazon is here.  The first novel is Dream Student. (And James, if you read this: bigger name and title!)

Russ Mitchell has Malik The Pawn.  (Heed me, for I’m the voice that cries in the desert — make thee the name and title bigger — SAH.)

Wesley Morrison has Let No False Angels out.

Celia Hays: Only A Paper Star (a short story collection.) The Heart Of Texas, collection of essays about interesting events and people in Texas history. Travels With Blondie— about being a single parent in the military.

Mary Catelli has a short story in Warrior Wisewoman edited by Roby James.

Archer Garrett: Flashback — a sci-fi novelette.  And here you can see samples of Pulse Chaser his steampunkish short story series/novel.

S. T. Gaffney has China Harbor — quoth her husband Frank:  Set in an island off the coast of China in 2012, which was the future when she wrote it, but then what is the future when you’re dealing with time travel anyway? It features a female scientist, as written by an actual female scientist. And yes, she’s heroic, and no, she doesn’t kick butt and shoot people. It’s a great read from many angles, including a full-on immersion in another culture, and a unique look at the laws of time travel.

J. A. Marlow – The String Weavers  From J. A. Marlow —“The String Weavers” is the first book in my String Weavers series. Disappearing food. Music no one else hears. An alien dropped off by a giant flaming bird… Abducted from Earth, Kelsey Hale finds herself in the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universes. She must not only survive, but also rescue her father from a dangerous group of unknown intent. In the process discovering a family secret that will change her life forever.

Mike Weatherford didn’t give us links, so we’ll wait till he does it in the comments.  (Hey, Mike, did you know there are at least three people with your name writing?  No?  Well… some seem to do art and stuff.)

I know there are other people who asked me for mentions, who got lost in the shuffle because it’s been SO long.  Sorry.  This year has already been a year.  If you mention stuff I forgot in comments, I shall link here on updates.

And now I’ll go write weekly column for PJM before my editor starts pulling out his hair by the roots.

89 responses to “I Write, You Write, They Write

  1. Yeah, I’m one of your shufflers.
    Don’t worry, Sarah! Don’t you know all the REST of us are losing our little minds trying to keep up with 2013 too? 😀


  2. Every single year I make the same New Years’ Resolution: “no new projects until I finish up the old ones.”

    Aaaaaand that lasts until maybe February.

  3. Another shuffler from a while back, but no worries. Life is like that, and what happycrow said!

    Anyway, my first sci-fi novel, “Let No False Angels,” is out and available at Amazon:


  4. Sarah, thanks so much for the link!

  5. Warrior Wisewoman edited by Roby James has a story by me.

  6. Ill Met By Moonlight, the first book of my Shakespeare trilogy is free until the second.

    Well, then, when will the second come out? I fear I shall be all night awake fretting over that, especially as my budget is constrained and I cannot afford free books just now, even ‘lectronic ones.

  7. TY — I will redo the size. Good to see a lot of books 😉

  8. Gratz for the mention–yer making me blush 😉 Now I’m off to snag a free Hoytian Shakespeare… I love this place!

  9. Sarah, I bought The Magical Shakespeare Omnibus and rapidly read all three. I thought they were brillant with the way you blended history and fantasy.

    Hope you get past your infection and push on.

  10. Archer Garrett

    I’ve got a sorta-scifi novelette out (10K Words). Flashback:

    Current Project is Pulse Chaser, a steampunk-esque work that started originally as a short story. New Chapters slated for release every thursday/friday starting this week.
    Sample here:

  11. Taking our Gracious Hostesses’ suggestion to revamp and republish archival stuff – I have done two Kindle edition collections in the last month, and figured out how to mess around with photoshop and word for best effect on covers:
    The short story collection – Only a Paper Star is here – http://www.amazon.com/Only-Paper-Other-Stories-ebook/dp/B0065B0SS2/ref=la_B002BM1QHG_1_13?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367251727&sr=1-13

    The Heart of Texas, collection of essays about interesting events and people in Texas history is here – http://www.amazon.com/The-Heart-of-Texas-ebook/dp/B00C46AJ5Y/ref=la_B002BM1QHG_1_10?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367251799&sr=1-10

    And Travels with Blondie – about being a single parent in the military is here – I just finished and posted it yesterday! – http://www.amazon.com/Travels-With-Blondie-ebook/dp/B00CKDERGS/ref=la_B002BM1QHG_1_15?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1367251910&sr=1-15

    Next month – a collection of military posts: Air Force Daze.

