The Sporadic, Spasmodic, Self Promo Post

It occurred to me that not only did my health crash — and it has its up and downs.  The reason this is so late today is that I’m actually fighting SOMETHING that kept me in bed till eight thirty — make it very difficult for me to do promo guest blogs, but that I’ve been very bad at promoing here.  And since I have a book recently published, another book coming out in a couple of weeks, and another in July, I thought I’d go ahead and tell you about them.

The book that came out in December is Darkship Renegades, the second book of the Darkship Series — when Kit and Thena get to Eden they find all is not sound.  Or at least Kit gets arrested, and, after they spring him, he gets shot in the head.  To save him, they have to return to Earth and figure out things they’d rather not know about Jarl and the rest.  (click on the picture for the Amazon link.)  In this book we find out how truly interesting it would be to have angels govern us.  Or, as close to it as we can get.


This book is the sequel to the Prometheus Award Winning Darkship Thieves

Darkship Thieves

In which a shy young lady…  Oh, stew it, in which a hellion of what Jerry Pournelle called (in his very nice review) “a princess of Earth” meets a rogue from a largely libertarian world and fights her way into a new home.  Cruel and unusual violence, explosions and torn nightgowns.

Coming out in March is A Few Good Men, the first book of the Earth revolution that starts immediately after the end of Darkship Thieves.  In both Darkship Thieves and Darkship Renegades you read about that weird sect, part religion part political movement, the Usaians.  Well, when Lucius Dante Maximillian Keeva, who’s been in solitary for 15 years and only didn’t go nuts because of being given access to literature and history “gems” (what they use instead of disks, deal) from the past breaks out of Never Never, he finds that there is an armed branch of the Usaians, the Sons Of Liberty, who appear to have murdered his younger brother, Max.  Imagine how thrilled he is, when he finds out his only hope of surviving is to ask the Sons of Liberty for help…  The tag line for this book (in the bookmarks) is “Your live, your fortune, your sacred honor, did you think those were just words?  Did you think this was just a game?”


Completely unrelated, but coming out in July — and I understand that the previous are schedule for re-release soon — is Noah’s Boy, the third book of the shifters series (the first two are Draw One In The Dark and Gentleman Takes A Chance.  The fourth will be Bowl of Red, and I’ll try to get to it this year.)  I don’t have a picture here, though I understand it’s in the Simon and Schuster Catalogue, and if someone links in the comments, I’ll swipe it.  It’ s a very pretty cover.

Noah’s Boy

Diners, dragons, panthers, were lab-rats, tuckerized flies, unnatural cavalcades of shifters and lion-policemen, oh, my.  I suspect the d*mn series is actually SF masquerading as fantasy and this book is a huge step in that direction.

Also upcoming soon enough but not from Baen, a YA called Shadow Gods, in which high school students save the world from an invasion of the Titans, which in this version are eldergoddish, with the help of some of the Olympians.

And of course Witchfinder.

D*mn sequel btw, wants to be called Rogue’s Progress, which gives no hint at all that it’s fantasy.  I SHOULD know that Jonathan Blythe would be trouble.

And this afternoon I’m going to try to get to the long-delayed (LONG delayed guest blogging, supposing I don’t crash, burn and end up sleeping.  I really don’t feel well.)

Anyway, spreading this self-serving, self-promoting page would greatly help the author continue writing and providing free ice-cream doing these free blog posts, as well as the free novel Fridays.  If any of you are willing to take bookmarks to cons, let me know, and I shall send you little bundles of them.  Books are also available, if you’re willing to do a review.  There are also (very few) t-shirts for Darkship Renegades and a few more t-shirts for A Few Good Men, which I’ll be happy to give away in contests.

127 thoughts on “The Sporadic, Spasmodic, Self Promo Post

  1. Finished Darkship Thieves last night. It’s a space-opera romp that makes you think. Gents, you might want to wear protection while introducing yourself to this book’s heroine. Ladies, don’t bother, the Cat is taken. 🙂

    1. Wear protection? Why, just because if you startle her, you’ll be wearing the Family Jewels as a necklace?

      O.K., maybe that’s a good reason…

    2. OT – unfortunately I’ve lost the link Sarah posted to the novel you have up on Amazon. Can you re-post it (if OGH doesn’t mind) or email it to me please (

  2. Rogue’s Progress? Sounds like a modern Romance novel set in the 18th-Century. I refuse to speculate about the cover beyond predicting a brawny chest, six-pack abs, a tight tush in skin tight leather and a whopping big sword.Sequel to be called Milady’s Enlightening Education, perhaps.

    1. “a brawny chest, six-pack abs, a tight tush in skin tight leather and a whopping big sword”

      You *are* talking about the heroine, right?

    2. Well if the cover displays both six-pack abs and a tight tush at the same time, we will know it is either fantasy, or paranormal. (always assuming the six-pack abs and tight tush belong to the same character)

  3. I finished Darkship Thieves and Renegades a couple of months ago. I had such a great time that I am practicing my karate moves in the privacy of my own home. It has been a few years. 😉

  4. D*mn sequel btw, wants to be called Rogue’s Progress, which gives no hint at all that it’s fantasy.

    Well, one of Mercedes Lackey’s Valdemar novels is “Take a Thief”, which is a pretty similar, non-specific name. Perhaps you can add a subtitle which will make it clearer.

