Now My Head Clears

but I’m tired.  I shall post chapter tomorrow.  Sorry.  I’m the world’s worst serialist.

13 responses to “Now My Head Clears

  1. No, I believe the evidence is that I am worse.Although, I suppose having inflicted serialus interruptus might constitute worse than never starting. Once again we are faced with disputed definition.

    • That was actually merely an effort to test HTML coding for line breaks. It did not work. I am sore distraught.

      • What are you trying to do? I may be able to help.

        • I was seeing if a BR or BREAK inside the angle brackets would impose a line break at a desired point. I can force the effect by BLOCKQUOTE /BLOCKQUOTE (with naught but a single space in the quote block) but that is more tedious than the effect warrants and seems to burn a line more than necessary.

          Having noticed that the email version of posts erase all paragraphination (at least when I receive them; don’t know ’bout y’all) I got curious about crafting a workaround.

          • What you did should work, but only if you have your email program set to display in both HTML and text. Some email programs won’t accept all HTML tags. If you have your email set to display HTML, and it still skips those tags you want, you might check your user’s manual to see if the program skips the tags you are having a problem using.

          • If you’re trying for multiple line breaks, you have to use multiple [BR] codes ([BR][BR][BR]). The paragraph code ([P]) will also force a new paragraph, and usually a blank line between lines of text.

            • The issue may be that WP only accepts a limited selection of HTML codes, such as the ones for italics, bold and


              Other HTML tags, such as [U] for underline and [BR] for linebreak do not apparently work in either WP (that is, on the blog) or in email. I hadn’t tried the paragraph break you suggest, but if this line appears as a separate graph it will confirm that it works.

  2. I’d like a refund of my subscription if you can’t make timely delivery. Oh….Never mind.

  3. Slow and steady wins the race. We can wait.

    Take care of yourself.

  4. Cereal has too many carbs anyway.

  5. Excuse me! The free ice cream machine isn’t working! Wah. Wah. Wah.

    Oh, wait, what? We just needed to fill it with mix? Oops. Never mind.

    (Up to 6100 words in nanowrimo. Go team!)

  6. I think I figured it out, your subconscious is leading you to recreate a similar suspenseful experience as that had by the eager readers who waited on the docks to find out what happened to Dicken’s Nell … um … and don’t you dare kill Nell.