We Came On A Ship They Called Mayflower; We Came On A Ship That Sailed The Moon

They met in secret.  No one is really sure how it started.  It was sometime after the fall, sometime after the riots, but before the biolords.  The world was a dark place and individual life worth nothing.  Or less than that.

We can’t tell you for sure how it was or when, because they didn’t talk.  A secretive sect with illogical beliefs, they gathered in twos in threes, they trusted only those closest to them.

It is said they carried – and later on, when recognized as a religion and before the prohibition – they wore, sewn on their clothes, a patch that was supposed to be a piece of a true flag once flown in their lost homeland.

But in the beginning, who knows what they were, and who they were?  A persecuted people, with a lost cause, considered dangerous by every land in the world.  Not quite a political belief, not quite a religion, and yet a bit of both.

By the time they came to public notice, this much was already established: they believed that the USA, that mythical, perhaps never-existing land was a special place, blessed by G-d, a place where humanity for the first time reached the heights of what it was meant to be, the heights of its potential.  Stories were told of freedom and riches, of ships that could reach the moon, of tolerance for all beliefs, all faiths, all skin colors.  We’re sure at least half of this must be exaggerated if not fabricated.

They also believed in two “holy books” the Constitution and the declaration of independence.  They sang The Star Spangled Banner, and the Battle Hymn of The Republic and inclined their heads, and prayed for strength to go on believing.

The afterlife didn’t interest them.  You were allowed to believe in it or not, as you pleased.  Some members developed an idea that the deserving hero would be born again in a reconstituted promised land, when the time came.

They named their children with the names of their heroes and omitted the middle name that made it particular: Benjamin (Franklyn); George (Washington); Samuel (Adams) and others, even the generals of a long forgotten war said to be for freedom and equality.

Through the night of centuries, five hundred long years, while principalities, mandates, caliphates and satrapies, while world governments, engineered rulers, rational systems and monarchies succeeded each other, they survived in the dark, in silence.  Briefly legal, then punishable with death, yet they carried on.

Through a revolution, through recolonization of their lost land they survived.

Eventually, they took to the stars and there, in their world, which is called USA it is said just outside the spaceport there is a rock engraved with the words:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

A statue of a woman holding up a lamp stands beside it.  Some think it is a goddess, but they say it is just Liberty, illuminating the worlds.

They have no promises of eternal life.  They promise no miracles.  Your salvation is between you and your G-d.

But for humanity they hold this promise: Life, Liberty, the pursuit of happiness.  They believe only in that way can the blessings of civilization be preserved.

And maybe it is enough.

Maybe it is a faith worth keeping through the dark days.  A promise of light for humanity.  Worlds everlasting.

520 thoughts on “We Came On A Ship They Called Mayflower; We Came On A Ship That Sailed The Moon

  1. Thank you for this, Sarah. This is how I feel as well. I’m a stranger in my own country, and everything I hold dear doesn’t matter to people anymore. I don’t recognize what my countrymen have become. America is just a place now, but the dream survives if only in my heart and my cherished memories. Taking this one very hard.

  2. I gather from these comments that you all feel that something dreadful has happened that must be endured instead of seeing it as that something really good has happened that gives us the opportunity to actually get people from both sides of the aisle to work together for the good of the country – not just one side of it. The politics of “no compromise, no working with the ‘enemy’, stay entrenched in a status quo that changed over the last 3 decades but we didn’t notice” has caused so much polarization that our political system has ground to a halt. Could you possibly wait a little while to see if some sense of reasonableness overtakes the folks in Washington so they start working together like politicians used to, instead of being so beholden to the hard-line idealogues they are afraid to even agree that the sky is blue for fear of being labeled a “sell-out”? You might be surprised. I wouldn’t necessarily invest too heavily in “two years from now we’ll take the country back” since it could turn out that reasonableness is contagious.

    1. After 40 years of being called a nazi and a racist by the other side, I’m afraid that it takes two sides to compromise. How do you compromise with someone who calls you racist and evil before you’ve even said or done a thing? How do you find common ground with someone whose argument was that Romney hates black people, poor people and women? Reasonableness? What reasonableness? Where do you see this reasonableness? From here it sounds like ‘shut up and do what your betters tell you.’

      1. Yes.

        Disagreement is evidence of evil, and “compromise” means not only that you must agree, but that you must repudiate anyone who agrees with what you think now.

        1. Funny how they only compromise they offer is us accepting their terms. There is only criticism of John Boehner not crossing the aisle; there was never a word condemning Harry Reid for saying he would never work with a President Romney.

          1. Disagreement is evidence of evil, and “compromise” means not only that you must agree, but that you must repudiate anyone who agrees with what you think now.

            I still don’t understand why every single GOP rally didn’t open with video of Hillary, circa 2004, yelling that “We are Americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration!”

            Every single time.

            1. Watch and listen to Hillary at the beginning of every event? Perhaps it would have been worth the pain.

              1. Piffle. I had a comment but by the time this window opened I had forgotten to what I wanted to respond. Only by posting this can I learn the answer.

                1. Ah, now I see!

                  The problem with Scott’s proposal is that Hillary only intended her comment to cover responsible Americans — you know: the kind who are patriotic according to Joe Biden’s definition. The Troglodytic Right is unAmerican and forfeits the right to dissent from their intellectual, moral and cooler betters.

    2. the problem with that is that the democrat definition of ‘compromise’ is “everything I want, none of what you want, and we call it a compromise”. Also, I idon’t think Mr. “we won” is much for working across the aisle, anyway.

      1. You may find this hard to believe but BOTH sides feel the same way. When the minority leader of the Senate has a meeting and tells all his party members they will just refuse to cooperate until they can get rid of the President… and then proceeds to do exactly that, it’s hard to see how the President can be accused of “my way or the highway.” It’s kind of like when your friend gets a divorce and you sit around and talk about how terrible the spouse is, without considering your friend was part of the marriage: each side believes it is ALL the fault of the other. It is NEVER one side’s fault. There is plenty of blame to go around and until people realize that you get more done by cooperating and refusing to listen to those who threaten their representatives if they so much as listen to the other side, let alone work out a compromise (which is an actual concept that Washington used to understand and employ quite frequently) and work for the good of their constituents (that would be us, the peons) and the rest of the country, things are going to stay this polarized. Continuing to complain “he started it!” “no, HE started it!” is only going to guarantee that nothing gets done. I personally would prefer that everyone start acting like adults and realize that until both sides put away the blaming and start doing what they were hired to do, this will only get worse.

        Just to prove it is possible to see both sides of an issue, in 1971 I voted for Richard Nixon and in 2000 I voted for George Bush but I did not vote for either of them for a second term. I’m not an ideologue… it really is possible for people to focus on common ground instead of their differences.

        1. After years of “compromise” meaning surrendering to the Democrats, why should any Republican be willing to “work with” a group that expects them to surrender?

          You won. So did the people who spread hatred of whites. So did the people who spread hatred of religious people. So did the people who spread hatred of *our* values.

          You won. Hopefully the nation that we love will survive the mess your President and the Democratic Party create.

        2. “I personally would prefer that everyone start acting like adults and realize that until both sides put away the blaming and start doing what they were hired to do, this will only get worse. ” In *Washington*? pigs will fly first, honey. I’m not so naive to believe that all republicans are perfect angels (they are, after all politicians) but I do think that when one side says “I won” and refuses to cooperate, that standing to their principles instead of rolling over and letting them do anything they want is the correct choice. As for seeing both sides of the issue, I am perfectly capable of understanding what it is that the Left thinks are the correct policies. I just believe that those policies won’t work.

            1. When you spend your days writing historical fiction you acquire plethora of arcane knowledge.

              In 1774 King Louis XV of France died. He (or his mistress Madame Pompadour) famously said “Apres moi, le deluge.” (“After me, the flood.”) One biographer, E. H. Gombrich, wrote of him “Louis XV […], the Sun King’s [Louis XIV] successor…[was] incompetent, and content merely to imitate [his] great predecessor’s outward show of power. The pomp and magnificence remained….Finance ministers soon became expert swindlers, cheating and extorting on a grand scale. The peasants worked till they dropped and citizens were forced to pay huge taxes.”

              When Ronald Reagan left office he could have said the same thing. 15 years after Louis XV’s famous quote came the French Revolution. It’s been 25 years since Reagan left office. We were blessed with ten extra years and we still couldn’t get it right.

              The conservatives brought manners, politeness, and reason to the political debate. The other side brought verbal knives and guns. It’s time that ended.

              Vive la Revolution

              1. Let us not forget exactly who we’re supposed to ‘compromise’ with: few days back someone sent me a link to a Democrat Underground thread that began with someone posting that “There’s PLENTY of money! Ink and paper are cheap, more can be printed!”, etc. Followed by variations on “It’s a plot by the (fill in the blank)!”
                The concept that, unless those pieces of paper represent something of value, they’re nothing but pretty toilet paper, simply does not occur. Or they dismiss it as part of the plot.
                And these fucking morons vote, and think they’re owed. And if you disagree you’re a misogynist, bigot, racist, want old people to die and children to walk shoeless in the snow. AND THEY ACTUALLY BELIEVE IT, at least when they say it.

                1. I’ve always said the money isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on. Hell the only reason it holds any value at all is because the people BELIEVE it to be so.

        3. Thank you, Muse of Hell, for proving how very accurate the Bible is.

          “But it has happened to them according to the true proverb: ‘A dog returns to his own vomit,’ and, ‘a sow, having washed, to her wallowing in the mire.’ “(2 Peter 22)

          Go, Muse of Hell. Eat your vomit and wallow in your own mire. But I resent the HELL out of you force feeding it to me and my country, and dragging me and my country into it.

          You show your total ignorance by saying “in 1971 I voted for Richard Nixon” – you do realize, oh worshipper of your own vagina, that it is impossible in the United States of America to have voted for a President in an odd numbered year? You could have voted for him in either 1968 or 1972.

          If you’re going to LIE about your supposed Republican-voting past, by the Lord God Almighty do not insult the intelligence of us rational beings when you do so.

          Begone, Troll. You’ve proven yourself to be more ignorant than I would have thought humanly possible, up until yesterday.

          You have all sorts of happy gnoshing of your own vomit, and wallowing in your own filth to do in a frenzy of delight at what you have accomplished.

          Get to it!

              1. true but almost anything can be made at least palatable if drenched in hot enough sauces. I’d say we’re at habenero level at the moment. If we get to Ghost Chile heat levels…run. 🙂

        4. Have you ever heard of principles? There are some things which are not amenable to compromise or meeting half way.

          The citizens hired the members of the House and Senate, by voting, to represent them based upon their campaign promises and known track record. (Well, hopefully they were informed voters…) While it may become necessary to break a promise, this is not something that a representative should ever take lightly.

          You speak of working across the aisle as if it were the normal course of events. It is not, not even in the first administration. There was dissension even during WWII. That myth came out of a period where one party truly dominated the Congress.

          You give the example of a marriage. Yes, no one is ever without fault, but what equivalency is there between she is bad cook, often spoiling the dinner and he beats her regularly? Some of us feel, when told the Republicans should cross the aisle more, like abused spouses being told it is their fault they are getting hit.

        5. I have common ground with radical muslims that want to kill me just because I am an American. That ground is my grave or theirs. You can only have a dialogue if both sides are willing to listen to the other side. Sorry, but liberals are all emotion and no logic, so they don’t listen they just bully or whine.

          The world is NOT all sunshine and roses flower power crap. It is hard work, slogging through the crap and muck until solid ground is reached. To go around asking why can’t we all just get along is like asking the kid on the playground why he won’t play with the local schoolyard bully. In short, it is an ignorant and uneducated perspective based on emotion not logic, not reason, not facts.

          I don’t give a flying damn who started things, but the democrats are a bunch of bullies and whiners who want to guilt everyone else into falling for their idiotic policies. I have been called a racist, homophobic, and all sorts of other names (like being a traitor to my sex because I am anti-abortion). I find that ironic in that I have lived in, not visited, LIVED in 11 countries and in doing so made the effort to learn the language, customs, and understand the people no matter their color. but because I find that cowardly traitor in the white house to be unfit for the office, I am a racist. Go figure.

          Nope, not budging on this one sweetheart. Go ahead and keep your head in that haze filled world of lollipops and rainbows if you want. But I prefer to be an adult who is educated about what is right for this country. Four more years of that moron in office is going to make life hell for everyone if road blocks aren’t put up and kept up.

        6. You may find this hard to believe, but many of us WANT them to throw sand in the works. If you want to go north, and the other guy wants to go south, standing still IS a compromise. Some of us realize that we don’t have the numbers in Washington to go in the direction we want to go, but if the representatives we do have will just keep us from going in the opposite direction that is better than nothing, and a compromise, throwing your car in reverse and heading south because the other guy wants to, when you want to go north is not a compromise.

        7. Sarah:

          Of course the other side feels all that nonsense; that is because they typically feel instead of thinking.

          The Nazis felt they were good decent sorts, and had many bad things to say about their enemies. Was this therefore a good reason to admonish the Jews to compromise with them, to try to see their side?

          There are three sides to every story: Yours, Mine, and the Truth. But the Truth is sometimes not dead-center in the middle. Sometimes it is not even close to the middle.

          The truth is that the progressive left are anti-liberty. The truth is that they do not believe in playing by the rules, whether those rules are set out in the Constitution (which they anachronistically interpret to mean whatever they wish, so as to ignore the intent of its authors) or in Federal election laws, or the basic decency of not bussing thousands of non-English-speaking, non-citizens to the polls to vote for your candidates, whose name they can barely read.

          After the shenanigans of this election cycle I was not ready to shake hands with Axelrod, with Pelosi, with the New Black Panthers Voter Intimidation Squad, with the men who went ’round stealing Romney signs from yards, with the liars who made up this wild tale of “war on women,” with the reporters who repeatedly lied to cover up this president’s stumbles and failures. I was ready to shoot them in the face. I was ready to go to war.

          But, because of my morally-superior religion and my loyalty to its more-civilized system of ethical behavior, I chose not to. I chose to avoid collateral damage by remaining a peaceful participant in a sucker’s game. I choose this for the sake of the 95% of Democrats, including friends and family, who really believe all the propaganda in their sweet blissful ignorance, and who, bless their hearts, can’t even guess how their actions in the name of niceness constitute a repeated back-stabbing of the poor and the outcast.

          This is, in a sense, bad strategy. It rewards the left-progressives for foisting this sucker’s game upon us; it requires that we mumble polite insincerities to them even as we give them jobs through our entrepreneurial spirit and security through our warrior code. Game theory says that when the two sides can operate best by cooperating, but either side can betray the other, the best long-term strategy is to foster cooperation by harshly but briefly punishing betrayals. In that sense, a lethal purging of tenured leftists in academia, of mainstream newsies and pop-culture outlets, would be the “best practice”…but, again, we’re the right wing, not the left. We don’t do that; we’re morally superior. We generally leave that kind of behavior to the national socialists and international socialists and democratic socialists of the world.

          Still, there comes a time when the good people begin to tire of their goodness being used as a weapon against them. Today isn’t that day.

          But when the left says, “Oh, now is the time to come together…” it means, “Now is the time for you to abandon your principles and ideals and say ‘Yes, massuh’ to everything that we tell you is best for you.”

          Today isn’t that day, either.

          1. mmmhm. Hence the late trolls insistence that science is something to be believed in like a religion rather than known as the facts of the universe. They either consider Feeling to be better than Thinking, or worse, don’t see a difference between the two.

        8. Sarah;

          If you view America as a board game, there is a set of rules on the inside of the box lid. It lays out how the game is to be played. It is viewed, even by its enemies (in moments of rare candor) as one of the great political documents in the history of mankind — perhaps the greatest. It carries within it provisions for its change, alteration — amendment.

          But one party to this game has determined that it finds that set of rules unacceptable. And, rather than work via those provisions for change, they lie about what the rules mean. They subvert, pervert, and outright disobey the rules at every turn they get. It boils down to: they seek the destruction of those rules, and — by extension — the whole game.

