Operation Baen Bulk

I’m still finishing my chapter of Witchfinder to post but I promised my friends at Operation Baen Bulk to post about it.

So, please, first view this video

WHAT is Operation Baen Bulk ??

OBB is a different kind of support for the troops. Instead of focusing on individuals, we support entire UNITS, by finding what they need, or want, and can’t easily or quickly get while deployed. . .and get it to them. In LARGE quantities. Think of it as the Warehouse Club approach to Soldier Support: we use the power of buying and shipping in bulk, to maximize the stuff delivered to our troops, out at the pointy end of the spear, and minimize things like waste, shipping costs, etc. And in the process, generally deliver a lot more to the individual soldier than normal “CARE Packages” do.


WHO is Operation Baen Bulk ?

Operation BAEN BULK started in the fall of 2009, when one of our founders got a 90-day layoff notice, and moved into the Layoff Pool.  With nothing to keep him busy, he corresponded with a few deployed GIs, and noticed that while they had individual requests, there were a number of things they mentioned their entire outfit needed or wanted.  And he needed a project to keep him sane while looking for a job with the economy going south.


And thus, was BAEN BULK born: a bunch of SF fans, all of whom read the military SF that Baen Books published, pooled our money and resources to insure the ZombieKillers (a training detachment somewhere in Afghanistan) could have some Christmas Trees and good coffee.  And him being kept busy and productive (and yes, he did find another job.  A BETTER job, in fact…)


Since then, we’ve provided for the oddball requests and creature comfort needs of several deployed units. . . and now, we’re trying a bit of a crowd-sourced model for raising funds, with achievement tiers so as soon as a threshold is reached, items will be ordered and sent off to the Ammo Dogs..

Then go here and read the rest.

I and three other Baen authors have agreed to do tuckerizations and redshirting for the operation.  And I’ll be donating also (though probably not today.)

I know the economy is terrible and times are tight, but they’re over there and in much worse circumstances than we are here.

So, go and read the whole thing and if you can do help.  As for me, I’m going to finish the next chapter of Witchfinder to put up.


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  1. ppaulshoward

    Thanks for reminding me.

  2. Is it possible to follow an individual thread without making a comment? Surely, and Shirley, that’s the case.

  3. I’m always broke, thanks to three grown children that still need frequent financial help. One thing I’ve done is offer my novels to anyone in the military that wants them, free, in their choice of format. I mail out one about every four or five months, and have since I finished the first one in 2003. All I ask is that they send the REQUEST from a valid military email address. Being a Vietnam vet myself, I know how much reading material is valued. Most people have some kind of electronic device they can read on nowadays. I also have vast experience in how far a military paycheck DOESN’T stretch. BAEN may want to write to the military times newspapers and Stars & Stripes, reminding military folks about their free library. I know a lot of GI’s that didn’t know about that until I told them. I don’t know if any other publisher offers anything similar.

  4. Clyde Wisham

    OK. I donated. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Woot! I just got an email that I’m getting a redshirt. Not sure which author yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to my impending grisly death.

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    Our ship’s library was almost entirely from Baen. Not just the military scifi, either.