Post Will Be Late Tomorrow

Mostly because I’m trying to figure out if the report of Ric Locke’s death is true or not.  (His hometown newspaper has not reported his obit, which if he died on Tuesday, it should have.)

Part of me hopes very much it’s not true and that he’ll come by to tell me so.  I know lung cancer is a horrible disease, but people do recover, and I’d been looking forward to seeing him again at Fencon.

Right now, not being absolutely certain is worse than knowing, processing and grieving, so I’m left in the air.

13 responses to “Post Will Be Late Tomorrow

  1. Ric wouldn’t let us think he was dead if he weren’t, Sarah. Much as I wish it were not true, it’s the way to bet it.

  2. Take the mourning off. Witchfinder can wait, and the silliness of these other discussions is not, in the long run, important.

  3. I’m with Tom Kratman, Sarah. I believe Ric Locke is dead, and my heart aches profoundly for his loss.

    The main reason I believe so is that Ric’s son would’ve likely corrected the record if it weren’t true. (Also, as far as death notices go, my own husband’s went in _four days_ after he died. That was the soonest it could get in there. And his funeral wasn’t held for two full weeks for similar reasons; if Michael hadn’t specified cremation, strictly, we would’ve been in serious trouble. Perhaps something similar is in play with regards to Ric’s paper.)

    But I am with you that I sincerely wish it weren’t. Ric was very close to my late husband Michael and he also was someone I thought very highly of — not just because of his writing, but because he was a very good, kind, and compassionate man.

    I’m very upset right now, Sarah, and would love it if Ric really isn’t dead, providing he’s feisty enough to get on the phone and tell me so (or _you_ so) himself. I will watch your blog, just to make sure . . . and I’ll say on my own blog that it appears Ric is dead (I’ll quantify there, as I did not at FB, mostly because I was absolutely stunned) and that I feel terrible about it.

  4. Hopefully he is just in the hospital. –

  5. Wouldn’t it be grand if tomorrow AM Instapundit were to be all mea culpa saying, “Reports of Ric’s death were highly exaggerated.”

  6. Sadly, it appears the information is correct. In the comments of the last post, his son confirmed the news.

    I have an e-book of Temporary Duty. I liked it. I was looking forward to the sequel.

  7. My thoughts are with Ric’s family now. His son has confirmed his passing. The memorial service will be next Friday. More can be found on Ric’s blog and fb page.


  8. So sad.

  9. My condolences to everyone who knew Ric personally or online. I really only knew him from his book. We are all poorer for his loss.