          They vow eternal warfare — personal, political, despicable, and beyond the pale — against all those who call for the rules to be followed.

          And you believe it is POSSIBLE to compromise with them? Further and worse, you assert that there is an equivalence between the two positions?

          As others have said here and elsewhere: we have endured for over a century… “the whips and scorns of time, the oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely, … the law’s delay, the insolence of office, and the spurns that patient merit of the unworthy take.” We’re done. It’s over.
          The Left broke it, they bought it, they own it. They’re dead to me — and, I imagine myriad others. Now we begin the long, hard-fought battle back to liberty that has been so despicably stolen from us.

          Never forgive, never forget, and no compromise. Liberty or death.


    3. Ms. Hulcy, the triumphalist approach shown by certain groups over the past three years does not encourage hopes for mutual assistance and true cooperation. I hope I am wrong, but other, more recent developments suggest that those currently retaining political and (in some places) cultural power do not wish to listen to the ideas and concerns of individuals and groups outside their own philosophical circle. Some Americans have been told to sit down, shut up, and atone for sins committed by an imaginary ancestor, and I trust you will understand why we do not express joy at the outcome of the 2012 election.

    4. When Obama won in 2008 and the Republicans tried to negotiate with him, his answer was, “Well, see, *I won*.” The Democrats actually locked doors and stationed a sergeant at arms in front of it to keep Republicans out while they worked on bills and committees that they wanted absolutely no Republicans to be part of.

      The Democratic Senate has, contrary to the *expressly written rules of the US Constitution* not passed a budget since Obama took office. Harry Reid has not allowed most bills that have come out of the House of Representatives to be voted on in the Senate since the Republicans took over the House of Representatives in January 2011.

      Through all this, the President and the Democrats have done nothing but complain the there is “gridlock” in Washington caused by **Republicans**.

      Could you be more specific about this “reasonableness” of which you speak? Because I do not think that word that you throw around has been *demonstrated* by anybody with a D after their name since George W. Bush was elected in 2000.

      I bet you think that Obama “inherited” a mess when he was sworn in as President, despite the fact that he voted for all of it when he was in the US Senate for two years. It did not spring up like a giant toadstool the moment he was sworn in — these were all horrific measures he and his party had pushed through when they had total control of the Congress.

      Please show, with citations. any instances of Democrats making an effort to negotiate in good faith with Republicans since 2007 when they took over both houses of Congress. I am not holding my breath.

      We have lost our Republic. To massive voter fraud. And to a news media that has shielded this President incredibly. Why weren’t news crews parked 24/7 on Staten Island, Coney Island and the Rockaways since Sandy hit, showing every single person in misery and the dead bodies that have been hidden away, the way they did for Katrina? Because they didn’t want Obama and his feeble FEMA to “look bad”. FEMA ran out of drinking water to had on Friday, and didn’t get more til MONDAY because they had lied about the amounts they claimed, on their website, they had stockpiled.

      That’s this President and the media in a nutshell. “Do anything you want, be as incompetent as you want, Mr. President Obama, because we, your loving media, will shield you. Who cares what happens to the citizens, it’s you, Mr. President Obama, that we worship and adore.”

      IBS 60 minutes sat on a recording they made of the President on SEPTEMBER 12, which proved without a shadow of a doubt that the lies that Obama told during a Presidential debate *were* lies – and which the *Moderator*, against all rules of debate, *backed up his lies* — if CBS, instead of releasing the video within moments of the end of the debate to show, in no uncertain terms, the length and breadth and depth of this President’s duplicity, releases it late on Friday NOVEMBER 2 — well, there you go. Do anything, say anything to protect the President.

      I wonder if they’ll ever even report on the total number of people killed in Sandy.

      And you say “wait until reasonableness takes over” I’ve waited SIX YEARS, Madame Muse of Hell, for reasonableness in Washington and the news media. SIX YEARS since the Democrats took over. I have no problem with you living in a fantasy world. My problem comes when you force your unrealistic and based on no facts whatsoever fantasy on me and my husband and our kids and the rest of the country. Because, Madame Muse of Hell – you’ve dragged us all into the Hell you and your fellow obliviates are constructing out of what once was the greatest country that ever existed on the face of the earth.

      I hope you live a long time. A very, very, very long time. And that you manage to have children and grand children that you love — because you will have to explain to those children and grand children that you sold their birthright of freedom and opportunity because you voted with your vagina, because it needed free birth control more than anything else in the world. Of course, that being the case, the chance of you *having* children or grandchildren is vastly reduced. Perhaps that is something we should all be thankful for. Please return to the Hell of which you are self proclaimed Muse. You sicken me.

      1. That IBS of course should have been CBS. My mistake. I apologize.Of course, so should every news media outlet in the US

    5. “Elections have consequences. I won.” Our current president.

      If you imagine this opens chances for working across the aisle, you imagine that he has had a character transplant since then.

    6. Work across the aisles? It hasn’t happened over the last few years, what makes you think it will happen now? We have had no budget for over three years. When a compromise had been worked out across the aisles what happened? The administration, on the way out the door, turned, lifted one finger and said, “Just one more…” And so the whole thing collapsed.

      As long as the leadership of Congress, the ones you admit are in deadlock, remains the same I doubt that some sense of reasonableness will suddenly overtake the folks in Washington. I pray it will, because some part of me still believes in miracles.

      What could possibly be a problem with promoting an understanding of our country’s primary documents?

    7. Perhaps pigs will fly and my hair will grow back, too. When one side wants to force its views on the other “for their own good” or force participation in programs the other doesn’t wnat, I doubt it’s going to happen.

    8. Ah – reasonableness– I cannot feel or be reasonable when I am already NOT getting the care I need because a doctor already had to call Washington to ask for the right way to care for me. I cannot be reasonable when the promise of this Country is being subverted by education and entitlement thinking. I yearn for the freedom to say my piece without fear of “political correctness.”

      I yearn for liberty and watch her slip away because the masses will choose security over freedom. I feel the chains tighten around my throat and I cry.

    9. Ms. Hulcy, something dreadful HAS happened. Something dreadful has been happening for the past four years. Sure, President SAYS he’ll work with the other side. He’s been saying that for years, but he never actually DOES it. He SAYS all kinds of things, one thing one day, the opposite the next, or haven’t you been watching?

      The last four years have been a disaster. Our national debt, per person, is higher than Greece and we’re about to hit the debt ceiling again. Our foreign policy is in shambles. And that’s not counting personal character failings – President Obama will be very lucky if he isn’t impeached over the Benghazi and Fast and Furious cover-ups (though, with a Democratic Senate under Harry Reid, perhaps not).

      And President Obama did not get a mandate last night, either – the majority of the population did not vote for him, and the House, which best reflects the wants of the American people, is even further in sensible Republican hands. The people have made it pretty clear, they want the spending to stop and the government to behave responsibly, but the Democrats, so far, have refused. But then, the Dems get elected by buying votes (and telling women they are walking vaginas.) So that’s not going to happen. Not with Harry Reid and the Dems running the Senate.

      So hello, Fiscal Cliff. Hello, Stagflation. President Obama, the 1930s and 1970s called. They want their failed policies back.

      1. Impeachment is a waste of time. While the House might pass the impeachment the Democrat-controlled Senate would never vote to remove him from office.

        And if they did: President Biden.

            1. Bob Woodward’s book on the budget agreement that gave us the impending sequester credits Biden for working hard to form a compromise agreement, only to have it torpedoed by a president too passive to work on pulling the sides together, too arrogant to recognize any legitimacy in the opposition and too greedy to accept a deal when offered.

              Woodward ALSO confirms that the gutting of defense carried Obama’s fingerprints, although you would never learn that from the MSM.

            1. And when he lies, it’s all kinda okay, we all know it, he knows it, and no one takes him seriously.

            2. Seriously, though, when there’s a weakness, something else fills the power vacuum. Bill Clinton was weak and we wound up with a powerful Congress (granted, our foreign policy went to blazes).

          1. This is a false comparison. From the Cambridge police/beer summit onward, it was apparent that this crew is incompetent. It didn’t get much better after that.

          2. But malevolence has become very well organized, has become rather intrenched and is quite willing to work from behind the cover of the incompetent. In fact all the better, it makes it harder to put your finger on who is actually at work and get rid of them. The face comes and goes, but the bureaucrats and snakes in the grass remain.

            1. The combination of incessant spin coupled with a lack of any observable accountability in our system (just before the end of civilization) is what pushes my extremely duty-bound, army colonel protagonist to accept the title of Regent as they start putting things back together after the climax. The people want to make him an outright monarch, but he can’t stomach the thought of that. After a talk with one of the ex-bureaucrats that’s working on the new government, in which the slippery ass is gleefully describing all the ways decisions can get put off or blamed on others at the highest levels of government, the Prot decides that a single point of blame (and, hopefully praise) is what is needed to see them through, with a promise to return to the ideals of the Constitution and a relinquishing of his position.

    10. Because the Left’s idea of “compromise” is total surrender to what they want. You have to look no farther than Harry Reid to understand that. If you DON’T see that, well, that’s YOUR problem.

  3. I feel like I’ve lived too long and I’m not even eligible for Social Security yet! I watched the unions destroy the steel industry in my home state of PA. I moved to CA and watched the illegals destroy the economy of one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen. (Reagan’s ranch was just across the river from my little cottage.) Now I live in VA, the token white conservative in a state agency department that hands out free psychotic drugs to children so they can be declared mentally disabled and earn their parents an extra $700 a month SSDI. It’s time to go John Gault and let the slimy leeches figure out where to get their next handout.

    My great-great granduncle fought for the Union during the Civil War. There’s even a statue in his honor at Gettysburg. I ‘ve always been proud of that. I never thought I’d end up on the other side…

    1. Caught in the ‘net:

      After a reference to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1229643/This-isnt-Britain-fought-say-unknown-warriors-WWII.html

      I’d still like to mention a comment I saw recently, somewhere out there on the hairy-backed Boersphere. The poster, who I’ll bet was a bit of a Nazi himself, recounted that he’d been talking to his aged father, who had flown with the RAF in World War II. “Son,” his father said, or words to that effect, “I’ve finally realized what the problem is. I was fighting for the wrong side.”

      I don’t believe this. Honestly, I don’t believe any of the 20th-century wars were good wars on any side. I would have tried to stay out of them, on all sides.

      Nonetheless, [the above link] has collected the perspectives of a large number of living World War II veterans, few of whom go quite so far as the aforementioned Afrikaner – but few of whom live in the new South Africa. If the selection is honest, almost all of those still living are amazed and horrified to see the results of the victory they fought for.

      This reaction, however righteous or wrongtious (surely, old people are not always right, just because they’re old – maybe they just don’t get it) puts a blunt new twist on the latest blitz of World War II nostalgia. There is a terrible dishonesty in worshipping those of the past who would condemn you if they lived, and a still more terrible brazenness in doing so while some do live. This brazenness is in itself an existential anomaly. No one notices it. Who would?

    2. …just ’cause it’s the winning side doesn’t make it the right one.
      –sorry, had to paraphrase Capt. Mal on that. My tone is very much empathetic and slightly mirthful, as befits a great-great-great granddaughter of someone from the Confederate side…. Sometimes laughter beats tears.

      Each side has flaws as well as good points. I said back in ’92 that the winner of the election, regardless who it was, needed to consider the valid questions & points raised by the other side–those points that seemed to resonate with the populous at large–and take those into account when forming policy. Alas, my advice to the Powers That Were went unheard for some reason….

      Not holding my breath now for civility, reason & compromise for the sake of the nation any more *now* than I did back when 51% was “a mandate.” Probably because I still think 1% above half means “squeaked by to win.” But I was a theater/history major, maybe i’m just bad at math….

  4. Time to work small. Writing Human Wave stories and teaching those who still want to learn, participating in local elections and local life, watching and working at the state level, and keeping in mind what can be done to carve out space for constitutional culture.

        1. How would that work? I agree it’s a great idea though. Computer games? Movies? Web-series? It’s not the case that if I could get a kickstarter funded I could stay home and make any of those things myself. Find out if Felicia Day would like to play Athena Sinistra and play out Darkship Thieves in 10 minute webisodes?

          Actually, seriously, computer games and popular entertainment are a great way to reach young people. A Human Wave Creation Workshop…. oh… I just had a Sesame Street flash… aaaahhhhh. Human Wave Muppets? On Mars?

            1. HUMAN! Arg! Bang head on desk carefully avoiding the keyboard as desk is easier to replace, and head is proving to not be working so well this morning, so I kinda fell like it would be no loss. Keyboard, on the other hand, is important, it is how I stay connected to you ODD lot.

    1. They hadn’t had the culture and our children’s minds for forty years. HOW HOW did we raise a generation of women who think the most — the only — sacred thing is the vagina? HOW?

      1. I guess I’m too old to understand that remark. I happen to believe that men and women are different — neither better nor worse than the other. We are hard-wired to think and act differently but a vagina is no more “sacred” than a penis (despite what some would have us think). I prefer to use my brain to vote… not my gender identity.

        1. I prefer to use my brain to vote… not my gender identity.

          It doesn’t matter. Most of the young women today are turning into the men your generation divorced.

          1. What’s frightening is thinking of some of the women my age or a bit younger I know and realizing it’s very true. There are obvious exceptions, of course. But many of the ones I don’t particularly associate with or drifted apart from are like that.

              1. Yeah, pretty much. They don’t want a partner. They want someone who will be subservient to them. Anyone who does not give in to them in all things – including friends, not just romantic partners – is “against” them.

                1. This will end in tears, because very hard times are ahead. you and I will survive, we’ll forge alliances like this blog community. Those children are F8cked in all but the most affluent of societies.

                  1. I suspect that everything will go pear-shaped in the not-too-distant future. Depending on which variety of pear that metaphor involves, the affluent ones may be worse off than the rest.

                2. I have a terrible cross dressing image singing “I’ll be so happy to keep her dinner warm*.” I am not sure if I should thank you for that. I would laugh, but the reality is not funny.

                  *Happy to Keep His Dinner Warm is a song from the musical How to Succeed at Business Without Really Trying.

                  Already smitten with Finch, Rosemary fantasizes about life married to him.

                  New Rochelle, New Rochelle,
                  That’s the place where the mansion will be
                  For me and the darling bright young man
                  I’ve picked out for marrying me.

                  He’ll do well, I can tell,
                  So it isn’t a moment too soon
                  To plan on my life in New Rochelle,
                  The wife of my darling tycoon.

                  I’ll be so happy to keep his dinner warm
                  While he goes onward and upward;
                  Happy to keep his dinner warm
                  Till he comes wearily home from down town.

                  I’ll be there waiting until his mind is clear
                  While he looks through me, right through me;
                  Waiting to say, “Good evening, dear.
                  I’m pregnant. What’s new with you from down town?”

                  Oh, to be loved by a man I respect;
                  To bask in the glow of his perfectly understandable neglect.
                  Oh, to belong in the aura of his frown–darling busy frown.
                  Such heaven–wearing the wifely uniform
                  While he goes onward and upward.
                  Happy to keep his dinner warm
                  Till he comes wearily home from down town.

        2. Really? You don’t understand that vagina remark? Amazing. Proving, yet again, that you are totally out of touch with the real world.

          And I do not have the heart, the day *after* you and your fellow “I won’t bother to find out what’s really going on in the world” mindless wonders have given us four more of the man and political party that invented the “Republican War on Women” because his actual *record* was so abyssmal that he ran away from it at every opportunity. Muse from Hell, you’ve *proved* you don’t think with your brains, and you *say* you don’t think with your vagina. Quit while you’re ahead and go away, before you prove without a shadow of a doubt what organ you used for what passes for ‘thought processes’. I think it processes something else.

          1. We not only understand it, we do so better than the women who say it, and those who applaud, because we also understand what nonsense it is.

