Taking the Day Off

A merry Christmas to those who celebrate.  And to those who do not, have a good day and enjoy the pause before life restarts again tomorrow.

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  1. Thank you and a very merry Christmas to you and yours — and to all the great people I have met here have the happiest of whatever holiday you celebrate.

    (And I am glad to see Sarah being sensible and enjoying the holiday…)

  2. *sneaks into kitchen, sidles up to fridge, grabs some dark meat, slinks off* Huh, what? Nothing, I was just going back out to finish shoveling. Honest.

    Merry Christmas y’all. 😀

  3. Merry Christmas, Sarah, to you and your family. Merry Christmas, also, to all the lurkers commenters, and friends that have become special to me in the last six months of being a part of your comment crowd. May the coming year be the best for all of us!

  4. Merry Christmas!

    Mmmm . .. fruitcake . . . What? You didn’t realize that after it’s sufficiently aged (gifted and regifted), all fruitcake get eaten by someone, some where? Yes, this is one of the end points that saves the world from being inundated.

        1. Dietary restrictions have slowed our contribution to saving the earth. I understand, though that they are being used as bricks in areas that desire all recyclible housing.

      1. Sufficiently saturated in rum or brandy fruitcake is delicious.

        Clarification: If you are sufficiently saturated in rum or brandy, even fruitcake is delicious.

        1. Not allowed to have rum or brandy– when I did have fruitcake, my family belonged to a religion who were not allowed to drink alcohol– so you can imagine what they soaked the fruitcake in– 😉

          1. Sigh – I drink no alcohol, either. I am allowed it, but since I am chronically underslept even a little sip tends to make me doze off. Some people argue it makes me better company, of course.

    1. Fruitcake is one of the delights of Christmas.

      To be sure, it does age well. My mother once thought of not making it because some had lasted until November. She fortunately mentioned it aloud. When the fruitcake had been inhaled with twenty-four hours, she concluded that it was, after all, still worth making.

        1. You might try a light (as in pale colored) fruitcake first, like an orange one. Then go for the glory of Corsicana or one of the other darker ones.

          I like fruitcake if it has not been drenched in liquor. Yes, yes, heretic and all that.

      1. I was first introduced to fruitcake by my great-grandmother. I was five and I think I slipped it into a napkin– I can’t even stand the smell. 😉 I am a fruitcake regifter…

      1. heh. And it’s *still* snowing. 🙂 Snow! On Christmas! In Texas! This is literally only the second time in my entire life we’ve had a white Christmas here.

      2. Up in the Panhandle we’ve got, oh, half an inch of snow on the flat ground and eighteen inches in the drifts. It’s 19 degrees F with a windchill of “arrrgh!”

        1. Last White Xmas here was very much heavier snow wise (Mom and Dad were here for the winter, It follows them, Corpus Christi got snow the year they stayed there!) just a dusting this time here in Alvarado but just a few miles closer to Ft Worth it is white looking. For Yanks like me and Sis it is a bit like home (displaced Yoopers) and I just got back in from a quick motorbike ride. Not enough snow to make it fun. Bike needs work (needs a new motorcycle installed under the handlebars) so I think I best not rely on it for transpo any longer. See what tomorrow looks like whether or not I ride my Sport Tourer in. Last time I rode it in the snow I didn’t let enough fall and fell myself twice. 2 inches later traction showed back up and I got home no problem.

  5. It’s not snowing in Horseshoe Bay. To my knowledge it’d only snowing in North TX. I’d love a fur coat, but it’s usually too warm for one in Dallas.

      1. Being from Louisiana originally, I know about snow being something other people talk about. I do have photos of snow (some 8 inches) occurring several times between the time I was two and when I left Louisiana for the Air Force.

        I saw a really neat Colorado bumper sticker yesterday: “I’m not a NATIVE//but I got here as fast as I could.” I’d like one that says “I’m not a NATIVE//but I married one.” We had snow Christmas eve, a little more last night, and we have more forecast for tomorrow. It’s currently 12F.

  6. As midnight (EST) approaches, my family wishes a merry Christmas to all and to all a good night.

    They also wish me to state that they had NOTHING to do with my selection of the following carol:

  7. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!
    Though eventful for several reasons — a high point was two novels about Darkships 😉
    Thank you Sarah for hosting this wonderful forum of intriguing characters.

      1. Yeah I got 2 hours a night for the first three, but the first night we got home (Thursday on Friday) she was really content and we both got around 6 hours of sleep. 🙂

    1. Congratulations! She’s beautiful. I have to stop looking at baby pictures now or I’m going to end up baby-hungry… and those things go straight to my waistline… *runs*

        1. Are you fertile? Do you have a fertile spouse of the opposite gender? Are you married to each other? If you answered yes to the preceding questions the you can most likely can have a baby.

          1. I’m fifty and I’ve always been at BEST semi fertile. Hint — have been trying to have a third for… seventeen years. No, now eighteen. And also the time between boys, so add four. Ain’t gonna happen now. Not without measures I’m not willing to take when the risk of genetic defects is very high.

            1. Interesting– my sisters were fertile and I wasn’t. Plus by the time I married, my hubby was getting close to fifty. I also went into menopause early (cause of chemo). I wondered why I was different– still wonder if I was adopted. 😉

    2. Congratulations. Yes, the hat is cute. Oh, she does have an adorable yawn. She is a very pretty baby. (Naps are not only your friend, they are a necessary survival tool.)

      1. Isn’t she? She has her mom’s features, and my complexion. It’s rather neat, and even when she’s being fussy and can’t sleep all night she’s so friggin’ cute it’s impossible to be mad about it. Besides, there’s something special about making food at 4 am because you’ve been up all night and need a REAL meal. Heh.

        And okay, I won’t post any more so that I won’t tempt any pregnancies on the part of the readership 😉

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