There will be a post on Tribalism

Later.  But right now I’m marinading pineapple in Port Wine.  So, there.

18 thoughts on “There will be a post on Tribalism

  1. Don’t drink all the Port Wine. You want to leave enough to marinade the pineapple. [Evil Grin]

  2. When I first read that, I thought it said “I’m marinating people in Port Wine”. Sounded like lots of fun.

            1. “NO ONE expects the Spanish Inquisition!”

              Had to be said. Running away again.

              1. Surely, Sarah, you are aware that most guys are fanatically devoted to fun poking?

  3. Feh, what is so difficult about marinading pineapple in Port Wine? It is a two-step process:

    1. Eat pineapple
    2. Add Port Wine

    What brands of Port do you recommend? For what uses? Port I can still drink, albeit in small quantity only. (I may have previously mentioned that tannins in red wine take me straight to hangover without getting even a trifle tiddly, much less tiddly-plumb. It’s a curse, I bear up.)

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