          2. Wow! I had no idea it was considered acceptable to viciously pillory someone you do not know, wish harm on their children and grandchildren and accuse them of PERSONALLY ruining your life, simply because you disagree with their political opinions. Oh, BTW, pardon the typo and, yes, I did vote for Richard Nixon when he ran against George McGovern. But then he was so paranoid that it turned out he had engineered the Watergate break-in when there was absolutely no chance whatsoever of McGovern being elected and got himself thrown out of office. I also protested the Vietnam war — not the soldiers who fought over there, just people like John Mitchell who lied us into it, but since I didn’t blow up any of the buildings on campus I guess I’m probably just confused (due to my apparent abysmal stupidity) about how I felt when my friends were sent off to die in a war that we had no business prosecuting.
            I’m really sorry you can feel such overwhelming hatred for someone you’ve never met, based on assumptions you are making in response to maybe 15 or 20 sentences suggesting that continuing this “take no prisoners” political discourse hurts everyone and will not improve the situation in this country. Hopefully not everyone with conservative “values” feels that much antipathy. If so, we are all in deep trouble. My view is no more a “fantasy” than yours — it’s just a slightly more hopeful view.

            1. alright then – you think compromise is possible. That takes both sides to do. What should it be, then? What do you think the Democrats should give up in return for the Republicans making concessions? Do you think they will? They, who haven’t even bothered to make a frickin *budget* for the past couple years?

            2. Wow! I had no idea it was considered acceptable to viciously pillory someone you do not know, wish harm on their children and grandchildren and accuse them of PERSONALLY ruining your life, simply because you disagree with their political opinions.

              It’s been that way since 10:30pm on October 29th, 1969.

              1. Yep, the Democratic Party has become the Party of Hatred. Hating anybody who fails to agree with them. And this “Muse Of Hell” wonders why we hate right back.

                By the way, let’s ignore this “Muse of Hell”. “She’s” named herself correctly.

                  1. No, I see, she had that name as a secondary name, which then Lin used. Never mind, I was just going by what came through my email.

                    1. I would wager that it’s her twitter tag…Jasinini *fires up twitter quick like to look* ayup. It’s her twitter tag because she’s a “hellion” and writes for Perseid Publishing in the Heroes[and Lawyers as well Sarah?] of hell novels.

                    2. Sarah Hoyt (not enough levels of reply for a direct reply). She doesn’t exactly “run it”. That’s Janet and Chris Morris. She does act as a point of contact for character requests, story submissions (to be passed on to Janet & Chris) etc.

            3. Those on your side have earned this response for decades of hatred, class warfare, race baiting, gender baiting, and every manner of divisiveness. Don’t ask for us to reach out our hand to you when your side has never ever reached out to us.

            4. I, for one, do not hate you. But you have to understand when you scold people who are in mourning and appear to dismiss the principles they hold sacred it is likely to get some people riled. Have you ever heard of the fighting word doctrine?

              BTW: Nixon did not engineer the break-in, he helped engineer the subsequent cover-up.

            5. Excuse me, but Nixon did NOT engineer the Watergate hotel break in, though he did try to cover it up. Do try to get your history correct.

              Of course, that hotel break-in was SO much worse than, say, ordering your military not to rescue your embassy personnel in Benghazi, and then trying to cover it up. Or approving huge shipments of guns to be given to Mexican drug lords, and then trying to cover it up. *for the hard of thinking,that’s sarcasm*

            6. “John Mitchell … lied us into [the Vietnam War]????!!!!!!

              Robert McNamara and “whiz kids” got us into that war before JFK went to Dallas! Do you not remember the chants of “Hey, hey, LBJ – how many kids did you kill today?” Do you have such confidence in your myths that you can’t even bother to look up that war in Wiki and see that it had been escalating for a decade by the time Nixon was elected with a “secret plan to end the war”? You say you protested that war and yet you apparently don’t recall going “clean for Gene” and rendering Landslide Lyndon a one-term president?

              John Mitchell was appointed Attorney-General in 1969. The AG has very little to do with prosecution of foreign wars. If you were old enough to vote Nixon in ’72, you were old enough to know the history of that preceding decade.

              Other nonsense in your comment impels me to advise: if you would not be pilloried for ignorance, eschew ignorance, or at the very least avoid parading it as proof of your superiority.

              1. per Wiki:

                U.S. involvement escalated in the early 1960s, with troop levels tripling in 1961 and tripling again in 1962.[30] U.S. combat units were deployed beginning in 1965. Operations spanned international borders, with Laos and Cambodia heavily bombed. American involvement in the war peaked in 1968, at the time of the Tet Offensive. After this, U.S. ground forces were gradually withdrawn as part of a policy known as Vietnamization. Despite the Paris Peace Accords, signed by all parties in January 1973, fighting continued.

                Emphasis: American involvement in the war peaked in 1968. Specifically, January 30, 1968. That is to say: BEFORE RICHARD EFFING NIXON WAS EVEN BLOODY NOMINATED.

                @#!^*& cretin. mucking foron can’t even lie about history credibly but complains about us being mean

        3. The v reference is to the recent practice of certain feminist (so-called, anyway) protestors carrying models of their own private parts, which have grown bigger and more vulgar as time went on. There was a particularly notorious case of this, just in the past week, where a protestor indeed dressed up as her private parts, and advertised this in a video/ad for Obama.

          I am glad that you had not heard of this crass practice, and indeed wish I could join you in such blissful ignorance.

          1. Well, it’s the bright pink nudibranch costumes, but it’s also the “vote like your lady parts depend on it” “life of Julia” never ending “war on women” campaign. All birth control all the time media frenzy. “Do it for the first time with a great guy!” It took the Vagina Monologues main stream.

            I voted so that more people could have jobs. But I’m supposed to care more about my lady parts.

            It’s freaking embarrassing to be female anymore.

              1. There is no lady like way to say this. You know how they speak of men thinking with their wrong head? Well, on seeing a photo of women dressed as their lady parts I could not help noticing what the head was, and it dawned on me — they are thinking with the wrong part. Good grief! And to be called that used to be considered an insult.

                1. I’m sure they are still quite capable of being insulted by being called that, even while dressed as one. As has been pointed out elsewhere, rationality is not high on their list of virtues.

  5. I always lurk, but: 50 million + people agreed with us. That’s enough to build a world within a world. I fully expect, as the draconian regs come down, that our bright folks will develop thriving gray-market economies in every area of oppression. It’s not ideal, but that’s what happens, and the rest of us who’ve playing by the rules up to now won’t feel so bad about breaking them. That’s been a result of this creeping gov’t–we all wake up criminals, due to the sheer volume of whimsical and dangerous regulation upon our every sphere of activity. There’s always a law on the books under which to charge a person who comes to the wrong attention, and tyrants prefer it that way.

    Until the largest voting cities are finally emptied out and hollow (happening, but not complete) and the preening media gatekeepers are all bankrupt and irrelevant (happening, but not done), we won’t have a nationwide election that reflects the vast swaths of America who strive and value liberty therefore to do it. But we can support each other, shield each other from the ugliest predations, amplify those making useful noise, and realize that people have triumphed under all kinds of economic and political oppression. No, we’re not used to it or to thinking of ourselves that way, but many of us are lightning-fast learners. No more breath-holding to see what this election might cure and whether we could repair the damage from “within the system.” We can and should make those kinds of changes and criticisms as possible at the fringes, but some of the gov’t evolutions to come will be practically irreversible.

    After Obamacare’s passing and the Supreme Court decision, after all the cronyism and fraud and waste, after the lawlessness and lies, after this election…well, they may regret not letting the marks win just a little back. I think they may find it would’ve been wiser to keep us looking up toward podiums and grinning from the tables of the rigged game. Those of us who can evacuate blue America–yes, even creative types–will try to find more welcoming states from which to operate and build futures. The feds will keep trying to crush innovation and steal profits to pay for their growing unproductive class, but strong regions and communities of doers are the shelter we’ve got.

    Many of us now recognize that we have become the resistance. In a game of rules, the clever cheater has an undeniable advantage. However, in a game of adaptation, even “rules for radicals” are neutralized. They can’t keep childishly kicking against the shins of a society that won’t stay still to play the long-suffering grown-up anymore. When the baby birds start squawking for their next meal, we’ll have hidden the nest.

    At least, that’s what I think this morning.

  6. For those of you who feel like last night was some kind of turning or inflection point, I offer you Moldbug on Carlyle on last night’s election (that’s right, b*****s, political commentary VIA TIME TRAVEL:)

    So I’ll let one greater than me say his piece – which I’ve quoted before:

    Cease to brag to me of America, and its model institutions and constitutions. To men in their sleep there is nothing granted in this world: nothing, or as good as nothing, to men that sit idly caucusing and ballot-boxing on the graves of their heroic ancestors, saying, “It is well, it is well!”

    Corn and bacon are granted: not a very sublime boon, on such conditions; a boon moreover which, on such conditions, cannot last!–No: America too will have to strain its energies, in quite other fashion than this; to crack its sinews, and all but break its heart, as the rest of us have had to do, in thousand-fold wrestle with the Pythons and mud-demons, before it can become a habitation for the gods.

    America’s battle is yet to fight; and we, sorrowful though nothing doubting, will wish her strength for it. New Spiritual Pythons, plenty of them; enormous Megatherions, as ugly as were ever born of mud, loom huge and hideous out of the twilight Future on America; and she will have her own agony, and her own victory, but on other terms than she is yet quite aware of.

    ‘To men in their sleep there is nothing granted in this world.’ Dear conservatives! Eat the pain! There are two kinds of Americans celebrating tonight – true believers, and right-wing extremists.

    Dear conservatives, America’s battle is yet to fight. It may not be your battle. But to hand it off to a basically decent and capable individual, a Mitt Romney, is to say: I see no battle. I would rather sleep. If there is a battle, God, I’m sure, will take care of it while I’m sleeping. Surely, with our model institutions and constitutions, we cannot lose. And if we do – it was a coincidence.

    Dear conservatives, I have a question for you. Suppose God appeared to you in your sleep, and gave you a choice. You could lose your country, but keep your institutions and constitutions. Or, you could lose your institutions and constitutions, but keep your country. Which would you choose?

    But I don’t have to choose, you say! Au contraire, mon frere! I will save my country, by saving her institutions and constitutions! Which are the best in history ever! Look at all this corn and bacon! Dear conservatives, this is just your way of cursing God. Do you think he doesn’t have enough fools and drunks to look after?

    Do you know what terrifies me? What terrifies me is that not only do I not think America deserves Mitt Romney, I don’t even think America deserves Barack Obama. After all, a couple of centuries of diligent looking-after has run us up quite a tab with God. A tab that will be paid or punished. What terrifies me is that while I see no collective interest in paying the tab, it doesn’t seem to me that the punishment has even begun to begin. Barack Obama isn’t exactly Robespierre, you know. “Capable” might be going too far, but “basically decent” isn’t that much of a stretch.

    What terrified me about Mitt Romney is that four years, eight years, of Romney would have been pure borrowed time. There was not even the slightest intention to pay the tab. Your intention, dear conservatives, was to sleep and be merry. Your debt is already terrifying. Fall on your knees, dear conservatives, and thank God from the bottom of your heart that you didn’t put another decade on it.

  7. We were looking for a COOLIDGE, and Romney was as close as we could get. Your sanctimony is repulsive. If you voted for anyone other than Romney, or didn’t vote at all, YOU have elected Obama. YOU are directly responsible for anything he does from now on. You are no different from Achmedinijad praying for nuclear war to bring on the advent of the Twelfth Imam.

    You throw the words “God” and “conservatives” around – I do not think they mean what you think they mean. But then, you wanted (just wild guess here) Ron Paul, whose idea of keeping us safe from Islamic terrorists was to be nice to them. You do realize how that worked out in Benghazi, right?

    1. I assume that was a response to me, or at least to me quoting somebody else quoting somebody else.

      However, I am quite at a loss to understand the vituperation of the response, assuming I am correct in my assumption. The point is that a difference without a difference is no difference. Arguing about whether we should have the heater on, to warm us, or the defroster on, to clear the windshield, when we have determined that we’re all just fine with driving our ’76 Buick Landmaster with bald tires and that funny grind in the transmission into the teeth of an Arctic hypercane, is beyond my comprehension. Slow or fast, warm or cold, the ultimate result is not a matter of discovery, but inevitability. Mr. Romney, to extend the metaphor, might have counseled reducing speed and running the defroster at the risk of being a bit chilled, but as to the basic logistical arrangement he had no quarrel whatsoever. When I believe the ultimate and unavoidable result is being frozen solid in a ditch somewhere, why should I trouble myself as to the details of the journey? Perhaps I had rather get to it, and hope that by the time we go into the ditch, we may not be so far from succor that a desperate forced-march bundled in newspapers and the blanket kept in the trunk for the dog is utterly without hope.

      Your ship cannot double Cape Horn by its excellent plans of voting. The ship may vote this and that, above decks and below, in the most harmonious exquisitely constitutional manner: the ship, to get round Cape Horn, will find a set of conditions already voted for, and fixed with adamantine rigor by the ancient Elemental Powers, who are entirely careless how you vote. If you can, by voting or without voting, ascertain these conditions, and valiantly conform to them, you will get round the Cape: if you cannot, the ruffian Winds will blow you ever back again; the inexorable Icebergs, dumb privy-councillors from Chaos, will nudge you with most chaotic “admonition;” you will be flung half frozen on the Patagonian cliffs, or admonished into shivers by your iceberg councillors, and sent sheer down to Davy Jones, and will never get round Cape Horn at all!

      As to voting for anybody else, or not voting at all, being a vote for Obama, I call b.s., as the young kids say. First of all I live in a winner-take-all state which would have gone Blue had God Almighty appeared to every registered voter and said, “Vote for Obama and it’s the Lake of Fire for you, savvy?” So, no, my hypothetical non-Romney vote was no such thing and would have at least added a bit to the popular/electoral mismatch, for whatever that would have been worth. (I did vote. I am not saying who I voted for. I phrase it in the subjective purposefully.)

      Second, as Old Scratch himself has observed many a time through His fictional biographers, compromise is an excellent route to Hell. If you are not voting for who you want to win, you are making a mockery of the entire system. If you don’t want any of the named candidates to win, voting for the least of evils is nothing but capitulation. For all of the fine talk about principle, I note that actually hewing to it reveals a lot of self-professed idealists as quite ruthless pragmatists in short order in matters such as these. If you want to be pragmatic, I applaud you (though I might question your application of logic to the pragmatic goals you must then be supporting.) But a little consistency, I’m afraid, appears to be too much to ask.

      1. “I live in a Blue state, so why try” Because that’s the only way it will happen. You, sir, are the worst of cowards. You hide behind the “I can’t make any difference whine” and then come out and berate people who have been giving their utmost to try and *save* political parasites like you, along with the rest of the country, from the approaching economic apocalypse. “I’m one person, what will my feeble little attempt do to move this car away from the edge? I’ll just sit here and throw rocks at everybody else foolish enough to think they can do anything.”

        Pathetic little would-be intellectual. A SNOWFLAKE doesn’t weigh very much, either – but ever see a bunch of them on a roof make the roof collapse? Ever try to walk through a bunch of itty bitty snowflakes piled four feet high?

        This is a bad time to antagonize the Kitteh-Dragon. Trust me on this. You do *not* want me to beg our hostess to let me off my leash. By her postings, I can tell that she’d like nothing better than to rip out several people’s beating hearts and make them each eat their own. Do not mistake gritted-teeth self-editing as anything other than the most hard-fought battle not to go all “Samson on the battlefield with the jawbone of a donkey”. Do. Not. Test. How. Far. Patience. Can. Be. Pushed.

        1. I consider pushing people’s patience to be one of my sacred vocations. Telling me not to do it has a certain ring of briar-patchery about it. Telling me to not do while calling me a coward, doubly so. If I’m not scared of saying things like this to my wife, who is not only at least as fearsome as anybody on this comments page but has access to my sleeping quarters and more weaponry than a reasonable person would bother to quantify, this digital steam-hiss isn’t even going to register on my Will Robinson scale. We pathetic would-be intellectuals are rarely anything but encouraged by histrionics.