    • SIGH!

      Celia, you are forcing me to become an e-reader… 😉

      • Won’t hurt, I swear – I got a Kindle for a Christmas present, and I keep it in my purse for reading stuff when I am stuck waiting somewhere.

        • My number two criterion when buying a new shirt is whether the Kindle will fit in the pocket. Number one is still comfort of course.

  12. > Travis Corcoran has The Aristillus Series

    Sarah, you’re too kind. I really REALLY appreciate the fact that you take the time to solicit links to projects from your fans and share the love (although I have to admit I’m confused – the MSM assured me that libertarians and conservatives are evil, selfish, and hate community…so how can this possibly be? 😉 )

    • We’re DECEPTICONS — we pretend to be evil and selfish and hate community. That way the MSM and their sycophants run away, and we can work without impediment.


        GROAN! That’s terrible!

        (But speaking of deception, I love shopping at Whole Foods, knowing that if the people around me knew 10% of the beliefs inside the head of their fellow shopper, they’d fall over stunned, if not dead. )

        • Oh yes. I know. I need to go visit the local hive to see if they have pineberries…

        • Wayne Blackburn

          The funny thing being that the owner of Whole Foods got excoriated by his former fellow travelers when he posted a health care reform proposal that was radically different from the *spit* “Affordable Care Act” *spit*, and didn’t call for massive government expansions, some time before it was passed in the House and Senate.

      • At least one of the garbage trucks for the City of Santa Fe, NM has little Decepticon logos on the side. The other folks getting breakfast at the time could not understand why I was laughing at the sight of a garbage truck.

        And thanks for the promo. 🙂

      • I thought Decepticon was that mythical SF convention that constantly varies the date and place it is held, advertises special guests who turn out to have cancelled at the last minute and advertises one theme, such as Hentai but proves to be focused on a different one, such as children’s SF.

  13. Thanks so much for this. Figuring out how to advertise is harder than the actual writing. The cover pic was something I found browsing the web, I got ahold of the creator and asked to use it. A small fee later…My daughter and I did the layout. Quite a learning curve. Next one should go much quicker.

    • The cover was the hardest learning curve for me. I almost threw my laptop against the wall nine or ten times and thought the whole book would just fall apart there. Sarah’s link to Dreamstime.com turned out to be a godsend, though, and it all came together within hours after that. (Thanks, Sarah!)

      The other joy of the learning curve? You get so much better doing your second one, you end up going back and revamping your first!

    • Yeah, my wife works in Poser and this was made there, with me doing the rest of the work in GIMP. Next time around, I’m doing all the text directly on the image and leave that as that (with bigger words).

      In MY copious spare time. We should all of us write blog posts about “in my copious spare time” and link it here. Give Sarah a bazillion-and-fifty hits for, say, Wednesday. 🙂

      • I can do a post called In My Copious Spare Time on Wednesday — just to give you an idea of everything on the plate right now. I mean EVERYTHING — the scary part being I might terrify myself.

  14. Sarah — yeah, I know. There are three Mike Weatherfords and two James Michael Fords. Nothing new up right now, but I’m working on a half-dozen projects. When I don’t feel well enough to write, I work on a compilation of all of your and your fans’ works. I work strictly from links in your comments.

  15. By the way, the cover art was by Justin Nichol. He says he would love to do more cover art for fantasy. No idea what he charges for original art though.
    He seemed like a nice guy and easy to work with.

  16. @Jim McCoy
    Try Calibre software. I read about this a few days at another site, and according to the author it is the cat’s pajamas for transferring between formats with DRM-free works, and SUPPOSEDLY there are plug-ins that will strip the DRM from works.

    Try it and see.

    Good Luck!!

    • Yes… a Google search for “calibre drm removal” would probably turn something up that might work for that purpose… (insert mandatory cautionary language here about technical violations of the Digital Copyright Millenium Act, followed by rant regarding the implications on security research, portability of files, archiving, etc., etc., etc… and conclude with lamentable admission that yes, I am a lawyer).

