Sarah asked me to let everyone know that she hasn’t dropped off the face of the earth. Instead, she has been dripped straight into the middle of LibertyCon and is having a great deal of fun, even if she is meeting herself coming and going. However, the hotel isn’t cooperating. The internet connection is slow enough there that Sarah will be back home before anything she tries to post actually goes live. Don’t worry, though, Sarah will be posting just as soon as she gets home. So check back soon.

— Amanda

22 responses to “Announcement

  1. Based upon reports of who else is in attendance there, I appreciate Sarah finding time to ask for this announcement. I hope she will take time to recover from the con upon her return home.

  2. What? People having fun at a Con? And hotel internet being uncooperative? I’ve never heard such a realistic excu, er, justification for a lack of posting. 🙂 Hope all the folk there are having fun!

  3. Glad you are having fun – see you later.

  4. How dare she have fun instead of entertaining us! It’s almost as if she thinks she’s entitled to her own life. 😀

  5. Any word on whether or not the panels will have video/audio/text of the goings-on? A couple on that schedule looked very interesting.

  6. Dorothy Grant

    Personally, I’m hoping she’s having far too much fun to even think in terms of blog posts! (And maybe next year I’ll make it.)

  7. ppaulshoward

    I saw her there and she was having fun. [Very Big Grin]

  8. This is just a systems check to determine why I did not receive notification of any comments in spite of my clear recollection of having told WordPress to send them via email. Beloved Spouse has complained about not receiving email notifications of comments or new posts. I would hate to think WordPress is developing … character.

    • I think you would have to attack the problem starting with confirmation of the basics. First of all, are you sure you<, in fact, exist?

      • I think I am, therefore I am … I think. What was DesCartes’ formulation: I type, therefore I am?

        Actually, the problem seems resolved. Apparently Hotmail realized that, this being Sunday, I would be away from the computer most of the day — so it simply held back ALL of the day’s email until I sent an email myself … whereupon it dumped all the pending mail into my various mail boxes.

        That does not, of course, explain Beloved Spouse’s problem (I will politely pause while everybody points at me in response to “Beloved Spouse’s problem.)

        • Wasn’t it something like, “I think, therefore I drink”?

          • “Cogito ergo imbibo”? I’d love to get it on a shirt, except my students all study Latin.

            • No problem. Just change “imbibo” to “imbimbo” and–whammo–it’s then a tshirt about blondes, not you personally. This shouldn’t affect you professionally unless your dept chair is blonde…and doesn’t imbibo.

  9. Hmmph. I’m sure the actual explanation is that Amanda murdered Sarah, and this is all a distraction so she can get away with it.

    Or maybe I’ve just been driven mad by the roomate having had murder mysteries on the TV all weekend.

    (I am increasingly certain the real backstory to Murder, She Wrote is that Jessica Fletcher was a graduate of Miskatonic U. She uses strange hypnotic powers learned there to force people to commit murders as sacrifices to the Great Old Ones, then confess to their crimes in her presence.)

  10. I can promise Amanda didn’t murder Sarah bc I was at the same con with Sarah and DID meet her going and coming a few times and even got to chat with her, Dan, and Jerry Pournelle at about 1:30am in the lobby of our hotel building. I swear we probably talked for a good 45 mins/1hr, because I know the 1:30 mark was sometime into the convo, and I got back to my room (a scant 100 ft away) about 2am. Internet connex were very slow to nonexistent, and for those of us who are LibertyCon “Family,” we were very very busy – too busy to wait for slow connex. My husband brought his laptop but I never once had the time to log on. I came home Sunday late afternoon in time to unload (NOT unpack, that’s for today), go out to grab a bite of supper, then collapse and sleep for 18 hours straight. Dan, Sarah, and the boys were leaving out about the same time we were yesterday, so give ’em some time.

    • We talked for an hour and a half; we were loud and obnoxious; we unhooked the world and turned it around the right way; AND the teen who walked by (A Baen author’s very sensible son — he’s actually not a teen, but little older) LAUGHED at us and thought (I’m sure) “College bull session.” 🙂

      It was wonderful, Steph.