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A propos nothing, except the fact that today feels like a day for comfort food, since apparently while I was setting the yard in order and trying to clean my office, the market has been crumbling, here is…

You thought you couldn’t afford comfort food, but auntie Sarah’s comforting meatloaf dinner is (relatively) cheap and low in carbs (since that’s what my family is doing diet wise — it works for us.)

Get two pounds ground turkey (you often find it on sale and I stock up when it’s on sale at around 99 a pound) and two pounds ground beef.  Throw in the mixer if it’s equipped with a bread hook.  Toss in two cloves of garlic, mashed, salt and pepper to taste, dash of worcestershire sauce, italian spices if you feel whimsical and that last glass of wine that’s sitting at the bottom of the bottle from last night’s dinner.  Add two eggs.  Mix well.  Shape like meatloaf, toss in the oven for 15 minutes at 425, then lower to 325.  (Takes me about an hour to finish cooking, but we’re at high altitude, so your time may vary.  Juices will run clear when it’s pricked.)

Meanwhile grab some green beans which are usually pretty cheap, (about 99c a pound at our neighborhood grocery store) wash them and cut their ends off.  Spray an oven-going glass dish with non-stick.  Rub beans all over with olive oil and a little soupcon of garlic.  Dust with salt and pepper to taste, then dust with parmesan cheese (lightly) and pop in oven after oven has cooled to 325.  (If you put it in oven above 400 glass will pop.)

While that stuff is cooking, cut up a romain lettuce and coddle an egg (tell it it’s a good egg and keep it from disappointments.  No.  Just put it in boiling water for a minute!)  In a bowl mix thoroughly five tablespoons of olive oil, three table spoons of vinegar, a quarter teaspoon of mustard powder, a dash of worcestershire, clove of garlic, egg (sans shell) and one mashed anchovie.  Toss in about a quarter cup of parmesan cheese.  If you have a hand blender, hit the mixture for about a minute.  If not, do the best you can.  Put the cleaned, cut up romaine in a bowl, dust with parmesan and toss in a few caesar-flavored almonds (or croutons, if you’re not on low-carb.)  If you’re feeling fancy, rub the bowl with garlic before putting the lettuce in.

Voila (or if you prefer Shakespeare heroines, Viola!) I don’t know how expensive the meal is in your area, but in ours the whole thing rounds out to about $12 and feeds two adults and two teen males, with meatloaf leftover for lunch the next day.  Which, as my dad would say, is better than a kick in the fundament.

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  1. I don’t think I’ve seen any edible-looking meat under a dollar a pound for at least 4-5 years. Ground turkey’s probably closer to 2 bucks a pound, I’d probably substitute ground pork, that I ground myself from pork shoulders, the extra fat from the pork should make it nice and juicy. But other than that, sounds good…

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