    • Thanks! Any idea where I could download this?

    • I second Calibre. Plugin for it to strip DRM from kindle stuff.

    • I third Calibre. It’s everything that Kindlegen should be, but isn’t.

      • I started using Calibre to manage my e-library on my computer after a couple of books that I had paid for disappeared from the online site when the author got her rights back from the publisher. (I don’t hold it against her, and I got the books back in my collection when I tracked down her site and paid her directly.) Now I copy every ebook I get into my Calibre library and back that up on my memory cards in both my phone and my Kobo Vox. So my ebooks are stored in 4 different spots that are not dependent on the mercies of the publishers (as well as being in the online libraries at the various places that I buy from).

        0:) “I had no idea that the DRM was getting stripped when I saved them in Calibre.” 😉

    • A note to all authors promoting their works here: please, please, PLEASE tell potential readers if the work is DRM free.

      DO NOT rely on people remembering your rants against the tyranny of DRM, do not rely on anybody remembering that you were the one who dropped the remark about “my works are always and forever DRM free.”

      People here like and respect authors and want to buy your work (okay – we also want to get it free) and removing any* barriers to our purchase of your product is in your interest.

      *We are well aware that the DRM issue is not always yours, but knowing whether we can read what we buy on our device is a serious impediment to purchasing.

      • DRM-free- I have never done it and won’t start now–

        • Likewise. No DRM. Ever.

          • That is good to know, please ALWAYS include it with any promotion of your works for sale. Do not rely on readers remembering; SF fans may be superb at remembering minute details of short stories read forty years ago but most of us can’t tell you what they had for lunch yesterday (although they can readily tell you what they were reading while eating that lunch.)

  17. Feel free to mention my wife’s novel, China Harbor: Out of Time. Set in an island off the coast of China in 2012, which was the future when she wrote it, but then what is the future when you’re dealing with time travel anyway? It features a female scientist, as written by an actual female scientist. And yes, she’s heroic, and no, she doesn’t kick butt and shoot people. It’s a great read from many angles, including a full-on immersion in another culture, and a unique look at the laws of time travel.


    No special promotions–she refuses to indulge in such shameless self-promotion, feeling that she would be cheating anybody who already paid for the book.

    • I appreciate your wife’s view — I cannot express the irksomeness of seeing a HB I paid “list” for turning up on the remainder table at less than the MMPB.

      But the custom of the industry is to remainder books, and to offer short term “specials” to encourage people to sample (especially) an unknown author.

      • Understood. She also refuses to price her books at the x.99 price break to lure the innumerate. Or to use different names just because she writes very different things.

        You can either follow the pack, or lead the pack. Course, leading doesn’t mean anyone’s going to follow. Sometimes it’s just going your own way. She’s led a unique life, and I look forward to more buck-the-trend decisions in the future.

  18. I keep telling myself this is insane, but myself knows self lies for a living… I don’t believe a word I say.

    😉 From the first chapter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland:

    “Come, there’s no use in crying like that!” said Alice to herself, rather sharply; “I advise you to leave off this minute!” She generally gave herself very good advise, (though she very seldom followed it,) and sometimes she scolded herself so severely as to bring tears into her eyes; and once she remembered trying to box her own ears for having cheated herself in a game of croquet she was playing against herself, for this curious child was very fond of pretending to be two people.

    Which brings me to your statement: If these continue to sell well, I will do a kickstarter for the next three.

    What part of this — your own blog post about the deleterious effects of overextending yourself — have you not read?

  19. Didn’t get my name in fast enough on the previous post, so thought I would mention it here.

    “The String Weavers” is the first book in my String Weavers series. Disappearing food. Music no one else hears. An alien dropped off by a giant flaming bird… Abducted from Earth, Kelsey Hale finds herself in the middle of a deadly conflict among alien worlds and parallel universes. She must not only survive, but also rescue her father from a dangerous group of unknown intent. In the process discovering a family secret that will change her life forever.


