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Controlled Burns – Out of the Darkness

Controlled Burns – Out of the Darkness There are times in life where you just have to call it quits, burn everything down, and rebuild from the ashes like some kind of mythical phoenix. You just need a clean slate, … Continue reading

The Heart of Darkness

Most of you know where I stand in the current and inane SFWA follies.  For those who don’t, I find, as my friend Amanda put it the other day, that a professional organization that devotes itself to the professional well-being … Continue reading

A Sunday Grab-bag and the opening to Darkship Renegades.

I’d like to do a more comprehensive post, but we’re dealing with a mini-crisis, which, unlike mini-galt is no fun at all.  (Though at this point mini-galt – spending as little as we need, might be the only option at … Continue reading

The Writer as She’s Spoken

I should be giving you the next installment in either Rogue Magic or Dark Fate (Grant in Portugal.)  I should… There is about a million things I should be doing, instead of telling you I should.  Here’s the thing: whatever … Continue reading

I Promise

There will be Grant (Dark Fate MHI fanfic) before Saturday, and then on Saturday again. This weekend we had an unexpected (well, expected, we just didn’t know when) visit from one of you — someone we only knew on line … Continue reading

Not Dead But Laughing

This morning I made an executive decision that going for a walk and spending time with my husband was more important than getting this blog up on time.  We had to do it in the morning, because we were expecting … Continue reading

This, That andSunday Vignettes by Luke, ‘Nother Mike and Mary Catelli

Yeah, we have Sunday Vignettes on Sunday, an act of reckless exuberance that will probably go down in history. Normally there would be a promo post, but the Ambulatory mollusc has a new minion and is working very hard.  I’m … Continue reading

Delayed Post and yearly plan

Hi guys, the post won’t go up till this afternoon.  I have a doctor’s appointment in a little over an hour and need to get ready. I’m hoping very hard the appointment will tell me this is nothing, and I … Continue reading

This is NOT a post.

So, once more, I think I’m getting a horrible cold, which since the first symptoms mimic the early symptoms I’m afflicting characters with in Darkship Revenge I spent two days thinking was psychosomatic.  Then I took the steroids for the … Continue reading

The Homework AGAIN?

There will DEFINITELY be Dark Fate in a few hours.  I ended up having a night of debauch and insanity yesterday, having crashed Milehi con (yes, I know I could be invited for the asking, but I COMPLETELY forgot to … Continue reading