          I just explained to you – though as I thought I was wasting my time – that your premise as to a vote for anybody but Romney being a vote for Obama was incorrect, and provided clear logic as to how I arrived at that conclusion. Your response was to double-down on the personal attacks. Taking a page from the opponent’s playbook is an old and time-honored strategy, but doing it is how we end up in situations where a color-blind person can’t even tell the freaking teams apart.

          1. Look Marc– you are poking a stick at the bear–
            Right now many of us are extremely emotional and do not need the intellectual stuff. We need a time to mourn. Give us a day or two and then take your stick and poke.

            You give a mourning family a few days before you tell them how horrible their dead son is–was– Give us peace now.
            I know my humor is gone today. I can’t tell you when it will be back.

            1. I’m not doing it to be nasty: I assure you, if I wanted to be caustic, I could dial it up a lot more than this.

              I’m doing it, Quixotic as it may sound, because if people will not honestly consider why they are losing a war immediately after a resounding defeat in battle, there is no time when they will ever do it. A few days from now, that comforting sleep will have reasserted itself. Now if ever is the time to re-examine one’s fundamental assumptions.

              1. I assure you that there are those here who will not fail to examine what happened. Using your analogy I might suggest that analysis of a battle loss should take place only after you regroup, set up a guard, treat the wounded and collect reports from the field.

              2. To be intellectual about this: I think that you’re suggesting the same sort of thinking that drives racial privilege theory. If only everyone will reflect and admit the TRUTH the solution will follow. Sorry, no. There is no rational support for that belief. It is not a noble cause to only make sure that people will examine and admit the truth, have the right assumptions, it’s centered not on results but on one’s own moral virtue. The truth of white privilege offers no road forward and merely works to make the confessor feel virtuous and the oppressed feel hopeless. Same here. Making people feel hopeless only makes you feel virtuous and everyone else feel more hopeless. Instead of comforting sleep you offer what? Despair?

                There is no cause for despair. You’re not virtuous for scolding anyone who actually took the time and effort to engage the fight. Sorry. Why don’t you go scold someone who threw their votes away and is now blaming others for not doing it right.

              3. Well, thank God George Washington et al never thought like that! We were losing the War of Independence right up until the Brits surrendered at Yorktown, so stuff your pseudo wisdom.

              4. Marc. I’ve been running numbers on voting returns since 1978. For third parties. Trust me when I say a vote for anybody other than Romney by a voter who wouldn’t vote for Obama is the same as a vote for Obama. Just like a vote for anybody other than Obama by a voter who would never vote for Romney is like a vote for Romney.

                The 3rd party votes are removed from consideration. They subtract from the person the voters *might* have voted for, so give an edge to person they would never have voted for. Because his opponent didn’t those votes.

                People who don’t know math are the reason our country is about to augur in.

                I’ve bided my time, re-read your posts.

                I’ve cooled down.

                You, however, remain an idiot. I can handle my anger. You will never acquire more intelligence.

          2. You know, I was going to tell you to go reread what you quoted, and if you reread it and understood what it said, you would understand the vitroil. Only by your following posts I can see that you actually believe what it says, I find myself without an arguement against you, because as the phrase goes, “you can’t argue with stupidity.”

  8. My only solace is that the most fitting punishment for progressives is the successful implementation of their own ideas. Their curse is that they will always get what they demand, and never what they truly desire.

        1. They have no idea what they’ve done. Like the publishing establishment, they don’t know what happens when you leave me nothing to keep quiet for.

          They won’t LIKE me when I’m angry.

          1. Hell! they don’t like you now! *chuckle* Mayhap I should start running for office so that after the collapse I’m in position to take power and do what is in my mind to do for the last couple years. Become the genocidal maniac certain people have always accused me of being though I’ve killed no one. Might as well be hung for a rabid hyena as for a noble,albeit perenially pissed off, wolf.

        1. That’s one of the things that bothers me most of all – well, no, Benghazi bothers me most of all, and imprisoning the filmmaker – but next is so much of what they blame on Bush was, in fact, caused by them! The whole mortgage meltdown, the economic collapse, fully on the Democrats, on Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd (and even BHO himself, working for ACORN).

          1. Just saw on Instapundit, the filmmaker has been sentenced to a year in prison. They’re saying it’s for the parole violation, for anyone who wants to believe that.

        2. yep…and “we’re from the government and we’re here to help”. Oh and The check is in the mail…just to name a couple other lies. 😛

      1. Not accident. You KNOW what they will call it.

        Throughout history, poverty is the normal condition of man. Advances which permit this norm to be exceeded — here and there, now and then — are the work of an extremely small minority, frequently despised, often condemned, and almost always opposed by all right-thinking people. Whenever this tiny minority is kept from creating, or (as sometimes happens) is driven out of a society, the people then slip back into abject poverty.

        This is known as “bad luck.”

  9. Thank you, Sarah, I needed that. Now it isn’t even right vs. left, it’s more the cities vs. everyone else, the people who get married and stay married and work 40 hours plus a week against those who live off the government. Wall Street is ok, O took a huge wad of cash away from taxpayers and retirees and gave it to the wall street fat cats, they love him. I think the book store I work at is ok, too few employees to get hit, but thousands of small and medium-size businesses are going to shut down when O tries to take the millenium out of their hides, the owners will liquidate their holdings and try to survive. I pray for Israel, they’re on their own, and they may defend themselves in some way that’s totally contrary to US interests, and who can blame them. God help us all.

    1. Oh, G-d, do I pray for Israel. I think we’re now on the Samson option list, and yes, who can blame them.

      If thee I do forget, Jerusalem, may my tongue be struck dumb.
      If thee I do forget, Jerusalem, may my hands lose their skill.

      1. While I wish Israel, like I wish most everybody else, the best, they are stampeding toward their own destruction as fast or faster than anybody else. An election or three going mildly against them in the US is more or less beside the point. Like us, they will not make hard decisions. Like us, they will pay the price. While generosity is an admirable trait, I might suggest you save your prayers for you and yours and those who still wish to be saved.

        1. Lessee if I can make this easy for you Marc. Israel’s problems are not Israel’s fault.

          It’s like this.

          Guy comes to you and says: I’m going to kill you.

          “I’ll give you my money”

          “thanks, but I’m going to kill you”

          “OK, how about if I give you some land?”

          “That’s great I’ll take that, now I’m going to kill you.”

          “My firstborn? Would that keep you from killing me?”

          “I’ll shoot him first and then I’m going to kill you.

          “What about my wife?”

          “I’ll rape her, kill her and then I’m going to kill you.”

          THIS is what Israel is facing. They are a tiny country surrounded by people whose sole objective is their destruction. And what you and your ilk propose is removing their only shield — us. You refuse to allow them to protect themselves and then refuse to protect them.

          You say they will not make hard decisions. We do not allow them to.

          1. Sir, you wound me. You wound me.

            My position on Israel is that they should be allowed to defend themselves at least as much as any other country. Since so many other countries – most notably my own – now consider pre-emptive war a legitimate undertaking, so far as I am concerned Israel can turn large swatches of the Middle East into rather inconveniently slick and brittle parking lots should they be unduly threatened. (Arguably, as you yourself point out, they already have been unduly threatened.) While folks, individually, are just folks, to be bluntly honest I wouldn’t greatly miss a lot of the former residents of said parking lots. So mazel tov,, IDF. Give ’em Gehenom.

            My further position on Israel is that the US’s position on Israel is and has been, for at least the past thirty years, detrimental to Israel. It is my opinion that Israel would be MUCH better off if she thanked the US with all sincerity for her past support and future friendship, and then advised her that the strings attached to the relatively paltry checks have grown too thick to justify cashing them. (I know I sound like a blind-follower, but I find Moldbug’s analysis on this point convincing. The US’s position is demonstrably anti-Israel, no matter which party happens to control Congress or the White House.)

            Finally, my point about the hard decisions Israel will not make relates to her internal politics and demographics. She will not stop subsidizing the Ultra-Orthodox, who are extremely detrimental to the general social health of the nation. (Though ironically they are the only ones who would, if they could, take action on my primary objection.) More importantly, they will not take decisive action on the “Palestinian” question, nor will they do anything to address the demographic trend which will, inevitably, render Israel a non-Jewish state (and soon after a non-state of any kind) within the lives of those now living. They will not defend themselves from obvious and imminent catastrophe. Why should I get worked up about the relatively minor impact a US election might have on their short-term fortunes?

            1. There were many many isms in the twentieth century: communism, racialism, feminism. All have been proven wrong except one: zionism was based on the idea that civilized men wanted to and would try to kill the Jews. And that Jews needed some place to go.

              After Israel goes…

              1. Arguably, Jews are much safer in the United States than they are in Israel. Admittedly in Israel nobody stops them protecting themselves, but OTOH nobody’s dropping rockets on them and random mass shootings are less common. And the chances of being caught up in another idiotic war when TPTPB in her Arab neighbors run out of other distractions are non-negligible.

                1. Have you even listened to the anti semetic rhetoric of this administration? The only rascism that’ll be prosecuted here is black, hispanic and ‘islamic’. Screw the evil whites, the evil despotic jews.

          2. Israel may die but it will die HARD Patrick. You take the U.S. out of the equation and they WILL go nuclear. What most people have failed to notice is they now have a couple of diesel powered missile subs they bought from…the germans If I recall. The muslims want fire…take us out of the equation and their going to get it. They won’t like it much though.

        2. Marc. As I used to say to my kids: “There’s the sign that says ‘Bridge Out Ahead’ – do you really want to continue down this road?” They knew exactly what that meant. Go any further and there will be consequences. All actions have consequences. Especially so when mixed with asinine stupidity.

          1. What are you going to do? Come to my house and beat me up, as other, far more unstable individuals have threatened to do on more than one occasion? If that is the plan, I offer you timeless advice: Wear quiet shoes, and bring friends. Or perhaps you plan to conduct an Anony-campaign against me? Another pearl of wisdom: A person who won’t be blackmailed, can’t be blackmailed.

            If our hostess wishes my silence, she has only to ask and I will ne’er darken her door again. In the meantime, it ill becomes one invited guest to threaten another.

            1. Marc, Lin didn’t treaten you. On the other hand, you are being a Jerk and I hope our hostess bans you.

            2. You say you wish to engage in an intellectucal exchange. It is no intellectual argument prodding a wounded animal.

                  1. You’ve heard of animals chewing off a leg to escape a trap? There’s an animal kind of trick. A human would remain in the trap, endure the pain, feigning death that he might kill the trapper and remove a threat to his kind.

                    1. That argument was planted in a novel endorsing a centuries-long eugenics program that produced an “Islamist” empire. Context matters.

                    2. There are some who would do that. However, studies show a much different difference between most humans and animals: Humans will be thwarted by pain, while animals can be thwarted by fear. More humans can overcome great fear to escape a situation than can overcome great pain, while in animals it is reversed. They will inflict enormous pain on themselves in order to escape the fear of being trapped.

                  1. John, Marc comments here other times. He can be annoying, but I think he’s telling the truth. He feels the need to kick something, and unfortunately we’re here.

                    Marc, go beat up on trolls, okay? You’ll feel better.

          2. Ignore him; he’s just an ass who mistakes being a maggot in a meal or fly in a quiet room for having power.

            I’ve taken to simply deleting those emails which start with his name, and a mild improvement of life– and average quality of reading– has resulted.

      2. Sarah, that was the second thing I thought of this morning. From your mouth to the ear of the Lord, for “He who watches over Israel will neither slumber nor sleep.”

        1. First thing I thought was, “So how many more years are we going to go without a federal budget?”

          Second thing I thought was, “What is whoever gets elected in 2016 going to do about QE13?”

          Third thing I thought, or rather remembered, is that three of the SCOTUS fogies are hitting 80 or older.

            1. I wonder how many people know about the “Samson option.” I rarely hear it dicussed even among knowledgable Christians. But I’m more worried about this:

              “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” Genesis 12:3

              1. That clears that up: the US’s greatly accelerated slide into infamy over the past few decades must be related to our unceasing hostility to Israel’s interests. One mystery solved.

              2. Military folks who care about Israel have pretty good awareness of it, although some have to have the “bringing down the temple to take the bastards with you” part explained.

            2. Which I really, really fear.

              I like Israel. And it’s not like bombing their neighbors into the stone age would drop the culture level.

                1. The most painful snark is largely true, just stated in a less than flattering way.

                  I can’t manage blarney– “flattery so thick that you like it”– but I can do this….

    2. I looked at the Nevada map– Every rural area voted Republican and the two major areas: Reno and Las Vegas voted Democrat. It sticks in my craw because Obama told people not to spend their money in Vegas. It has taken down that city. Whole neighborhoods are just empty houses.

      1. How much of it was fraud? The fraud was massive here. What about there? There is no way the enthusiasm was that high. I KNOW. I live in a blue neighborhood. So, what did it? My guess is the Chicago machine, aka the combine is doing what it does best.

        1. We have the voting machines with software. Some people claimed that their votes changed — (this happened in LV). I checked my vote three times so I can’t say the same. I just don’t know Sarah– I suspect that a lot of people in NV who voted were illegals. I do know that they won’t look at ID of the people voting here if you have a ballot. I have tried to show my ID. The poll person has turned her head.

          1. I like our polling place. The Daughter and I both insist on showing our ID — when I quipped it was my personal form of protest the poll worker checking me in laughed and nodded.

          1. Like in CO where we had tons of people being told they’d already voted or voted by male. Like in our tiny poling place, about 1/3 as many as voted. Curiously (of course) only R voters.

            1. I expected fraud, but that sounds very worrying. Like the letters from the Seattle area to Florida, telling people their citizenship was in question and they couldn’t vote. It was billed as a racism thing, but one of those targeted was a Republican party head with a name as “racial” as Noel Howard or something….

              1. It’s the Chicago machine, or as it’s known “the Combine” — Now we can ALL have Chicago-clean elections.

                Lovely, no.

                Let’s go Simon Jester on them.

                1. I was amused at how the foreign observers were amazed at the way we ran our elections. I suppose it’s naive to hope that the US might be shamed into adopting their methods – like requiring id and having other safeguards? After all, if the UN recommends it, you’d think the libs would support it.

                  (But no, I know, the Dems would find some way to get offended by the very idea.)

                1. Or, as I just found on my LJ, a bunch of folks (including a lady I know lives in a very conservative, orthodox type Jewish area) who showed up at the polling place they’ve voted at for years– decades, in some cases– to be told that Washington is 100% vote by mail, hadn’t they gotten theirs in the mail?

                2. With the voting as close as it was, I’m thinking that, between the voter fraud, the ballot stuffing and cutting out the military, this election really was stolen.

                    1. The important thing is NOT that it was or wasn’t stolen, it is that nobody can say with any assurance that it wasn’t. The first thing an auditor does when looking at a corporation’s books is test whether there are any controls in place to prevent fraud and error, and to detect it when it does occur.

                      There ARE NO controls in place to prevent or detect voter fraud. And there is ONE party in this country which actively prevents any effort to enact such protections.

                      And there is one hydra-headed media propaganda machine to defend this obstruction.

  10. “The best is yet to come” is the motto of the second Obama administration. At the end of the great horror story “Black Man with a Horn” by T. E. D. Klein, the doomed hero is grimly amused that the sundial outside his window has the standard slogan “The best is yet to be” mistranslated as the infinitely more sinister “The best is yet to come.”

    1. So does that mean Barry actually is an Avatar of Nyarlathotep (one of whose human forms is in fact a suave young black man)?

  11. I Ilke the way you used the lyrics of a Paul Simon song ( He is an unabashed liberal, by the way) as the title of this post…stay classy!

        1. Lord knows I could use a toke right now. That and a drink. The toke with my onset of asthma I can’t have any way…the drink? that I may do something about tonight when I don’t have to go anywhere.