    1. Heck, unless you already know the titles in the series and that it is a fantasy duology, “Vows and Honor” could be a historical novel about William the Marshall of England, a Regency romance, an urban romance, a history of chivalry, a re-telling of the 47 Ronin, a satire about modern politics, a military thriller . . .

        1. “Vows and Honor” would either be about Honor taking her vows when she joins the military, or about Honor getting married 🙂

            1. I don’t think she’d be a nun. When she’s not in military service (on Manticore) she’s also in Grayson’s military and is a Grayson Steadholder. She’s also a business magnate–Grayson Skydomes. Last but certainly not least she’s a Duchess in the Manticoran House of Lords.

              I wouldn’t put it past her sister or daughter or any of her namesakes to become a Ninja Nun.

  5. Huzzah! Noah’s Boy, can’t wait.

    What about A Flaw in Her Magic? I haven’t seen anything about that for a while.

        1. Well, there are five people involved in it, and all — including self — hit severe snags last year, so it came to a grinding halt. Whether it revives remains to be seen and depends on us getting over our snags.

  6. I didn’t realize Noah’s Boy was the 3rd Shifter book – I would’ve read your related posts more carefully as that’s my favorite series of yours (though the Heart and Soul series was amazing too).

    I don’t remember a Noah in the other two. But I never was good with names.

    1. It was the dish that Tom’s father ordered at the diner at the end of the second one. Like he ordered “Gentleman Takes A Chance” at the end of the first one

        1. Especially since a groan might be mistaken for a moan, and if you’re talking about a Rake, that’s definitely an encouragement. (Runs)

          1. okay. First there the polishing of canons, now this.

            <puts hands on hips, turns the picture of Heinlein to the wall and speaks frankly "DO YOU WANT ME TO WRITE ROMANCE?"

            1. While I normally disdain commenting on typos …

              Cannon polishing can be unhealthy and lead to blindness and sudden explosions.

              Canon polishing, OTOH …

              A general law, rule, principle, or criterion by which something is judged.

              … is a full-time occupation around here.

                  1. I think it was “canon” in the sense that Conan Doyle’s collected works are termed, or as denizens here might refer to the compleat Heinlein. As Sarah seems to be unifying her various novels via The George it may be she is hoping, in time, to be canonized.

              1. Cannon polishing was in another thread, relating to keeping the elephants away. Since this is a reasonably family-oriented blog, I’ll refrain from cannon-polishing jokes of the other sort…

              1. She got very irate when I called her Heart and Soul trilogy romances, so I would watch carefully over your shoulder for flying fish if I were you. 😉

            2. But, Sarah, I’m tired of practicing that piece! It’s the same thing over, and over, and over . . .

        1. Ok, I nearly spewed over that one. Good thing I didn’t have food or drink in my mouth at the time.

            1. Or is that, “We aim to pee”? Well, I guess only for the males…
              (holds up penguin to catch dead fish)

              1. Yeah, that wasn’t quite as good. Most garden puns are much too obvious. Throw in a rake, a hoe, and then fertilizer, and you’ve got the beginnings of a story.

                Pun? eh, kinda.

    1. ah, yes — A Well Inlaid Death is on the horizon, if I can wrest my rights back from the possessive little… er… Berkley.
      Also there shall be A Fatal Claws — I THINK — the first of the Orphan Kittens mysteries.

      1. Eric is gonna have a busy March — he is Literary Guest of Honor at Stellarcon March 1-3

        BTW, if you don’t already have a minion or lab rat arranged, I can distribute bookmarks there.

          1. No getting hit on by guys when you are one is not, but I would imagine most people would think AFGM t-shirt was just advertising a Manowar album they were unfamiliar with.

            1. Eh. My husband used to get hit on by guys while I was HOLDING HIS HAND. Hasn’t happened lately, but we haven’t been out in the bar zone at night lately. (This was pre-kids.)

              And yes, actually my fear with AFGM is that people will think it’s just ALL THE TIME explosions, and it’s not. It’s more like DST.

      1. I hate it when I’m at the bottom of the comments and I forget to click the Reply link when replying to the last comment. Now it looks all goofed up.

  7. I’d love to review Noah’s Boy (in all the usual locations: retailers, Goodreads, my blog). What do I need to do? (any ebook or PDF format or even online is fine).

  8. Yo! Blockhead! I shouldn’a have to be learning about This from PJ Tatler:

    Sarah Hoyt on Cam Edwards’ NRA News
    by Charlie Martin

    February 15, 2013 – 8:40 am

    Sarah A Hoyt, SF writer, Prometheus Award winner, and sometime PJM contributor, will be on Cam Edwards’ NRA News Radio today at 3:40PM ET, talking about her blog post “Drinking Their Own Ink“. You can hear the show on Sirius XM Patriot radio, or though the NRA News website.

    Charlie Martin writes on science and technology for PJ Media. Follow his 13 week diet and exercise experiment on Facebook and at PJ Lifestyle

    Nor should I have to add that the embedded links are available at the Tatler post linked above!

          1. Ach, ya done fine, lassie.

            Beloved Spouse took time from preparation of desperately wanted medicinal ramen to listen and smiled approval.

              1. Practice helps (as if you wanted to hear that.) Back in the day when I would call in to talk shows it took a while to learn to slow the breathing and avoid hyperventilation.

                You made your points well and flogged your books and your publisher. That is what counts.

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