Slow Mo Blog Tour

I’m truly, truly, truly not blowing off anyone who invited me to guest blog.  It’s just the dread flu/cold/ancillary infections slowing me down and then catching up with everything that was left undone.

Today I FINALLY did a blog for one of the very first places to invite me: Otherwhere Gazette.

11 thoughts on “Slow Mo Blog Tour

  1. One day I’ll have so many promotional opportunities, I’ll be able to just blow them off until I’m feeling better or not on vacation, which I am in San Diego right now, so not all bad. 🙂

    I didn’t invite you to guest blog for me (although I totally would), so I’m not a critic, just thinking wistfully.

    Anyway, speaking of promotions (ahem), was looking for the monthly post for that, thought it would be today. Sharper Security is a free eBook on Amazon (No DRM, so whatever format a you ultimately want) Dec. 23rd – Dec 27th, Merry Christmas. Give a copy to all your friends!

    Also, Hitchhiking Killer For Hire (50 pg. Short Story prequel) is newly released in eBook on Amazon.

    1. Ok, so that’s a nice webcam, and my teenage daughter is going to really enjoy it for Christmas, but I’m not sure how I managed to get that Amazon product link mixed up with the Link to the Kindle edition of Sharper Security.

      Sorry about that!

      So let’s try this again, for those looking for the free (Dec 23-27th) eBook:

        1. Tomorrow, someone’s going to be thinking, “Free webcam? really?”

          Walked about three trillion miles during 7 hours at the Wild Animal Park today. Way too tired for this, for sure.

  2. Webcam! Just what we all need to make sure that the UPS guy doesn’t steal the package left by the FedEx guy, or vice versa!

  3. I don’t think the lack of rationality in the world today is so much an accident of the human condition. On the contrary, enormous amounts of energy go into dulling or even outright destroying the creativity and ingenuity that almost every kid is born with, plus nobody ever shows them how to think. I don’t think it’s an accident that the (relatively) free-est years of the Republic were when we had no public schooling, before those damn Prussian systems come into vogue over here.

    The whole mess with the educational system reminds me of Ayn Rand’s essay The Comprachicos, where she talks about how the way our education system works is completely opposite to how you teach someone to think, and we wonder why so few adults can? Given enough beating at a young enough age, almost no mind will survive that intact. It’s infuriating how much potential and progress has been destroyed that way =/ Has anyone else here read that particular essay?

  4. When I was a kid, we had a historical novel among our kids’ books about white colonial US kids living on a Virginia plantation. (Very clear about Slavery Is Wrong even if there’s a good master, but also concerned with showing how UK mercantilism set up the Southern plantation system and being land-rich, money-poor and in debt. Yeah, my dad was a history major during the days that meant lots of econ.)

    Anyway, I remember the horrible sinking feeling I got when they went over the plantation owners’ kids’ curriculum with their tutor, and I realized that they were taking much much harder classes than me at the same age. I didn’t know Latin. I wasn’t learning X and Y and Z.

    Right there, I got over the feeling that historical people were ignorant and stupid, whereas I was the heir of all Creation’s smarts. They might be doing morally evil things, but at least they were taking hard classes. But at the same time, I could see that you could be very educated and cultured, and even personally nice like the plantation owner dad, but still be involved in evil doings.

    (I can’t remember the title for the life of me. Or the author.)

  5. Feel free to throw dead fish* at me if this is a really bad idea; but wouldn’t it be possible to write a sort of generic guest blogpost, that could be posted on several blogs with just a couple minor changes? I.e, ‘I am honored that [bloggers name] has allowed me to guest blog on [blog name]’

    *Sturgeon or halibut by preference, but any white fish will do.

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