    1. Pat – Just what sort of statement is “I Ilke”? Is that like, “I Robot” or simply a misspelling of “I Idiot” because you’ve been on a weed-smoking celebratory bender for the last twelve or more hours?

  12. Nothing will happen until people stop with I’m Republican/I’m Democrat or I always vote Democrat/I always vote Republican. You are not a party and if you automatically believe that one party is always going to be everything you want then you have failed the first and most important thing. More important than even voting. That is having a thought of your own. And until people start having thoughts of their own again it seriously doesn’t matter who the president is. We are at the mercy of our government and most haven’t had a care for us in a long time.

    This election wasn’t about who was the best person to be president. It was about what it has been about for years. Of the people THEY chose for you to vote for, who did you think was going to hurt you the least. The other thing people miss in all of this is that while the presidential election is important it is only ever 1/4th of the problem. Don’t forget the House, Senate, and the lobbyist that bought your representative in the first place.

    * Note the use of you/your/etc is generic and isn’t pointed to anyone.

    1. a) your last thought — not in the age of executive orders and tzars baby.

      B) your point — true, but if Heinlein was right, the Democrats were taken over by the communists IN THE THIRTIES. As such, they’re not a functional party. So we’re left with whatever the repubs dish out as the least of two evils. I spent the 90s trying to build up the Libertarians. I wasn’t strong enough for the pot lobby. (I’m all for pot legalization, but you are ALSO not pot. [generic you])

      C) This is made worse because our media IS effectively democrat operatives with bylines.

      I LONG for a country where I can vote for the best person. Ain’t gonna happen unless technology changes things a lot.

      1. “C) This is made worse because our media IS effectively democrat operatives with bylines.”

        I’ll give you are media especially news isn’t the unbiased source of information it tried to be(whether it has ever effectively been unbiased is debatable). Each station has its agenda. However it isn’t solely Democrat. The “Republicans” have their stations too. Which all goes back to the thinking for yourself thing. However you have your choice of channels to get your flavor of Kool Aid from.

        “I LONG for a country where I can vote for the best person. Ain’t gonna happen unless technology changes things a lot.”

        I do too. However it isn’t going to change because they don’t want it to. The technology has made the change possible. The problem is that whether it is used or not is controlled by the same people that are telling you what your two choices are. People have to change now, not the technology.

        1. Someone at UCLA did a study of news outlets. They ignored shows that were obviously opinion shows, because the objective was to disprove that NEWS organizations were biased to the Left. Every one but Drudge was biased to the Left, including Fox News.

          You have to leave opinion shows out of it because they are up front with their bias, but the supposedly “neutral” news outlets are simply NOT.

        2. One problem is that no one can agree on just what the perfect person is. The candidates are a consensus and a compromise.

          While I like the idea of third parties, I’m against them on a practical basis – they don’t ever get elected, they just ensure the candidate most like their beliefs won’t get elected. Instead, it’s better they join in the consensus building within the two parties. For instance, I was delighted Ron Paul ran as a Republican – he pulled in a lot of Libertarian voices who sided with the Tea Party and started yanking in that direction. No, Mitt Romney wasn’t a libertarian, but I don’t think he would have picked Paul Ryan as a running mate otherwise.

          And yes on blaming (or praising) the legislature. Bush bore the blame for a lot of Nancy Pelosi’s evil. Bill Clinton takes the credit for the Republican legislature he had.

          1. There is a tendency to forget that Bush attempted to use his second term to address entitlement reform and all it got him was Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid. Who then gave him deficits (look back at the trendline; you will find the post-9/11 deficit closing only to burst upward again with the ascension of the 2006 Congress.)

            They busted Bush’s kneecaps and then lambasted him for being lame. The foxes raided the chicken coop and spent the next six years complaining that George W Bush had left them without eggs.

  13. To all the clueless “why don’t you just try to cooperate?” folks, we tried that. For years. That ship has sailed and you will now be roundly ignored since you clearly don’t live in the same reality I do.

    Now, what do we do to survive? I want concrete steps. I want to know how join the resistance. That’s MY grieving process.

    1. Okay. Form a group we can join and discuss away from the trolls. I’m PISSED. It’s not even that they want all this stuff, it’s that they want STUPID IMPOSSIBLE STUFF and are willing to bring down civilization to get it. The difference between OWS and this administration is showers.

      1. Yes ma’am!
        Been reading Churchill’s history of the Second World War lately, strangely enough. He had bad setbacks and kept fighting. We simply must do the same. Fight through the suck, people!

        1. fastest way is probably to start a “secret” group on facebook. I almost did it myself after I read Sarah’s reply. 🙂

        1. Well, once Sabrina starts it, she will have vetting powers (and if she lets me, so will I) Then ya’ll can knock at the door, and if you are of us (and we’ve got to know each other pretty well here) you’re in.

          Ladies and gentlemen, I declare the revolution.

              1. I’ve been writing about quadrupeds, OK? I have to keep telling myself “forefoot, not hand, forefoot.”

              2. Sarah? what’s my ‘were’ form? 😛 *shifts* By the way…the wolf of course wants to play. *wags tail and grins*

              3. See, now I have been known to call my feet my hindfeet, but not my hand my forefoot.

                And yes Sabrina, I am standing on my hindfeet and waving both front hooves vigorously 🙂

            1. Well, DUH. Guys in kilts must have nice legs. Guys in quilts… are just odd. And raccoons in kilts — Mr. Richardson, I’m calling your name — don’t need to send photos. As long as you don’t steal the waffles.

              1. Is there room for another? And I like the name – reminiscent of MK Wren’s Phoenix Legacy trilogy. (Yes, I do read science fiction now and again, in between historicals….)

            2. I couldn’t find a way to attach kilted picture. My face fell. I picked it up off the floor, washed it off (have to remember to vacuum before that happens again), and am now trying to figure out how to make up for my fox pass.

    2. I’ve been without a proper outlet since the news last night, and busy most of today. My response to something like last nights disaster goes one or both of two ways: practical planning for recovery and future prevention or blind frothing rage. I’ve not had the right time and place to let out the latter (it’s quicker and cleaner if I just let it all out and get on to the matters at hand) but I’ve felt somewhat lost on the former as well. What to do? And with whom to discuss it? My lady wife is as lost and dispirited as I am, and while most of my associates are more or less conservative or libertarian, few of them seem to recognize the sheer height of the cliff approaching. I have a few ideas and questions, but the task seems ambiguous and the prospects daunting. I’ve sent a request for admittance to the Google Group, and hopefully conversing there will provide some perspective.

  14. As to the original story above, I’m afraid you would find those left behind with flag pins and WWJD bracelets everywhere, the artificial trappings of their religious beliefs and patriotism. Those leaving on the ship would be those who worshiped the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, but most of all would believe in science, which those left behind stopped doing a long time ago.
    I find it interesting that so many of you claim that the Democrats were the ones refusing to compromise, when Mitch McConnell himself stood in front of TV cameras and said that their main objective over the next two years was to deny Obama a second term. From that point on, Republicans voted against things that even they had proposed before. How is that an indication of compromise?
    Here in Texas, Ted Cruz was elected yesterday to be one of our senators. This is the same Ted Cruz who said during his campaign that his idea of compromise was everyone else coming around to his opinion.
    Are there some dogmatic Democrats? Sure, but they don’t dedicate their entire party’s efforts to not compromising.
    I will be interested to see whether, no longer needing to make sure Obama doesn’t get reelected, there might be some shift in the House. If not, those of you who are counting on the midterms to take over will be sad again, just like today.

        1. Where did you get the idea that WWJD bracelets had anything to do with the story? I seem to recall that when religion was mentioned in the story it was to point out that there was not specific religious beliefs held, but rather a variety of them.

          1. I think he’s convinced that conservatives are all religious and that this religious belief makes them terrible people who suddenly can’t think in rigorous ways, or something. He’d fit right in with some of the evangelistic atheists I’ve known (and, well, I used to be one myself, when I was about ten or so; my religious beliefs have shifted a bit since then). It’s a very immature view, but whatever; he’s surrounded himself with strawmen to pummel, and when people are quiet because they don’t want to mess with crazy he thinks himself the victor. But it might be the best way to deal with him (speaking as one who’s unfortunately not used to dealing with trolls).

              1. Because McConnel’s remark is being falsely reported (funny how that is; when a Democrat says something stupid we’re told it was “taken out of context” even when the context is 100X worse, but when a Republican says something that can be made to sound stupid or obstructionist once it’s Dowdified they hold him responsible for their misrepresentation of his statement. Long digression, sorry; it’s a tooth that’s been sore a long time) it is important to put it in its proper context:

                JOE SCARBOROUGH, HOST: And Bob, you talk about this. And you see it time and time again in your book where Republicans give ideas, and every idea is rejected outright. I want to focus, though, on a quote. And I’ve got to admit, just by reading press reports, I didn’t know the other side of the Mitch McConnell quote. And I think I, at least, owe him an apology here on the air because we’ve repeated it a thousand times where Mitch McConnell says, my one priority, my top priority is preventing a second Obama term. But you actually pull out what nobody in the media pulls out, and that’s the rest of Mitch McConnell’s statement. What is it?

                BOB WOODWARD: And where McConnell says, I don’t want Obama to fail, I want him to change. And I agree with you. I think that that’s significant. Now, there is a brazenness to the first part of the quote, and as you know, Mitch McConnell is…

                JOE SCARBOROUGH: He’s tough.

                BOB WOODWARD: He’s a hard ass on these subjects, to say the least.

                JOE SCARBOROUGH: But McConnell went on to say — and it’s just never been reported — McConnell went on to say, but if he changes, I want to work with him, and basically that’s the attitude of if the guy will meet us halfway — and I see John Heilemann rolling his eyes around the set, but time and time and time again, republicans offered suggestions, and time and time and time again, the first two years, the president rejected them outright.

                Read more: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/noel-sheppard/2012/09/17/woodward-gets-scarborough-apologize-misreporting-mcconnells-make-obam#ixzz2Bfrw8A00

                Emphasis added.

                Since Scarbourough and Woodward are supposed to be journalists and were appearing on MSNBC one is left wondering why this has “never been reported”? Who is responsible for any failure to report McConnell’s statement properly?

    1. The most amazing thing about liberals is how they pat themselves on the back about being so brilliant when their blinding ignorance is so obvious to anyone with eyes.

      1. You provide no evidence of my ignorance. I can post stories about the right using flag pins to complain about a candidate and stores about how the right does not believe in science. Can you post evidence of my ignorance?

        1. Mohawk man– you think we don’t “believe” in science? Many people in here are engineers, or have been in science related fields. Why would we have to “believe?” Belief is knowledge of things not understood–

          We understand a lot of science. We do not need to turn it into a religion and “believe” it. Ugh

          1. Oh, yes. And as a talented amateur, I’d pit my knowledge of science against his any day. But I suspect he means anthropogenic climate change and holy mother Gaia, and damn it, we just won’t bow and genuflect.
            He’ll have to deal. Congenital stiffness of the back.

            1. It is very interesting that the left believe we are uneducated gun-toting bible-bashing rednecks. Okay– I am educated, shoot guns, and can bible bash with the best… Also I don’t have a redneck even though I was born in the backwoods of Canada and lived in the farmlands of Utah.

              1. I can Bible AND Torah waving…

                Seriously they think this because we’re closeted. They’ve built these images in their heads. They only know us from the entertainment written by those who agree with them.

                    1. Enough guns to arm a rather eclectic squad (and I’m friends with someone with enough guns, including crew served, to arm a small nation).

                      And the joy of having my library on an iPod is that I can cling to hundreds of books with only one hand, leaving the other free for the shootin’ iron. 😉

                    2. You mean a Baby Bjorn?

                      One of the greatest images from any book I’ve read in the past few years was in Max Brooks’ “World War Z”. The chapter was about a handicapped guy who was telling a story about his time on the local neighborhood watch after the safe zones had been established. After the war, he had become a famous bronze sculpture and, at the opening of the chapter, was finishing up a new masterpiece…a zombie man in mid-shuffle, reaching out with the tattered remains of a Baby Bjorn hanging from his chest.

                      Not to change the subject or anything…

                    3. Ow, ow ow. Wouldn’t it be rather painful to become a bronze sculpture?

                      LOL. I assume that’s a typo, and you really meant sculptor. 😉

                    4. Shoot, I downloaded a plain-text version of KJB before I ever heard of a Kindle. But that was for reference when someone who clearly has misinterpreted something starts arguing with me and partially quoting scripture to back themselves up.

                    5. Enough guns to outfit a rather eclectic squad, and I’m friends with someone with enough to arm a small country (including crew served weapons).

                      And thanks to the wonders of the modern ebook I can cling to a library of hundreds of books with only one hand leaving the other free for a shootin’ iron. 😉

          2. Mr. Troll, you have NO idea of what, in America, we call a political conservative. Let me enlighten you – it means someone who wants a smaller government and a free market. Someone who thinks government is the problem, not the solution. Someone who thinks problems are best handled by the private sector – the People, not the State. No flag pins, no WWJD bracelets. Sorry. Many of us are atheists and agnostics. And we’re not after anyone’s ladyparts. We’re pretty divided on social issues, but we mostly think the State shouldn’t be involved in those, no matter what our personal beliefs may be.

            And I bet I’ve studied more science than you ever have. And I bet I have more scientists as personal friends, than you’ve met in a lifetime.

          3. You underwhelm me with your understanding of the posters here. You set up straw dogs and knock them down, pat yourself on the back and tell us we are defeated. Sure, there are Christians and Jews posting here. There are also Buddhists and Atheists.

          4. My degree is in physics. I work in Atomic Force Microscopy, which is one of the key “enabling technologies” of nanotechnology.

            Oh, and if you have a Blu-Ray player, you can thank me, because image measurement software that I wrote was a key tool in its development.

            1. I’m married to a mathematician and have sons in the sciences. My dad and brother are engineers… but hey the troll knew all, saw all and understood NOTHING.

              1. I don’t have a diploma, but I’ve completed the course work for a BS in Earth Sciences, a BA in English, and a BA in modern history, plus some other odds and ends tossed into the pile just to make life interesting. You can also add in there almost 30 years of experience in office management, from a two-man shop to 25 on three shifts. I have three different Bibles on my computer, and I’m looking for a copy of the Talmud and the Torah for my Nook.

                You can’t teach someone unless they’re willing to learn. Our troll(s) disqualify themselves.

                1. I’m a house wife, stay at home mom, trator to my sex, what have you. (*grin*)

                  Who was an aviation electronics technician, calibration tech specifically.
                  Also know and understand applied genetics in cattle, can do emergency early response (oddly handy, with toddlers), basic mechanic work, applied engineering (mostly water/erosion, but some for building a shack that won’t fall down or seeing cause and effect with gears or levers) and constantly teach people basic applied trouble shooting methods. (Which boils down to “pick a spot in the middle. Is it working OK? Then the problem is below it. Is it broke? Problem is above. Do it again until you find something wrong.)

                  I have had arguments with practicing nurses, who do have degrees, about basic flipping biology. (“Is an embryo human? Is an unborn human alive?” type questions. The right answer is, of course, that an embryonic human is a living human if it is not dead— not “potential life,” as insisted.)

                  1. Can’t resist a good troll-stomping. I have a Ph.D. in geochemistry. Although I am actually employed at an institute of higher learning and am not an evil minion of Big Oil, all my best friends are. The watermelons love us.

                    1. *laughs* Well, I’d figured you were joking, but I’ll email you. My mom is very big on letting people be nice if they want to!

                  2. I don’t have any degrees, but have surveyed for fifteen years, so I do understand mathematics and measuring. In addition to property surveys I have done a lot of construction staking, which means I am the poor b*st*rd on the ground that has to figure out how to make work all the fancy pictures that the engineer back at the office drew in autocad. (It is truly amazing how often engineers try to make water flow uphill). For the last few years I have only surveyed off and on part-time, while my main income comes from various seasonal work that I do self-employed. So I also understand basic finances such as not spending more than you take in, (Something politicians seem incapable of grasping) and if you make a bunch of money this week, don’t go out and spend it all next week, because you don’t have anything more coming in for six months, and you need something to live on between times.