    Right now I’m working like crazy to revise the rest of the series (all the rest of the books were written last year) and blogging about the process. Why? Because of what I mentioned in a previous thread: My mother was diagnosed with brain cancer, a GBM tumor, at the beginning of April. We’re hoping for the best, but the statistics are bad. She loves this series, of which only the first two books (out of 7) are published, so I put aside all writing and revising projects in favor of this series. I’m revising as fast as I can so she can read them while we still have her here with us.

    Give all your loved ones an extra hug!

    • Tom Bridgeland

      J.A., that is both sad and beautiful. I am so sorry that your Mother is afflicted like this.
      That cover is gorgeous.

      • Thank you. 🙂 It’s hard, yes. Yet, in an odd way, it’s given me something productive to focus on. Something I have control of in a situation where we really don’t have much control. It’s been helping me deal with the fallout of this sudden news.

        And thank you for your comment on the cover. 🙂

  20. I have… absolutely nothing to flog. Between being ill, and having to deal with Mundane Reality, I don’t have two minutes to put a thought together, never mind the five required to boot the computer, open OpenOffice, and type the bloody thing. (Someone tell Speaker to Lab Animals to get on the cam and develop a means of transferring Thought directly to page, damn it!) 😛

    Oh, and this weekend, while everyone else gets to go to LibertyCon, I get to go to… Corflu.

    • I really am sorry you must deal with the flu this weekend, perhaps I will send you some Pepto to help settle your stomach.

    • This weekend? Libertycon isn’t until June 28-30. At least in my reality. Yours may be different.

      • I wondered about that too, but I think he meant “this year”

      • No, it’s in June in my reality too, Uncle Lar. Maybe they started the pre-Con party already?

        • Perhaps he is not at Liberty to explain?

        • I COULD use a party… (stupid sinus)

        • As I recall Timmy and company start the pre con party somewhere around Christmas of the prior year.

            • Sarah, you might want to check out your Mensa local group. Each local is different, but most tend to sponsor fairly regular get togethers. I have a strong hunch at least one of your family qualifies and the rest would fit in quite well. Fair warning, my local is regrettably highly infected with flaming liberals, but at least it’s nice to occasionally hang out with folks who get your jokes without having to explain the punch lines.

              • Er… we all qualify though I maintain I cheated on the tests. Our group too is wall to wall flaming liberals. OTOH we are slowly building a nice enough little group of friends. Unfortunately, most of them are in Denver — so a move will happen sooner rather than later. The problem is leading up to the move there will be a ton more cleaning/painting/fixing. Sigh.

                • Hell girl, if it was easy any fool could do it.
                  Must confess my ideal social companions are folks like Doc Travis, Mad Mike, Ringo, highly intelligent rednecks, which come to think of it describes the majority of the Baen stable oddly enough. Trouble being such like invariably over commit their time so cons present the only real opportunity, and you know what a madhouse those are.
                  Planning to do Libertycon this year after missing the last two. Hope to see you there.

                • Ooooo! More stuff for to occupy that copious amount of spare time you speak in Wednesday, May 1st’s blog post!

                  The Spouse jokes that I have the gift of cleaning other people’s baths and kitchens. This is something I would do for people who were moving, either out or in. On one occasion I was driven by distraction by a friend’s kitchen trash area, and gave it a cleaning as birthday present. The answer on how I manage this, when I get so downhearted when faced the same areas in my own house? I do the job and leave. I don’t have to watch the results of all the work disappear.

                  If I lived closer I would be quite willing, in my copious free time, to help you. (I also enjoy painting parties.) Particularly if it gave me an excuse to ignore my own ‘impossible’ to ever complete household chores. 😉

  21. Thanks for the promo post! I’ve got a new SF thriller out, the third in my Connor Rix series. It’s a near-future setting in a post-breakup USA where people are able to Modify themselves to obtain a number of bio-engineered powers. Sometimes those powers are capable of uplifting the entire human race. Other times, they are used for monstrous ends.
    When you have a problem with a violent superhuman outlaw, Connor Rix is the guy you call to set things right.

  22. My husband has had his book out at Amazon for awhile now. I hadn’t mentioned it because 1) it’s not my book, and 2) There hasn’t been a promote other authors post here for awhile.
    So here’s where to find his crime novel on Kindle. It is non-DRM.


    He’s working on getting his fantasy novel ready for publication right now. 😉