            2. Hey, can we get together and make a nanoloom for weaving carbon nanotubes? Make the world’s smallest pot holders, or something. 😉

        2. “You provide no evidence of my ignorance” – why, no, we don’t. We also don’t provide any evidence of your using the handle obstreperouscurmudgeon — because, drooling troll, you have provided it yourself.

          1. You provide no evidence of my ignorance. I can post stories about the right using flag pins to complain about a candidate and stores about how the right does not believe in science.

            And what does that prove? Idiots abound on all sides. Once can easily point to the left’s many attempts at the same system while expecting different results each time and somehow not seeing it as insanity, or at the very least, denial.

        3. Well, to start with as evidence of your ignorance, the notion that this is a story about not believing in science proves you didn’t actually read it. Or else you’re in a sufficiently addled state you can’t.

            1. Or he is so far gone on deconstructionism that any story means what he chooses it to mean, nothing more, nothing less.

        4. Shucks, ‘Strep, y’all done already posted evidence of your ignorance. Y’all ‘re jus’ too ignorant to realize it.

    2. Mr. Mohawk – Give me dates, references, etc when DEMs have EVER compromised. Since I have Sen. Harry Reid in my STATE I can assure you that they tell us to compromise our values, our religions, our ideals for WHAT? To feed and clothe healthy people who could take care of themselves if they had just learned responsibility from their families and schooling?

      Should I compromise so that you can get what you think your are entitled? I earned mine through sweat, blood, tears, and service. Should you earn yours by JUST existing?

      Plus explain to me how politicians start with a little money and end up millionaires. Please explain to me how childless couples can’t find children to adopt? Please explain to me how honor and integrity are now extinct. Please explain to me why my money is NOT my money and belongs to (take your pick) the government, the poor, other people who have never worked a day in their lives.

      Ugh– Compromise is the sweet road to h-ll.

      1. Don’t know what the Mr. Mohawk refers to, but the majority of your post is “me, me, me”. The answer to your question about where the government got the right to take “your” money is 1913, when the 16th amendment was passed.

        Name calling is so effective at changing minds, isn’t it? I will not be affected at all by any of the programs in place or suggested in the future, so how am I a lickspittle? You my friend have got it all over my email!

        1. What an -ss. The 16th amendment– I guess you are talking about the tax and spend amendment. No, the government was only supposed to take enough taxes to support a minimal government– My money doesn’t belong to the government. I do pay a tax so that I have roads, police, etc work in a civilized fashion. We will soon see the break down of civilization. To get the food, clothing, and medicines, we will end up using the black-market. My prediction for this next four years–

          So what is wrong with thinking about taking care of me and mine. You should be thinking about taking care of you and yours–

        2. Mohawk, I believe, refers to the appearance of your avatar. It is shorter than your reference to H. L. Mencken, an osteoporosis curmudgeon if ever there was one.

          You did not address the question of why it is the governments role to provide people who do not work with food, shelter, clothes, medical care and cell phones at the expense of those who work?

          1. Also, because he whined about tolerance — I don’t have to be tolerant. This blog is NOT a public utility. This blog is my living room. When you come in, dancing and urping and acting like a crazy person, I kick you out, so my guests can talk sensibly together. This is what I mean by “I don’t find you amusing.” Ditto for museohell. She didn’t want to discuss, she wanted to prove she was smarter than us, and failed. And I haven’t banned her. I have banned obstreperouscurmudgeon because he couldn’t even BOTHER to read the story and was answering to things that exist only in his own head. If he’s an example of the typical Obama voter, we need first of all mental care. STAT.

            1. So you don’t tolerate the drunken uncle at the wedding? I knew there was a reason I like and admire you.

              (OK. Yet another reason 😉 )

          2. “osteoporosis curmudgeon”???

            Damn you, Autocorrect. To the last, I will grapple with thee… from Hell’s heart, I stab at thee! For hate’s sake, I spit my last breath at thee!

              1. I don’t see what you have to be nervous about. I know who I came with and I know who I’ll go home with, after 47+ years the trust is established and proven.

                1. THIRTYSEVEN. I have still not recovered from the double wammy of the Anime Con and the late night of the election, and the brain is being gummy. Oh well. This too shall pass. (I hope.)

                    1. Wandering? Where? Around your imagination maybe? Well, I have read enough of your books and know that is a rather broad and varied place.

      2. Give me dates, references, etc when DEMs have EVER compromised.

        Note: not agreed to compromise and then failed to hold up their end– such as the “amnesty now, enforce laws later” or “tax hikes now, spending cuts later” examples.

    3. You pit straw man against straw man, and somehow claim “wisdom” thereby. You not only do not know us, you do not know YOURSELF, and you are proud of your ignorance.

      1. Feel free to enlighten me oh wise one. Every day I listen to people like yourself accuse me, because I am a liberal, of not working, being a welfare leech, etc., when none of that is valid. I know that it is just as likely that you are a lower middle class worker, probably office or mechanical than that you are wealthy. I know that there are some educated conservatives. I know that there are even atheist conservatives.
        Now, what do you know about liberals other than your hate?

        1. You accuse us of HATE!!! I have many friends who are liberal. I DO NOT HATE them. I do mourn that we are losing our freedoms and abilities to care for ourselves. I find it sad that these so-called “liberals” hate us and call us hatemongers. When the rope of political correctness has stopped even your speech, you may then understand why we mourn today.

          1. I could tell him I love my Daddy, step-mother and her children. I could tell him about friends. But I have concluded that ObCu has a mind that is made up and no desire to be disturbed by the facts.

            1. True CACS — It has been a real shock to me that logic cannot sway them. Having lived in a few countries besides the US, I have seen the future and it is bleak.

              1. Ah yes. Daddy spent many years and much effort teaching me to think for myself, yet seemed surprised when I drew rather different conclusions than he had. I haven’t traveled that extensively, but talk with people who have. You’re right. But, as I tell The Daughter, for the moment we still are the best place.

        2. Actually, I’m a CPA, and I’ve also been an IT programmer analyst. We’ve got several such who regularly post here. If you want to go into silly credentials, I attended one of the top ten universities in the country, was National Merit and placed out of calculus with the AP exam. How about you? What pseudo-science did you ever study?

          As for hate, hate is the basis for most left wing policy. I see so much more frothing-at-the-mouth hatred from the left than I ever see from the right. Not to mention lies, but that’s a whole different problem

        3. And what do I know of liberals? I have many liberal friends – I like them, but I do not find them to be rational. They think with their emotions, they don’t like numbers or hard facts. They are often the most bigoted haters I’ve ever met when we ever talk politics, completely ignorant of issues and policy and make their decisions based on knee-jerk prejudices. They are all very well meaning, but they don’t seem to get that well meaning doesn’t cut it when people are worse off.

        4. You tell me what you know about us. You are wrong. If you had been here for any length of time you would discover that a large percentage of the posters here have day jobs in the sciences, many with multiple degrees. These are people who like their science fiction with science — and complain about handwavium.

          You can stick to your prejudices, think I lie…and tell me that we are bitterly holding onto our God and guns. You can tell me that because we question the status quo of anthropogenic global warming we are the new Luddites. You will only prove that you haven’t been paying attention.

          1. “You can stick to your prejudices, think I lie…and tell me that we are bitterly holding onto our God and guns. You can tell me that because we question the status quo of anthropogenic global warming we are the new Luddites. You will only prove that you haven’t been paying attention”

            Well, one of those is true anyways, I am holding on to my God and guns; and acquiring more whenever possible. Guns not God’s you are welcome to as many God’s as you want, but for myself God is like a woman (the women here can feel free to replace woman with man in this sentence), one good one can be a real blessing, but even a good one provides enough headaches (that are multiplied exponitally when you add extras) that I can’t imagine wanting more than one. 😉

            1. That is too true. One reason that I could not quite entirely get my head around group marriage.

              As to the other, I am not bitter. Don’t have time for it. Don’t like the lingering taste it leaves in the mind.

    4. Look, I know your head is so firmly up your anus that only your own excrement comes out. That probably explains your inability to read for comprehension.

      You aren’t even a *good* troll. You are probably the worst troll I’ve seen today, and I’ve been reading a lot of blogs. You live under a bridge that was condemned years ago, and even the smallest goat that comes by can beat you to a messy pulp.

      Go. Away. Get off the lawn. You are unworthy of our time or our attention. Don’t make me come back.

  15. It’s official; the takers and fakers now outnumber the makers. Bread and Circuses, ’cause the plebians have discovered that they can vote for them for a while… until “bad luck” sets in. I could go on, but I’m too heartsick to contine the cliche-fest.

    1. I am sorry for your sadness. Maybe after a few years of none of your horrors taking place you will feel less of it. Remember, in 2008, Obama was supposed to take away your guns. See any indication that he did?

      1. But, as he said to Medvedev, “I’ll have more flexibility after the election.” And, yes, there are all sorts of indications. Look at what Chicago is like – it’s what he wants to do to the country. The Chicago Way – not just for Chicago any more.

        You poor fool troll. You will be the first one up against the wall – because they don’t trust lickspittles not to change sides as soon as it gets rough.

      2. You idiot, most of the things we predicted *did* happen: cronies with get out of jail free cards, slow and anemic economy, outrageous spending 25 percent great er than Buss, who was already bad enough. Guns: look at Fast and Furious, intended as a PR operation to push gun control, and if a few hundred Mexicans got killed, well you can’t make an omelet…. Co-operation: “I don’t have to pay any attention to you, Ryan. I won.” Then there were the widows and orphans who ate their GM bonds, and the Delphi pensioners who lost their pensions, so that Obama could buy off the UAW. And the near trillion dollars spent on, it turned out, padding contributors pockets and putting zippy signs up over union projects.

        What we’re worried about is more of the same.

      3. The erosion of the Constitution, regardless of which piece of it falls first, is no laughing matter. I’ll make a prediction. when we call you on a specific argument, you will claim that you meant a generality, and vice-versa. You are here to provke, to crow, to continue in the incivility you “claim” to oppose. In short, troll.

        1. Remember, in 2008, Obama was supposed to take away your guns.

          No, but the desire to do so is well-documented in his own words, if you actually trust what he says. Besides, he said a lot of things in 2008 that he didn’t follow through with, didn’t he?

      4. I suggest you quietly back off.

        Let’s just look at Obamacare…

        We have one regular who is already having trouble getting proper medical care due to the first stages of Obamacare implementation — you know that thing which Obama said would take your health care decisions out of your employers hands, out of the government hands and was supposed to put your medical care into your own hands? Well that implementation is a best practices board in D.C. (with no accountability), which tells your doctor how to treat you — and fines your doctor if they do not follow the boards guidelines. Those guidelines do not take into account that individual bodies may react differently or that an individual may have multiple problems that may require adjustment in the treatments.

        We have two posters whose children, both fully qualified and heading towards medical school, who are having to rethink their ambitions. As written, the Obamacare bill forces new doctors into the equivalence of indentured servitude.

  16. Obsteperous, remember Fast n’ Furious?

    That was a little scheme launched by Obama, in order to further gun control. He didn’t manage

  17. Finishing my comment, here;

    Obama didn’t manage to get our guns—but he did get a lot of Mexicans killed. Not to mention getting four Americans killed in Benghazi, and saddling us with trillio-plus dollar debt.

  18. None of the horrors taking place? What fucking planet are you on? 47%!!! HELLO! Four more years and it’ll be 60-70% on the dole. WHERE, oh genius, where the fuck does the money come to support those numbers? The ‘rich 1%?’ Do some math, engage critical thinking, remove asshole from mouth, THEN speak.

      1. This is the one thing I can never forgive. We still don’t know whose hand marks those are, on the embassy. And that filmmaker is still in jail. And shame on the people who condemn him, but applaud Piss Christ and South Park (both of which I support, btw).

          1. I think I need a picture of those handmarks, with the words “Obama lied, people died” right below. Or the four men, with the words “They are NOT bumps in the road.”

        1. I know this is a week old, and I’ve never posted here before but this is the first time I’ve seen people mention the filmmaker being in jail as being something to be truly angry about. I am PISSED about the deaths of four men (for reasons I can’t talk about right now). I am absolutely LIVID at the confinement of a man who was just exercising his free speech rights and was used as a scapegoat for something he had no part in purely for political gain. And I’m mind blown that people who screamed bloody murder about Bush’s use of Guantanamo Bay as a prison for people who actually want to kill us – none of them even American citizens – are totally fine with this administration allowing an actual citizen to be jailed for not being sensitive to the right victim group du jour. And because that was my line in the sand and I very publicly called out Obama voters as morons I was accused of being filled with anger and hate and defriended by somebody I’ve been friends with since middle school.

    1. I cannot help but add: with the policies already in place there will certainly be more needy out of work people.

      1. With retirees having to live on their capital, since there’s no interest coming in, there are going to be a whole lot more needy people, RSN.

        1. yes. And because we can’t expect the economy to get better any time soon, we’re going to hold every penny till it squeals. We middle-agers, with young kids. Because we don’t know when they’ll find jobs either. So, as little spending as possible.

          I cancelled the Kindle Fire I’d ordered. It HURT me. I really wanted it, and with my 50th bday coming up and my parents having sent some money I thought… but that $600 is better used for Christmas gifts for the kids. And with our grocery stripping our budget, our heating bills skyrocketing (why does that sound so familiar) our gas empoverishing us and no prospect of relief in the form of a better economy in sight AND the certainty of punitive taxes, plus Ocare taxes, all we can do is NOT spend. Which means… the economy gets worse. The wheels stop.

          1. Sorry to hear about cancelling the Kindle – it sounds like something you really wanted! But a number of other libertarian-type bloggers are suggesting starving the Beast economically by going mini-Galt: purchasing only neccessities, or buying second-hand. Barter. Cancelling mainstream print publications which have editorially slanted towards the Dems, cancelling cable. Minimizing taxes paid by any means legal. Charitable donations only to trustworthy charities who have not taken the progressive line. (Such as Salvation Army over the Red Cross, for instance.) My daughter and I have a long list of celebs whose work (movie, music, or in print) that we are boycotting. As much as possible, choosing to do business only with companies and chains who share libertarian/fiscally conservative/Constitutional values. Start exploring means of growing and processing your own food. Get off the grid, as much as you can, too. Home school your children, if possible. Network with others of like mind.

            1. YES. Let’s spread this far and wide, and the corollary “read, watch, give and buy from freedom-minded people.”
              They’ve been doing the opposite for decades. It’s time we returned the favor. No more “fair minded tolerance.”

              We are of necessity going to go mini-galt. Can’t grow food, but I can sew, and I can iron like a demon, and I’m thinking of making a line of fantasy stuffies and posting them here and see… (Only when not writing, and only after NB is done, of course.)

  19. But—but—but—johnwager1. . .

    Obsteperous knows Obama’s going to give him a pony! And free money! And all those evil rich peple have huge rooms filled with gold coins for the taking! (Just like Sarah described a Marxist’s vision of Scrooge McDuck’s bank vault.)

    Americans murdered in Benghazi, and murdered Mexicans are mere”Bumps in the road.” What does all that matter compared to (drum roll), free money!

  20. Good gravy, folks. I’ve lurked here for the last few months really and never posted. I’ve enjoyed the comments and felt like I didn’t have anything sufficient to contribute, but today I think I’ll try.

    I’m seeing a number of y’all with names I don’t immediately recognize (and some I do) bringing ideas of working together and maybe that it’s not a disaster that things didn’t go the way most here wanted ’em to. Well, that’s all fine. I sorta tend that way myself. But…

    Not today. We have a number of folks here who were passionately invested in this election. And it didn’t go the way they wanted it to. Give ’em some space. When you have a big disappointment, the very moment you’re trying to come to terms with it isn’t when you want to have a big discussion about how it’s all ok after all. If you think that folks here are a big overwrought, well, fine. Maybe they are. That’s ok. Sometimes folks get overwrought when they care about something. The thing to do when someone is overwrought is to just be kind. We don’t have to answer all the questions of the world of politics here *today*. Let folks grieve. Let ’em come to terms with what is and what might be and what can be. Today is not the day for pushing and poking.

    I’m all for a spirited discourse. I’m all for freedom of speech. But going around telling folks who just lost something they were passionate about that it’s not the disaster they feel it is is just pointless. Today is not the day to wander over to your Republican neighbors and tell ’em to compromise. Compromise, heck! We just lost. It’s your turn to reach out by compromising. And sometimes compromising starts by letting folks have their wail of anguish.

    So, if you’re all for Obama, good for you. Go post on NPR or HuffPost or somewhere like that. They’d love to talk to you today. And we’ll be happy to spritedly discuss some other day, when the wounds don’t feel as fresh. I’d do the same for you if it were the other way ’round.

    And for y’all who are grieving, I get that. I really do. But being as hostile as some of y’all are is not helping you or anyone else. If someone’s hitting your buttons, just let ’em go. Someone can be wrong/rude/whatever on the internet and the world will keep spinning. We don’t *have* to respond to folks we feel are treading on our sensitive spots on a particularly bad day to do so.If someone’s just trolling, they’re just looking for the angry response. If they’re trying to discuss, it’s a bad day for it. Let it go.

    1. “We don’t *have* to respond to folks we feel are treading on our sensitive spots on a particularly bad day to do so.If someone’s just trolling, they’re just looking for the angry response. If they’re trying to discuss, it’s a bad day for it. Let it go”
      I disagree..trolls especially the lefty ones…are really no more than bullies. Being the victim of bullying my entire childhood..I came to a conclusion when I hit my majority. No more…the best way to deal with bullies is to leave them broken and bleeding on the floor..

  21. I’ve reached the point where I now believe that our greatest mistake as a nation was turning our back on God. God is not amused, neither is He mocked. The secularists have done everything they can to drive God from our Nation. We have BHO and the Democrats. It’s a hellish punishment. We need a national revival. I had hoped the Tea Party would do more, but even they have been pushed away. This nation will not last another 40 years. We need to begin working today to build what it will be replaced with.

    1. Just got back from our weekly Bible study and I pointed out to the others there that we are living through the Book of Judges and have reached the final verse (paraphrased): Every man did that which was right in his own eyes. Beyond that point it was pretty much a slow downhill slide for Israel. As you said, only a return to God–another Great Awakening maybe?–will stop us from following.

  22. Not that it matters to any one ‘cept my family and myself. FYI, my line is drawn. It ain’t gonna move any more. Cross it, and payment will be exacted. I have nothing to lose but my honor.

  23. And, once again, it’s the ignorance showing. I realize you’ve been told that Bush started it, but in fact there was a very small program using RFID during Bush’s administration that was cancelled when it didn’t work. Fast and Furious started, with no RFID and no controls, in the last week of October 2009. But then, the Obama Administration seems to think Bush was president for an awfully long time — they insist he did all the spending in 2009 as well.

    And that’s the point. I can give you extensive factual documentation on these things. I’ve done that with other boneheaded liberals. Usually, after enough links, they go away.

    To raise the same issue, in the same way, to me, a few weeks later.

    This isn’t a political position. This is a mental disability.

        1. hey writerinblack– those are the three most powerful curses in the English language (supposed to have come from the Chinese, but no one really knows). They are–

          1. May you live in interesting times
          2. May you come to the attention of powerful people (or government)
          3. May you get what you deserve (or looking for)

        2. though I don’t have children of my own– I do have grandkids (hubby’s) and a nephews who are close to me–

          I don’t mean to be flippant– I am actually grieving–

          1. I SO want to ask my liberal friend if she’s going to tell her grand-kids that Grammy plans to stick them with all her public debt so she can have her stuff. (Just give me the right moment . . .)

  24. Unless you have some evidence that the Obama administration created the video and got Al Qaeda to release it all over on 9/11 to cover a single attack on the consulate in Benghazi, you have only hatred and nonsense to offer.

    Check the original release date on that video and you might just be surprised.

    Aside from the overt differences between Wide Receiver and Fast And Furious, and aside from the objectively obvious lies the Atty Gen told during the hearings (and their laughable excuses for same), the goals of the operations are irrelevant. Fast And Furious was incompetently handled.

    1. Also it’s now clear the attacks were coordinated and there was advance warning. The evidence has been released. And Obama claimed he knew (and called it) terrorism to begin with. BUT FIRST they went in front of the American people and lied and said it was a stupid youtube video and violated the rights of ALL Americans by determining we can’t “insult islam.”

      HATE? You must be kidding. I hate the constitution-stomping sobs with the fire of a thousand suns. As should all Americans who believe in the constitution.

      And if you don’t believe in the constitution, why are you here? There are hundreds of socialist paradises around the world. We only have this one place, and we’ll stand and fight.

      1. I have no hatred for liberals. Nor much patience, for that matter. But I do despise them and they do disgust me. But hatred?? Nyahhh – they ain’t worth it. Might just as well hate mosquitoes and leeches.

        1. I am sick at both heart and stomach at the craven coward, who left his subordinates to die alone, abandoned so as not to jeopardize his reelection campaign. I loathe him because in the eyes of the world he stands for my country, and yet he betrayed it and our interests. I DESPISE the contumely media who connived with him on it.

          1. And he heard them, in real time. That means he must have heard them asking for help. I am beyond disgusted with him. Yes, and the media.

          2. I am sickened and furious also – they died, waiting for help which the One was too bloody craven or indecisive to send, and the establishment media has been more or less silent on the subject ever since. (Not to mention the contining military service deaths in Afghanistan.)
            *enable vulgarity alert*
            Guess they must like the taste of Obama’s c**k since they’ve been sucking so vigerously at it for nearly the last five years. *
            disable vulgarity alert*

              1. Interesting that a whole bunch of his staff are resigning. It’s not terribly unusual for some to quit after 4 years, because these are hard jobs, but this looks like an onslaught – including Hilary, Holder and Geithner.

                1. say what? I saw drudges link about Holder, but Hillary and tax-cheat are news to me.

                  Oh, hey, apropos of nothing, does anyone happen to know if the reply-to address that comes with the email notification of comments actually posts a reply in the comment thread?

                  1. *Since Txgecko asked whether the reply on the email notifications would actually post to the thread, I’m trying it. If you don’t see this, it didn’t work.*


                    Facts are stubborn things, but not nearly as stubborn as fallacies.*

                    On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 6:05 PM, According To Hoyt wrote:

                    > ** > txgecko commented: “say what? I saw drudges link about Holder, but > Hillary and tax-cheat are news to me. Oh, hey, apropos of nothing, does > anyone happen to know if the reply-to address that comes with the email > notification of comments actually posts a reply in the commen” >

                    1. that’s part of the default settings of most email providers. Useful in an email exchange, rather redundant in a comment thread. hmm, maybe it didn’t like that I backspaced over the quote…

                  2. A few months ago, Hillary announced that she would be leaving after Oboma’s first term was over.

                    1. The better to prepare herself for 2016, which, with the motor voter hubby implemented is in the bag.

                      IF ANY OF THEM KNEW ECONOMICS THEY’D BE AS SCARED AS WE ARE. Or maybe not. maybe they consider North Korea a success.

                      Hey, guys, is it possible the poster who just “doesn’t see” it in the other thread thinks of NK, Venezuela, etc, as “paradises”?

                    2. I presume you to be familiar with the old saw about the guy who fell from the top of the Empire State building and at every floor could be heard to observe, “So far, so good” as he passed.

                2. Oh joy. Now we will get stuck with the third-stringers. I had thought they scrapped the barrel bottom to get that lot.

              2. Sorry, no President has ever been removed by impeachment, although two have been impeached; Andrew Johnson and William Jefferson Clinton. Nixon resigned before he could be impeached.

          3. They are vermin, cockroaches infesting our national kitchen where policies are cooked for our nourishment. Too many to stomp, they will require a great disinfection.

  25. Stay strong, Americans. No enemy, foreign or domestic has ever bested you and I am certain you will survive this latest siege. Regroup and reload. We’re all counting on you.

    1. Rognar, now I want to kiss you, because you reminded me of the scene in Independence Day “The Americans have a plan”
      “Finally! What took them so long.”

  26. What this election shows is that we are going to have to become more like our enemies to win. Alinsky’s politics of personal destruction is going to have to be embraced and any semblance of civility, compromise, or separation of the personal from the political is now officially gone. We can put in the same place we now keep chivalry and m’ lady’s favour taken from our lance and learn a new way of political war.

    We have to deeply involve ourselves with the hateful process of politics – it has become the means by which our lives are controlled. Going Gault will only cede the field to the enemy and they will hunt us down no matter what gulch we try to hide in. Unlike Poul Anderson’s stories, there is no handy starship to escape in.

    For starters, every aspiring politician must be vetted immediately and ruthlessly held accountable for their actual performance. No matter how nice they are, if they do not perform, we get them out of office permanently. They usually start their careers on the County School Board, so we have to get interested in that horribly boring institution to throttle the development of Budding Young Overlords.

    The education and media industries that have been thoroughly infiltrated by various types of socialists will have to be dismantled – luckily we have the technology to do it. Ivy-covered colleges and TV network have to go the way of the horse & buggy.

    In the mean time, we need to learn about every gov’t handout program and get on the gravy train. They depend on our sense of independence and personal honor to not have an overload of their supposedly helpful services. If they turn you down, jam their system with lengthy, complex protests filled out in exquisite detail. Give them a dose of Covard-Pliven.

    Tolerance and compromise are not applicable in the sort of struggle that has now commenced. Our enemies’ goals have always been complete annihilation of our set of ideas – now we have to face up to it. If we lose this, we will get the same treatment that the Copts are getting in Egypt: gradual extinction.

    The voice off-screen just said: “Round Two. . . FIGHT!”

    1. You are right. I’ve been telling people this and they tell me they don’t want to “descend” — again from independence day “we are being exterminated.”

    2. If I might offer another suggestion from recent experience up here in Canada. Our Conservative Party has found a great deal of success making inroads with recent immigrant communities. They have found that people from south and east Asia, in particular, have personal values that are far more conservative than mainstream Canadian society. Once they made a concerted effort to engage with these communities, they were able to pry a goodly number of them away from the ruling Liberals. I think Republicans really need to get in there on the ground and talk to the Korean, Chinese, Filipino and Indian immigrants. They will probably find a lot in common on issues related to family values and work ethic.

      1. In my local Republican district, our early voting sites have a heavy number of first generation Viet Namese volunteers at the polls. They GET it.

        1. At the rally in Denver, the Philipino lady behind me was crying with intensity. I wonder how she’s doing.

          And most of the people I called who were REALLY enthusiastic were either Hispanic or Asian.

          1. I’m pretty pleased with Ted Cruz getting elected as the new Texas senator. Get more people running for office, get the message out about what being politically conservative REALLY means.

            (On the down side, I was about sick to hear Allen West didn’t get re-elected. I hope he stays in the game.)

      2. I agree – the established Hispanic families in Texas (the long-established and mostly currently-legal ones) are very conservative/libertarian. A long time ago I worked at helping to resettle Vietnamese refugees – also very conservative/libertarian, I thought – and also VERY anti-socialist. Our allies are where we find them…

        1. Our prime minister assigned one of his most trusted and capable cabinet ministers to be minister of immigration (not exactly a high prestige portfolio to be sure). It meant he had one of his best men flying the conservative banner at every ethnic festival and cultural event in the country. The left sneered, of course. They felt they owned the ethnic vote. Smug changed to outraged when many of the suburban ridings around Toronto with high immigrant populations started going Conservative.

        2. The only long term established Hispanic family I’m that familiar with are “Yellow Dog” Democrats. This is even after the local party shafted a very popular Hispanic politician when a long standing Rep retired. The “illegal turned legal” (amnesty of 1986 I believe) is more likely to vote Republican or conservative. Of course, he has a lot of peer pressure from the Evangelical Republican family he married into.

  27. The rich already pay more of their earned income under our system — we do not have a flat income tax.

    You speak of income inequality? I don’t think it is the job of the government to manage the markets, either for goods or services. The most practical reason? It has never worked. And its never fair.

  28. You all need to stop posting. I need to get supper made.

    (Yes, I did just blame you all for my own inability to step away from the computer. :p )

      1. I’m at work, so I’m limited, but at home this morning, I was muttering and talking out loud so much I frightened my parrot and she wouldn’t come out of her cage.

          1. I spent last night keeping an eye on the voting numbers and what not, talking to various people[except my oldest lib friends…I’m a lot pissed.] and putting a new post including some old material over on 2×4.

      2. Well, I did manage to get some writing done today (on a good day, I probably manage less than you do in one blog post, but it’s something.)

        I also wrote a Welcome page for my blog, because I’ve actually got 6 followers now (shocker), and 4 of them I don’t know (falls over in a dead faint). 😉

            1. I’ve lived through this before. I KNOW what Marxism does, including the bien pensants who believe excuse after excuse for “bad luck.”

              I have PTSD BAD just now. I’m not joking. In Portugal, back then, it wasn’t just march to the military quarters — we were shot at. … in common life. You were sitting in the wrong place… or… and to see EVERYTHING go to shit.

              I don’t think I can take it again.

              1. If we can get enough people to give a dang, and/or get it across that voting Dem isn’t automatically what “all good people do,” we’ll pull out.

                Thank God, we’re too fractured for true all-encompassing group think. It requires constant reinforcement to stay at the level it’s at, and any time foreign forces act out of character it shocks some more out.

              2. Ouch. 😦

                As has been said below, we did survive FDR. People have even survived Chicago politics. We will survive this. It just means another four years. I do hate them – I can handle people who honestly disagree but otherwise behave honestly, but I really hate liars and cheats. But we will succeed. It’ll just take a little longer.

                (Though I don’t think it helps you that you’re in such a blue area. Maybe when you move, you might think of coming out to Texas. Or at least a red area in Colorado (I’ve seen Colorado, I can understand not wanting to leave there.))

                (And I admit, I’m getting through the day listening to a local radio host, Michael Berry, who’s doing a good job giving the right kind of pep talk. Like – who’s going to be the first people to lose their jobs when Obamacare hits? Who’s going to be hurt most when the fiscal cliff hits, and the Bush tax cuts lapse? Get secure and be ready to say “I told you so.”)

                1. The problem with “we survived x” is that these aren’t “ups and downs” but rather ratcheting in one direction. We didn’t survive what FDR did, then have it go away until someone else did something else. What FDR did _stayed_ done. And then what Truman did stayed done. What Eisenhower did stayed done. What Kennedy did stayed done. What Johnson did stayed done. What Nixon did. Okay, maybe most of his “wage and price controls” got undone but it didn’t roll back past Johnson’s. What Ford did stayed done. What Carter did stayed done. What Reagan did stayed done. What Bush I did stayed done. What Clinton did stayed done (except the AWB–but only because the expiration was written into it from the start). What Bush II did stayed done. And it looks like what Obama did is going to stay done.

                  With each “we survived” the dose gets increased, and increased and increased. So long as that pattern continues, sooner or later we _won’t_ survive. Is this the one where we finally don’t survive? I don’t know. Hope not. But certainty I lack.

                    1. NO! No gray goo. Please don’t give in to it. I know it is tempting to let go. I know it looks overwhelming.

                      But we certainly won’t survive if we give up. Remember Human Wave? We need to lay a strong ground work for change. We need to explain. I know that our esteemed hostest has been doing this. I hope she and the others like her, will continue, and find an ever growing chorus backing her.

                  1. This might be quibbling, and yes, it doesn’t go far enough, but what FDR did, a lot of it was un-done. We got rid of the New Deal and even if the Bush tax cuts end, taxes will still be much lower than they were in the 1950s. (We also got the constitutional amendment for presidential term limits.) Granted, it took a president as bad as FDR to cause this.

                    We got some welfare reforms in during the 90s, ones I could live with. We started on the way to getting the budget under control, and if it weren’t for 9/11, I don’t think we would have had the huge spending under Bush.

                    The US population mostly hates Obamacare (and they’re going to hate it even more when it really hits next year). Yes, it’s harder to get rid of thing once they’re there, but they can be reformed and revised. and changed – that’s possible. Evolution.

                    So I have hope. The real problem is that all of us have jobs and have to work, and too many of them are on government cheese in some way and can work on political activism full time.

                    1. There have been reforms, and although some fell thoroughly rejected, some stuck. The prescription insurance has worked, at lower than predicted cost even. Then again the present administration is threatening to undercut its financial integrity:

                      Published on Sunday, November 23, 2003 by Knight-Ridder
                      Lawmakers Fear Another Senior Citizens’ Revolt Against Medicare Bill
                      by James Kuhnhenn

                      WASHINGTON – As they weigh their votes on a massive Medicare prescription drug bill, a lot of nervous lawmakers keep seeing the ghosts of a senior citizens’ revolt 14 years ago.

                      Then as now, Congress was on the verge of expanding Medicare coverage. Critics were warning seniors they were getting a raw deal. And lawmakers back in 1989 were equally eager to convince Americans that their new Medicare benefits were a wonderful idea.
                      For Dan Rostenkowski, D-Ill., then powerful chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, it all boiled over on a hot day in August when he failed to sell the new coverage to elderly activists at a seniors’ center on Chicago’s North Side. Brandishing canes, some waving signs saying “Rottenkowski,” they chased the sweating, panicked lawmaker to his car. When they surrounded his car, he got out and ran down the street.

                      Within months, Congress had repealed the law.

                      “The backlash will be bigger,” this time, Anthony Wright, executive director of Health Access California, a consumer health advocacy group, predicted last week. For one thing, the current Medicare changes are bigger than 1989’s. They’re also hard to explain, passed by a partisan vote, and will adversely affect some seniors.

                      Democrats last week taunted Republican backers of the new Medicare prescription drug bill with videotapes of Rostenkowski’s misadventure.

                      “You better get your running shoes!” Rep. Janice Schakowsky, D-Ill., jeered.

                      Senate passage of the Medicare bill is almost certain Monday. President Bush is expected to sign it eagerly.

                      Supporters argue that this bill isn’t like the debacle of the 80s. This time, the benefit will be voluntary, low-income seniors will pay little or nothing for their coverage, and cheaper medicines will be impossible to oppose. …

                2. The reason this post is titled what it is is that — yes, Simon is a liberal, but the images are there, and they’re powerful — I keep hearing the song “But it’s all right, oh, it’s all right, you can be forever blessed — ‘caus tomorrow is another working day, and I’m just trying to get some rest. That’s all I’m trying to do, is get some rest. And I dreamed I was dying. And in my mind I see, statue of liberty, sailing away to sea.” It’s scrambled, but that’s what I hear.

          1. Eh … I was so bummed, I applied myself to work – editing and formatting a how-to-guite. Took all day – although the day before, I did manage to pound out a third of a chapter on the latest book project. I’ve been describing it as “Mrs. Gaskell meets Zane Grey” – about an English lady who marries a Texas cattle baron in 1875.
            And the German edition of the first book of the Trilogy went live, too. The print version will be on Amazon in a couple of days. Made the most interesting discovery – I have to set up an author page on each of the separate Amazon domains. (insert baffled Gomer Pyle expression here) Surprise, surprise, surprise … I had thought that the US author page carried over…But that does explain why I have never had much in sales in the UK heretofore. Although I did discover a very nice review from an Amazon.UK reader. Which was a pleasant surprise on a very tension-filled day.

            1. “Mrs. Gaskell meets Zane Grey” From you that sounds promising. So now I know that, whatever else happens, I do have something to look forward to. 😉

  29. Submitted w/out comment — wondering if this sentiment gets me a pass to the PhoenixList, or do I get told (again) “sorry — Not Our Kind, Dear”….

  30. What I’m most upset about – because I saw the election results coming and knew to prepare myself – is the rampant cheating and/or intimidation that went on. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for that elections be fair. An honorable (oh man, I typed “honourable”, which likely tells you my state of mind since my brain immediately went to a certain place with the ideal of British honour) person would insist that they wouldn’t accept those practices being made on their behalf. They would do their best to make certain that the results of their win (or loss) was done fairly.

    I cry not because “my side lost”, but because so many people want to make sure that “the right result happened” and so they compromised their honor and integrity to accomplish it. And they think it’s perfectly okay.

    1. Just heard on the news – Allen West is refusing to concede and asking for a recount! Apparently he was ahead in the early vote until a Democratic poll watcher recounted the ballots. *keeping fingers crossed*

        1. Colonel* West is the personification of the line “If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine.”

          *I recognize that “Representative” is the more current honorific, but I prefer the more honourable one.

    2. I cry because of what they’re going to do to my future and my children’s future. Part of what I noted is that the liberals are treating this as “ah, ah, our team won and yours lost,” like it’s… soccer. They think we’re upset because they “beat” us and “humiliated” us.
      I’m in horror because of Robert’s career, because I don’t think I can live where I’d like to, because I don’t know if I can sell this house, because they’re messing with my LIFE.

      1. I imagine what it would be like if the reverse happened. They sit comfortably on their side of it and tell everyone else that to be upset is childish and over-dramatic and whatever else they can do to minimize that there are real concerns and real futures involved. But if they had “lost”, they’d be just as upset about this or that issue of their own (like their fear that women would be forced back into the Dark Ages).

        This isn’t about a “my side” it’s about “my future” and the futures of people like your son. I don’t owe allegiance to any political party. I prefer not to label myself if I can. (Mainly because – as you’ve seen – as soon as people think they have a label for you, they ascribe all sorts of other qualities to you because it’s oh-so-easy to fit you in a box and not have to think too hard that you’re not a widget in a box, you are a person.) And… ugh. I don’t like the looks of the path ahead.

          1. Ugh, gross. I do not want to know how anything can be less civil, less rational, or less hygienic than Occupy Wall street, no less all three. Sir, it is a thoroughly disgusting image. One would think you were a ten year old boy.

      2. The Liberals have always played politics like a game. And they’ve won another round. Sooner or later they will realize this has real world consequences that their control of the media can’t talk into non-existence. My younger son is working on his masters–after finding out that his BA didn’t get him a job. At this rate, he might as well go for a PhD. Maybe when he’s out the job market will be looking up.

          1. Wayne: there are two diseases that run in my family: Law and Medicine. The Daughter has dreamed of being a Forensic Pathologist since she was 12. She had been collecting degrees hoping that O-care would fall, but doesn’t think she can wait much longer to start on her life.

            1. Robert is going to do chemical engineering, then try for medschool. Look, I saw this type of thing come in in Portugal and ten years is about the maximum you go without the whole thing collapsing so only the indigent use it, and private care being allowed. And that was in a much smaller country. He figures ten years is the time, with specialty and all, for him to finish. but just in case, he’ll have chem engineering in his back pocket. My family runs to Engineers and doctors (though we have a lawyer and a psychologist in Venuzuela, and me over here. We’re the black sheep. all women.)

              1. My family runs to electronics and banking– one of my brothers who is in banking is looking for a new angle because it is starting to collapse now and he has a family to feed. (We also have a car mechanic/businessman in the fam.) Hobbies–writing and music.

                1. Oh, yeah — the extracurricular stuff. Writing is VERY strong, but I’m the only one who does it for a living. Sculpture, drawing, theater and music. Dan’s side is music. Marsh is not musical but I think that’s his hearing — like mine. But he writes and draws and he’s good at it. And I think I’ll pick up drawing/art again. I need a relaxant.

                  1. Music is my relaxant… 😉 My brothers who are good in accounting and banking are also good in music (maybe better in music). It is interesting actually where hobbies go– in certain families. I think music and mathematics have a correlation.

                2. Don’t know what my mother’s father did, but my father’s side runs to farming and teaching (real teaching, that is). My brother got into computers in the late 60’s, and my sister is a banker (local bank, not as subject to the problems of the big banks). I’m the weirdo who wanted to study physics.

  31. I have allowed myself one day of mourning and depression. Now it is time to get to work writing letters, making calls, and organizing to protest every thing the creep in the white house plans to do to screw our country.

    Since a good portion of the white side of my family are descendants from the Mayflower, your title caught my eye. Obviously ther are a lot of people who are disappointed, or in my case, furious, that the worm bought his way back into office on the back of our tax dollars used for welfare. My ancestors are probably whirling in their graves. Me, I am past depression and on to stomping mad. NOt going to take it, NOT going to take it . . . I don’t get even, I win. Excuse me while I go educate my cussing corner.

      1. Are you an admin there? I knocked on the door but no one answered… I mean, as a mollusc I know I’m pretty low to the ground but I figured the grumbling and pontificating from the level of your ankles would have caught someone’s attention! 🙂

        1. I think so, but I haven’t figured out how to do it yet and I won’t tonight, but I’ll do it tomorrow. Sorry — didn’t sleep much, have been up since 4 am. Sat down to write blogpost, but my eyes are literally CROSSING.

          1. Go to sleep, dear lady! You’ll do none of us any good if you get knocked out sick again! Shoo, we won’t burn the place down or (completely) eviscerate any trolls without you. God bless you and yours; good night.

            1. If you eviscerate trolls, remember to put them outside the SIDE door, so the squirrels can eat them. Last time someone left one right on the rug and I stepped on it as I came in in the morning. Took me weeks to get troll guts off my shoes. (Yes, I’m probably, officially, insane.)

    1. This religion appears briefly in darkship thieves, more in Darkship Renegades, and in A Few Good Men the main characters are USAians.

      The final diaspora is in a much later book…

      So, it’s a series… 😉

  32. Thanks, Sarah, for your writing. I discovered you a few months ago through Instapundit, and have enjoyed your writings. Happy to have you as a “sister” in this American escapade – hoping that at least we can help our children straighten out this mess.

  33. I’m new to this party but would ask everyone re-read Ms. Hoyt’s story for this thread. In the vein of Robert Heinlein she has presented a slice of “Future History” – not just years from now but many decades or centuries. It makes me contemplate not my own remaining life but that of all our descendants.

    We can only hope that the statue outside the spaceport comes to pass.

    1. No, we can work at it. And guilty as charged. My future history (I THOUGHT I HAD TO HAVE ONE OKAY? I grew up reading Heinlein and thought it was mandatory) along which continuum most of my sf shorts and all of my sf books are/will be laid spans about 1k years and in the end there’s a USA planet.

  34. The plain fact is that inequality is a consequence of freedom operating in a complex dynamic system. Take a group of people and give them identical starting money, identical education in which they perform identically, identical job skills, hell, eliminate all the test participants who don’t score identically on their Myers-Briggs tests…and throw the remaining clones into the economy for ten years.

    At the end of those ten years, some will have opted to become Franciscan friars and will have no worldly goods to speak of. Others will have opted to marry a rich debutante and will have loads of money. Others will have worked hard at highly remunerative jobs; still others will have barely worked at all and will have changed jobs a lot, looking for a “fit” they can’t quite find.

    In the end, through their own choices, they will have spread outward from their equalized starting-points to form an ever-widening bell-curve of outcomes.

    They were free to do so.

    If you ever see an economy wherein everyone is equally wealthy, you know for certain that not only is that country a totalitarian dictatorship beyond the dreams of Mao, but that the participants are all really Stepford Wives or some other form of android. Real human beings, given the freedom to choose, don’t choose identically. They just don’t. And inequality of outcomes is necessarily produced.

    So, when you see inequality of wealth, your first thought should be: Ah, wise architects; they have constructed a free society!

    I wouldn’t wish to live in a society wherein the town drunk wasn’t free to languish in poverty, provided he wasn’t harming others. And of course, his neighbors should be free to help him voluntarily, either individually or by participating in the efforts of their churches and synagogues and voluntary civic and charitable organizations.

    And that same society will applaud the local boy who makes good, turning his entrepreneurial efforts into a small fortune and buying the biggest house in town. “Good for him!” they’ll say.

    And if some local yokel becomes envious and criticizes the successful for getting too big for his britches, the other locals will shush him and point to how that successful man in the big house, without being forced to, regularly helps in the community, donates at the local blood-drives, and is very generous to his employees and the needy in the community.

    THAT is “individualism”: Each individual human person excercising the freedom which is intrinsic to his human dignity, taking responsibility for his own choices, including his moral obligation to voluntarily assist his neighbor without the corruptive guns of the government intruding.

    THAT is a healthy society: The equality of dignity, of protection under law, of personal moral responsibility for one’s own choices and the use of one’s own talents.

    Equality of wealth is for automatons and slaves.

  35. New here and I skimmed over many of the comments – has anyone mentioned, or better yet watched Bill Whittle’s video discussing ” common sense resistance”? He’s got some interesting ideas to say the least.

    1. Most things that Mr. Whittle says are quite worth hearing; thank you for the link, I lost his feed when I switched youtube lineups.

  36. Stolen from Kitteh-dragon over on FB:

    Somebody says to Captain Malcolm Reynolds:
    “Seems odd you’d name your ship after a battle you were on the wrong side of.”

    Captain Malcolm Reynolds:
    “May have been the losing side. Still not convinced it was the wrong one.”

  37. Sarah —
    Long time lurker (6+ months).
    I’ve genuinely enjoyed your blog, eagerly looking for each daily entry (but understanding when other priorities must win out), somehow the posts & conversations from the past couple of days have deeply touched my soul.

    A comment was made about local focus. I live in NC, and have found some joy in our state elections. Between ’10 & ’12, 25 state house seats have flipped. In ’10 both houses became Republican, and with ’12 stronger. We now have a Republican governor (only the 3rd in 100 yrs).

    Perhaps we can find a degree of succor from a more local community level? Along with a strong base of operations?

    Secondly, I’ve been wanting to find something I recall RAH writing, that focused on preparing for ‘bad events’ — and started with taking inventory of oneself — health problems taken care of? knowledge up to snuff (food, shelter…)? plans? basic supplies & tools?

    This has been haunting me. I have a wife on dialysis and an young adult daughter in a wheelchair (spina bifida). Are we possibly coming to this point? Because if we come to that social & economic level of disaster, I fear I will suffer the loss of both.

    I am a nurse, served for 11 years in the Navy, and now work in an administrative role. I do however work one day each weekend in an ED. The insight into the people of our country gained in this kind of setting is unique. There are very surprising sources of hope for our country that contrast to the expected experiences for sorrow (individuals that deliberately work the system, that expect to be given everything…). We should not despair as despair is a sin. More importantly, there is still hope even if there is reason to fear genuine hardship will come.

    Thank you Sarah and to all of the commentators. You DO help.


    1. Don, glad to see you, glad to be a Tarheel this week. Let’s just hope this Republican crop isn’t affected by turncoats as were the recent GOP legislative majorities.

      An oft o’er looked point in this election is the puzzling fact that many states that went Left on the national ticket went Right on the local level. Wisconsin returned the legislative majority to the GOP, Michigan rejected Constitutional empowerment of the unions, elsewhere the GOP eked out gains as well.

      There is something odd about this and it will require thinking about. Either a LOT of people split tickets or a significant number of ballots cast only had votes for federal offices.

      1. Hopefully they won’t turncoat…but it is OUR job to hold them their feet to the fire.
        It is quite interesting the split between so many local and state results vs federal. Simply is very difficult to believe that many (rea) people have split personalities.

  38. @ Marc at 9:07 above. I am beminded of what Bismarck said, “The Lord God looks after drunkards, small children, and the United States of America.”

    I think we might have exhausted His patience, lately.

  39. It’s ironic that the title of this article are words from a Paul Simon tune called “American Tune”. The song laments America’s problems after the resignation of Richard Nixon…..

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